תמונות בעמוד
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ich. 15. 5. i Th. 5.8.


of subjection to magistrates. CHAP. XI, XIV. Love is the fulfilling of the lart. in tribulation; d continuing in-| A. D. 60. A. D. 60. loveth another hath fulfilled the stant in prayer;

law. 13 e Distributing to the necessity Fributing to the necessity

d Lu. 18.1. li Ex.20.13,

9 For this, i Thou shalt not

Ac. 2.42.& &c. De. 5. of saints; f given to hospitality.

12.5.Col. 4. 17. &c.

commit adultery, Thou shalt not 14 6 Bless them which persecute 2. Ep. 6.18. Mat.19.18.

kill, Thou shall not steal, Thou you; bless, and curse not.

1 Th. 1. 17.

shalt not bear false witness, Thou 15 h Rejoice with them that do € 1Co 16.1.

shalt not covet; and if there be rejoice, and weep with them that 2Co.9.1,12.

any other commandment, it is He.6.10. &

briefly comprehended in this say16 i Re of the same mind one 13.16, ) Jo. Le.19.18. | ing, namely, Thou shalt love toward another. & Mind not high

thy neighbour as thyself. things, but condescend to men

fi Ti.3.2. Ma. 12.31. 10 Love worketh no ill to his of low estate.

Tit. 1. 8. Ga. 5. 14.
Be not wise in

neighbour: therefore I love is the

He. 13. 2. Ja. 2. 8. 1 your own conceits,

fulfilling of the law.

1 Pe. 4. 9. Mat. 22. 17 m Recompense to no man

& Mat. 5. 40. ver. 8.

11 Anu that, knowing the time, evil for evil. 'n Provide things Provide things 44. Lu. 6.

that now it is high time m to honest in the sight of all men.

awake out of sleep: for now is 18 If it be possible, as much as

34. Ep. 5. our salvation nearer than when lieth in you, o live peaceably with

we believed. all men.

1 Pe. 2. 23. 5, 6.

12 The night is far spent, the 19 Dearly beloved, Pavenge not

& 3.9. Ep.5.11. day is at hand: n let us therefore yourselves, but rather give place

al Co. 12. Col. 3. 8. cast off the works of darkness,

26. unto wrath: for it is written,

10 Ep. 6.13. and let us put on the armour of & Vengeance is iniue; I will re

light. ,

1 Co. 1.10.10 pay, saith the Lord.

13 P Let us walk I honestly, as

Phi. 2.2.4 P Phi. 4. 8. 20 Therefore, if thine enemy 3. 16. 1 Pei Th. 4.12. in the day : & not in rioting and bunger, feed him; if he thirst, 3. 8. 1 Pe. 2. 12. drunkenness, not in cbambergive him drink : for in so doing * Ps.131.1. Or, ing and wantonness, not in strife Thou shalt heap coals of fire on 2. Je. 45.5. decently. and envying. bis head.

1 # Or. be lq Pr.23.20.

14 But i put ye on the Lord Jesus 21 Be not overcoine of evil, but contented Lu. 21. 34.

Christ, aud u make not provision overcome evil with good.

with meani Pe. 4.3. for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts

things. CHAP. XIII.

fr 1 Co. 6.9. thereof.

1 Pr. 3.7.& 1 Subjection, and many other duties, we

Ep. 5.5.

28.12. Is.5.
owa Lo the magistrates, 8 Love is the 21. ch. 11. : Ja. 3. 14.

3 Mon may not contemn nor condomn ore fulfilling of the law. 11 Gluttony

1 Ga. 3.27.

the other for things indifferent : 18 and drunkenness, and the works of

m Pr. 20. Ep. 4. 24.

but tako heed that they give no offence darkness, are out of season in the

22. Mat. 5. Col. 3. 10.

in them: 15 for that the apostle prut. time of the gospel.

89. 1 Th.5.

eth unlawful by many reasons.

Ga. 5.16. TET every soul a be subject un

15.1 Pe.3.9. i Pe. 2.11.

H IM that a is weak in the faith U to the bigher powers. For

I receive ye, but not to doubt o there is no power but of God :

ful disputations. the powers that be, are lordain Ma.9.50. 11. & 9.22.

2 For one believeth that he ed of God.

ch. 14. 19.

o may eat all things; another, 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth

judge his

who is weak, eateth herbs. e the power, resisteth the ordi- Le.19.18.doubtful 3 Let not him that eateth, denance of Gou: and they that re

Pr. 24. 29. thoughts.

spise him that eateth not; and sist shall receive to themselves ver. 17.

10 ver. 14.

clet not him which eateth not, damnation

De.32.35. 1 Co.10.25. judge him that eateth: for God 3 For rulers are not a terror to He. 10.30. 1 Ti. 4. 4. hath received him. good works, but to the evil. Wilt Ex. 23.4, Tit. 1. 15. 4 & Who art thou that judgest thou then not be afraid of the

another man's servant ? to his power? d do that which is good,

22. Mat. 5.9

d Ja. 4. 12 own master he standeth or falland thou shalt have praise of the

eth: yea, he shall be holden up: same:

a Tit. 3.1.

for God is able to make him stand. 4 For he is the minister of God

| 1 Pe. 2. 13. e Ga, 4.10. 5. One man esteemeth one day to thee for good. But it thou do Pr. 8.15, Col. 2. 16.

above another: another esteemthat which is evil, be afraid; for

16. Da. 2.
21. & 4.32.

eth every day alike. Let every he beareth not the sword in vain: 1 John

Or, fully

man be fully persuaded in his for he is the minister of God, a

own mind. revenger to erecule wrath upon


6 He that I regardeth the day, bim that doeth evil.

regardeth it unto the Lord : and 5 Wherefore eye must needs be

observeth. he that regardeth not the day, to

di Pe.2.14." subject, not only for wrath, but

the Lord he doth not regard it.

& 8. 13. also for conscience' sake.

He that eateth, eateth to the 6 For, for this cause pay ye trib

e Ec. 8. 2. & 1 Co. 10.

Lord, for 6 he giveth God thanks; ute also: for they are God's min

Isi Pe. 2. 32.1 Ti.4.3.

and he that eateth not, to the

19. isters, attending continually up

Lord he eateth not, and giveth on this very thing.

& Mat. 22.

God thanks. 76 Render therefore to all their

21. Ma, 12. h 1Co.8.19, 7 For 1 none of us liveth to himdues: tribute to whom tribute is

self, and no man dieth to himself.

20. 1 Th.5. due ; custom to whom custom;

8 For whether we live, we live fear to whom fear; honour to Ga. 5. 14.

A ver. 10. 10.1Pe.4.2.

unto the Lord; and whether we whom honour.

Col. 3. 14.

die, we die unto the Lord; 8 Owe no man any thing, but to 1 Ti. 1. 5.

whether we live therefore, or love one another: for he that I Ja. 2.8.

die, we are the Lord's.

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He. 12. 1.

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of the sword in vain:

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c Tit. 3. 1. I Or,

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o John 10.

We must imitate Christ.


Paul excuseth his writing. 9 For i to this end Christ both | A. D. 60. A D. 60. himself; but, as it is written, died, and rose, and revived, that

f The reproaches of them that he might be * Lord both of the

i 2 Co.5.15. Ps. 69.9.

reproached thee fell on me. dead and living

Ac.10 36. le ch. 4. 23,

4 For 6 whatsoever things were 10 But why dost thou judge thy

124. 1 Co. 9. written aforetime, were written brother? or why dost thou set at

9,10. & 10. for our learning, that we through nought thy brother ? for (we

I Mat. 25. 11. 2 Ti. 3. patience and comfort of the scripshall all stand before the judg

31, 32. Ac. 16, 17.

tures might have hope.

10.42.& 17.1 ment-seat of Christ.

In ch.12.16. 5 h Now the God of patience and

31. 2 Co.5.6 11 For it is written, m As I live,


* 1 Co. l. 10. | consolation grant you to be like. saith the Lord, every knee shall 15.

Phi. 3. 16. minded one toward another lachow to me, and every tongue

cording to Christ Jesus: shall confess to God.

after the Phi. 2. 10. |

6 That ye may i with one mind 12 So then every one of us shall

and one mouth glorify God, even

* Mat. 12.. give account of himself to God.

i Ac, 4. 24, the Father of our Lord Jesus

36. Ga.6.5.10 13 Let us not therefore judge Pe. 4. 5. 52.

Christ. one another any more: but judge

Itch, 14.1,

7 Wherefore receive ye one anthis rather, that ono man put a 01 Co. 8.9, 3,

other, I as Christ also received us, stumbling-block, or an occasion 13.&10.32 ch. 5. 2. to the glory of God. to fall in his brother's way.

Im Mat. 15.

8 Now I say that in Jesus Christ 14 I know, and am persuaded

24. John 1. was a minister of the circumcisby the Lord Jesus, pthat there is

p Ac.10.15. u. Ac. 3. ion for the truth of God, * to con

10n for a nothing tunclean of itself: but ver. 2, 20-25,26.& 13. firm the promises made unto the

1 Co.10.2). 46. Oto hin that esteemeth any thing

fathers :

1 Ti. 4. 4 to be tunclean, to him it is un Tit. i. 15. inch. 3. 3. 9 And that the Gentiles might clean.

12 Co. 1. 20. 1 glorify God for his mercy; as it

+ Gr. 15 But if thy brother be grieved

is written, p For this cause I will with thy meat, now walkest thou

16.ch.9.23. confess to thee among the Gennot t charitably. Destroy not

91 Co. 8.7,

IP P8.18.49. tiles, and sing unto thy name. him with thy meat, for whom

10 And again he saith, le De.32.43.

ReChrist died.

+ Gr.

joice, ye Gentiles, with his people. 16 s Let not then your good be

common. Ir Ps.117.1. 11 And again, - Praise the Lord, evil spoken of:

t Gr.

all ye Gentiles; and laud him, all 17 . For the kingdom of God is according

ye people. not meat and drink, but righte

to charity.

12 And again Esaias saith, ousness, and peace, and joy in Co.8.11 Is Is. 11. 1. s There shall be & root of Jesse, the Holy Ghost.

.ch, 12.17. 10. Re.5... and he that shall rise to reign 18 For he that in these things

& 22. 16. 11 Co. 8.8.

over the Gentiles; in him shal serveth Christ, u is acceptable to

the Gentiles trust. Goul, and approved of men.

u 2C0.8.21

13 Now the God of hope fill you 19 Let us therefore follow after = Ps.34.14.1 ch. 12.12. with all joy and peace in believthe things which make for peace, ch. 12. 18.& 14. 17.

ing, that ye may abound in hope, and things where with one may y eh. 16. 2

through the power of the Holy edify another.

1 Co.14.12.

Ghost. 20 For meat destroy not the | 1 Th. 5.11. u 2Pe.1.12. 14 And * I myself also am perwork of God. 4 All things indeed 5 ver. 15. 1 Jo. 2. 21. suaded of you, my brethren, that are pure; but it is evil for that I a Mat. 15./1 1 Co.8.1, ye also are full of goodness, w fillman who eateth with offence. 11. Ac. 10. 7, 10. ed with all knowledge, able also 21 It is good neither to eat cflesh, 15. ver.14.

to admonish one another. nor to drink wine, nor any thing Tit. 1. 15.

15 Nevertheless, brethren, I have whereby thy brother stumbleth, 101 Co. 8.9,

written the more boldly unto you or is offended, or is made weak. 10, 11, 12.

in some sort, as putting you in 22 Hast thou taith? bave it toelCo.8.13.3 ch.1.5.& mind, * because of the grace that thyself before God. d Happy is

d1J0.3.21.12. 3. Ga.l. is given to me of God, he that condemneth not himself

16. Ep.3.7, 16 That y I should be the minisin that thing which he alloweth.

ter of Jesus Christ to the Gen23 And he that I doubteth is

ch.11.13. tiles, ministering the gospel of damned if he eat, because he eat

discerneth G

Ga. 2. 7, 8,

God, that the offering up of

and put eh not of faith: for e whatsoever

9.1 Ti.2.7. teth a dif- 12 Ti. 1. 11.

the Gentiles might be acceptais not of faith is sin.

ference be- Phi. 2. 17.

ble, being sanctified by the Holy CHAP. XV.

Iween 1 The strony must bear with the weak.

la Or, sacmeets.

17 I have therefore whereof 1 2 We may not please ourselves, 3 for

e Tit. 1.16.

may glory through Jesus Christ, Christ did not so, 7 but receive one the

• Is.66.20. in those things which pertain to other, a. Christ did us all, 8 both

Phi. 2. 17.

God. Jews 9 and Gentiles. 15 Paul er. cuseth his writing, 28 and promiseth

a He. 5. 1. 18 For I will not dare to speak to see them, 30 and requesteth their a Ga. 6. 1. 10 Ac.21.19. of any of those things which prayers.

ch. 14. 1. Ca. 2. 8. Christ hath not wrought by me, W Eathen that are strong ought c 1Co.9 19, ch.1.5.4

to make the Gentiles obedient, to bear the infirmities of 22. & 10.21, 16. 26.

by word and deed, the weak, and not to please our 33. & 19.5.

19 d Through mighty signs and

d Ac.19.11. selves.

PAL. 21, 2 Co.12.12.

wonders, by the power of the ? cLet every one of us please d ch.14.19.

Spirit of God; so that from Jeruhis neighbour for his good to

Mat. 26.

salem, and round about unto edification.

39. John 5.

lyricum, I have fully preached 3. For even Christ pleased not 130.& 6.38.1

I the gospel of Christ.

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Paul requesteth their prayers. CHAP. XVI.: He sendeth divers salutations.

20 Yea, so have I strived to A. D. 60. A. D. 60. | 3 Greet « Priscilla and Aquila, preach the gospel, not where

my helpers in Christ Jesus : Christ was named, e lest I should le 2 Co. 10.1

14 Who have for my life laid

18,26. ? Ti. build upon another man's founda- 13, 15, 16.

14. 19.

down their own necks: unto whoid tion:

not only I give thanks, but also all 21 But as it is written, To ls52.15.

the churches of the Gentiles. whom he was not spoken of, they

di Co. 16. 5 Likewise greet the church shall sce: and they that have not

19. Col. 4. that is in their house. Salute ray heard shall understand.

16. Phi

well-beloved Epenetus, who is 22 For which cause also & I have lg ch. 1.13. lem. 2. e the first-fruits of Achaia unto been I much hindered from comn m

bindered from come i Th.2.17, le 1 Co. 16. Christ.
ing to you.


6 Greet Mary, who bestowed 23 But now having no more place ! Or, many

much labour on us. in these parts, and having a

7. Salute Andronicus and Junia, great desire these many years to


my kinsinen, and iny fellow-priscoine unto you;


oners, who are of note among the 24 Whensoever I take my jour- ver.S2. ch. Ga.l.2.

apostles, who also s were in Chuist ney into Spain, I will come to


before me. you: for I trust to see you in my

8 Greet Amplias my beloved in journey, and to be brought on i Ac. 15.3.

the Lord. my way thitherward by you, if

9 Salute Urbane, our helper in first I be somewhat filled t with

+ Gr.

Christ, and Stachys my beloved. your company.

with you,

10 Salute Apelles approved in 25 But now I go unto Jerusa

ver. 32. Or,

Christ. Salute them which are lein to minister unto the saints

k Ac.19.21. friends.

of Aristobulus' household. 26 For lit hath pleased them of

& 20.22. & Or,

11 Salute Herodion iny kinsMacedonia and Achaia to make

24. 17. Friends.

man. Greet them that be of the a certain contribution for the 11 Co.16.1, 6 2 Jo. 1.

I household of Narcissus, which poor saints which are at Jerusa

2.2 Co.8.1. n 1 Co. 16.
& 9. 2, 12. 20. 2C0.13.

are in the Lord.

12 Salute Tryphena and Try27 It hath pleased them verily;

12. 1 Th. 5.

phosa, who labour in the Lord. and their debtors they are. For

26. 1 Pe. 5.

Salute the beloved Persis, which

14. m if the Gentiles have been made m

laboured much in the Lord., partakers of their spiritual things,

i Ac. 15.1

13 Salute Rufus & chosen in the in their duty is also to minister n 1Co.9.11.1

u 5, 24. 1 Ti.

Lord, and his mother and mine.. unto them in carnal things. Ga. 6. 6.


14 Salute Asyncritus, Phlegon, 28 When therefore I have per

* 1 Co. 5.9,

Hermas, Patrobas, Hermes, and

11.2 Tb. 3. formed this, and have sealed to

the brethren which are with them.

6, 14. 2 Ti. them this fruit, I will come by Phi.4.17.

3.5. Tit. 3.

15 Salute Philologus, and Julia, you into Spain.

10.2 Jo.10.

Nereus, and his sister, and Olym29 PAnd I am sure that when I pch, l. 11.


pas, and all the saints which are come unto you, I shall come in

1 Ti. 6. 5.

with them, the fulness of the blessing of the

16 Salute one another with an

m Col.2.4. gospel of Christ.

2 Ti. 3, 6.

holy kiss. The churches of Christ 30 Now I beseech you, brethren,

salute you.

Tit. 1. 10. for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake,

2 Pe. 2. 3.

17 Now I beseech you, brethren, and a for the love of the Spirit, & Phi. 2. 1.

mark them

nch. l. 8. that ye strive together with me r 2Col 11.

i which cause divisMat. 10.

ions and offences, contrary to the in your prayers to God for me, Col. 4. 12.

doctrine which ye have learned;

16.1Co.14. 31 That I may be delivered

s 2 Th. 3.2. 20.

and avoid them. from them that I do not believe

18 For they that are such serve

Or, in Judea; and that I my service

are disobe- harmless.

Or, are disobe

not our Lord Jesus Christ, but which I have for Jerusalem, may ! dient.

I their own belly; and m by good be accepted of the saints;

p ch.15.33. * 2 Co. 8.4.

words and fair speeches deceive 32 That I may come unto you

19 Ge. 3.15. the hearts of the simple. , with joy by the will of God, and

1 ch.1.10.3.

19 For n your obedience is come may with you be y refreshed.

Ac.18.21. tread. abroad unto all men. I am glad 33 Now the God of peace be

1 Co. 4. 19.

rver. 24. therefore on your behalf : but yet with you all. Amen.

I would have you o wise unto that

y 1 Co. 16. 2 Co.13.14. CHAP. XVI,

which is good, and | simple con

18.2 Co.1. Phi. 4. 23. 3 Faul willeth the brethren to greet ma.

cerning evil.

13. 2 Ti. l. 1 Th.5.28. ny, 17 and adviseth them to take heed

20 And P the God of peace shall

18.Philem. 2 Th. 9.18. of those which cause dissension and

bruise Satan under your feet

Re. 22. 21. offences, 21 and after sundry salute.

z ch.16.20.

shortly. The grace of our Lord trons endeth with praise and thanks

Ac. 16.1. 1 Co.14.33. col. 1. 1.

Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. tu God.

2Co.13.11. Phi. 2. 19.

21 Timotheus my work-fellow, I COMMEND unto you Phebe Phi. 4. 9. 1 Th. 3. 2.

and Lucius, and u Jason, and
1 our sister, which is a servant i Th. 5.23.1 Ti. 1. 2. Sosipater, my kinsmen, salute
of the church which is at Cen- 2 Th. 3.16. He. 13. 23. you.

He. 13. 20.
1 Ac. 13. 1.

22 I Tertius, who wrote this 2) That ye receive her in the a Ac.18.18.

epistle, salute you in the Lord. Lord, as becometh saints, and Phi.2.29.

u Ac. 17.5.

23 y Gaius mine host, and of the that ye assist her in whatsoever 3 Jo. 5, 0. * Ac. 20.4. whole church, saluteth you. Ebusiness she hath need of you:

y 1Co.1.14. rastus the chamberlain of the for she hath been a succourer of

Ac.19.22. city saluteth you, and Quartie a many, and of myself also.

12 Ti. 4. 20. brother.

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Paul, after his salutation, I. CORINTHIANS.

eshorteth them to unity. 24 . The grace of our Lord Je-, A. D. 60. A. D. 60. / and by the scriptures of the prosus Christ be with you all. Amen.

phets, according to the com25 Now bto him ihat is of pow

1 ver. 20.
1 Th.5.28.

| mandment of the everlasting God. er to stablish you caccording to

made known to all nations for my gospel, and the preaching of

Ep. 3. 20.
W ith.3.13.6 Ac. 6. 7.

& Ac. 6. 7. & the obedience of faith : Jesus Christ, daccording to the

2 Th. 2.17.

ch. 1. 5. & 27 Ton God only wise, be glory revelation of the mystery, which &3.3. Jude 15. 18. through Jesus Christ for ever. was kept secret since the world

h 1 Ti. 1. Amen. began,

Tech. 2. 16. 17. & 6.16. Written to the Romans from 26 But f now is made manifest,

Jude 25.

Corinthus, and sent by Pheba & 3.3, 4, 5. Col. 1. 27. el Co. 2. 7. Ep.3.5, 9. Col.

servant of the church at Cente 1. 26. J Ep. 1.9. 2 Ti. 1. 10. Tit. 1. 2, 3. 1 Pe. l. 20.


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| A. D. 59. A. D. 59. Chloe, that there are contentions After his salutation and thanksgiving,

1. Ro. l. 1. uch. 3. 4.

among you. 10 he erhorteth them to unity, anul 12

12 Now this I say, that every

Ac. 18. reproveth their dissensions. 18 God 02 Co.1.1.

Ep. 1. destruyet the wisdom of the wise, 21

one of you saith, I am of Paul:

1. 21. & 19.1, one of by the foolishness of preaching, and

and Col. l. 1. ch. 16. 12. and I of Apollos; and I of y CeAc. 18.17. ly John 1.

phas; and I of Christ. 26 calleth not the wise, mighty, and

d Jude l. noble, but 27, 28 the foolish, weak,


13 = ls Christ divided ? was Paul and men of no account.

• John 17. + 2Co.11.4.

crucified for you? or were ye PAUL, & called to be an apostle 19. Ac. 15. Ep. 4. 5. baptized in the name of Paul ? 1 of Jesus Christ through the


la Ac. 18.8. 14 I thank God that I baptized will of God, and c Sosthenes our

f Ro1. 7. 2 Ti. 1. 9.

0 Ro.16.23. none of you, but « Crispus and brother,

Gaius; 2 Unto the church of God which


15 Lest any should say that I is at Corinth, d to them that are

1 2 Ti. 2. 22.

d ch.21,4, had baptized in mine own name. sanctified in Christ Jesus, f call-ach. 8. 6.

116 And I baptized also the ed to be saints, with all that in i Ro. 3. 22.

household of c Stephanas; beevery place 8 call upon the name

& 10. 12. U Or,

sides, I know not whether I bapof Jesus Christ hour Lord, iboth Ro. 1. 7.

speech. tized any other. theirs and ours:

2 Co. 1. 2. le 2Co.2 15.

17 For Christ sent me not to 3 Grace be unto you, and peace Ep. 1. 2. 1 Ac. 17. baptize, but to preach the gospel : from God our Father, and from Pe. 1. 2. 18.ch.2.14.

d not with wisdom of words, lest the Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Ro. 1.8. & ch. 15. 2.

the cross of Christ should be 4 "I thank my God always on m ch.12.8. h Ro. 1.16.

made of none effect. your behalf, for the grace of God

2 Co. 8. 7. ver. 24.

18 For the preaching of the cross which 18 given you by Jesus / n ch.2.1. 2li Job 5. 12,

is to them that perish, s foolish

Ti.1.8. Re. 13. Is. 29.

ness; but unto us
14. Je. 8.9.
1. 2.

which are 5 That in every thing ye are en

o Phi.3.20.| Is. 33.18.

saved, it is the power of God. riched by him, min all utterance, Tit. 2. 13. I Job 12.17,

19 For it is written, il will deand in all knowledge;

2 Pe. 3. 12. 20, 21. Is.

stroy the wisdom of the wise, and 6 Even as the testimony of 1 t Gr. 44. 25. Ro.

will bring to nothing the underChrist was confirmed in you: rruelation, 1. 22.

standing of the prudent. 7 So that ve come behind in no Col. 3. 4.

m Ro.1.20,

20 A Where is the wise ? where gift: o waiting for the coming Pl Th. 3. 21, 28. See is the scribe? where is the disof our Lord Jesus Christ :

Mat.11.25. puter of this world ? I hath not 8p Who shall also confirm you Col.1.22. Lu. 10. 21. God made foolish the wisdom of unto the end, that ye may be

1 Th. 5.23.

in Mat. 12. this world? blameless in the day of our Lord

Is. 49. 7. 38. & 16. 1.

21 m For after that in the wisJesus Christ.

eh. 10. 13. Ma. 8. 11. dom of God the world by wisdom 9 r God is faithful, by whom ye

1 Th. 6.24. Lu. 11. 16. I knew not God, it pleased God by

2 Th. 3. 3. John 4. 48. were called unto the fellowship He. 10. 23.

the foolishness of preaching to of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Is John 15.

o Is. 8. 14.

save them that believe. 10 Now I beseech you, brethren, 4. & 17.21.

Mat. 11. 6.

22 For the Jews require a sign,

& 13. 57. by the name of our Lord Jesus 1 Jo.1.3.&

and the Greeks seek after wis

Lu. 2. 34.
Christ, that ye all speak the

4. 13.
John 6. 60,

dom: same thing, and that there be no Ro.12.16. 66. Ro. 9. 23 But we preach Christ cruci+ divisions among you: but that I & 15. 5. 232. Ga. 5. fied, ounto the Jews a stumblingve be perfectly joined together in

Co. 13. 11. 11.1Pe.2.8.

block, and unto the Greeks P fool

block, and un

Phi. 2.2.4 the same mind, and in the same

3. 16. 1 Pe.

TP ver. 18. ishness; judgment.

ch. 2. 14. 24 But unto them which are call3. 8.

1 Il For it hath been declared +

Ro. 1. 4, ed, both Jews and Greeks, Christ anto me of you, my brethren, by schisms, 10. ver. 18. the power of God, and the them which are of the house of I ch. 11. 18. Col. 2. 3. I wisdom of God.


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Power of Paul's preaching. CHAP. 11, III.

Milk is fit for children, 25 Because the foolishness of A. D. 59. A. D. 59. 10 But God hath revealed them God is wiser than men; and the

unto us by his Spirit; for the

9 Mat. 13. weakness of God is stronger than

in.& 16.17.

Spirit searcheth all things, yea, men.


the deep things of God. 26 For ye see your calling,

& 16. 13. 11

Il For what man knoweth the brethren, how that not many , John 7. Jo. 2. 27. things of a man, save the spirit wise men after the flesh, not many | 48.

Pr.20.27. of man which is in him ? Seven so . mighty, not many noble are call

& 27.19.Je. the things of God knoweth no 17.9.

man, but the Spirit of God. 27 But God hath chosen the Mat. 11.

• Ro.11.33,

12 Now we have received, not foolish things of the world to con- | 25. Ja. 2.5.1)

:|t Ro. 8. 15,

the spirit of the world, but I the found the wise ; and God hath

Spirit which is of God; that we chosen the weak things of the RO.4.17. See ch. 1. might know the things that are world to confound the things

freely given to us of God. which are mighty;

ch. 2. 6. Mat. 16. 13 u Which things also we speak, 28 And base things of the world, y Ro. 3.27. 23. not in the words which man's and things which are despised. Ep. 2. 9. ch. 1. 18,

wisdom teacheth, but which the

23. hath God chosen, vea, and things ver. 21. Ro.8.5.6. Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing which are not, "to bring to nought a Je. 23.5, 7. Jude 19.

spiritual things with spiritual. things that are :

6. R9.4.25. a Pr. 28. 5. 14 - But the natural man re29 y That no flesh should glory 2 Co. 5.21.1 Th.5. 21. ceiveth not the things of the in his presence.

Phi, 3. 9. 1 Jo, 4.1. Spirit of God: y for they are fool30 But of him are ye in Christo John 17. | Or, ishness unto him : * neither can Jesus, who of God is made unto 19.

discerneth. he know them, because they are us : wisdom, and a righteous-c Ep. 1. 7.

i Or, spiritually discerned.

1. discerned. ness, and sanctification, and cre- lala a 991

15 a But be that is spiritual demption :

21. 2C0.10.Is. 40. 13.

judgeth all things, yet he him31 That, according as it is writ- 17.

Je. 23. 16.

self is judged of no man. ten, d He that glorieth, let him a ch. 1. 17. Ro. 11. 34.

16 For who hath known the glory in the Lord.

ver. 4, 13. + Gr.

mind of the Lord, that he t may CHAP. II.

2 Co.10.10. shall. instruct him ? c But we have the Ho declareth that his preaching, 1 & 11. 6. c John 15. mind of Christ. though it bring not ercellency of

ch. 1. 6. 15.

CHAP. III. speech, or of human wisdom: yet

Te Ga 6.14 a ch. 2. 16. 2 Milk is fit for children. 3 Strife and consisteth in the 4, 5 power of God:

division, arguments of a fleshly mind. and so far ercelleth 6 the wisdom of

Phi. 3. 8. |9 ch.2, 14.

7 He that planteth, and he that wa. this world, and 9 human sense, as

c He. 5. 13. d Ac. 18. 1.CH

toreth, is nothing. 9 Tho ministers thal 14 the natural man cannot un

6, 12.
d He, 5.12,

are God's fellow-workmen, 11 Christ derstand it.

13.1 Pe.2.2
e 2 Co. 4.7.le John 16.

the only foundation, 16 Men the AND I, brethren, when I came

temples of God, which 17 must be h to you, I came not with ex

& 11.30. &

kept holy. 19 The wisdom of this cellency of speech, or of wisdom, 12.5,9. Ga.

f ch. 1.11. world is foolishness with God.

4. & declaring unto you the testimo

4. 13.

11. 18. AND I, brethren, could not

Ga. 5. 20, ny of Guil.

f ver. 1.21.Ja 3.16.

1 speak unto you asunto 2 For I determined not to knowch. 1. 17. 2 Or.

a spiritual, but as unto carnal, any thing among you, csave Je Pe. 1. 16. factions.

even as unto c babes in Christ. sus Christ, and him crucified.

| Or, per.lt Gr.

2 I have fed you with d milk, and 3 And dI was with your ein

su ssible, according

not with meat: e for hitherto ye weakness, and in fear, and in

& Ro.15.19. to man. were not able to bear it, neither much trembling.

1 Th. 1. 5.]: ch.1. 12. yet now are ye able 4 And my speech and my preach

3 For ye are yet carnal : for

+ Gr. be. A ch, 4. I. ing was not with lenticing

12 Co. 3. 3. f whereas there is among you enwords of man's wisdom, 6 but in

vying, and strife, and I divisions,

& 6. 7. demonstration of the Spirit, and

6.1 Pe.4.11.

are ye not carnal, and walk tas of power:

ich. 14.20. Ac. 18. 4,

men ? 5 That your faith should not

Ep. 4. 13.8, 11. ch.4. 4 For while one saith, I am of

Phi. 3. 16.015.4 9.1.4 + stand in the wisdoin of men,

He, 5. 14. 15. 1. 2 Co.

Paul; and another, I am of Apolbuthin the power of God.

los; are ye not canal ?

* ch. 1. 20. 10. 14, 15. 6 How beit, we speak wisdom

5 Who then is Paul, and who is

&3.19.ver. 1 Ac. 18.21, among them ithat are perfect:

1, 13. 2 Co. 27. & 19.1.

A pollos, but he ministers by whom yet not the wisdom of this world, 1.12. Ja, 3. mch. 1.80.

ye believed, i even as the Lord nor of the princes of this world,

& 15. 10. 2

gave to every man ? I that come to nonght:

1 ch. 1. 28. Co. 3. b. 6 AI bave planted, I Apollos 7 But we speak the wisdom of

watered : mbut God gave the inGod in a mystery, even the hid

11. Ga.6.3. crease.

25,26. Ep.3." den wisdom m which God ordain

5, 9. Col. Jo Ps.62.12

7 So then, n neither is he that ed before the world unto our 26.2Ti.1.9. Ro.2.6.ch. planteth any thing, neither he glory;

11.5. Ga. 6. n Mat. 11. 4, 5. Re, 2.

ihat watereth: but God that give 8 a Which none of the princes

25. John 7.23.&22.12.

eth the increase. of this world knew : for had they 48. Ac. 13..

8 Now he that planteth and he

Sp Ac. 15.4. known it, they would not bave

that watereth are one : o and

2.2 Co. 6.1. crucified the Lord of glory. 14.

every man shall receive his own 9 Biit as it is written, P Eye hath

1 Or,
o Lu.23.34. Piliake.

reward, according to his own lanot seen, nor ear heard, neither Ac. 3. 17. ird, neither Ac. 3. 1.2 Ep. 2. 20.

bour. have entered into the heart of See John Col. 2. 7.

9 For Pwe are labourers togethman), the things which God hath 16.3. He. 3. 3. 4. er with God: ye are God's Thusprepared for them that love him. Is. 64.4.1 Pe. 2. 5. Ibandry, ye are God's building.

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