תמונות בעמוד

The apostles are comforted. S. MATTHEW. Christ's testimony concerning John he that endureth to the end shall A, D. 31. A. D. 31. man in the name of a righteouts be saved.

man, shall receive a righteous 23 But when they persecute ch. 2. 13.

man's reward. you in this city, tee ye into an

& 4. 12. & le ch.8.5,6.

42 . And whosoever shall give other: for verily I say unto you,

12. 15. Ac. & 25, 40.

to drink unto one of these little Ye shall not have gone over the

8.1.&9.25. Ma. 9. 41.

ones, a cup of cold water only, in cities of Israel Itill the Son of

& 14.6.

He. 6. 10. the name of a disciple, verily L man be come.

# Or, end, 24 m The disciple is not above

or, finish.

say unto you, he shall in no wise

lose his reward. his master, nor the servant above

I eh. 16.28.

CHAP. XT. his lord.

m Lu.6.40.

2 John sendeth his disciples to Christ. 25 It is enough for the disciple John13.16.

7 Christ's testimony concerning John. that he be as his master, and the & 15. 20.

18 The opinion of the people, both conservant as his lord: if n they have n ch.12.34.

cerning John and Christ. 20 Christ called the master of the house Ma. 3. 22.

upuraideth the unthankfulness and + Beelzebub, how much more shall

Lu. 11. 15.

warepentance of Chorazin, Beth

John 8.48, they call them of his household ?

saida, and Capernaum : 25 and 52.

praising his Father's wisdom in re26 Fear them not therefore :

+ Gr.

vealing the gospel to the simpie, 28 for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid,


he calleth to him all such as feel the

durden of their sins. that shall not be known.

o Ma. 4.22

ND it came to pass when Je


LU. 8.17.& 27 What I tell you in darkness,

sus had made an end of com

12. 2, 3, That speak ye in light: and what

manding his twelve disciples, he ye hear in the ear, that preach

departed thence to teach and to ye upon the house-tops.

preach in their cities. 28 And fear not ihem which p Is. 8. 12. & Lu. 7.18, ? Now when John had heard kill the body, but are not able to 13; Lu. 12. 19, &c. bin the prison the works of Christ, kill the soul: but rather fear him 4.2Pe.3.14.

5 ch. 14. 3.

hc sent two of his disciples, which is able to destroy both

3 And said unto him, Art thou soul and body in hell.

! It is in

cGe.49.10. che that should come, or do we 29 Are not two sparrows sold for value half. Nu. 21. 17. look for another? & I farthing ? and one of them penny for. Da. 9. 24. 4 Jesus answered and said unto shall not fall on the ground with thing in the John 6.14.

original, as

them, Go and shew John again out your Father.

Leing the

those things which ye do hear 30 But the very hairs of your enth part

and see: head are all nunbered.

of the Ro- d Is. 29.18.

5. The blind receive their sight, 31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are

man peno & 35. 4, 5,

and the lame walk, the lepers are of more value than many spar

ny: See on 6. & 42. 7. cleansed, and the deaf hear, the TOWS.

ch. 18. 28. John 2.23. dead are raised up, and the poor 32 - Whosoever therefore shall Q 1 Sa. 14. & 3. 2.& 5. have the gospel preached to them. confess me before men, Shim will 45.2 Sa.14. 36.& 10.25,

6 And blessed is he whosoever I confess also before my Father

11. Lu. 21. 38.& 14.11.

shall not be offended in me. which is in heaven.

18. Ac. 27. le Ps. 22.28.

7 1 & And as they departed, 33 But whosoever shall deny

Is. 61. 1. Jesus began to say unto the mula

Lu, 12.8. Lu, 4. 18. me before men, him will I also

Ro. 10. 9, Ja. 2 5.

titudes concering John, What deny before my Father which is


went ye out into the wilderness in heaven.

f Is. 8. 14,

to see? NA reed shaken with 34 Think not that I am come

Re. 3. 5. 15. eh. 13.

the wind ? to send peace on earth; I cane

# Ma. 8.38.57.&31.10.

8 But what went ye out for to & 28. 31.

Lu. 9. 26. not to send peace, but a sword.

2 Ti. 2. 12

Ro. 9. 32, see? A man clothed in soft raj. 35 For I am come to set a man

33. 1 Co.l.

ment? Behold, they that weær at variance against his father,

+ L. 12. 3. 42.14.

soft clothing are in kings' houses. and the daughter against her 9, 51, 52, Ga. 5. 11. 9 But what went ye out for to

53. mother, and the daughter-in-law

1 Pe, 2. 8. against her mother-in-law.

Mi. 7. 6. & Lu. 7.24.
see? A prophet ? yea, I say


to you, and more than a pro36 And ya man's foes shall be y Ps. 41. 9. h Ep. 4.14. plet. they of his own household.

& 65. 13.

10 For this is he of whom it is 37 > He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy John13.18 4 24, 28 written, Behold, I send my mesa

Lu. . & senger before thy face, which of me: and he that loveth son or

* Lu. 14. 7. 26.

shall prepare thy way before

26. daughter more than me, is not

2 Mal. 3.1.

thee. worthy of me.

ach.16.21. Ma. 1. 2.

11 Verily I say unto you, A38 a And he that taketh not his Ma. 8. 34. Lu. 1. 76. mong them that are born of wo

La. 9.23.& & 7. 27. cross, and followeth after me, is


there hath not risen a great

14. 27. not worthy of me.

er than John the Baptist: not39 He that findeth his life shall ch.16.25.

withstanding, he that is least in lose it and he that loseth his

Lu. 17.33. I Lu. 16.36.
John 12.25. !! Or, is

the kingdom of heaven, is greatlife for my sake, shall find it.

er than he. 40 1 c He that receiveth you,

c ch. 18. 5. Bollen by

12 2 And from the days of John receiveth me; and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that 19.44.& 13. thrust

10.16. John they that

the Baptist, until now, the king

dom of heaven suffereth violence, Bent me.

and the violent take it by force. 41 . He that receiveth a prophet 14. m Mal.4.6. 13 m For all the prophets and in the name of a prophet, shall di Ki. 17. n Mal. 4.5.

the law prophesied until John. receive a prophet's reward; and 10. & 18.4. ch. 17. 12.

14 And if ye will receive it, this he that receiveth & righteous 2 Ki. 4.8. Lu. l. 17. I is a Elias which was for to come.


Mi. 7. 6. ich. 14. 5.

Lu.9.48.& furce, and

20. Ga. 4. men.

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Christ's invitation to the weary. CHAP. XII.

The Pharisees reproved. 15 . He that hath ears to hear, A. D. 81. A. D. 31. blind and dumb. 31 Blasphemy alet him hear.

gainst the Holy Ghost shall seer de

och, 13, 9, 16 1. P But whereunto shall I

forgiven. 36 Account shall be made

Lu. 8. 8. liken this generation? It is like

of idle words. 38 He rebuketh the

Re. 2. 7,11, unto children sitting in the mar 17, 29.& 3.

unfaithful, who seek after a sign: 49

and sheeth who is his brother, siskets, and calling unto their fel- 6, 13, 22.

ter, and mother lows,

p Lu.7.3). 17 And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not dan

25. Ma. 2. the sabbath-day through the ced; we have mourned unto you,

23. Lu.6.1. corn, and his disciples were an and ye have not lamented.

hungered, and began to pluck the 18 For John came neither eat

ears of corn, and to eat. ing nor drinking, and they say,

2 But when the Pharisees saw it, He hath a devil.

they said unto him, Behold, thy 19 The Son of man came eating

disciples do that which is not and drinking, and they say, Be

lawful to do upon the sabbathhold, a man gluttonous, and a

day. wine-bibber, 1 a friend of publi-qch. 9. 10.

3 But he said unto them, Have cans and sinners. But wisdom Lu.7.35. lSa. 21.8. ye not read what David did is justified of her children.

when he was an hungered, and 20. 1. Then began he to up- .Lu.10.13,

they that were with him; braid the cities wherein most of &c.

4 How he entered into the house his mighty works were done, be

CEx.25.30. of God, and did eat cthe shewcause they repented not.

Le. 24. 6. bread, which was not lawful for 21 Wo unto thee, Chorazin! wo

him to eat, neither for them which unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the

d Ex.29.32 were with him, d but only for the Inighty works which were done

33. Le. 8. priests in you had been done in Tyre and

31. & 21.9. 5 Or have ye not read in the Sidon, they would have repented

eNu. 28.9.

e law how that on the sabbathlong ago ! in sackcloth and ashes. Jon. 3. 7, John 7.22. days the priests in the temple 22 But I say unto you, "It shall 8.

profane the sabbath, and are he more tolerable for Tyre and uch.10.15.

blameless? Sidon at the day of judgment, ver. 21.

6 But I say unto you, that in this than for you.

2 Ch, 6. place is fone greater than the 23 And thou,Capernaum, which * See ls. 18. Mal. 3. temple. art exalted unto heaven, shalt be 14. 13. La. 1.

7 But if ye had known what this brought down to hell: for if the 2. 1.

Ho. 6. 6. meaneth, I will have mercy, and mighty works which have been

Mi.6.6,7,8. not sacrifice, ye would not have done in thec, had been done in

ch 9, 13. condemned the guiltless. Sodom, it would have remained

8 For the Son of man is Lord until this day.

even of the sabbath-day. 24 But I say unto you, y That it ch.10.15.1 Ma. 3. 1. 9 h And when he was departe shall be more tolerable for the

Lu. 6.6. thence, he went into their synaland of Sodom, in the day of

gogue. judgment than for thee.

10 T And behold, there was a 25 | * At that time Jesus an * Lu. 10.

man which had his hand witherswered and said, I thank thee, O


ed. And they asked him, saying, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,

Ji Lu. 13.14.

i Is it lawful to heal on the sabbecause a thou hast hid these a See Ps. & 14. 3. bath-days ? that they miglit ac. things from the wise and pru- 8.2. 1Co... John 9. 16. cuse him. dent, and hast revealed them 19, 27. & 2.

11 And he said unto them, What

8.2 Co. 3. unto babes.

man shall there be among young

14. 26 Even so, Father, for so it

that shall have one sheep, and

ch.10.1. seemel good in thy sight.

* See Ex. * if it fall into a pit on the sab27c All things are delivered un c ch.8.18. 23.4,6. De. bath-day, will he not lay hold on to me of my Father; and no man Lu. 10. 22. 22. 4.

it, and lift it out? knoweth the Son, but the Father;

John 3. 36.

12 How much then is a man bet-3

& 13. 3. & d neither knoweth any man the

ter than a sheep? Wherefore it ia

17. 2. 1 Co. Father, save the Son, and he to

15. 27.

lawful to do well on the sabbathwhomsoever the Son will reveal


d John 1. him.

13 Then saith he to the man, 28 | Come unto me, all ye that & 10. 15.

18. & 6.46.

Stretch forth thine hand. And he labour, and are heavy laden, and

stretched it forth; and it was reI will give you rest.

ch. 27.1. stored whole, like as the other. 29 Take my yoke upon you,

Ma. 3. 6.

14 | Then the Pharisees went e and learn of me: for 1 am meek . John 13. Lu, 6. 11. out, and held a counsel agains: and Slowly in heart; 6 and ye 15.Phi.2.5. John 5. 18. him, how they might destroy him. shall find rest unto your souls. 1 Pe. 2. 21. & 10.99. &

15 But when Jesus knew it, mhe 30 For my yoke is easy, and 1 Jo. 2. 6. 11.53. withdrew himself from thence: my burden is light.

Zec. 9.9. Or, took

n and great multitudes followed CHAP. XII.

Phi.2. 7,8. counsel.

him, and he healed them all. & Je. 6. 16. m See ch.

16 Aud ocharged them that they 1 Christ reproveth the blindness of the Pharisces concerning the breach of a 13o. 6.3. 10:23. Ma. should not make him known :

3. the sabbath, 3 by scriptures, 9 by rea

17 That it might be fulfilled son, 19 and by a miracle. 2 H.

a ch. 19. 2 which was spoken by Esaias the Asalak the man possessed that was

lo ch.9.30. prophet, saying,

One dumb and blind healed. S. MATTHEW.

The sign of Jonas. 18 p Behold my servant, whom I A. D. 31. A. D. 31. 35 A good man, out of the good have chosen; my beloved, e in

treasure of the heart, bringeth whom my soul is well pleased : I pls. 42. 2.

forth good things; and an evil will put my spirit upon him, and ch. 9. 17.

man, out of the evil treasure, he shall shew judgment to the & 17. 6.

bringeth forth evil things. Gentiles.

36 But I say unto you, That 19 He shall not strive, nor cry;

every idle word that men shali neither shall any man hear his

speak, they shall give account voice in the streets.

thereof in the day of judgment. 20 A bruised reed shall he not

37 For by thy words thou shalt break, and smoking flax shall he

be justified, and by thy words not quench, till he send forth

thou shalt be condemned. judgment unto victory.

fch. 16.1. 38 TS Then certain of the scribes 21 And in his name shall the

Ma. 8. 11. and of the Pharisees answered, Gentiles trust.

Lu. 11. 16, saying, Master, we would see a 22 TT Then was brought unto See ch.9. 29. Joha 2.

sigu from thee. him one possessed with a devil, 32. Ma. 3. 18. 1 Co. l. 39 But he answered and said to blind and dumb; and he healed

11. Lu. 11. 22.

them, An evil and 8 adulterous

14. him, insomuch that the blind and

& Is. 57. 3.

generation seeketh after a sign, dumb both spake and saw.

ch. 16. 4.

and there shall no sign be given

Ma. 8. 38. 23 And all the people were

John 4. 48.

to it, but the sign of the prophet amazed, and said, Is noi this the

Jonas. son of David ?

h Jon.1.17.

40 h For as Jonas was three days 24 . But when the Pharisees sch. 9. 34

and three nights in the whale's heard it, they said, This fellow

Ma. 3. 22.

belly: so shall the Son of man be doth not cast out devils, but by

Lu. 11. lo.

three days and three nights in the t Beelzebub the prince of the

+ Gr.

heart of the earth. devils.

Beelzebul :

i Lu.11.32. 41 i The men of Nineveh shall 25 And Jesus * knew their and so ver.

rise in judgment with this gen

27. thoughts, and said unto them,

See Je.3. eration, and shall condemn it: Every kingdoin divided against

1 ch. 9. 4. 11. Ez. 16. I because they repented at the itself, is brought to desolation;

John 2.25.51, 52. Ro.
Re. 2. 23. 2. 27.

preaching of Jonas; and behold, and every city or house divided

a greater than Jonas is bere. against itselt, shall not stand.

I Jon. 3. 5.

42 m The queen of the south 26 And if Satan cast out Satan,

m 1 Ki, 10. shall rise up in the judgment with he is divided against himself'; how

1. 2Ch.9.1.

this generation, and shall conshall then his kingdom stand ?

Lu. 11. 31. demnit: for she came from the 27 And if I by Beelzebub cast

uttermost parts of the earth to out devils, by whom do your chil

hear the wisdom of Solomon; and dren cast them out ? therefore

behold, a greater than Solomon they shall be your judges.

is here. 28 But if I cast out devils by the

In Lu. 11. 43 » When the unclean spirit is Spirit of God, then u the king u Da.2.44.24.

gone out of a man, he walketh dom of God is come unto you.

&7.14, Lu.
o Job 1.7.

ihrough dry places, seeking rest; 29 Or else, how can one enter

1.33. & 11.1 Pe. 5. 8.

and findeth none.

20.& 17.20, into a strong man's house, and

44 Then he saith, I will return

21. spoil bis goods, except he first

into my house from whence 1 bind the strong man i and then


came out; and when he is come,

Lu. 11. 21, he will spoil his house.

he findeth it empty, swep, and

22, 23. 30 He ihat is not with me, is

garuished. against me; and he that gather

45 Then goeth he, and taketh eih not with me, scattereth a

with himself seven other spirits broad.

more wicked than himself, and 31 | Wherefore I say unto you,

they enter in and dwell there : y All manner of sin and blasphe- y Ma. 3.28. p He. 6.4. Pand the last state of that man is my shall be forgiven unto men:

Lu, 12. 10. & 10. 26. 2

worse than the first. Even so but the blasphemy against the

He. 6. 4, Pe.2.20,21,

shall it be also unto this wicked Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven

&c. & 10 22.
25,29.1 Jo.

generation. unto men.

5. 16.

46 | While he yet talked to the 32 And whosoever a speaketh a

people, 'behold, his mother and Ma. 3.31.

> Ac.7.51. word against the Son of man, bit

Lu.8. 19,20,

his brethren stood without, de shall be forgiven him : but who

a ch.11.19. 21.

siring to speak with him.

& 13. 55. soever speaketh against the Holy

47 Then one said unto hiin, Bech.13.55.

John 7. 12, Ghost, it shall not be forgiven 62. Ma. 6. 3. hold, thy mother and thy brethhim, neither in this world, nei

John 2. 12. ren stand without, desiring to ther in the world to come.

o iTi.1.13. &7.3,5.Ac. speak with thee. 33 Eicher make the tree good,

1. 14. 1 Co.

48 But he answered and said and chis fruit good; or else make

unto him that told him, Who is

19. the tree corrupt, and bis fruit Lu.6.43, 44.

my mother and who are my corrupt: for the tree is known by

brethren? his fruit.

49 And he stretched forth his 34 Od generation of vipers, how

4 ch...

hand toward his disciples, and

23. 33. s See John can ye, being evil, speak good

said, Behold my mother and my

15. 14. Ga. things for out of ihe abun

. Lu. 6. 45.5.6.& 6.15.

brethren! dance of the heart, the mouth

Col. 3. 11. 50 For whosoever shall do the speaketh.

He. 2. 11. will of my Father which ist in

c ch, 7. 17. 9.5. Ga. 1.

The parable of the sower.'


The parable of the tares heaven, the same is my brother, A. D. 31. A. D. 31. 16 But I blessed are your eyes, and sister, and mother.

2ch. 16.17. CHAP. XIII.

for they see: and your ears, for Lu. 10. 23,

they hear. 3 The parable of the sower and the


17 For verily I say unto yon, Seed : 18 the exposition of it. 21 The


m That many prophets and rightparabie of the lates, 31 of the mus

eous men have desired to see tard-seed, 33 of the leaven, 44 of the

m He. 11. hidden treusure, 45 of the pearl, 47

13, 1 Pe. l.

those things which ye see, and of the drawnel crest into the sea : 63

10, 11.

have not seen them; and to hear and how Christ is contemned of his

those things which ye hear, and olon countrymen.

have not heard them. THE THE same day went Jesus out

n Ma.4.14. 18 T r Hear ve therefore the of the house, a and sat by the a Ma. 4. 1. Lu. 8. 11. parable of the sower. sea-side.

19 When any one heareth the 2. And great multitudes were Lu. 8. 4. ch. 4. 23. word of the kingdom, and ungathered together unto him, so

derstandeth it not, then cometh that che went into a ship, and

c Lu. 5. 3.

the wicked one, and catcheth sat; and the whole multitude stood

a way that which was sown in his on the shore.

heart. This is he which received 3 And he spake many things

seed by the way-side. unto them in parables, saying,

20 But he that received the seed d Behold, a sower went forth to d Lu. 8.5.

into stony places, the same is he SOW;

that heareth the word, and anon 4 And when he sowed, some

IP Is. 58. 2.

P with joy receiveth it; seeds tell by the way-side, and the

Ez. 33. 31, 21 Yet hath he not root in him. fowls came and devoured them

32. Jobu 6. selt, but dureth for a while : for

35. up:

when tribulation or persecution 5 Some fell upon stony places,

ariseth because of the word, by where they had not much earth:

och. 11.6. and by Y he is offended. and forth with they sprung up,

2 Ti.1. 15. 22 He also that received seed because they had no deepuess of

t ch.19.23. Samong the thorus is he that earth:

Ma. 10. 23. heareth the word; and the care 6 And when the sun was up,

Lu. 18. 24.

of this world, and the deceitfulthey were scorched; and because

1 Ti. 6. 9.

ness of riches choke the word,

2 Ti. 4. 10. they had no root, they withered

and he becometh unfruitful. away.

s Je. 4. 3. 23 But he that received seed into 7 And some fell among thorns;

the good ground is he that hearand the thorns sprung up, and

eth the word, and understandeth choked them :

it; which also beareth fruit, and 8 But other tell into good ground,

bringeth forth, some an hundredand brought forth fruit, some can e Ge.26.12

fold, some sixty, some thirty. hundred-lold, some sixty-fold,

24 Another parable put he some thirty-fold.

forth unto theni, saying, The 9 Who hath ears to hear, let Sch.11 15.

kingdom of heaven is likened unto him hear.

Ma. 4. 9.

a man which sowed good seed in TO And the disciples came, and

his fieldt: said unto him, Why speakest thou

25 But while men slept, his enunto them in parables?

emy came and sowed tares among 11 He answered and said unto

the wheat, and went his way. them, Because it is given unto & ch.11.25

26 But when the blade' was you to know the mysteries of the & 16. 17.

sprung up, and brought forth kingdom of heaven, but to them Ma. 4. 11.

fruit, then appeared the tares it is not given.

1 Co. 2. 10.

also, 12 For whosoever hath, to him 1 Jo. 2. 27.

27 So the servants of the houseshall be given, and he shall have h ch.25.25.

holder came and said unto him, more abundance: but whosoever

Ma. 4. 2).

Sir, didst not thou sow good seed

Lu.8.18.& hath not, froin him shall be taken

in thy field ? from whence then

19. 20. away even that he hath.

hath it tares ? 13 Therefore speak I to them in

28 He said unto them, An enemy paraules: because they seeing,

bath done this. The servants see not; and hearing, they hear

said unto him, Wilt thou then not; neither do they understand.

that we go and gather them up? 14'And in thein is fulfilled the

29 But he said, Nay; lest while prophecy of Esaias, which saith,

ye gather up the tares, ye root up i By hearing ye shall hear, and i Is.6.9. Ez

also the wheat with them. shall not understand; and seeing 12.2. Ma.4.

30 Let both grow together until ye shall see, and shall not per


the harvest: and in the time of

John 12. 10. ceive:

harvest I will say to the reapers,

Ac. 28. 26, 15 For this people's heart is

Gather ye together first the tares,

27. Ro. 11. waxed gross, and iheir ears k are


and bind them in bundles to burn dull of hearing, and their eyes 16. tch, 3. 12. them: but gather the wheat into they have closed ; lest at any

He. 5.11.

my barn. time they should see with their

31 | Another parable put he eyes, and hear with their ears,

u Is. 2. 2,3.
Mi. 4. 1.

forth unto them, saying, "The and should understand with their

Ma. 4.30. kingdom of heaven is like to heart, and should be converted,

Lu. 13. 18, grain of mustard-seed, which 4 od I should heal them.


man took, and sowed in bis field

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is a meas-
ure con.

A. D. 82. A trarch heard of the fame of Parable of the hidden treasure, S. MATTHEW.

and of a net cast into the sea 32 Which indeed is the least of A. D. 31. 1 A. D. 31. 49 So shall it be at the end of all seeds: but when it is grown,

the world: the angels shall come it is the greatest among herbs,

o ch.25.32. forth, and sever the wicked from and becometh a tree, so that the

among the just, birds of the air come and lodge

p ver. 42

50 p And shall cast thern into the in the branches thereof.

furnace of fire: there shall be 33T - Another parable spake he Lu.13.20.

wailing and gnashing of teeth. into them; The kingilom of heav

51 Jesus saith unto them, Have en is like unto leaven, which a

ye understood all these things 1 woman took, and hid in three

They say unto him, Yea, Lord. t measures of meal, till the whole + The

52 Then said he unto them, was leavened.

word in

Therefore every scribe which is 34 v All these things spake Jesus the Greek

instructed unto the kingciom of unto the multitude in paralles;

heaven, is like unto a man that is and without a parable spake he

taining a

an householder, which bringeth pot unto them:

bout a peck ? Cant. 7. forth out of his treasure I things 35 That it might be fulfilled and a half, 13.

new and old. which was spoken by the prophet, wanting a

53 | And it came to pass, that saying, • I will open my mouth in little more

when Jesus had finished these parables; a 1 will utier things than a pint.

parables, he departed thence. which have been kept secret from y M4. 4.33, r ch. 2. 23. 54 r And when he was come into the foundation of the world. 34.

Ma. 6. 1. his own country, he taught them 36 Then Jesus sent the multitude Ps. 78.2. Lu. 4. 10, in their synagogue, insomuch

23. away, and went into the house:

a Ro. 16.

that they were astonished, and and his disciples came unto him, 25,26.1 Co.

said, Whence hath this man this baying, Declare unto us the par- 2.7. Ep.3.9.

wisdom, and these mighty works? able of the tares of the field. Col. 1. 26. & 18. 49. 7. 55 Is not this the carpenter's 37 lle answered and said unto

Ma. 6. 9. son? is not his mother called them, He that soweth the good

Lu. 3. 23.

Mary ? and this brethren, James, seed is the Son of man;

John 6. 42.

and Joses, and Simon, and Judas 1 38 o The field is the world; theo ch.21.14.1 ch. 12.46. 56 And his sisters, are they not good seed are the children of the

& 28. 19. Ma, 15.

all with us! Whence theu hath kingdom; but the tares are cthe

Ma. 16. 15, 40.

this man all these things? children of the wicked one;

20. Lu. 21.
47. Ro. 10.

ch. 11. 6. 57 And they were ollended in 39 The enemy that sowed them

him. But Jesus said unto them, is the devil; d the harvest is the

y A prophet is not without honour, end of the world; and the rear

savo in his own country, and in ers are the angels.

Ac. 13. 10.

his own house. 40 As therefore the tares are

1 Jo. 3.8. Ma. 6. 5, 58 Aud: he did not many mighgathered and burned in the fire;

6. Su shall it be in the end of this Re. 14. 15.

ty works there, because of their d Joel 3.13.

unbelief, world. 41 The Son of man shall send

CHAP. XIV. forth his angels, and they shall ech, 18. 7.

1 Herod's opinion of Christ. 3 Where. gather out of his kingdom all 2 Pe. 2.1,2.

fors John Baptist was beheaded. 13

Jesus departet into a desert place : I things that offend, and them Or, which do iniquity;

15 where he feedeth five thousand scandal.

men with five loares and two fishes : 42 / And shall cast them into a sch. 3. 12.

22 He walketh on the sea to his disci. furnace of fire: there shall be Re. 19. 20.

ples : 34 and landing at Gennesaret, wailing and gnashing of teeth. & 20. 10.

healeth the sick by the touch of the 43 A Then shall the righteous & ch. 8. 12.

hem of his garment. shine forth as the sun in the king- ver. 60.

T that time a Herod the Tedom of their Father. Who hath a Da. 12.3. beginning. ears to hear, let him hear.

1 Co.15.42, a Ma.6.14. Jesus, 41 T Again, the kingdom of 43, 68. Lu. 9. 7. 2 And said unto his servants, heaven is like unto treasure hid i ver. 9.

This is John the Baptist; he is in a field; the which when a man

risen from the dead; and therehath found, he hideth, and for joy

Or, are fore mighty works | do she w forth thereof goeth and selleth all Phi. 3, 7, wrought themselves in him. that he hath, and I buyeth that 8. by him. 3 1 For Herod had laid hold field.

1 Is. 55. 1. A. D. 30. on John, and bound him, and put 45 | Again, the kingdom of Re. 3. 18. Ma.6.17. him in prison for Herodias' sake, heaven is like unto a merchant

Lu. 3. 19, his brother Philip's wife. man seeking goodly pearls :.


4 For John said unto him, It is 46 Who, when he had found

e Le.18.16.

not lawful for thee to have her. mone pearl of great price, went m Pr. 2. 4. & 20. 21. 5 And when he would have put and sold all that he had, and & 3. 14, 15.

him to death, he feared the mulbought it.

& 8.10, 19. d ch.21.28. titude, d because they counted 47 | Again, the kingdom of

Lu. 20. 6.

him as a prophet. heaven is like unto a net, that

6 But when Ierod's birth-day was cast into the sea, and n gath-ach.22.10.

was kept, the daughter of Hero ered of every kind:

I + Gr. in dias danced t before them, and 48 Which, when it was full,

the midst. pleased Herod. they drew to shore, and sat down,

7 Whereupon he promised with and gathered the good into ves

an oath to give her whatsoever sels, but cast the bad away.

she would ask.

18.COL.1.6. Ma. 6.3, 4. c Ge. 3.13. v Lu. 4. 24. John 8. 44. John 4.44.

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