תמונות בעמוד

25 Therefore what man foever that The Father who all things hach made, salvation hopes to gain,

the day and also night : This Faith touching the Trinity 2 The heavens and firmament likewise, of force he must retain.

and also every itar : 1 26 And necheidt to eternal life

The earth and all that is therein. it is, that every wight,

which pass mans reason far. The Incarnation of our Lord

3 And in like manner I believe he do believe aright.

in Christ our Lord his Son, 27. For this the right Faith is, that we coequal with the Deity, believe and also know,

and man in Herh and bone : That Chriit our Lord, the Son of God, 4 Conceived by the holy Ghost, Is God and Man alto.

his word doth me afure : 28 God of his Father's substance got And of his mother Mary born, before the world began.

yet she a Virgin pure. And of his Mother's abitance born

5 Because mänkind to Satan, was in world a very Man.

for fin in bond and thrall : 29. Both perfekt God and perfe& Man

He came and offered up himself

to death to save us all. in one, one Jesus Chriit: That doth of refonable soul

6 And suffering moit grievous pain, and huinan Hefh fubiiit.

then Pilate being judge, 30 Touching his Godhead, equal with

Was crucify'd upon the cross, his Father God is he.

and thereat did not grudge. Touching his Manhood, lower than

7 And so he died in the deth, mis Father in digree.

but quickned by the fpirit: 31 who tha' he be both very God,

His body then was buried, and very man also :

that we might life inherit. Yet is he but one Christ alone,

8. His foui did after this defcend and is not Persons two.

into the lower parts :

A dread to wicked spirits, but 3? Onc, not by turning of Godhead into the Aeth of Man :

joy unto faithful hearts But by taking Manhood to God, 9 And on the third day of his death this being one began.

he rose to life again, 33 All one, not by confounding of

That so he might be glorify'd, the fubitance into one:

and freed from grief and pain. But only by the Unity

10 Ascending up above the heavens that is of one ferion.

to fit in glory still 34 For as the reasonable soul

On God's right hand, his Farher dear, and Resh but one Man is :

according to his will. So in on. Person God and Man

11 Until the day of iudgment, when is but one Chit likewise.

he thall return again 3 Who suferd for tr fave us all, With angels power, tho' of that day to hell he did efcend :

we ignorant remain, The third day rose again from death, 12 To judge all people righteously, and did to leay'n ascend.

whoin he hath deariy bought : 36 He firs at the righ.hand of God, The living and the dead also th' Almighty Father there :

whom he hath made of nought. $ From thence to judge the quick and dead

13 And in the holy Ghost also again he mall appear.

author of purity: 37 At whose return all men shall rise In Trinity the third perion with bodies neord:

believe I nedfastly : and of their own works they fhall give 14. The Catholick and holy Church account into the Lord.

that Gods word doch maincain, 38 And they into eternal life

And lioly Scripture doth allow, shall go that have done well:

which Satan doth disdain. Who have done ill thall go into 15. And also I do truit to have eternal fire to dwell.

by Jesus Christ his death 39 This is the Catholick Belief,

Release and pardun of my fins, who do not faithfully

and that only by faith : Believe the same, without all doubt,

16 What time all

Acth Mall rise again he saved cannot be.

before the Lord of mi lit;
The Twelve Articles of the

And see him with their outward eyes
Christian Faith.

which now do give them lighi.

17 Then shall our Saviour Jelus Chrift, is in the Lord of might

che Theep
and goats divide,


Come comforter of all

That he may give eternal life

3 His benefits they be so great to those whom he hath try'd,

to us who are but fin, 18 Within bis reum cceliai

That at our hands a recompence in glory for to reit,

he cannot hope to win. With all his holy company

4 O finful man that thon Mouldit have of Saints in i Ángels bleit ;

luch mercies of the Lord ! 19 Who ferve the Lor: omnipotent

Who doit deserve mott worthily and him always adore :

of him to be abhorr'd. To whom be all dominion

5 Nought else but sin and wretchedne la and all praile for evermore.

doch reit within our hearts:

And itubbornly against the Lord
A Prayer to the Holy Ghost, to be we daily at our parts.
fung before the Sermon. 6 The fun that in the firmament

is set for us a light, Home Holy Spirit God of might, Doth shew it self more clear and pure Teach us to know thy word aright,

than we be in his fight. that we may never fall.

7 The heav'ns above and all therein 2 O holy Ghost, visit our land,

more holy are than we: defend us with thy shield:

They serve the Lord in their estate, Againit all fin and wickednes,

each one in his degree : Lord, help us win the field.

8 They do not trive for mastership,

nor light their office set: 3.0 Lord, preserve our King and bless

But ferve the Lord and do his will, his Council, that they may Be itedfait in the Golpel of

there's nothing can them let. our Saviour Chriit alway.

9 Also the carthi and all therein

of God doth stand in ow, 4 O Lord, that giv'it thy holy word, lend preachers plentcoully:

Observing the Creator's will, That in the fame we may accord,

by skilful natures law. and therein live and die.

10 The sea and all that is therein

doth bend when God doth beck, so holy Spirit, guide aright

Spirits beneath do tremble all, the preachers of thy word,

and fear his wrathful check. That thou by them mayit cut down fin as it were with a sword.

11 But we (alas!) for whom all theie 6 Depart not from thy pastours pure,

were made them for to rule, but aid them at their need:

Do not so know or love the Lord Who break to us the bread of life,

as doth the ox or nule. whereon our souls do feed.

12 A law he gave us for to know, > Blessed Spirit of truth keep us

what was his holy will: in peace and unity,

He would us good, but we would not Keep us from sets and errors all,

avoid the thing that's ill. and from all Hereft.

13 Not one of us that seeketh out 8 Convert all those that are our foes, the Lord of life to please: and bring thein to thy light:

Nor doth the thing that might us lead That they and we may well agree,

to Christ and quiet ease. and praise thee day and night.

14 Thus are we all his enemies, 9 True faich in us, O Lord, increase,

we can it not deny: and Ict love fo abound;

And he again of his good will

would not that we should die. That 111311 and wife way live in peace and all about us round,

Is Therefore when remedy was none 10 In our time give thy peace, O Lord, to bring us unto life, to nations for and nigh :

Tlc Son O God our Hem did take And teach them all thy word, that they

to end our mortal ftrite. may fing to thue, moit High.

16 And all the law of God the Lord

he fully did obcy: A Thanksgiving after the Receiving

And for our sins upon the crols of the Lords Supper.

his bloud our debts did pay. "He Lord be thanked for his gifts

17 And that we never soula forget

what good for us he wrought, That he doth new unto his saints:

A tign le left our eyes to tell to him be laud therefore :

that he our bodies bought. 2 Our congues cannot so praise the Lord

18 In bread and wine here visible as he doch right deferve:

uinto thy eyes and taste, Our hearts cannot of him so think

His mercies great thou may ft record, as he doch us preserve.

it that his grace thou haft.

T Hand mercies evermore

The Suit of a Sinner. The Lamentation of a finners 19 As once the corn did live and grow,

To ease all those that come to thec. and was cut down with fithe,

for fuccour and for reit. And tlıreshed out with many stripes,

4 And since thou see'ít my restless eyes, out of his husk to drive,

my tears and grievous groan, 20 And as the mill with violence

Attend unto my fuit, O Lord, did tear it out to limail,

mark my complaint and moan. And made it like to earthly dust,

s For fin hath so inclosed

ime, not sparing it at all

and compaft me about, 21 And as the oven with fire hot

That I am now remedilers, doth clofe it up with heat,

if mercy help not out. And all this done as I have said,

6 For mortal man cannot releases that it should be our meat :

or mitigate my pain : 22 So was the Lord in his ripe age

But only Christ, my Lord and God, cut down by cruel death :

who for my sins was slain. His soul he gave in torments great, 7 Whose bloudy wounds are yet to seega and yielded up his breach

though not with mortal eye: 23 Because that lie to us might be

Yet do thy faints behold them all,

and fo I truit thall I. an everlasting bread: With much.reproach and troubles great

8 Thouzl fin doth linder me a while, on earth his life he led.

when tho: Malt see it good, 24 And as the grapes in pleasant time

I shall enjoy the fight of him, are presled very fore,

who shed for me his blood. And plucked-down when they be ripe. 9 And as thy angels and thy faints and let to grow no more ;

do now behold the faine: 25 Because the juice that in them is

So trust I to poftels that place, as comfortable drink

with them to praise thy Name. We might receive, and joyful be

10 But whilit I live here in this vale when forrows make us thrink :

where finners d frequent, 26 So was the bloud of Christ press'd out, Allist me ever with thy gracé, also with nails and spear:


fins ftill to lainent. The juice thereof doch save all those Ji Left that I tread the finners path, that rightly do him fcar.

and give them my consent 24. And as the corns by unity

To dwell with them in wickedness into one loat are knit.

whereto nature is bent. o is the Lord and his whole Church,

12 Only thy grace muit be my Atay, though he in heaven to fit.

let that with me remain : 28 As many grapes make but one wine, For if I fall, then of my

felf to should we be but one

I cannot rise again. In faith and love in Christ above

13.Wherefore this is yet once again and into Chriit alone.

my fuit and my request, 29. Leading a life without all Atrise,

To grant me pardon for my sin, in quiet relt and peace :

that I in chce may reft. From envy and from malice both

14. Then Anall my heart and tongue also our hearts and congues should cease.

be instruments of praise, 30 Which if we do, then shall we show

And in thy Church and house of saints that we his chosen be:

fing psalms to thee always. By faith in him to Icad a life

The Lamentation of a sinnet. as always willed he. 31 And that we may so doindeed,

Lord turn not thy face away God send us all his grace:

From him that lies proftrace
Then after death we shall be sure
with him to have a place.

Lamenting fore his finful life,
Before thy mercy gate.

1 which thou dort open wide to thole The humble fuit of a sinner.

That do lament their fin:

O shut it not against ine, Lord, O

Lord on whom I do depend, But let me enter in.

behold my careful heart : And when thy will and pleasure is,

3 Call me not to a ftri&t account release me of my sinart.

How I have lived here : 2 Thou see'st my sorrows what they are,

For then I know right well; O Lord,

Most vile I fall appear. my grief is known to thee: And there is none that can remove

4 Inced not to confess my life,
or take the same from me

For surely thou caoft tell :
But only thou, whose aid I craven

what I have been, and what I am,

Thou knoweit very well. wbore mercy Atill is prelt,

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my fuit,


O Lord, thou know it what things be 3 To thank him for his benefits Allo the things that be.

(part Always distributing: Thou know it also what is to come, Wherofore to hi:n right joyfully Nothing is hid fro:n thee

In plaims now let us fing. 6 Beforethe heav'ns and earth were made

4 And that because our God alone Thou knew'it what things were then, Is Lord magnificent, As all things else that have been done

And is above all other gods, Among the fons of men.

A King omnipotent. 7. And can the things that I have done Be hidden from thee then ?

s His people doth he not forsake No, no, thou know'it them all, O Lord, And in his hands are all the coasts

At any time or tide: Where thcy were done, and when.

Of all the world to wide. 8 Wheretore with tears I come to thee To beg and to intreat,

6 Ant with his loving countenance Even as a child that hath donc ill,

He looketh every where; And feareth to be beat.

And doth behold the tops of all

The mountains far and near. 9 So come I to the throne of Grace, whore mercy doth abound,

7 The sea and all that is therein

Are his, for he them made :
Delring mercy for my fin,
To heal my deadly wound.

Allo his hand hath fashioned 10 O Lord, I need not to repeat

The earth, which doth not fade. What I do bez or crave:

8 come therefore and worship him, For thou dost know before I ask,

And down before him fall: The hing that I would have.

And let us kneel before the Lord

The which hath made us all. !1 Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ask, This is the total lum:

9. He is our God, our Lord and King, For mercy, Lord, is all

And we his people are, o let thy mercy coine.

His Aock and sheep of his pasture,

Of whom he taketh care.
The Lamentation.

10 This day if you will hear his voice

Then harden not your heart, give ear unto my woful cry :

As in the bitter murmuring, Retule me not that ani unjust,

When ye were in d. art. but cait on me thy heavenly' eye. II Which thing was of their negligence 2 Behold how I do itill lainent

Committed in the time my fins wherein I do offend:

Of trouble in the wilderness, Shall i for them have punihment, A great and grievous crime. fince thee to please i do intend

12 Whercas your fathers tempted me ; 3 No, no, thy will is not to bene And try'd me every way ;

to deal with sinners in thine ire; They proved me and saw my works, But when in heart, they do repent, What I could do or say.

with speed thou granteit their defire. 4 To thee therefore itill will I cry,

!} Thesë forty years have I been griev'd

With his generation: to wash away my linful crime: Thy blood, o Lord, is not yet dry,

And evermor: 1 faid, They err'd

In their imagination. but that it may help me ia time.

14 Wherewith their hearts were cumbred s Haite then, O Lord, therefore, I pray, Long time, and many days: to pour on me thy gifts of

grace, That when this life mall pass away,

Wherefore I laid, Alluredly in heav'n with thee I may have place,

They have not known my ways. 6 Where chou doit reign eternally,

15 To whom I in my anger swore, with God, which orice chce down did That they should not be blet, Where Angels do incesant!y. (fend :

Nor see my joy celestial, ling prails to thee world without end Nor enter in my rett. Venice, exultemus.

Reserve us, Lord, by thy dear word,

Both which would thruut out of his throne; And

ling into the Lords And to our only Saviour,

Our Lord, Christ Jefus, thy dear Son. Also with one accord.

Lord Jesus Christ, shew us thy might, 20 let us come before his face,

That thou art Lort'of lords by right; With inward reverence,

Thy poor affli&ed Anck defend, Confeiling all our former fins,

That we may praise thce without end. and that with diligence.

God holy Ghost, the Comforter,
Be our patron, help, and fuccour:

Give iis one mind, an! perfe& peace
All gifts of grace in us increase.

Thou living Goł in persons three,
Thy Nane be prais'd in unity:

All glory to the Trinity
In all our need to us defen,

that is of mighcies moft : That we may praise thee without end. To God the living Father and

the Son and Holy Ghoit. Gloria Patri.

As it hath been in all the time.

That hath been heretofore : TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

As it is now, and fo shall be all Glory be therefore:

henceforth for evermore. As in beginning wis, is now, and shall be vermore.

To the 100 Pralm Tun. Another.

TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, All Praise and Glory bé therefore! Immorral Glory be:

As in beginning was, is now, As was, and is, and thall be fill,

and loomull be for evergosc. To all Eternity.



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