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4 That God is great, we often have

PSALM 111.

L. M. By glad experience found :

From the cxxxvii. Psalın o David And seen huw he, with wondrous power,

1 WHEN we, our weary limbs to rest, Above all gods is crown'd.

Sat down by proud Euphrates' stream, 5 For he, with unresisted strength, We wept, with doleful thoughts oppress' Performs his sov'reign will,

And Sion was our mornful theme
La heaven and earth, and wat'ry stores
That earth's deep caverns fill.

2 Our harps, that, when with joy we sung

Were wont their tuueful parts to bear, 6 Their just returns of thanks to God With silent strings neglected hung Let grateful Israel pay;

On willow trees that wither'd there, Nor let anointed Aaron's race

3 O Salem, our once happy seat, To bless the LORD delay.

When I of thee forgetful prove, 7 Their sense of his unbounded love

Let then my trembling hand forget Let Levi's house express;

The speaking strings with art to move! And let all those who fear the LORD,

4 If I to mention thee forbear, His Name for ever bless.

Perpetual silence be my doom; 8 Let all with thanks his wondrous works

Or if my chiefest joy compare
In Sion's courts proclaim;

With thee, Jerusalem, iny home!
Let them in Salem, where he dwells,
Exalt his holy Name.

PSALM 112.

C. M. PSALM 110.

II. 4.

From the cxxxviii. Psalm of David. From the cxxxvi. Psalm of David. 1 WITH my whole heart, my God and 1 TO GOD, the mighty LORD,

King, Your joyful thanks repeat;

Thy praise I will proclaim; To him due praise afford,

Before the mighty I will sing, As good as he is great:

And bless thy holy Name. For God does prove

2 I'll worship at thy sacred seat, Our constant friend;

And, with ihy love inspired,
His boundless love

The praises of thy truth repeat,
Shall never end.

O'er all thy works admired. 2 To him, whose wondrous power 3 Thou graciously inclin’dst thine ear, All other gods obey,

When I to thee did cry; Whom earthly kings adore,

And, when my soul was press'd with fear Your grateful homage pay:

Didst inward strength supply. For God &c.

4 For God, although enthroned on high, 3 By his almighty hand

Does thence the poor respect; Amazing works are wrought;

The proud, far off, his scornful eye The heavens by his command

Beholds with just neglect. Were to perfection brought :

5 Though I with troubles am oppressid, For God &c.

He shall my foes disarm, 4 He spread the ocean round

Relievd my soul when most distress'd, About the spacious land ;

And keep me safe from harm. And bade the rising ground

6 The LORD, whose mércies ever last, Above the waters stand:

Shall fix my happy state; For God &c.

And mindful of his favors past, 6 By him the heavens display

Shall his own work complete.
Their num'rous hosts of light,
The sun to rule by day,
The moon and stars, by night:

PSALM 113.

L. M.

From the cxxxix. Psalm of David. For God &c. 6 Me, in our depth of woes,

1 THOU, LORD, by strictest search hasi

known On us with favor thought; And from our cruel foes

My rising up and lying down; In peace and safety brought :

My secret thoughts are known to thee, For God &c.

Known long before conceived by me. 7 He does the food supply

2 Thine eye my bed and path surveys, On which all creatures live:

My public haunts and private ways Te God, who reigns on high,

Thou know'st what 't is my lips would vent, Eternal praises give:

My yet unutter'd words' intent. For God will prove

3 Surrounded by thy power I stand, Our constant friend;

On every side I find thy hand :
His boundless love

O skill for human reach too high!
Shall never end.

Too dazzling bright for mortal eye!

4 From thy all-seeing Spirit, LORD, 12 Nor at thy strict tribunal bring
Wbat hiding-place does earth afford? Thy servant to be tried ;
O where can I thy influence sbun,

For in thy sight no living man
Or whither from ihy presence run?

Can e'er be justified. 5 If up to heaven 1 take my flight,

3 To thee my hands in humble prayer 'T is there thou dwell'st enthroned in light; I fervently stretch out; If to the world unseen, my God,

My soul for thy refreshment thirsts, There also hast thou thine abode.

Like land oppress`d with drought 6 Ifl the morning's wings could gain, 4 Hear me with speed, my spirit fails; And dy beyond the western main;

Thy face no longer hide,
E'en there, in earth's remotest land, Lest 1 becoine forlorn, like them
I still should find thy guiding hand.

'That in the grave reside.
7 Or, should I try to shun thy sight 5 Thy kindness early let me hear,
Beneath the sable wings of night,

Whose trust on thee depends; One glance from thee, one piercing ray,

Teach me the way where I should go, Would kindle darkness into day.

My soul to thee ascends. 8 'The veil of night is no disguise, 6 Do thou, O Lord, from all my foes No screen from thy all-searching eyes ;

Preserve and set mr free; 'Through midnight shades thou find'si thy A safe retreat, a hiding-place, way,

My soul implores from thee. As in the blazing noon of day.

7 Thou art my God, thy righteous will 9 Thou know'st the texture of my heart, Iustrucl me to obey; My reins and every vital part:

Let thy good spirit lead and keep
I'll praise thee, from whose hands I came My soul in thy right way.
A work of such a wondrous frame.

80, for the sake of thy great Name,
10 Let me acknowledge too, O GOD, Revive my drooping heart;
That since this maze of life I trod,

For thy truth's sake, to me distress'd
Thy thoughts of love to pre surmount Thy saving health impari.
The power of numbers tu recuunt.

PSALM 116.

L. M. 11 Far sooner could I reckon o'er

From the cxliv. Psalm of David.
The sauds upon the ocean's shore;
Each in

revising what I've done, 1 LORD, what's in man, that thou should'st I find th' account but new begun.

Of him such tender care to take? (love 12 Search, try. O God, my thoughts and What in his offspring could thee move If mischief lurk in any part; [heart,

Such great account of himn to inake? Correct me where I go astray,

2 The life of man does quickly fade, And guide me in thy perfect way.

His thoughits but einpty are and vain,

His days are like a flying shade, PSALM 114. C. M. Of whose short stay no signs remain. From the cxli. Psalm of David.

3 To thee, almighty King of kings, 1 LORD, in thy sight, O let my prayer

In new-made hymns my voice I 'll raise; Like morning incense rise;

And instruments of many strings My lifted hands accepted be

Shall help me to adore and praise. As ev'ning sacrifice. 2 From hasty language curb my tongue,

PSALM 117. And let a constant guard

From the cxlv. Psalm of David. Still keep the portal of my lips


C. M. With wary silence barr'd.

1 THEE I will bless, my God and King, 3 From wicked men's designs and deeds Thy endless praise proclaim; My heart and hands restrain;

This tribute daily I will bring, N:r let me share their evil works,

And ever bless thy Name. Or their unrighteous gain.

2 Thou, LORD, beyond compare art great, 4 Let upright men reprove my faults,

And highly to be praised; And I shall think them kind;

Thy majesty, with houndless height, Like healing oil upon my head

Above our knowledge raised. I their reproof shall find.

3 Renown'd for mighty acts, thy fame

To future time extends ;
PSALM 115.

C. M. From age to age thy glorious Name
From the cxliii. Psalm of David.

Successively descends.
1 LORD, hear my prayer, and to my cry 4 Whilst I thy glory, and renown,
Thy wonted audience lend;

And wondrous works express, In thg accustom'd faith and truth

The world with me thy might shall own, A gracious answer send.

And thy great power confess.

5 The praise that to thy love belongs 13 They shall talk of all thy glory, They shall with joy proclaim;

On thy might and greatness dwell, Thy truth of all their grateful songs Speak of thy dread acts the story, Shall be the constant theme.

And hy deeds of wonder tell 6 The LORD is good; fresh acts of grace 4 Nor shall fail from mem'ry's treasur His pity still supplies;

Works by love and mercy wrought;
His anger moves with slowest pace, Works of love surpassing measure,
His willing inercy flies.

Works of mercy passing thought 7 Thy love through earth extends its fame, 5 Fuli of kindness and compassion, To all thy works expressidy

Slow to anger, vast in love, These show thy praise, whilst thy great God is good to all creation ; Name

All his works his goodness prove. Is by thy servants bless'd.

6 All thy works, O LORD, shall bless then 8 They, with a glorious prospect fired, Thee shall all thy saints adore ; Shall of thy kingdoin speak;

King supreme shall they confess thee, And thy great power, by all admired, Aud proclaim thy sov'reign power. Their lofty subject make.

17 They thy wight, all might excelling, 9 God's nighty works of ancient date Shall to all mankind make known, Shall thus to all he known;

And the brightness of thy dwelling,
And thus his kingdom's glorious state And the glories of thy throne.
In all its splendor shown.

8 Ever, God of endless praises, 10 His steadfast throne, from changes free, Shall thy royal might remain; Shall stand for ever fast;

Everinore thy brightness blazes, His boundless sway no end shall see, Ever lasts thy righteous reign. But time itself outlast.

9 Them that fall the LORD protectetn,

He sustains the bow'd and bent;

Every eye from thee expecteth, 1 THE LORD does them support that fall, Fix'd on thee, its nourishment. And makes the prostrate rise ;

10 Thou to all, great God of nature, For his kind aid all creatures call,

Giv'st in season due their food; Who timely food supplies.

Spread'st thy hand, and every creature 2 Whate'er their various wants require Satisfiest still with good. With open hand he gives;

11 God is just in all he doeth, And so fulfils the just desire

Kind is he in all his ways; Of every thing that lives.

He his ready presence showeth, 3 How holy is the LORD, how just,

When a faithful servant prays. How righteous all his ways!

12 Who sincerely seek and fear him, How nigh to him, who with firm trust He to them their wish will give; For his assistance prays!

When they call, the LORD will hear them, 4 He grants the full desires of those

He will hear them, and relieve
Who him with fear adore;
And will their troubles soon compose,

13 From JEHOVAH all who prize him When they his aid implore.

Shall his saving health enjoy ;

All the wicked, who despise him, 5 The LORD preserves all those with care He will in their sin destroy.

Whom grateful love employs;
But sinners, who his vengeance dare,

14 Still JEHOVAH, thee confessing,

Shall my tongue thy praise proclaim; In justice he destroys.

And may all mankind with blessing 6 My time to come, in praises spent, Ever hail thy holy Name.

Shall still advance his fame;
And all mankind, with one consent,

PSALM 119.

C. M. For ever bless his Name.

From the cxlvi. Psalm of David.

10 PRAISE the LORD, and thou, my soul PSALM 118. III. 3. For ever bless his Name :

His wondrous love, while life shall last, From the cxlv. Psalm of David.

My constant praise shall claim. 1 GOD, iny King, thy might confessing, 2 On princes, on the sons of men, Ever will I bless thy Name;

Let none for aid rely ; Day by day thy throne addressing, They cannct help, they turn to dust, still will I thy praise proclaim.

And all their counsels die. 2 Honor great our God befitteth; 3 Then happy be, who Jacob's GOD Who his majesty can reach?

For his protector takes; Age to age his works transmitteth,

Who still, with well-placed hope, the LORD Age to age his power shall teach.

His constant refuge makes

4 The LORD, who made both heaven and 12 His holy city God will build, earth,

Though levelPd with the ground; And all that they contain,

Bring back his people, though dispersed Will never quit his steadfast truth,

Through all the nations round. Nor make his promise vain.

3 He kindly heals the broken hearts, 6 The poor, oppress'd, from all their wrongs And alt their wounds does close; Are eased by his decree;

He tells the number of the stars, He gives the hungry needful food,

Their several names he knows. And sets the prisoners free.

4 Great is the LORD, and great his power, 6 By him the blind receive their sight, His wisdom has no bound; The weak and fall'n he rears;

The meek he raises, and throws down With kind regard and tender love

The wicked to the ground. He for the righteous cares.

5 To God the LORD, a hymn of praise 7 The strangers he preserves from harm, With grateful vo ces sing; - The orphan kindly treats;

To songs of triumph tune the harp, Defends the widow, and the wiles

And strike each warbling string. Of wicked men defeats.

6 He covers heaven with clouds, and thence 8 The God that does in Sion dwell

Refreshing rain bestows, 13 our eternal King:

And on the mountains, through his care, From age lo age his reign endures;

The grass in plenty grows. Let all his praises sing.

7 His care the beasts that loosely range

With timely food supplies;
PSALM 120. - IL 2 He feeds the ravens' tender brood,
From the cxlvi. Psalm of David.

And stops their hungry cries.
I I'LL praise my Maker with my breath, 8 The LORD to him that fears his name
And, when my voice is lost in death,

His, tender love extends;
Praise shall employ my nobler powers; To him that on his boundless grace
My days of praise shall ne'er be past, With steadfast hope depends.
While life, and thought, and being last,

9 Let Sion and Jerusalem Or immortality endures.

To God their praise address; 2 Why should I place ir man my trust?

Whose strength secures their lasting gates, Ev'u princes die and turn to dust,

Who does their children bless.
Vain is the help of Hesh and blood;
Their breath departs, their pomp, and

PART II. L. M. power, And thoughts, all vanish in an hour, 1 JEHOVAH speaks: swift from the skies

Nor can they make their promise good. To earth the sov'reign mandate flies; 8 Happy the man whose hopes rely

The elements confess their LORD,
On Israel's God; he made the sky, With prompt obedience to his word:

And earth, and seas, with ali their train; 2 The thick descending fakes of snow
He saves the oppress’d, he feeds the poor ;
His truth for ever stands secure,

O'er earth a fleecy mantle throw;

And glittering frost o'er all the plains And none shall find his promise vain.

Biuds nature fast in icy chains, 4 The LORD gives eye-sight to the blind, The LORD supports the sinking mind,

3 He speaks: the ice and snow obey, He sends the righteous strength and peace, Suflly

the vernal breezes blow,

And nature's fetters melt away ;
He helps the stranger in distress,
The widow, and the fatherless,

And murm'ring waters freely flow. And to the prisoner grants release. 4 But nobler works his grace record: 5 God shall the wicked overturn,

To Israel he reveals his word; On them his wrath shall ever burn,

To them, his chosen flock, alone, Sinners shall pe ish in their ways;

He makes his sacred precepts known. Sion! the God thy suns adore,

5 Such oligs no heathen nation shares, He, he is king for evermore;

His oracles are only theirs :
The LORD thy God for ever praise! Let Israel then their voices raise,

And bless their God in songs of praise.
PSALM 121.
From the cxlvii. Psalm of David,



From the cxlviii. Psalm of Davich
1 O PRAISE the LORD with hymns of joy, 1 YE boundless realms of joy,
And celebrate his fame;

Exalt your Maker's fame; For pleasant, good, and comely 't is His praise your song employ To praise his holy Name.


Above the starry frame:

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Your voices raise,
Ye Cherubim
And Seraphim,

To sing his praise. 2 Thou moon, that rul'st the sight,

And sun, that guid'st the day,
Ye glittring stars of light,
To him your homage pay:

His praise declare,
Ye heavens above,
And clouds that move

In liquid air.
3 Let them adore the LORD,

And praise his holy Name,
By whose almighty word
They all from nothing came;

And all shall last,
From changes free;
His firm decree

Stands ever fast.
4 Let earth her tribute pay:

Praise him ye dreadful whales, And fish that through the sea Glide swift with glitt'ring scales

Fire, hail, and show,
And misty air,
And winds that where

He bids them blow.
5 By hills and mountains, all

In grateful concert join'd;
By cedars gla!ely tall,
And trees for fruit design'd;

By every heast,
And creeping thing,
And fowl of wing,

His name be blest. 6 Let all of highest birth,

With those of humbler name,
And judges of the earth,
His matchless praise proclaim.

In this design,
Let youths with maids,
* And huary heads

With children, join. 7 United zeal be shown

His wondrous fame to raise,
Whose glorious Name alone
Deserves our endless praise:

Earth's utmost ends
His power obey;
His glorious sway

The sky transcends.
8 His chosen saints to grace,

He sets them up on high; And favors Israel's race,

Who still 10 hips are nigh.

O therefore raise
Your grateful voice,
And still rejoice

The LORD to praise!
PSALM 128.

IV. 1 From the cxlix, Psalm of Davide 1 O PRAISE ye the LORD,

Prepare your glad voice His praise in the great

Assembly to sing: In their great Creator

Let Israel rejoice; And children of Sion

Be glad in their King. 2 Let them his great Name

Extol in their songs,
With hearts well attuned

His praises express:
Who always takes pleasure

To hear their glad tongues,
And waits with salvation

The humble to bless. 3 With glory adorud,

llis people shall sing To God, who their heads

With safety doth shield;' Such honor and triumph

His favor shall bring: O therefore, for ever

All praise to hun yield'

PSALM 124.

L M. From the cl. Psalm of David. 1 O PRAISE the LORD in 'that bleat place

From whence his goodness largely us: Praise him in heavell, where he his tace,

Unveil'd, in perfeci glory shows. 2 Praise him for all the nighty acts

Which he in our behall has done; His kindness this return exacts,

With which our praise shuuld equal run s Let the shrill trumpet's waiNike voice

Make rocks and hills his praise rebound Praise him with harp's melodious nuise

Aud gentle psalt ry's silver suund. 4 Let them who joyful hyinus compose,

To cynibals set their songs of praise; To well-tuned cymhals, and to those

That loudly sound on solemn days. 5 het all, that vital breath enjoy,

The breath he does to them afford
In just returns of praise employ:
Let every creature praise the LORD!

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