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great Harlot, or Babylon.


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I Kaina bev zis ix tūs 1 And there came one of

έπια αγγέλων των the seven angels who izólw To's inle had the seven vials, φιάλας, και ελάλησι and spake with me, μετ' εμέ, λέγων" saying;“Come bither; Δεύρο, δείξω σοι “ I will shew thee the το κρίμα της πόρ judgement of the της της μεγάλης

great harlot, who της καθημένης επί

“ sitteth


the των υδάτων των


many waters; With 2 wordãyo M&s

" whom the kings of επόρνευσαν οι βα

" the earth have comordeīs tñs gyös, ry “ mitted fornication ; εμεθύσθησαν εκ το

" and the inhabitants orve tñs mogucías

ut of the earth have αυτής οι κατοικών

“ been made drunken 3 TE; Tày ray. Kai

" with the wine of her amive xé ue us ir

3 fornication." And he μον εν ανεύμαλι» και

carried me away into a είδον γυναίκα καθη

wilderness in the Spiμένην επί θηρίον

rit. And I saw & woκόκκινον, γέμον όνομάτων βλασφημί

man seated

upon a

scarlet-coloured wild. ας, έχον κεφαλάς

beast, which was full šola xj xipale dixa. 1 ช & Kain yon no wepro

of names of blaspheβεβλημένη σοσφυρών

my ; having

heads and ten horns. και κοκκίνου, και κεχρυσωμένη χρυσών | 4 And the woman was και λίθω τιμίω και arrayed in purple and raspragítais, igoo scarlet, and richly ad

1 And there came one of

the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither, I will shew un. to thee the judgement of the great whore,

that sitteth upon many 2 waters: With whom

the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inbabiters of the earth have been made drunk with

the wine of her forni3 cation.

So he car. ried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit


a scarletcoloured beast, full of names of blasphemy,

having seven heads, 4 and ten horns. And

the woman was arrayed in purple, and scarlet-colour, and decked with gold, and precious stone, and pearls,



σα χρυσών σοίήριον εν τη χειρί αυτής, , γέμoν βδελυγμάτων

και τα ακαθάρια της και πορνείας αυτής. Και

επι το μέτωπον αυens voux yelpauμένον· Μυστήριον» ΒαGunay n Masyaan, μήτης των στενών

και των βδελυγμά6 twy tñs gñs. Kai

оу ту тусіх μεθύασαν έκ τα αίfazla Tür áryw, xai x rr xiκαι των μαςτύρων 'Ιησε και εθαύμασα, ιδών αυ

την, θαύμα μέγα. 7 Και είπε μοι ο άγ

γελου. Διατί έθαύμασας ; εγώ σοι ες το μυστήριον της γυναικός, και τα βαçázov13. xúriy, te έχονται τας επτα

κεφαλές και τα δέκα 8 κέραια. Το θηρίον,

o dides, 1v, rj exis
και μέλλει ανασαι. .
νειν εκ της αβύσσο,
και είς απώλειαν
υπαγειν και θαυμά-
Gorlar oi xalosxērles
&ni rñs vas, a e
γέγραπlαι τα ονό-
μαλα επί το βιβλίον
της ζωής από καλα-
Coλής κόσμε, βλέ-
πουλων το θηρίον, ,

orned with gold, and having a golden cup precious stone, and in her hand, full of pearls, having a gold abominations and filen cup in her hand,

thiness of her fornicafull of abominations 5 tion. And upon her

and the impurities of forehead was a name 5 her fornication; And written, MYSTERY, BAupon her forehead a



6 And I saw the woman TIIE ABOMISATIONS OF drunken with the blood 6 THE EARTH! And I of the saints, and with

saw the woman drunk the blood of the maren with the blood of

tyrs of Jesus: and the Saints, and with when I saw her, I won

the blood of the wit dered with great adī nesses of Jesus. And 7 miration. And the

I wondered, beholding angel said unto me, her, with great asto Where ore didst thou nishment. And the marvel? I will tell thee angel said unto me, the mystery of the wo" Wherefore dost thou man, and of the beast “ wonder? I will tell that carrieth her, which " thee the mystery of hath the seven heads “the woman, and of 8 and ten borns. The 66 him that carrieth

beast that thou sawest, “her, which hath the was, and is not; and

seven heads and the shail ascend out of the 8 ten horos. The wild

bottomless pit, and go " beast which thou be intu perdition: and “ holdest, was, and is they that dwell on the

not, and is about to earth shall wonder " ascend from the bot (whose names were “ lomless deep, and to not written in the “go into destruction.

book of life from the “ And the inhabitants foundation

the “ of the earth shall world), when they be“ wonder, (they whose hold the beast that

na ves are not written was, and is not, and



771 n, s ez iss, " in the book of life, 9 yet is. And here is 9 y suzisz noc

“ from the foundation the mind wbich hath ο νες και έχον σοφίαν. " of the world,) behold wisdom. The seren Αι έπια κεφαλαι,


"ing the beast, that beads are seven mounόρη είσιν έπία, όπο “ he was, and is not tains, on which the * irom nathilas in and is present,

10 woman sitteth. And αυτών και βασι and shall be present,

there are seven kings : 10mais a digi, oi

although be is. five are fallen, and one ciis it:12, [x] 9" Herein is the mind is, and the other is not ouis iso, é ára

“ having wisdom. The yet come; and when *** 1.99

seven heads

are he cometh, he must έλθη, ολίγον αυτόν

seven mountains, continue a short space. 11 dsi uzivas. Kai tò

“ where the woman is 11 And the beast, that Susior, ans, rj éx

“ seated upon

them; was, and is not, even ist, rj autós önpövés

“ and are seven kings: he is the eighth, and is έξι, και εκ των επτά

10" Five of them have of the seven, and goiso, rysis toánky

fallen, [and] one of eth into perdition. 12 υπάγει. Και τα

" them is; the other | 12 And the ten horps δέκα κεραία, και “ is not yet come:

which thou sawest, are είδες, δέκα βασι

" and when he is ten kings, which have λείς είσιν, οίτινες

" come, he must re received no kingdom βασιλείαν έπω έλα

11“ main a little. And as yet; but receive Cor, ära is csízy,

“ the wild-beast which power as kings one ως βασιλείς, μίαν

“ was, and is not, even hour with the beast. äęzu haucáreos

“ he is the eighth, and 13 These have one mind, 13 μένα τα θηρία, Οί

" is of the seven, and and shall give their του μίαν γνώμην “goeth into destruc

power and strength έχεσι, και την δύνα

12" tion, And the ten 14 unto the beast. These μιν και την εξεσίαν

“ horns, which thou shall make war with εαυτόν τα θηρία

are ten the Lamb, and the 14 diòcaon. οιτοι μεία το αρνία το

• kings who have not Lamb shall overcome λεμήσεσι, και το αρ

“ yet received domi them : for he is Lord οίον νικήσει αυτές, ,

“ nion; but receive of lords, and King of ότι Κύριον κυρίων

“power, as kings, one kings; and they tbat έφι και Βασιλεύς

“ hour with the beast. are with him, are call. βασιλέων και οι μετ' 13" These hare

ed, and chosen, and αυτέ, κληλοι, και “counsel, and give

and give 15 faithful. And be saith ixrexloi, xai isoi. “their power and their unto me, The waters 15 Και λέγει μοι: Τα “ authority to the which thou sawest,

vozila, à lèes, 14“ beast. These shall where the whore sitń wiem xáorlai, “ war with the Lamb: teth, are peoples, and

“ didst see,

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" and

66 The

λαοί και όχλοι εισι,

, και έθνη και γλώσσαι. . 16Και τα δέκα κέραια, ,

α είδες και το θηρίον, ετοι μισήσεσι την wóziny, rj hemewa μένην ποιήσεσιν αυτην και γυμνήν, και τας σάρκας αυτής φάγολαι, και αυτήν

καλακαύσεσιν έν συ17pi. 'Oyap eros town

κεν εις τας καρδίας αυτών ποιήσαι την γνώμης αυτά, και σοιήσαι μίαν γνώμην, , και δέναι την βασι. λείαν αυτών τα θηρίω, άχρι τελεσθή

σονται οι λόγοι το 18 Oct. Kzin gura,

my sides, isvyń wókus η μεγάλη και έχασα βασιλείαν επί των βασιλέων της γης. .

6 and the Lamb shall overcome them, (for “ he is Lord of lords, “ and King of kings); " and they who are “ with him, called,

chosen, and 15" faithful." And he

saith unto me;
“ waters which thou
“ didst see, where the
“ harlot is seated, are
“peoples, and multi-

« tudes, and vations, 16" and languages: And

" the ten horns which " thou didst see,

and “ the wild-beast, these " shall hate the harlot, “ and shall make her

“ desolate and naked; 17" And shall eat her “flesh, and burn her

utterly with fire: for, “ God hath put into “ Their hearts to per“ form his counsel, and “ to perform one coun“ sel, and to give their " dominion to the • beast, until the words

" of God shall be ac18“ complished. And

whom is thou didst see, is the

eat city which hath “ dominion over the “kings of the earth.”

multitudes, and

tions, and tongues. 16 And the ten horns

which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate, and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and

burn her with fire. 17 For God hath put in

their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdoin unto the beast,

until the words of God 18 shall be fulfilled. Aud

the woman which thou sawest, is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

" the


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Ver. 1. One of the secen angels ; &c.] This vision seems in some measure to be detached and separated from the rest. The scene is changed to a wilderness, for the purpose of its exhibition ; and it appears like a sort of episode. Yet the matter of it will be found to be of high importance; it will be found to explain many passages in the preceding prophecy, but especially those of ch. xvi. 19, where Babylon is mentioned as "remembered.

remembered.To exhibit this connection, the angel, who attends upon the prophet and explains this vision, is one of the seven who had been employed to pour out the Vials. This separate vision is therefore intitled by the angel, " the judgment of “ the great harlot,” who appears in the fifth verse of this chapter to have the name of Babylon. So, this Section, taken together with its continuation in ch. xviii. and six. 1-11, will be found to contain the Vial or plague upon Babylon : but first, she is described.

She is called “the great harlot,” and “the great “city*." These two names, in prophetical language, have the same meaning. A city, or kingdom, is frequently represented under the symbol of a woman. Babylon, ancient Babylon, is so represented t. And when it is the olject of the prophecy to express the idolatry and corruptive wickedness of the city, she then appears as an harlot I. All the imagery belonging to this form of speech, may be seen in complete allegory, in the sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel; where a forlorn female infant, under the fostering land of Providence, grows up, and becomes “ exceeding beautiful,” and “pro“spers into a kingdom ;" but afterwards degenerates into an “idolatress and harlot g.” The same imagery

. Ver. 18.
+ Isa. xlvii. 1-6.

| Isa. i. 21. See more on this topic, in notes, ch. ii. 20. 22; xii. 1-4.


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