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The Lamb on Mount Sion.

CHAP. xiv. ver. 1-5.

1 Kalsidor, xai | 1 And I looked, and lo! | | And I looke

1 And I looked, and lo! | 1 And I looked, and lo, ιδε το αρνίον εση

the Lamb, standing a Lamb stood on the છે જો 6s on the mountain Sion, mount Sion, and with Esår, rj al aire

and with him an hun. him an hundred forty exclòv tiosagaxor

dred and forty-four and four thousand, TX Tisouges zur thousand, having his having his father's Aasts, alợi và name, and the name name written in their croux avto, xj Tò of his father, written | 2 foreheads. And I heard Grou Tš walgos

upon their foreheads. a voice from heaven, αυτά γεγραμμένον 2 And I heard a voice as the voice of many επί των μελώπων

from heaven, as a voice waters, and as the 2 αυτών. Και ήκεσα

of many waters, and as voice of a great thunOwrno ex tõ égzvõ,

a voice of loud thun der: and I heard the a's purnu udátwy

der ; and the voice voice of harpers harpDoddwr, rj ás purrin

which I heard as of ing with their harps : Epormas payáinse rej

harpers playing on 3 And they sung as it ń pumn ñy muere us 3 their harps. And they were a new song bexBzpadūvnegaçısór s ing, as it were, a new

fore the throne, and των εν ταις κιθάραις song, before the throne, before the four beasts, 3 astür. Kæi çdson and before the four and the elders; and no ws adno naiviv krá living-creatures, and man could learn that πιον το θεόνε, και the elders; and no one song, but the hunενώπιον των τεσσά was able to learn the dred and forty and four fwr Zwar, xxi Tür! song, except the huu thousand, which were ugeo6-légwr o xxildred and forty - four / redeemed from the ideis ģdúvcelo reabsūv l thousand, the redeem- | 4 earth. These are they รา วิทย, xi | ed from the earth. which were not defiled εκαλών τεσσάρακονία | 4 These are they who with women; for they τέσσαρες χιλιάδες, have not been defiled are virgins : these are

οι ήγορασμένοι από with women, for they they which follow the 4 rñs yñs. Oŭroi si are virgins; these are Lamb whithersoever

σιν, οι μελα γυναι they who follow the he goeth: these were κών εκ έμολύνθησαν Lamb wbithersoever redeemed from among παρθένοι γάς είσιν hie goeth; these were men, being the first

τοί εισιν οι ακολο redeemed from among fruits unto God, and θανθες το αρνίω όπο men, a first-fruit unto 5 to the Lamb. And in är etery ő tovúgo God and to the Lamb; their mouth was found ράσθησαν από των 5 And in their mouth no guile : for they are arbewawy, iToxpxa was found no guile, without fault before

τω Θεώ και το αρνί for they are spotless. the throne of God. 5 Και εν τω σομαι

QỦ Tüy óx sigéon trūdose äge: 24.06 yig ziai.

Ver. 1-4. The Lamb-on mount Sion, and with him,--&c.] The seventh Trumpet had already sounded, and a general view of its blissful effects, in restoring the kingdom to the Messiah and his followers, had been afforded * The conflict is now to be expected. But before the battle takes place, the battlearray is to be viewed. The enemies of Christ and of his Church, the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, have been exhibited in the two last chapters. But “ when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spi. "rit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him, "and the Redeemer shall come to Zion t.” During the alarming progress of the antichristian powers, the Christian forces are not idle and unemployed. The vision proceeds to exhibit their efforts to check, * Ch. xi. 15,

+ Isaiah, liş. 19. 20.


and at length finally subdue, the enemies of the Church. The Lamb * appears upon Mount Sion, upon the place of true religious service t; the site of the heavenly Jerusalem ; the seat of the throne of the Messiah I. He comes attended by his Church; by the hundred-and-forty-four thousand, who had been sealed as “ Israelites indeed $.” He comes in the likeness of his suffering state, leading his followers to conquer by suffering ll, not yet by his vengeance.

This then appears to be the true, persecuted, and suffering Christian Church, which throughout the reign of the dragon, beast, and false prophet, refuses to worship the image, and receive the mark of the beast. These are marked holy unto God ; the pre

cious price of Redemption has not been paid for them · in vain. And “ there is joy in heaven,” on beholding their array. The voice of Deity from the throne, awful and sublime **, acknowledges them; the heavenly chorus breaks forth into songs of praise and exultation. They sing "a new song it,” the song of the Lamb, a song mysterious, unfit for iinpure and worldly ears $1; in which those only can be initiated who are pure and faithful : and the delights of the heavenly harmony are unutterable; “ none knows “eth, but he that receiveth it $$.”

Ver. 4, 5. These are they, who--&c.] Here fol. lows a description of that pure Church, which alone

* See note, ch. v. 6.

+ See note, ch. viii. 8. Psalm ii. 6. Heb. xii. 22. Isaiah ii, 23, &c. ; xi. 9, 10; lvi. 7. Ezek. xvii. 22, &c.; xx. 40. Micah iv. 1, 2. Luke iii. 5, 6.

See notes, ch, vii. || Note, ch. ii. 7. q 1 Cor. vi. 20. ** See notes, ch. i. 14. vi. 1. + See note, ch. ii. 17. ; iii. 12.

#ITE, B:Enhor. $$ Rev. ii. 17.

Christ acknowledges for his own, during the usurpation of Antichrist. 'H yuvy signifies generally a married woman; the crime committed with such is adultery ; which may be taken, in a literal sense, to represent in general all the defilements of the flesh; or in a metaphorical sense, a woman is a Church, or congregation of religious persons *; which, keeping itself pure from idolatry, is styled a Virgin; but, defiled with such abomination, is denominated Harlot or Adulteress. “They called,” says Hegisippus, " the “ Church a Virgin, when it was not corrupted by “ vain doctrines t." Every part of this description may be found applied in other places of Scripture : 1. by Saint Peter; "they have escaped the corrupo “ tion that is in the world through lust $:" 2. by our Lord; “ follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth," . that is, “ take up their cross and follow him ý :" 3. by Saint Paul; are redeemed, “ bought with a price |i:” 4. by Saint James; “ a kind of first fruits of God's "creatures q:” Lastly, “ speaking no deceit,” “ blanie“ less before God **.” And this description agrees nearly with that of the Prophet Zephaniah : “I will “ leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust in the name of the “ Lord; the remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, " nor speak lies, neither shall a deceitful tongue be “ found in their mouth. They shall feed and lie “ down, and none shall make them afraid tt.”.

* See note, ch. ii. 20. + Euseb. Hist. Eccl. lib. iv. cap. xxvi. 1 2 Pet. i. 4.

Matt. x. 38. 1 1 Cor. vi. 20.

James i. 18. ** 1 Pet. ii. 22.; ii. 10. 2 Pet. jii. 4. Phil. ii, 15. Luke i. 6. # Zeph, iii. 12, 13.


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CHAP. xiv. ver. 6, 7. 6 Kai kidor ärror , 6 And I saw another, 6 And I saw another anάγγελον σετώμενον angel flying in the gel fly in the midst

frospavu.xto, space between heaven of heaven, having the έχoντα ευαγγέλιον and earth, having an everlasting Gospel to αιώνιον, ευαίγελίσαι everlasting Gospel, to preach unto them that τες καιoικένας επί preach good tidings to dwell on the earth, rns gūs, cjeni wầu those that dwell on and to every nation,

Ovos y quino the earth, and to every and kindred, and γλώσσας και λαόν nation, and tribe, and 1 tongue, and people, 7 Aérywy iv Owrn luie language, and people, 17 Saying with a loud

yoćan. Do6Mbule tòx 17 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and Orür, zey déte avta voice ; “ Fear God, give glory to him, for dóžav, őto saber ñ " and give him glory: the hour of his judgeözz rñs xgiosas “ for the hour of his ment is come: and aútg. rj aporxusu “ judgment is come: worship him that niade σαλε τα ποιήσαι “and worship him who heaven and earth, and ràv açaron ej rän " created the beaven, the sea, and the foungăr sy rno danao " and the earth, and tains of waters. car rý wonga's idéo " the sea, and the Twe.

“: springs of waters."

The character of the true, faithful, Christian Church having been exhibited, its history now begins to be generally set forth ; while solemn warnings, and instructions, and encouragements, most useful to the faithful during the times of the beast, are delivered. And first an angel, flying in mid-heaven *, proclaims

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