תמונות בעמוד


έτεκεν υιόν άρρενα, ,

brought forth a male- of iron : and her child 85 μέλλει ποιμαί- child, who is about to was caught up unto νειν πάνlα τα έθνη rule as a shepherd all God, and to his throne. - šv pádu gianga the nations with an 6 And the woman Aled και ηρπάσθη το iron rod, And her into the wilderness, τέκνον αυτής προς child was caught up to where she hath a place

τον Θεόν και προς τον God and to his throne. prepared of God, that 6 θρόνον αυτέ. Και 6 And the woman fled they should feed ber

* yoon fouyeysis into the wilderness, there a thousand two την έρημον, όπο where she has there a hundred and three. έχει έχει τόπον

place prepared of God, 7 score days. And there ήτοιμασμένος από that they should there

war in heaven; τ8 Θεέ, ένα εκεί nourish her a thousand Michael and his angels τρίφωσιν αυτήν η

two hundred and sixty fought against the dras mégzs zinias diaxo- 7 days. And there was gon, and the dragon 7 σίας εξήκονlα. Και war in heaven; Mi- fought and his angels :

gévélo worem @ iv chael and his angels 8 And prevailed not, neiτο έρανώ ο Μι- for to fight with the ther was their place χαήλ και οι άγγελοι

dragon: and the dra- found any more in αυτά τα πολεμήσαι gou fought and his 9 heaven. And the great μελα το δράκονται 8 angels, And prevailed dragon was cast out, και ο δράκων επολέ

not; neither was their that old serpent, call. μησε και οι άγγελοι

place found any more ed the Devil and Sa8 αυτ8, Και εκ ίσ

9 in heaven. And the tan, which deceiveth 'χυσαν, , 8τε τόπου great dragon was cast

the whole world: be ευρέθη αυτών έτι εν down, that ancient ser

was cast out into the 9 τω έρανώ..Και pent, who is called the

earth, and his angels εβλήθη ο δράκων και Devil, and Satan, who

were cast out with μέγας, ο όφις και deceiveth the whole 10 him. And I heard a αρχαίου, ο καλά

world; he was cast loud voice saying in wave, 3:drone, y down to the earth; and heaven, Now is come ο σαλανάς, ο ταλα- his apgels were cast salvation and strength, ' νών την οικεμένην 10 down with him. And and the kingdom of άλην, έβλήθη εις την I heard a - loud voice

our God, and the γην και οι αγελοι in heaven, saying;

power of his Christ; αυτά με αυτά “ Now is come the for the accuser of our 10:26noxy. Και

“Salvation, and the brethren is cast down, ήκεσα φωνήν μεγά- “ Power and the King

which accused them λην εν τω έρανό, “ dom of our God, and before our God day Fbyeezy• "Aglabyss “ the Rule of his A. 11 and pight. And they to the earth, he pur- wings of a great eagle, έχων θυμόν μέγαν, , sued the woman who that she might fiy into

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vel soalneix, syn “nointed; because the overcame him by the δύναμις, και η βασι- accuser of our bre

blood of the Lainb, λεία τ8 Θεξ ημών, “ thren, wlio accused and by the word of και η εξεσία το “them before our God their testimony; and Χρισά αυτά ότι “ day and night, is cast they loved not their xzlsbań ton érezhiyap 11“ down. And they lives unto the death. ran cadragãy naống “ overcame him by the 12 Therefore rejoice, ye και κατηγορών αυτών 56 blood of the Lamb, heavens, and ye that ενώπιον To OEM .“ and by the word of

dwell in them. Woe τμών ήμέρας και " their testimony; and to the inhabiters of 11 yoxlós. Και αυτοί " they loved not their the earth, and of the

ενίκησαν αυτόν δια “ life even uato death. sea : for the devil is Đồ gia rẽ đevie, | 12“ Therefore rejoice, O coine down unto you, και δια τον λόγον “ye heavens, and ye having great wrath, της μαρίυρίας αυ- " that dwell therein. because he knoweth σών" και έκ ηγάπη

6: Woe to the earth, that he hath but a Tin toxno " and to the sea; be- 13 short time. And when a rän axpo dx- cause the Devil is

the dragon saw that 12 νάτε. Δια τέτο come down to you, he was cast unto the

ευφραίνεσθε οί - having great wrath, earth, he persecuted εανοί και οι εν αυτοίς “knowing that he hath the

which σκηνείες. Ούαι τη 13“ a short season.” And brought forth the manγη και τη θαλάσση, when the dragon saw

14 child. And to the woOTI 216 • 80%- that he was cast down

were given two Coa após uks,

ειδώς, ότι ολίγον brought forth the male- the wilderness, into 13 xzıgòn ixti. Kai 14 child. And to the wo- her place : where she ότι είδεν ο δράκων, man were given two

is nourished for a time, ότι έβλήθη εις την, wings of the great and times, and half a año, idinę rny que eagle, that she might time, from the face of

ναίκα, ήτις έτεκε flee into the wilder- 15 the serpent. And the. 14 τον άρρενα. Και ness, into her place, serpent cast out of his

εδόθησαν τη γυναίκα where she is nourished mouth water as a flood, dio aliguyos të adla there, a time and tiines after the woman; that το μεγάλο, να and half a time, from he might cause her to αίτηίαι εις την the presence of the ser- be carried away of the ignun ús Tór TóTOX 15 pent. And the serpent | 16 flood. And the earth αυτής, όπε τρέφειαι cast out of his mouth, helped the woman, and εκεί καιρών και καιρες, , after the woman, water the earth opened her και ήμισυ καιρά, από like a river, that he mouth, and swallowed * Matt. xii. 38. xvi. 1-4. Rom. iv. 11.



up the flood which the

dragon cast out of his 17 mouth, And the dra.

gon was wroth with tlie woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimas ny of Jesus Christ,

προσώπε το όφεως. . might cause her to be 15 Και έβαλεν ο όφις · carried away by the

ảx tê sómalo avto | 16 river. And the earth οπίσω της γυναικός sihelped the woman: εδώρ ως σολομόν:

and the earth opened its ένα ταύτην ποτα- mouth, and swallowed

μοφόρλον ποιήση up the river which the 16 Και εβοήθησινη γη,

dragon cast out of his sijajuvaixi, rj ñuoro. 17 mouth. And the draer n ñ rò sóla

gon was enraged aαυτής, και καλέπιε

gainst the woman, and Tur walauds or "Ca

went away, to make λεν ο δράκων έκ το

war with the remnant 17σόμαλο αυτό. Και

of her offspring; those ωργίσθη ο δράκων.

who keep the comεπί τη γυναικι, και mandments of God, επήλθε σοιήσαι σό

and hold the testimony λεμον μεία των λοι

of Jesus. πών το σπέρμαιο. αυτής, των τηρώνlων τας εντολάς το Θε8, , και έχονlων την μαρTugiz, 'Inco.

Ver. 1. A great sign-in heaven..] The word omLLELON is used here to sigoify a type, a symbol, or figura. tive representation; and occurs in the same sense in other

parts of Scripture. The verb orijiva, as used in ch. i. 1., includes the same meaning. The scene of this representation continues yet in heaven. We are prepared to expect under this Trumpet the description of that conflict and victory, by which the Christian Church will be placed in security from her ene: mies. And in order to exhibit this in all its parts, the Holy Spirit begins the representation from the earliest times. To enable us to understand things future,


past events are first represented under the same kind of allegory.

Ibid. A Woman.). A woman, in figurative language, is used to signify a city, & state, a body politic. Such is the daughter of Tyre, .of Babylon, of Jerusalem *; the latter of whom, when virtuous, is honoured with the high appellation of the espoused of God t; when wicked and idolatrous, she is styled the harlot, the adulteress 1. This method, of representing nations and cities under the symbol of women, was copied from the eastern by the western world. Róme is represented upon the ancient medals under the form of a woman. Britannia appears under the same emblem. There is, among the Roman coins, one of Vespasian, upon the reverse of which is a captive woman, hanging her mournful head, and the inscription is Judæa. She is there depictured, as by the master-hand, in Lament. i. 1-4, and in the 137th Psalm, where the daughter of Babylon and the captive daughter of Jerusalem, are contrasted. But the woman, the city now represented, is of heavenly origin, “ whose builder " and maker is God," of which “ Christ is the corner "! stone; the New, the heavenly Jerusalem, the mother of us all g.” She is, in short, the Church of Christ I, * Psalms xlv. 12; cxxxvii. 8. 2 Kings xix. 21. + Isaiah liv. 1.5. Ixvi, 6–14. Jer. xxxi. 4. 2 Cor. xi. 2. 1 See notes, ch. ii. 20. xvii. 1.

Matt. xvi. 18. Gal. iv. 26, 27. 1 Cor. ii. 9, &c. 2 Cor. v. 1-3; vi. 16. Eph. ii, 21; iii. 9; iv. 12. 16. Col. ii. 7. 1 Tim. iii. 15. 1 P-t. ü. 3_1-10. Heb. ii. 6. xi, 10; xii, 22; xii. 14. Rev. iji, 12; xxi. 2.

Il Methodius, one of the most ancient commentators on the Apo: calypse, who wrote about the year 290, applies this symbol to the Christian Church. (See the commentary of And. Cæs. in loc.) In the Shepherd of Hermas, and in the apocryphal Esdras, a woman repre. sents the Church,


and is to be known as such, not only by these Scriptural marks, but by the seed, or offspring, attributed to her. For, after she has produced the great Shepherd of the Christian flock, “ Christ the first fruits,the rest of her offspring are said to be, " those who keep the commandments of God, and “hold the testimony of Jesus.(ver. 17.) But who can be entitled to this character, unless the true sons of the Christian Church? The mother therefore is the Christian Church. She is represented as arrayed in the most pure and splendid light; the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, those acknowledged symbols of pure knowledge, and of dignity, are employed to adorn her. The lustre of her attire; the elevation of her throne, expressed by the second luminary being her footstool ; her crown, not of diamonds or rubies, but of the stars of heaven ; all imply the greatness of the personage, and her high acceptation with the King of Heaven. In the vision of Joseph*, which displays the future glories of the patriarchal family ; of that family which was then the Church of God; in which all the nations of the earth were to be blessed; the same symbols are employed. The Sun, the Moon, the twelve. Stars, represent the then infant Church. In her original purity, she was thus splendid ; and when purified from her corruptions, she will again appear in splendour t.

Ver. 2.) But pure and splendid as she appears,

Gen. xxxvii. 9.

+ Ch. xxi. &c. The reader is referred to the following passages of Scripture, in, wbich the Sun is used as au emblem of the Church :Judg, v. 31; Psalm 1xxxix, 36; Isa, xxx.26; Mal. iv. 2; Matt. xiii. 43. · The twelve stars seem tó allude to the division of the Church under twelve Patriarchs, and afterwards under twelve Apostles.


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