תמונות בעמוד


A constant undulatory motion is perceived by 1. Not regulated

looking through telescopes.

Arbutbrot, Thy vineyard lies half prun'd, and half una

Undu'ly, adv. Not properly ; not acdress'd.

Dryden. cording to duty. 2. Not prepared for use.

Men xnduly exercise their zeal against perThe common country people wore perones,

sons; nor only against evil persons, but against shoes of undressed leather. Arbutbnos. those that are the most venerable.

Spralta UNDRI’ED. adj. Not dried.

UNDU'TEOUS. adj. Not performing duty; Their titles in the field were try's:

irreverent; disobedient. Witness the fresh laments, and fun'ral tears un She and I, long since contracte dry'd.

Dryden. Are now so sure, that nothing can dissolve us; Four pounds of undried hops, thorough ripe, And this deceit losos the name of craft, will make one of dry.

Mortimer. Of disobedience, or unduteous title. Sbakspeare. UNDRI'VEN. adj. Not impelled either

In Latium safe he lay, way.

From his unduteous son, and his usurping sway. As wintry winds contending in the sky,

Drydene With equal force of lungs their titles try;

UNDU'TIFUL. adj. Not obedient ; not The doubtful rack of heav'n

reverent. Stands without motion, and the tide undriu'n. England thinks it no good policy to have that

Dryden. realm planted with English, lest they should UNDRO'ssy. adj. Free from recrement. grow so undutiful as the Irish, and become more When a noontide sun with summer beams dangerous.

Spenser. Darts through a cloud, her war’ry skirts are edg'd No man's reason did ever dictate to him, that With lucid amber, or undrossy gold.: Pbilips.

it is fit for a creature not to love God; to be Of heav'n's undrossy gold, the gods' array, undutiful to his great sovereign, and ungrateful Refulgent, flash'd intolerable day. Pope. to his best benefactor.

Tillotson UN DUBITABLE. adj. Not admitting UNDUTIFULLY. adv. (from undutiful.] doubt; unquestionable.

Not according to duty. Let that principle, that all is matter, and that The fish had long in Cæsar's ponds been fed, there is nothing else, be received for certain and And from its lord undutifully fled. Dryden. undubitable, and it will be easy to be seen, what UNDU'TIFULNESS. n. s. Want of respect; consequences it will lead us into.


irreverence; disobedience. UNDU'E. adj. [induë, French.)

I should have thought they would rather have 1. Not right; not legal.

held in, and staid all the other from undutifulThat proceeding being at that time taxed for muss, than need to be forced thereunto theme rigorous and undur, in matter and manner,


Srenser. makes it very probable there was some greater

Forbidding undutifulness to superiours, sedimatter against her.

Bacon. tion and rebellion against magistracy. Tillotson, 2. Not agreeable to duty.

UNDY'ING. adj. Not destroyed; not He will not prostitute his power to mean and perishing undue ends, nor stoop to little and low arts of

Driven down courting the people.

Atterbury To chains of darkness, and th' undying worm, U'NDULARY. adj. (from undulo, Latin.]

Milton. Playing like waves; playing with inter: UNHA'R NED. adi. Not obtained by lao missions.

bour or merit. The blasts and undulary breaths thereof main

As I am honest Puck, taip no certainty in their course. Brown. If we have incarnet luck,

Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue, To U'NDULATE. v. a. (from uniulo, Lat.) We will make amends ere long. Sbalspeare.

To drive backward and forward ; to Our work is brought to litele, though begun make to play as waves.

Early, and th' hour of supper comes unearn'd. Breath vocalized, i. e. vibrated and undulated,

Milton. may in a different manner affect the lips, or

Wilt thou rather chuse tongue, or palate, and impress a swist, treniu. To lie supinely, hoping heaven will bless lous motion, which breath alone passing smooth Thy slighted fruits, and give thee bread wna doth not.


carn'd? TO U'NDULATE. v. m. To play as waves

UNE AʻRTHED. adj. Driven from the den in curls.

in the ground. Through undulatirg air the sounds are sent,

The robber of the fold And spread o'er all the Buid element. Pope. Is from his craggy winding naunts unearth'd.

Tbomson. UNDULA'TION. n. s. [from undulate.] UNEA'RTHLY. adj. Not terrestrial. Waving motion.

The sacrifice Worms and leeches will move both ways; How ceremonious, solenn, and unearthly and so will most of those animals whose bodies

It was i' th' offering!

Sbakspeare. consist of round and annulary fibres, and move by undulation, that is, like the waves of the UNE ASILY. adv. Not without pain.

Brown. He lives uneasily under the burden. L'Estr. All tuneable sounds are made by a regular They make niankind their enemy by their vibration of the sonorous body, and urdulation of unjust actions, and consequently live more unthe air, proportionable to the acuteness and easily in the world than other men. Tillotson. gravity of the tone.


UNE'ASINESS. n. s. Trouble ; perplexity; Two parallel walls beat the sound back on each other, till the undulation is quite worn out.

state of disquiet. Addison

Not a subject

Sits in heart-grief and i1.-esiness, U'NDULATORY, adj. [from undula.c.] Under the sweet shade of your government. Moving in the manner of waves.




The same rreasiness which every thing UNE'ATEN. adj. Not devoured. Gives to our nature, life must also bring. Denban.

Though they had but two horses left uneder, We may be said to live like those who have

they had never suffered a summons to be sent their hope in another life, if we bear the un

to them.

Clarenden, casinesses that befall us here with constancy.

UNE'Ath. adv. [from eath; ead, Saxon,

Atterbury: Men are dissatisfied with their station, and

casy.] create to themselves all the uneasiness of want. 1. Not easily. Out of use. "hey fancy themselves poor, and under this Uneatb may she endure the finty street, persuasion feel all the disquiet of real poverty. To tread them with her tender feeling feet! Rogers.

Sbakspears, His majesty will maintain his just authority 2. It seems in Spenser to signify the same over thein; and whatever uneasiness they may as beneath. Under; below. give themselves, they can create none in him.

A roaring, hideous sound,

Addison. That all the air with terror filled wide, The libels against his grandfather, that fly

And seem'd uneath to shake the stedfast ground. about his very court, give him uneasiness. Swijt.

Spender. UNEASY. adj.

UNE'DIFYING. adj. Not improving in 1. Painful ; giving disturbance.

good life. The wisest of the Gentiles forbad any libations to be made for dead infants, as believing

Our practical divinity is as sound and affect

ing, as that of our popish neighbours is fiat and they passed into happiness through the way of


Atterbury mortality, and for a few months wore an uneasy UNELE'CTED. adj. Not chosen. garment.

Taylor. On a tottering pinnacle the standing is uneasy,

Putting him to rage,

You should have ta'en th' advantage of his choand the fall deadly.

Decay of Picty:

ler, His present thoughts are uneasy, because his

And pass'd him unclected.

Sbakspeare present state does not please him. L'Estrange.

UNE LIGIBLE, adj. Not proper to be Uneasy life to me, Still watch'd and importun'd, but worse for thee.

chosen. Dryden.

Both extremes, above or below the propor. 2. Disturbed ; not at ease.

tion of our character, are dangerous; and 't is hard Happy low! lie down;

to determine which is most uncligible Rogati Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Shaks. UNEMPLOʻYED. adj. Uneasy, justice upward few,

1. Not busy ; at leisure ; idle. And both the sisters to the stars withdrew.

Other creatures all day long

Dryden. Rove idle, unemploy'd, and less need rest. Mil. The passion and ill language proceeded from a Wilt thou then serve Philistines with that gift, galled and uneasy mind.

Tillotson. Which was expressly given thee to annoy thers! It is such a pleasure as makes a man restless Better at home lie bedrid, not only idle, and uneasy, exciting fresh desires. Addison. Inglorious, unemploy'd, with age out-worn. Mit

One would wonder how any person should Our wise Creator has annexed to several of desire to be king of a country, in which the jects, and to the ideas we receive of tbem, as established religion is directly opposite to that also to several of our thoughts, a concomitant he professes. Were it possible for such a one pleasure, that those faculties which we are efto accomplish his designs, his own reason might dowed with might not remain idle and som tell him, ihere could not be a more uneasy prince, ploed. nor a more unhappy people. Addison. Men, soured with poverty, and unemployed

, If we imagine ourselves intitled to any thing easily give into any prospect of change. Adau. we have not, we shall be uneasy in the want of 2. Not engaged in any particular work. it; and that uneasiness will expose us to all the Pales unhonour'd, Ceres unemploy'd, evil persuasions of poverty, Rogers. Were all forgot.

Dryde The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home,

UNEMPTIABLE, adj. Not to be empRests and expatiates in a life to come.

tied ; inexhaustible. Obsolete. 3. Constraining ; cramping. Some servile imitators

Whatsoever men or angels know, it is 253 Prescribe at first such strict uneasy rules,

drop, of that unemptiable fountain of wisdom,

which hath diversely imparted her treasures, As they must ever slavishly observe. Roscommon.

Hecter 4. Constrained; not disengaged ; stiff. UNENDO'WED. adj. Not invested ; not In conversation, a solicitous watchfulness

graced. about one's behaviour, instead of being mended, A man rather unadorned with any parts of will be constrained, uncesy, and ungraceful.

quickness, and unendowed with any notable vir• Locke.

tues, than notorious for any defáct of unders. Peevish ; difficult to please.

standing: A sour untractable nature makes him uneasy Aspiring, factious, fierce and loud, to those who approach him.

Spectator. With grace and learning unendow'd. 6. Difficult, Out of use.

UNENGAGED. adj. Not engaged ; not We will, not appearing what we are, have appropriated. some question with the shepherd: from his sim

When we have sunk the only unengaged rete plicity, I think it not uneasy to get the cause of

nues left, our incumbrances must remain pero my son's resort thither.


This swift business

UNENJOʻYED. adj. Not obtained; not I must uneasy make; lest too light winning Make the prize light.


possessed. Divers things, knowable by the bare light of

Each day 's a mistress unenjoy'd befores nature, are yet so uneasy to be satisfactorily un Like travellers, we 're pleas'd with seeing more derstood, that, let them be delivered in the clearest expressions, the notions themselves will UNENJO'YING. adj. Not using; baving appear obscure.

Boyle. no fruition.

Pope. .



The more we have, the meaner is our store; UNEQUALLED. adj. Unparalleled ; un. The unenjoying, craving wretch is poor. Creech. rivalled in excellence. UNEN LA'RGED. adj, Not enlarged ; nar By those unequalled and invaluable blessings, row ; contracted.

he manifested how much he hated sin, and how Unenlarged souls are disgusted with the won

much he loved sinners.

Boyle. ders which the microscope has discovered con

Dorinda came, divested of the scorn cerning the shape of little animals, which equal Which the unequall'd maid so long had worn. not a pepper-corn. Watts.

Roscommon. UNENLIGHTENED. adj. Not illumi- UNE'QUALLY. adv. In different degrees; nated.

in disproportion one to the other. Moral virtue natural reason, unenlightened by When we view some well-proportion'd dome, revelation, prescribes.


No single parts unequally surprize ; UNENSLA'VED. adj. Free; not enthral

All comes united to th' admiring eyes. Pope. led.

UNE'QUALNESS.' n. S. Inequality ; state By thee

of being unequal. She sits a sov'reign, unenslav'd and free. Addis. Une'QUITABLE, adj. Not impartial; UNENTERTA'INING. adj. Giving no de not just. light ; giving no entertainment.

We force him to stand to those' measures It was not inentertaining to observe by what which we think too unequitable to press upon a degrees I ceased to be a witty writer. Pope. murderer.

Decay of Piety. USENTO'MBED. adj. Unburied; unin. UneQur'VOCAL. adj. Not equivocal. terred.

This conceit is érroneous, making putrefacThink'st thou unentomb'd to cross the floods? tive generations correspondent unto seminal pro


ductions, and conceiving unequivocal effects, and UNE'NVIED. adi. Exempt from envy.

univocal conformity unto the efficient. Brown. The fortune which nobody sees makes a man

UNERR ABLENESs. n. so Incapacity of happy, and unenvied.

Bacon. errour.
This loss

The many innovations of that church witness Thus far at least recover'd, hath much more the danger of presuming upon the unerrableness Establish'd in a safe, unenvied throne,

of a guide.

Decay of Piety. Yielded with full consent.

Milton. UNE'RRING. adj. (inerrans, Latin.]
These unenvied stand;

1. Committing no mistake. Since what they act, transcends what they com The irresistible infirmities of our nature make mand.


a perfect and unerring obedience impossible. What health promotes, and gives unenvied

Rogers. peace,

Fast in chains constrain the yarious god; Is all expenceless, and procur’d with ease. Blackm. Who bound obedient to superior force, Beneath our humble cottage let us haste,

Unerring will prescribe your destin'd course, And here, unenvied, rural dainties taste. Pope.

Popes UNE'QUABLE. adj. Different from it: <if;

His javelin threw : diverse.

Hissing in air th' unerring weapon flew. Dryden. March and September, the two equinoxes, are 2. Incapable of failure ; certain. the most unsettled and unequable of seasons.

The king a mortal shaft lets dy
Bentley. From his unerring hand.

Denbam. UNE'QUAL, adj. [inæqualis, Latin.) Is this th’unerring power ?. the ghost reply'd; 1. Not even.

Nor Phcbus Aatter'd; nor his answers lyd. There sits deformity to mock my body;

Dryden. To shape my legs of an unequal size. Sbaksp.

Of lovers of truth, for truth's sake, there is You have here more than one example of this one unerring, mark: the not entertaining Chaucer's unequal numbers.


any proposition with greater assurance than the

proofs it is built upon will warrant. Locke. 2. Not equal ; inferiour.

Among unequals, what society? Milton. UNE'RRINGLY. adv. Without mistake. To bliss unknown my lofty soul aspires;

What those figures are, which should be meMy lot unequal to my vast desires. Arbuthnot. chanically adapted to fall so unerringly into re3. Partial ; not bestowing on both the gular compositions, is beyond our faculties to


Glanville. same advantages.

When to conditions of unequel peace UNESCHEWABLE. adj. Inevitable ; unHe shall submit, then may he not possess avoidable ; not to be escaped.

Not in Kingdom bor life!


use. 4. [inegal, French.] Disproportioned ; ill

He gave the mayor sufficient warning to shife matched.

for safety, if an uneschewable destiny had not halUnequal work we find, tered him.

Carew. Against unequal arms to fight in pain, Milton. UNESPI'Ed. adj. Not seen; undiscovered; From his strong arm I saw his rival run,

undescried. And in a crowd th' unequal combat shun. Dryd. And oft the furious wasp the hive alarms

Treachery, guile, and deceit, are things which With louder hums, and with unequal arms. Addis. may for a while, but do not long, go unespied,

Houket. Fierce Belinda on the baron flies, Nor fear'd the chief th' unequal fight to try. Popes

From living eyes her open shame to hide,

And live in rocks and caves long unespied. Spens. s. Not regular ; not uniform.

Nearer to view his prey, and unespied So strong, yet so unequal pulses beat. Dryden.

To mark what of their state he more might UN E'QUALABLE, adj. Not to be equal.


Milton. led; not to be paralleled.

The second shaft came swift and unespied; Christ's love to God is filial and unequalable. And pierc'd his hand, and nail'd is to bís side. Boyle,

Dryder. VOL. IV.

Y y



Charles returned with unexampled loss from İ. Not being of the last importance ; not Algiers.

Raleighs constituting essence.

O unexampled love! Tillotson was moved rather with pity, than

Love no where to be found less than divine. indignation, towards the persons of those who

Milier. differed from him in the uncssential parts of

God vouchsafed Enoch an unexampled exempo christianity.

tion from death.


Your twice-conquer'd vassals, 2. Void of real being. The void profound

First, by your courage, then your clemency, 0! unessentiel night receives him next. Milton.

Here humbly vow to sacrifice their lives,

The gift of this your unexampled mercy, UNEST A'RLISHED. adj. Not established.

To your command.

Denbar. From plain principles, doubt may be fairly I tune my pipe afresh, each night and day, solved, and not clapped up from petitionary Thy unexampled goodness to excol. Philips foundations unestablished.

Brown. UNEXCEPTION ABLE, adj. Not liable to UNE'VEN. adj.

any objection. I. Not even ; not level.

Personal prejudices should not hinder us from These high wild hills, and tough uneven ways, pursuing, with joint hands and hearts, the unexDraw out our miles, and make them wearisone.

ceptionable design of this pious institution. Atterb.

Sbakspeare. UNEXCI'SED. adj. Not subject to the Some said it was best to fight with the Turks in that uneven, mountain country, where the payment of excise. Turk's chief strength consisting in the multitude

And beggars taste thee unexcis'd by kings.

Broum. of his horsemen should stand him in small stead.

Knolles. UNEXCO'GITABLE, adj. Not to be found They made the ground uneven about their out. nest, insomuch that the state did not lie flat. Addis. Wherein can man resemble his unexcesitable 2. Not suiting each other; not equal. power and perfectness?

Rakigt The Hebrew verse consists of uneven feet. UNE'XECUTED. adj. Not performed; not

Peacban, done. UNEVENNESS. 86. $.

Leave urexecuted your own renowned knok. I. Surface not level; inequality of surface. ledge.

Sbakspeart. This softness of the foot, which yields to the UNEXEMPLIFIED. adj. Not made known ruggedness and unevenness of the roads, tenders by instance or example. the feet less capable of being worn than if they Those wonders a generation returned with a were more solid.

Ray. uvexemplified an ingratitude, that ic is not te . That motion which can continue long in one least of his wonders, that he would vouchsafe to

and the same part of the body can be propa work any of them. gated a long way from one part to another, sup This being a new, unexemplify'd kind of peo posing the body homogeneal; 90 that the mo

licy, must pass for the wisdoin of this particular tion may not be reflected, refracted, interrupted,

age, scorning the examples of all former ages. or disordered by any unevenness of the body.

Šestb. Newton. UNEXE'mpt. adj. Not free by peculiar 2. Turbulence; changeable state.

privilege. Edward 11. though an unfortunate prince, and by

You invert the cov'nants of her trust, Teason of the troubles and unevenneas of his reign,

And harshly deal, like an ill borrower, the very law itself had many interruptions ; yet

With that which you receiv'd on other terns, it held its current in that state his father had

Hale. left it in.

Scorning the unexempt condition

By which all mortal frailty must subsist. Mit. 3. Not smoothness.

UNEXERCI'SED. adj. Not practised ; not Notwithstanding any such unevenness or indistinctness in the style of those places, concern

experienced ing the origini and form of the earth. Burnet.

Messapus, with his ardeur, warms UNEVITABLE, adj. [inevitabilis, Lat.

A heartless train, unexercis'din arms. Drydes.

Abstract ideas are not so obvious to the yet inevitable, French.) Inevitable; not to un exercisert mind as particular ones.

Lacko be escaped.

UNEXHAU'stev. adj. Cinexhaustus,"Lat.) So jealous is she of my love to her daughter,

Not spent ; not drained to the bottom. that I never yet begin to open my mouth to the

What avail her unexhausted stores, unevitable Philoclea, but that her unwished pre

While proud oppression in her vallies reigns? sence gave my tale a conclusion before it had a

Addises, beginning.

Sidney: UNEXPA'NDED. adj. Not spread out. UNEXA'cted. adj. Not exacted ; not Every fætus bears a secret hoard; taken by force.

With sleeping, unexpanded issue stor'd. Blacks, All was common, and the fruitful earth

UNEXPECTED. adj. Not thought on; Was free, to give her uneracted birth. Dryden. UNEXA'MINED. adj. Not inquired ; not

sudden; not provided against.

Have wisdom to provide always beforehand, tried; not discussed.

that those evils overtake us not, which death at Yet within these five hours Hastings liv'd · Untainted, unexamin'd, free at liberty. Sbeksp.

expected doth use to bring upon careless mer;

and although it be sudden in itself, nevertheless, They utter all they think, with a violence and

in regard of our prepared minds, it may not be indisposition, unexamined, without relation to


Hooker. person, place, or fitness.

Ben Jonson.

Sith evils, great and unexpected, do cause oftea• The most pompous seeming knowledge, that is built on the unexamined prejudices of sense,

times even them to think upon divine power

with fearfullest suspicions, which have been others stands not.


wise the most sacred adorers thereof; bow should UNE X AʼMPLED. adj. Not known by any

we look for any constant resolution of mind ia precedent or example.

such cases, saving only where unfeigned affez

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tion to God hath bred the most assured confi of the best treatise, rather than suffer the little dence to be assisted by his hand ? Hooker. mistakes of the author to pass unexposed. Watts.

O unexpected stroke! worse than of death! UNEXPRESSIBLE. adj. Ineffable ; not Must I thus leave thee, paradise ? Milton.

to be uttered. Them unexpected joy surpriz'd, When the great ensign of Messiah blaz’d. Milt.

What unexpressible comfort does overflow the

pious soul, from a conscience of its own innom Some amazement;

Tillotson. But such as sprung from wonder, not from fear, UNEXPRESSIVE. adj. kt was so unexpected.

Denbam, To the pale foes they suddenly draw near,

1. Not having the power of uttering or And summon them to unexpected fight. Dryden.

expressing. This is the natural and anaDeep was the wound; he stagger'd with the logical signification. blow,

2. Inexpressible; unutterable ; ineffable ; And turn'd him to his unexpected foe. Dryden. When Barcelona was taken by a most unex

not to be expressed. Improper, and out

of use. pected accident of a bomb lighting on the maga‘zine, then the Catalonians revolced. Swift.

Run, run, Orlando, carve on every tree UNEXPE'CTEDLY. adv. Suddenly; at a

The fair, the chaste, and inexpressive she.

Sbakspeare. time unthought of.

With nectar pure his ouzy locks he laves, Oft he seems to hide his face,

And hears the unexpressive nuptial song, But unexpectedly returns.


In the blest kingdoms, meek, of joy and love. A most bountiful present, when I was most in

Milton. want of it, came most seasonably and unexpecte

The helmed cherubim edly to my relief.


And sworded seraphim, If the concernment be poured in unexpectedly Are seen in glitt'ring ranks, with wings display'd, upon us, it overflows us.

Dryden. Harping in loud and solemn quire, You have fairer warning than others, who are

With inexpressive notes, to heaven's new-born unexpectedly cut off.


Milton. My heart was filled with a deep melancholy; UNEXTE'NDED. adj. Occupying no asto see several dropping unexpectedly in the midst of mirth.

signable space ; having no dimensions.

Addison, UNEXPE'CTEDNESS. n. s. Suddenness;

How inconceivable is it, that a spiritual, i.e.

an unextended substance, should represent to the unthought of time or manner.

mind an extended one, as a triangle. Locke. He describes the unexpectedness of his appear. UNEXTINGUISHABLE. adj. [inextingui

Watts. UNEXPE'DIENT. adj. Inconvenient; not

ble, Fr.) Unquenchable; not to be put

out. fit.

Pain of unextinguishable fire Musick would not be unexpedient after meat, to

Must exercise us, without hope of end. Milton. assist and cherish nature in her first concoction,

What native unextinguishable beauty must be and send their minds back to study in good tune.


impressed through the whole, which the defæda

tion of so many parts by a bad printer, and a UNEXPE'RIENCED. adj. Not versed; not worse editor, could not hinder from shining acquainted by trial or practice.


Bentley. The wisest, unexperienc'd, will be ever UNEXTI'NGUISHED. adj. [inextinctus, Timorous and loth, with novice modesty, Irresolute, unhardy, unadvent'rous. Milton.

Latin.] Long use may strengthen men against many

1. Not quenched; not put out. such inconveniences, which, to unexperienced per

The souls, whom that unhappy fame invades, sons, may provę very hazardous. Wilkins.

Make endless moans, and, pining with desire, The pow'rs of Troy;.

Lament too late their unextinguish'd fire. Dryde Not a raw and unexperienc'd train,

Ev'n o'er your cold, your ever-sacred, urn But firm body of embattled men. Dryden.

His constant flame shall unextinguisb'd burn. These reproaches are the extravagant speeches

Lyttleton. of those unexperienced in the things they speak 2. Not extinguishable. against.

Tillotson. An ardent thirst of honour; a soul unsatisUnexperienced young men, if unwarned, take fied with all it has done, and an unextinguisb'd one thing for another. Locke. desire of doing more.

Dryden. The smallest accident intervening, often pro- UNFA'DED. adj. Not withered. duces such changes, that á wise man is just as

A lovely flow'r, much in doubt of events, as the most ignorant Unfaded yet, but yet unfed below, and unexperienced.

Swift. No more to mother earth or the green stem shall UNEXPE'RT. adj. [inexpertus, Latin.]


UNFA'Ding, adi. Not liable to uither. Wanting skill or knowledge.

For her th' unfuding rose of Eden blooms, Receive the partner of my inmost soul :

And wings of seraphs shed divine perfumes. Him you will find in letters, and in laws, Not unexpert.

Prior. UNEXPLORED. adj.

UNFA'ILING, adi. Certain ; not missing.

Nothing the united voice of all history pro1. Not searched out.

claims so loud, as the certain, unfailing curse, Oh! say what stranger cause, yet unexplor'd,

that has pursued and overtook sacrilege. South. Could make a gentle belle reject a lord?' Pope.

Thou, secure of my unfailing word, 2. Not tried; not known.

Compose thy swelling soul, and sheath thy sword. Under thy friendly, conduct will I dy

Dryden. To regions unexplor'd.

Dryden. UNFAIR. adj. Disingenuons; subdoUNEXPO'SED. adj. Not laid open to cen

lous; not honest. sure.

You come, like an unfair merchant, to charge . They will endeavour to diminish the honour

me with being in your debt

Swift. Y y %


Pope. .

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