תמונות בעמוד

The man of reason is a god

She sate an empress! aw'd the flood ! Who scorns to stoop to fortune's nod;

Her stable column Ocean trod; Sole agent he beneath the shining sphere,

She call'd the nations, and she callid the seas, Others are passive, are impellid,

By both obey'd : the Syrian sings ; Are frighten'd, flatter'd, sunk, or swellid,

The Cyprian's art her viol strings; As accident is pleas'd to domineer.

Togarmagh's steed along her valley neighs. Our hopes and fears are much to blame;

The fir of Senir makes her floor, Shall monarchs awe? or crowns inflame ?

And Bashan's oak, transform’d, her oar; From gross mistake our idle tumult springs;

High Lebanon her mast; far Dedan warms Those men the silly world disarm,

Her mantled host; Arabia feeds; Elude the dart, dissolve the charm,

Her sail of purple Egypt spreads; Who know the slender worth of men and things.

Arvad sends mariners; the Persian, arms.

The world's last limit bounds her fame;
The present object, present day,
Are idle phantoms, and away;

The golden city was her name !

Those stars on Earth, the topaz, onyr, blaze What's lasting only does erist. Know this,

Beneath her foot : extent of coast, Life, fame, friends, freedom, empire, all,

And rich as Nile's, let others boast; Peace, commerce, freedom, nobly fall

Hers the far nobler harvest of the seas, To lanch us on the flood of endless bliss.

O merchant land ! as Eden fair! How foreign these, though most in view!

Antient of empires ! Nature's care ! Go, look your whole existence through ;

The strength of Ocean! head of plenty's springs ! Thence, form your rule; thence fix your estimate,

The pride of isles! In wars rever'd! For so the gods : but as the gains,

Mother of crafts! lov'd! courted ! fear'd! How great the toil ! 'Twill cost more pains, Pilot of kingdoms! and support of kings! To vanquish folly, than reduce a state.

Great mart of nations !-- But she fell : Hence, Reason! the first palm is thine,

Her ramper'd sons revolt! rebel! Old Britain learnt from thee to shine. (smile, Against his favourite isle loud roars the main ! By thee, trade's swarming throng, gay freedom's The tempest howls! her sculptur'd dome Armies, in war of fatal frown,

Soon, the wolf's refuge; dragon's home! Of peace the pride, arts flowing down, The land, one allar ! a whole people, slain! Enrich, eralt, defend, instruct our isle,

The destin'd day puts on her frown;

The sable hour is coming down:
She's on her march from yon Almighty throne:

The sword and storm are in her hand;

She trumpets shrill her dread command :
Dark be the light of Earth! the boast, unknown !

For, oh! her sins as red as blood,
Arts from commerce. Why Britons should pursue

As crimson deep, outcry the flood; it. What wealth includes. An historical digres- The queen of trade is loughi ! once wise and just, sion which kind is most frequent in Pindar. The

Now, venal is her council's tongue: wealth and wonderful glory of Tyre, The ap

How riot, violence, and wrong, proach of her ruin. The cause of it. Her criines Turn gold to dro's, her blossom into dust! through all ranks and orders. Her miserable To things inglorious, far beneath fall. The neighbouring kings' just reflection on Those high-born souls they proudly breathe, it. An awful image of the divine power and Her sordid noble sinks ! her mighty, bow ! vengeance. From what Tyre fell, and how deep Is it for this, the groves around her calamity.

Return the tabrel's sprightly sound?

Is it for this, her great-ones toss the brow ? COMmerce gives arts, as well as gain;

What burning feuds 'twixt brothers reign! By commerce wafted o'er the main,

To nuptials cold, how glows the vein, They barbarous climes enlighten as they run ; Confounding kindred, and misleading right? Arts, the rich traffic of the soul !

The spurious lord it o'er the land ! May travel, thus, from pole to pole,

Bold blasphemy dares make a stand, And gild the world with learning's brighter sun. Assault the sky, and brandish all her might: Commerce gives learning, virtue, gold !

Tyre's artisan, sweet drator, Ply commerce, then, ye Britons bold,

Her merchant sage, big man of war, Inur'd to winds and seas ! lest gods repent : Her judge, her prophet, nay her hoary heads, The gods that thron'd you in the wave,

Whose brow with wisdom should be crown'd, And, as the trident's emblem, gave

Her very priests in guilt abound : A triple realm, that awes the continent :

Hence, the world's cedar all her honours sheds. And awes with wealth ; for wealth is power : What death of iruth! what thirst of gold! When Jove descends a golden shower,

Chiefs warm in peace, in battle cold ! 'Tis navies, armies, empire, all, in one.- What youth unletter'd! base ones lifted high! View, emulate, outshine old Tyre;

What public boasts! what private views ! In scarlet rob’d, with gems on fire,

What desert temples ! crowded stews! Her merchants, princes! every deck, a throne ! What womo l-practis'd but to roll ap cyel


O! foul of heart, her fairest dames

“ Ah! wretched isle, once call'd the great! Decline the Sun's intruding beams,

Ah! wretched isle, and wise too late! To mad the midnight in their gloomy haunts: The vengeance of Jehovah is gone out : Alas! there is, who sees them there ;

Thy luxury, corruption, pride, There is, who flatters not the fair,

And freedom lost, the realms deride, When cymbals tinkle, and the virgin chants. Ador'd thee standing, o'er thy ruins shout: He sees, and thunders !-Now, in vain!

To scourge with war, or peace bestow, The courser paws, and foams the rein;

Was thine, O fallen ! fallen low! And chariots stream along the printed soil :

T was thine, of jarring thrones to still debates : In vain! Her bigb, presumptuous air

How art thou fallen, down, down, down! In gorgeous vestments rich and rare,

Wide waste, and night, and horrcur frown, O'er her proud shoulder throws the poor man's toil. Where empire ilam'd in gold, and balanc'd states.

In robes or gems, her costly slain,

Green, scarlet, azure, shine, in vain !
In vain! their golden heads her turrets rear;
In vain ! high-flavour'd foreign fruits,

Sydonian oils, and Lydian lutes,
Glide o'er her tongue, and melt upon her ear.

In vain! wines flov in various streams,
With helm and spear each piliar gleams ;

An inference from this history. Advice to Britain. Damascus, vain! unfolds the glossy store;

More proper to her than other nations.

How far The golden wedge from Ophir's coasts,

the stroke of tyranny reaches. What supports From Arab incense vain, she boasts,

our endeavours. The unconsider'd benefits of Vain are her gods, and rainly men adore.

lilierty. Britain's obligation to pursue trade.

Why above half the globe is sea. Britain's Bel falls! the mighty Nebo bends!

grandeur from her situation. The winds, the The nations hiss ! her glory ends !

seas, the constellations, described. Sir Isaac To ships, her confidence! she flies from foes;

Newton's praise. Britain compared with other Foes meet her there : the wind, the wave, states. The leviathap described. Britain's site,

That once aid, strength, and grandeur gave, and antient title to the seas. Who rivals her. Plunge her in seas, from which her glory rose. Of Venice. Holland. Some despise trade as Her ivory deck, embroider'd sail,

mean. Censured for it. Trade's glory. The late And mast of cedar naught avail,

Czar. Solomon. A surprising instance of magOr pilot learn'd! She sivks, nor sinks alone,

nificence. The merchant's dignity. Compared Her gods sink with her! to the sky,

with .nen of letters. Which never more shall meet her eye, She sends her soul out in one dreadful groan.

Hence learn, as hearts are foul or pure, What though so vast her naval might,

Our fortunes wither or endure : In her first dawn'd the British right!

Nations may thrive, or perish by the wave. All flags abas'd her sea-dominion greet :

What storms from Jove's unwilling frown, What though she longer warr'd than Troy?

A people's crimes solicit down! At length her foes that isle destroy

Ocean's the womb of riches, and the grave. Whose conquest sail'd, as far as sail'd her fleet.

This truth, O Britain ! ponder well; The kings she cloth'd in purple shake

Virtues should rise, as fortunes swell: Their aweful brows : “O foul mistake!

What is large property ? --The sign of good, O fatal pride !" they cry, “this, this is she,

Of worth superior : if 't is less,
Who said — With my own art and arm,

Another's treasure we possess,
In the world's wealth I wrap me warm'-.
And swell’d at heart, vain empress of the sea !

And charge the gods with favours misbestow'da “This, this is she, who meanly soar'd :

This council suits Britannia's isle, Alas! how low, to be ador'd,

High-flush'd with wealth, and freedom's smile: And style herself a God !--Through stormy wars

To vassals prison'd in the continent, This Eagle-isle ber thunder bore,

Who starve, at home, on meagre toil, High-fed her young with human gore ;

And suck to death their mother soil, And would have built her nest among the stars.

'T were useless caution, and a truth mis-spent. “ But ah, frail man ! how impotent

Fell tyrants strike beyond the bone, To stand Heaven's vengeance, or prevent!

And wound the soul; bow genius down, To turn aside the great Creator's aim !

Lay virtue waste! for worth or arts, who strain, Shall island-kings with him contend,

To throw them at a monster's foot Who makes the poles beneath him bend ?

"T is property supports pursuit : And shall drink up the sea herself with flame? Freedom gives eloquence; and freedom, gain. “ Earth, Ether, Empyreum bow,

She ponrs the thought, and forms the style, When from the brazen inountain's brow

She makes the blood and spirits boil ; The God of Battles takes biş mighty bow:

I feel her now! and rouse, and rise, and rave Of wrath prepares to pour the flood,

In Theban song: O Muse! not thine,
Puts on his vesture dipt in blood,

Verse is gay freedom's gift divine :
And marches out to scourge the world below. The man that can think greatly, is no slave,

Others may traffic if they please ;

Proud Venice sits amid the wares;
Britain, fair daughter of the seas,

Her foot ambitious ocean lares :
Is born for trade; to plough her field, the wave : Art's noblest boast! but ) what wondrous odds
And reap the growth of every coast :

'Twixt Venice and Britannia's isle ! A speck of land ! but let her boast,

'Twixt mortal and immortal toil ! Gods gave the world, when they the waters gave. Britarmia is a Venice built by gods. Britain! behold the world's wide face;

Let Holland triumph o'er her foes, Nor cover'd half with solid space,

But vot o'er friends by whom she rose; Three parts are suid; empire of the sea !

The child of Britain ! and shall she contend And why? for commerce.

Ocean streams

It were no less than parricide:
For that, through all his various names :

What wonders rise from out the tide !
And, if for commerce, ocean flows for thee.

Her high and mighty to the rudder bend.
Britain, like some great potentate

And are there, then, of lofty brow,
Of eastern clime, retires in state,
Shuts out the nations! would a prince draw nigh? So far beneath the state of noble birth

Who think trade mean, and scorn to bow He passes her strong guards, the waves,

Alas! these chiefs but little know Of servant winds adınission craves,

Commerce how high, themselves how low; Her empire has no neighbour but the sky.

The sons of nobles are the sons of Earth.
There are her friends ; soft Zephyr there,
Keen Eurus, Notus never fair,

And what have Earth's mean sons to do, Rough Boreas bursting from the pole : all urge,

But reap her fruits, and warm pursue And urge for her, their various toil;

The world's chief good, not glut on others' toil? The Caspian, the broad Baltic boil,

High commerce from the gods came down, And into life the dead Pacific scourge.

With compass, chart, and starry croun,

Their delegale, to make the nations smile.
There are her friends, a marshal'd train :
A golden host! and azure plain !

Blush, and behold the Russian bow,
By turns do duly, and by turns retreat :

From forty crowns, his migbty brow They may retreat, but not from her;

To trade.—To tuil he turns his glorious hand: The star that quits this hemisphere

That arm, which swept the bloody field, Must quit the skies, to want a British Nect.

See! the huge ate, or hammer, wield; Hyad, for her, leans o'er her urn;

While sceptres wait, and thrones impatient stand. For her, Orion's glories burn,

O shame to subjects ! first renown, The Pleiads gleam. For Britons set and rise

Matchless example to the crown! The fair-fac'd sons of Mazaroth,

Old Time is poor: what age boasts such a sight? Near the deep chambers of the South,

Ye drones! adore the man divine The raging Dog that tires the midnight skies.

No; virtue still as mean decline, These nations Newton made his own;

Call Russians barbarous, and yourselves polite. All intimate with him alone.

He too of Judah, great, as wise, His mighty soul did, like a giant, run

With Hiram strove in merchandise : To the vast volume's closing star;

Monarchs with monarchs struggle for an ort! Decypher'd every character:

That merchant' sinking to his grave, His reason pour'd new light upon the Sun.

A food of treasure swells the cave; Let the proud brothers of the land

The king left much, the merchant lury'd more. Smile at our rock and tarren strand, Not such the sea : let Fohé's antient line

Is merchant an inglorious name? Vast tracts and ample beings vaunt;

No; tit for Pindar such a theme, The camel low, small elephant

Too great for me; I pant beneath the weight ! O Britain ! the leviathan is thine.

If loud as Ocean's were my voice,

If words and thoughts to court my choice Leviathan ! whom Nature's strife

Out-number'd sands, I could not reach its height. Brought forth, her largest piece of life; He sleeps an isle! his sports the billows warm !

Merchants o'er proudest heroes reign; Dreadful leviathan ! thy spout

Those trade in blessing, these in pain, Invades the skies; the stars are ont:

At slaughter swell, and shout, while nations groan: He drinks a riverand ejects a storm.

With purple monarchs, merchants vie ; Th’ Atlantic surge around our shore

If great to spend, what, to supply ? German and Caledonian roar;

Priests pray for blessings; merchants pour them Their mighty Genii hold us in their lap.

down. Hear Egbert, Edyar, Ethelred ;

Kings, merchants are in league and love; “ The seas are ours.”—The monarch said

Earth's odours pay soft airs above, The floods their hands, their hands the nations, clap. That o'er the teeming field prolific range;

Planets are merchants; take, return, Whence is a rival, then, to rise ?

Lustre and heat; by traffic burn; Can be be found beneath the skies?

The whole creation is one vast Exchange.
No, there, they dwell, that can give Britain fear :

The powers of Earth, by rival aim
Her grandeur but the more proclaim;

? Vast treasure taken from Solomon's tomb 1300 And prove their distance most, as they draw near. years after his death..Young.

is merchant an inglorious name?

Trade once extinguish'd, Britain's sun What say the sons of letter'd fame,

ls gone out too; his race is run; Proud of their volumes, swelling in their cells? He shines in vain! her isle's an isle indeed, In open life, in change of scene,

A spot too small to be o'ercome; Mid various manners, throngs of men,

Ah, dreadful safety ! wretched doom! Experience, arts, and solid wisdom dwells. No foe will conquer what no fue can feed. Trade, art's mechanic, Nature's stores

Trade's the source, sinew, soul of all : Well-weighs; to starry science soars :

Trade's all herself; hers, hers, the ball; Reads warm in life (dead-colour'd by the pen)

Where most unseen, the goddess still is there; The sites, tongues, interests, of the ball :

Trade leads the dance, trade lights the blaze, Who studies trade, he studies all;

The courtier's pomp! the student's ease! Accomplish'd merchants are accomplish'd men.

'T was trade at Blenheim fought, and clos'd the



What Rome and all her gods defies?

The Punic oar. Behold it rise
And battle for the world! trade gave the call;

Rich cordial from his naval art

Sent the strong spirits to his heart, Pindar invoked. His praise. Britain should de

That bid an Afric merchant grasp the ball. cline war ; but boldly assert her trade. Encouraged from the throne: Britain's condition Where is, on Earth, Jehovah's home? without trade. Trade's character, and sur- Trade mark'd the soil, and built the dome, prising deeds. Carthage. Solomon's temple. St. In which his majesty first deign d to dwell; Paul's church. The miser's character. The The walls with silver sheets o'erlaid, wonderful effects of trade. Why religion re- Rich, as the Sun, through gold unweigh’d, commended to the merchant. What, false joy. Bent the moon'd arch, and bid the column swell. What, true. What religion is to the merchant.

Grandeur unknown to Solomon ! Why trade more glorious in Britons than others.

Methinks the labouring Farth should groan, How warmly, and how long, to be pursued by us. The Briton's legacy. Columbus. His praise. Beneath yon loads : created sure, not made / America described. Worlds still unknown.

Servant and rival of the skies! Queen Elizabeth. King George the Second,

Heaven's arch alone can higher rise : His glory navally represented.

What hand immortal rais'd thee?-Humble trade.

Where badst thou been, if, left at large, How shall I further rouse the soul?

Those sinewy arms that tugg'd the barge How sloth's lascivious reign control

Had caught at pleasure on the flowery green? By verse with unextinguish'd ardour wronght?

If they that watch'd the midnight star How every breast infiame with mine?

Had swung behind the rolling car, How bid my theme still brighter sbine, Or fill'd it with disgrace, where hadst thou been? With wealth of words, and unexbausled thought :

As by repletion men consume, O thou Dircæan swan, on high,

Abundance is the miser's doom ; Round whom familiar thunders fly!

Expend it nobly; he that lets it rust, While Jove attends a language like his own :

Which, passing numerous hands, would shine ; Thy spirit pour, like vernal showers,

Is not a man, but living mine, My verse shall burst out with the flowers, Foe to the gods, and rival to the dust. While Britain's trade advances with her sun.

Trade barbarous lands can polish fair; Though Britain was not born to fear,

Make Earth well worth the wise man's care; Grasp not at bloody fame from uar; Nor war decline, if thrones your right invade :

Call forth her forests, charm them into fleets;

Can make one house of human race;
Jove gathers tempest black as night;

Can bid the distant poles embrace ;
Jove pours the golden flood of light;

Hers, every sun; and India, India meets.
Let Britain thunder, or let Britain trade.
Britain a comet, or a star,

Trade monarchs crowns, and arts imports,
In commerce this, or tbåt in war,

With bounty feeds, with laurel courts :
Let Britons shout ! Earth, seas, and skies resound! Trade gives fair virtue fairer still to shine ;
Commerce to kindle, raise, preserve,

Enacts those guards of gain, the laws ;
And spirit dart through every nerve,

Exalts e'en freedom's glorious cause. Hlear from the throne ' a voice through time re- Trade! warn’d by Tyre, O make religion thine ! nown'd.

You lend each other mutual aid :
So fall from Heaven the vernal showers,

Why is Heaven's smile, in wealth, convey'd!
To cheer the glebe, and wake the flowers; Tot to place vice, but virtues in our power :
The glooi call'd forth sees azure skies display'd; Pieasure declin'd, is lurury,
The bird of voice is proud to sing,

Boundless in time and in degree :
Industrious bees ply every wing,

Pleasure enjoy'd, the tumult of an hour,
Distend their cells, and urge their golden trade.
* The king's speech.

2 St. Paul's, built by the coal-tax-Younge

False joy 's a discomposing thing,

Apostrophe to the emperor. The Spanish armaThat jars on nature's trembling string,

da. Hou Britain should speak her resentment. Tempests the spirits, and untuines the frame: What gives power. Whal navies do in war. True joy, the sunshine of the soul,

The Tartar. Mogu). Africa. China. Who master A bright serene that calms the whole ;

of the world. What the history of the world is. Which they ne'er knew, whom other joys inflame. The genealogy of glory. Mistakes about it. Merchant ! religion is the care

Peace the merchant's harvest. Ships of divine To grow as rich-as angels are;

origin. Merchants ainbassadors. The Briton's To know false coin from Irue ; to sweep the main ;

voyage. Praise the food of glory. Britain's re

cord. The mighty stake secure, beyond

The strongest tie of field, or fund : Commerce gives gold, religion makes it gain.

BRITANNIA's state what bounds confine ? Join, then, religion to thy store,

(Of rising thought ( golden mine!) Or India's mines will make thee poor :

Mountains, Alps, streams, gulfs, oceans, set no bound; Greater than Tyre! O bear a nobler mind,

She sallies till she strikes the star; Sea-sovereign isle ! proud war decline,

Expanding wide, and lanching far Trade patronise! what glory thine,

As wind can fly, or rolling wave resound. Ardent to bless, who couldst subdue mankind !

Small isle! For Cæsars, for the son Rich commerce ply with warmth divine

Of Jove, who burst from Macedon, By day, by night; the stars are thine,

For gorgeous easterns blazing o'er mankind; Wear out the stars in trade! eternal ruu

Then, when they cail'd toe world their own, From age to age, the n'ble glow,

Not equal fame from fable shone: A rage to gain, and to lestow,

They rose to gods, iu half thy sphere confin'd, While ages last! in trade burn out the Sun!

Here, no demand for fancy's wing;

Plain truth's illustrious: as I sing,
Trade, Britain's all, our sires sent down
With toil, blood, treasure, ages won ;

O hear yon spungled harp repeat my lay!

Your starry lyre has caught the sound,
This, Edgar great bequeath'd; this, Edward bold:
Let Frobishers, let Raleighs fire!

And spreads it to the planets round,
O let Columbus' shade inspire !

Who best can tell where ends Britannia's sway. New worlds disclose, with Drake surround an old. The skies (fair-printed page!) unfold

The naval fame of heroes old ; Columbus scarce inferior fame

As in a mirror show th' adventurous throng: For thee to fou, than Heaven to frame

The decds of Grecian mariners That womb of gold and gem : ber wide domain, Are read by gods, are writ in stars, An universe ! her rivers, seas!

And noble verse, that shall endure as long, Her fruits, both men and gods to please!

The skies are records of the main, Heaven's fairest birth! and, but for thee, in vain !

Thence Argo listens to my strain ; Worlds still unknown deep shadows wrap;

Chiron, for song renown'd, his noble rage Call wonders forth from Nature's lap;

For naval fame and song renews, New glory pour on her Eternal Sire:

As Britain's fame he hears, and views ; O noble search ! () glorious care !

Chiron, the Shovell of a foriner age. Are ye not Britons ? why despair ?

The whale (for late I sung his praise) New worlds are due to such a godlike fire.

Pours grateful lustre on my lays ; Swear by the great Eliza's soul,

How smiles Arion's friend' with partial beams ! That trade, as long as waters roll

Eridanus would flatter too, Ab! no; the gods chastise my rash decree:

But jealousies his smile subdue ; By great Eliza do not swear ;

He fears a British rival in the Thames. For thee, George! the gols declare:

In pride the Lion lifts his name, And thou for them! late time shall swear by thee. To see his British brothers reign Truth, bright as stars, with thee prevails;

As stars below: the Balance, George! from thine, Full be ths fame, as swelling sails,

Which weighs the nations, learns to weigh Constant, as tides, thy mind; as masis, elate;

More accurate the night and day ; Thy justice, an unerring helm

From thy fair daughters Virgo learns to shine. To steer Britannia's fickle realm ;

Of Britain's court, ye lesser lights! Tby numerous race, sure anchor of her state !

How could the wise man gaze whole nights On Richmond's eye, op Berenice's hair!

But, oh! you practise shameful arts;

Your own relain, seize others' hearts,

Pirates, not merchants, are the British fair.

This truth I swear by Cynthia's beam,

Pale queen! be flush'd at Britain's fame; What is the bound of Britain's power. Beyond And, rolling, tell the nations" o'er the main

that of the most famed in history. The signs To share her empire is thy pride." Lyra. What the constellations are. Argo. The He, mighty power! who curbs the tide, whale. The dolphin. Eridanus. The lion. Uncurbs, estends, throws wide Britannia's reige: Libra. Virgo. Berenice. The British ladies censured, The Moon What the sea is.

! The dolphin


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