תמונות בעמוד

Niobt is far spent, the Day is at Hand, let us there fore cast off the Works of Darkness, and let us pub on the Armour of Light. By the Night in this place, I understand to be the time allotted for this World to continue in its finful fallen State. By the Day that is at hand, must be understood of the Day of Redemption, or the Glory of Christ's visible Kingdom, the time in which the Saints then did, and in which we now do live, may be called a Night in comparison of that blessed Day, or that glorious Light, which is, and will break forth upon the first Branch or Entrance of the Kingdom of Chrift. Well, this Night of Darkness is far spent, and the Day of our Deliverance is at hand.

Heb. i. v. 1, 2. God who at sundry times, and in di- vers manners spake in time past unto the Fathers by the Prophets, bath in these last Days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed Heir of all things, By mbom also be made the Worlds. The last Days we see then was begun in the Apostles time, the time from the first unto the second Coming of Chrift, are called the last Days. It was looked upon by the Apostles and the Saints then, to be the last Days and the last Times.

Heb. ix. v. 26. But now once in ihe End of the World, haib be appeared to put away Sin by the Sacrifice of himself. The time that Christ suffered, and offered up himself as a Sacrifice for Sin, was counted or looked upon and esteemed by the Spirit of God to be the End of the World, in comparison of the Time, which run out before from the Creation, unto the Death of Christ. · I Cor. vii. v. 29, 30, 31. But this I say, Brethren, the Time is flangt, it remaineth that both they that i have Wives, be as though they had nine ; and they Į that weep, as though they wept not; and they that re

joice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy as though they possessed not; and they that use this World, as not abusing it; for the Fashion of this World passeth away. The time allowed for the

World to continue, is but short ; how much more 1 then must that little time of our Continuance in Et it be short also; therefore should we sit loose to

the things of this Life, because this world, and E: every thing in it is passing away ; every thing i in this world is in a fleeting, passing Pofture; a

going off of the Stage as fast as Day and Night can carry them.

James v. 8. Be ye also patient ; establish your Hearts; for the coming of the Lord drawetb nigh. And in Verse 9. Grudge not one against another, Brethren,

left ye be condemned : behold the Judge landetb bei före the Door ; or the Judge standeth at the Door.

Therefore should we wait with Patience, and yet with an earnest Expectation and desire for the coming of the Lord ; as the Husbandman'waiteth for the precious Fruits of the Earth; in which waiting there is both Patience, with an earnest defire in the Husbandman, made use of. Verse 7. How much more then should this be found in, and made use of by all the Saints! Seeing that the Judge, which is the Lord Jesus Chrift, was said so long ago to stand at the Door. '.

1 Pet. iv. 5. Who shall (speaking of the Ungodly) sive account to him that is ready to judge the quick

and the dead. The Apoftle Peter speaketh here as - if the time of the Judgment (wherein the quick

and dead are to be judged) were just at hand: As

a Person who is ready to do any Expedition, may be said to be. And in Verse 7. but the End of all things is at hand; be ye therefore fober, and watch unto Prayer. By the Word All things respecteth All things relating to this World, All things appertaining to this mortal Life. The end of all these Things was at hand in the Apostles time, what then can we think of these things now? Whatfoever is said to be at hand, must certainly be very near.

I lohn ii. 18. Little Children, it is the last time; and as we have beard tbat Antichrift shall come, even How there are many Antichrists, whereby we know that it is the last time. What did the Apostle say it was the last time in his Day? And not only fo, but draws a strong Argument from Antichrift being already come, there being many Antichrifts then in being, whereby we know (faith he) that it is the last time : What can we think of these Words? That the Apostle was mistaken ? Surely no: The Spirit of God by which he spake could not be miftaken, and therefore it was the last time: And did the Apoftle think that it was the last time then, and gives us a reason for it, why it must be so? From the Signs of many Antichrists that were then in theWorld to demonstrate it. How comes it about that we are so hard to believe this to be the laft time in which we live? Surely if it were the last time then, it cannot but must be fo, much more now, who live in the very Dregs of the last Days. - Rev. i. 3. Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the Word of this Prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein; for the time is at hand. We may observe from hence, that though this Book

of the Revelation is very deep and mysterious; yet it is not only a Duty to read and meditate therecn, but a blessedness is said to be on such that do read it, hear, and keep those things that are written therein; and that which is laid down as a Motive to encourage us in reading of it, is from what followeth, For the Time is at hand. The time was át hand then for many things to be fulfilled, viz. the Rise and Reign of Antichrist;the Trials, Troubles, Affli&ion, and the Sufferings of the Saints, during the time of Antichrist's. Reign. The time, of the other part of the Prophecy cannot now be far off, but must certainly bę at hand also, viz. the Fall and Ruin of Antichrift, and the Deliverance of the Church of God out of all her Troubles.

Rev. iii, 11. Behold I come quickly; hold that faft which thou hast, that no Man take thy Crown. This is a Promise of Christ, behold I come quickly. This Promise was for the encouragement, not only of the Church of Philadelphia, but all the Saints, to hold fast and keep clean their holy Profession, that no Man might take their Crown. Because here will be particular Rewards given by the Lord Jesus, at the time of his coming, unto those who ha ve been most faithful unto Christ, as in Verse 10. Because thou hast kept the Word of my Patience, I also wil keep thee from the hour of Temptation which shall come upon all the World, to try them that dwell upon the Earth. This shews us that it will be a trying time, before Christ comes to set up his Kingdom, not only unto the World, but unto the People of God who shall be then living in it, excepting those who have patiently and faithfully kept the Doctrine of Christ, both in the Faith and ...Ooo


Order of it, called the Word of his Patience; These Ihall be kept from the Hour of Temptation, which will at that time come upon all others. Now for an Encouragement unto the Children of God, that they might not faint under these Confiderations, but hold fast that which they had received unto the End, the Lord promises, (with a Remark to take Notice of it) behold, I come quickly.

Heb. x. 37. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry, Who is this that will come and will not tarry? This can be no other than the Lord Jesus Christ : And what a coming is it, that is here promised ? It must mean his personal coming from Heaven, or at leaft his coming by his Spirit, in the begining, or first Branch of his Kingdom ; which will be the time of the Saints Deliverance, and the beginning of

the Endrice of it) bebor little while, an Who is this - Heb. I. 37. Food will not tat!! This can be no

certain, both with Respect unto the Reality and Nearness thereof, and therefore it is said to be yet a little while, and be that shall come, will come and will not tarry. If the Lord faith that he shall and will come, who then shall hinder it? If the Lord promiseth, that it will be yet but a little while, and he will come without making any Delay; sig. nified by that Word, and will not tarry; then here is a strong Foundation for us to believe that now it cannot be long before Christ will set up his Kingdom visible in the World ; but the Just shall live by Faith. Verse 38. .

Rev xxii. 7. Behold I come quickly; blessed is be that keepeth the Sayings of the Prophecy of this Book, &c. This personal Appellation cannot in these Words be applied unto none but Jesus Chrift:


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