תמונות בעמוד


The use that I would make of this doctrine is, to warn those who are in a natural condition to flee out of it, and by no means to look back. While you are out of Christ, you are in Sodom. The whole history of the destruction of Sodom, with all its circumstances, seems to be inserted in the scriptures for our warning, and is set forth for an example, as the Aposthe Jude says. It, in a lively manner, typifies the case of natural men, the destruction of those that continue in a natural state and the manner of their escape who flee to Christ. The Psalmist, when speaking of the appointed punishment of ungodly men, seems evidently to refer to the destruction of Sodom, in Psalm xi. 6. “Upon the wicked God shall rain snares, fire, and brimstone, and an horrible tempest; this shall be the portion of their cup."

Consider therefore what the state is that you are to get out of, you that are seeking an interest in Christ : You are to flee out of Sodom. Sodom is the place of your nativity, and the place where you have spent your lives hitherto. You are cit. izens of that city which is full of filthiness and abomination before God, that polluted and accursed city. You belong to that impure society. You not only live among them, but you are of them, you are some that have committed those abominations, and have so provoked God as you have heard. It is you that I have all this while been speaking of under this doctrine ; you are the inhabitants of Sodom. Perhaps you may look on your circumstances as not very dreadful ; but yoči dwell in SodomThough you may be reformed, and appear with a clean outside, and a smooth face to the world ; yet as long as you are in a natural condition, you are impure inhabitants of Sodom.

The world of mankind is divided into two companies, or, I

may say, into two cities : There is the city of Zion, the

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church of God, the holy and beloved city; and there is Sodom, that polluted and accursed city, which is appointed to destruction. You belong to the latter of these. How much soever you may look upon yourselves better than some others, yeť you are of the same city; the same company with fornicators, and drunkards, and adulterers, and common swearers; and highwaymen, and pirates, and Sodomites. How much soev: er you may think yourselves distinguished, as long as you are out of Christ you belong to the very same society; you are of the company, you join with them, and are no better than they, any otherwise than as you have greater restraints. You are considered in the sight of God as fit to be ranked with them. You and they are altogether the objects of the loathing and abhorrence of God, and have the wrath of God abiding on you ; you will go with them and be destroyed with them, if you do not escape from your present state. Yea, you are of the same society and the same, company with the devils, for. Sodom is not only the city of wicked men, but it is the hold of every foul spirit.

You belong to that city that is appointed to an awful, inev. itable, universal, swift, and sudden destruction; a city that hath a storm of fire and wrath hanging over it. Many of you are convinced of the awful state you are in while in Sodom, and are making some attempts to escape from the wrath which hangs over it.

Let such be warned by what hath been said, to escape for their lives, and not to look back. Look not back, unless you choose to have a share in the burning tempest that is coming down on that city. Look not back in remembrance of the enjoyments which you have had in Sodom, as hankering after the pleasant things which you have had there, after the ease, the security, and the pleasure which you have there enjoyed.

Remember Lot's wife; for she looked back, as being loath utterly and for ever to leave the ease, the pleasure and plenty which she enjoyed in Sodom, and as having a mind to return to them again : Remember what becane of her..... Remem: ber the children of Israel in the wilderness, who were desira

ous of going back again into Egypt, because they remember. ed the leeks and onions, &c. of Egypt; Numb. xi. 5, “ We remember the flesh which we did eat in Egypt freely, the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlick.” Reriember what was the issue of their hankering. You must be willing for ever to leave all the ease, and pleasure, and profit of sin, to forsake all for salvation, as Lot forsook all, and left all lie had, to escape out of Sodom. And further to enforce this warning, let me intreat all you

who are in this state, to consider these several things which I shall now mention :

I. 'The destruction of which you are in danger is infinitely more dreadful than that destruction of the literal Sodom from which Lot fled. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in a storm of fire and brimstone, was but a shadow of the destruction of ungodly men in hell, and is no more to it than a shadow or a picture is to a reality, or than painted fire is to real fire. The misery of hell is set forth by various shadows and images in Scripture, as blackness of darkness, a never dying worm, fumace of fire, a lake of fire and brimstone, the torments of the valley of the son of Hinnom, a storm of fire and brimstone, The reason why so many similitudes are made use of, is bedause none of them are sufficient. Any one does but partly and very imperfectly represent the truth, and therefore God makes use of many.

You have therefore much more need to make haste in your escape, and not to look behind you, than Lot and his wife had when they fled out of Sodom ; for you are every day and every moment in danger of a thousand times.more dreadful storm coming on your heads, than that which came on Sodom, when the Lord rained brimstone and fire from the Lord out of lieaven upon them ; so that it will be vastly more sottish in you to look back than it was in Lot's wife.

2. The destruction you are in danger of is not only greater than the temporal destruction of Sodom, but greater than the eternal destruction of the inhabitants of Sodom. For however well you may think you have behaved yourselves, you

who have continued impenitent under the glorious gospel, have sinned more, and provoked God far more, and have greater guilt upon you, than the inhabitants of Sodom ; although you may seem to yourselves, and perhaps to others, to be very harmless creatures. Matth. X. 15. Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city.

3. Multitudes, while they have been looking back, have been suddenly overtaken and seized by the storm of wrath. The wrath of God hath not delayed, while they have delayed.; it has not waited at all for them to repent, to turn about and flee; but has presently seized them, and they have been past hope.....When Lot's wife looked back, she was immediately destroyed. God had exercised patience towards her before. When she lingered at the setting out, the angels pressed her, her husband and children, to make haste. Not only so, but when they yet delayed, they laid hold on her hands, and brought her forth, and set her without the city, the Lord being merciful to her. But now when, notwithstanding this mercy, and the warnings which had been given her, she looked back, God exercised no more patience towards her, but proceeded in wrath immediately to put her to death.

Now God has in like manner been merciful to you. You in time past have been lingering ; you have been warned by the angel of your danger, and pressed to make haste and flee; yet you have delayed. And now at length God hath, as it were, laid hold on you, by the convictions of his Spirit, to draw you out of Sodom ; therefore remember Lor's wife. If now after all, you should look back, when God hath been so merciful to you, you will have reason to fear, that God will suddenly destroy you, and wait no longer on you. Multitudes when they have been looking back and putting off to another opportunity, they have never had another opportunity ; they have been suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy.

4. If you look back, and live long after it, there will be great danger that you will never get any further. The only way to seek salvation is to press forward, with all your might;

and still to look and press forward, never to stand still or slacken your pace..... When Lot's wife stopped in her flight, and stood still in order that she might look, her punishment was, that there she was to stand for ever ; she never got any farther ; she never got beyond that place ; but there she stood as a pillar of salt, a durable pillar and monument of wrath, for her folly and wickedness.

So it very often is with backsliders, though they may live' a considerable time after. When they look back, after they have been taking paius for their salvation, they loose all, they put themselves under vast disadvantages; by quenching the Spirit of God, and losing their convictions, they dreadfully harden their own hearts and stupify their souls, make way

for discouragements, dreadfully strengthen and establish the interest of sin in their hearts, many ways give Satan great advantages to ruin them, and provoke God oftentimes utterly to. leave them to hardness of heart. When they come to look. back, their souls presently become dead and hard like Lot's wife's body : And if this be the case, though they live long after, they never get any further ; it is worse for them than if they were immediately damned. When persons in fleeing out of Sodom look back, their last case is far worse than the first ; Matth. xii. 43, 44, 45.....And experience confirms that none ordinarily are so hard to be brought to repentance as backsliders.

5. It may well stir you up to flee for your lives, and not to look behind you, when you consider how many have lately fled to the mountain, while you yet remain in Sodom. To what multitudes hath God given the wisdom to flee to Christ, the mountain of safety! They have fled to the little city Zoar, which God will spare and never destroy. How many have you seen of all sorts resorting out of Sodom thither, as believing the word of God by the angels, that God would surely destroy that place. They are in a safe condition ; they are got. out of the reach of the storm; the fire and brimstone can do them no hurt there.

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