תמונות בעמוד

Dead in Cbrift fhall rise first, and then those Chri: flians whom that Day fball find alive, shall, in

the twinkling of an Éye be changed into the same Form and Condition of Body with those that is rose from the Dead, and be caught up in the Air to meet Chrift. They who obtaind by that short cut of Death cancell'd by Change, have the Privilege to

run together with them that rise, to the Place of Judgment. (Tertul. de Resur. Cap.41.)

Page 67. Sect. 2. This Ele&ion I say beirig gathered to the Place of Judgment; the Reprobates

(that is all Idolaters, the whole Pagan World, that ::. have lived and died in Gentilifm ;) Thall be raised, ! (though he does not tell us here how long the

time may be betwixt the Saints being where Christ is, and the Wicked rising) and those that * are living, (that is of the wicked) shall be changed; S and Satan now let loose (the whole Church wait. . ing in the Air the Judge's coming) will re-enter. < upon his old Demesne, and drive the Cattle he " there finds as his own, as Waifs and Strays froin the

great Shepherd of Souls ; and persuading them perhaps (faith he) that he raised them from the Dead, © and would now at last be revenged on Christ and his · Saints, and decoying them into an Opinion that they . had a fair Opportunity of making Havock of the City and · People of God altogether, of swallowing ( up the little Flock of Christ at one Morsel, now they

were all in a Body (and a Body so contemptible in Comparison of those Multitudes which he headed s being as the Sand on the Sea Shore; or by whatso

6 ever Infinuations, he will prevail with them to march jo up under his and bis Angels Conduct, from all e Parts of the World, as making up the Gog and


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'Magog Army. The one being in the lower, and

the other (as I understand him) in the upper He

misphere, against the Holy Land and the Camp of 'the Saints, which while they are encompasing, 'the Judge appears, and with that devouring Fire ' that goes before him, destroys them in a Moment.

· And in Page 69. Se&t. 3. That this going out of Satan, to deceive the Nations into an Engagement against the Holy City, will not be till after the Re(surrection of the Just, (and the Wicked) may be 'inferr'd from the Numerousness of this Army for Multitude, as the Sand of the Sea; large enough to I march upon the Breadtb of the Earth; such a Mul

titude as (doubtless) shall never be seen together, but when the Heathen shall be awaked, and come up < to the Valley of Jehosaphat; where God sball fit "to judge all the Heathen roand about, even those Multitudes of Multitudes in the Valley of Decision, ' whether the Heathen are to come, and gather them

selves' round about under the Conduct of the mighty i one, whom the Lord will cause thither to come, and ", bring down, and the great Warrior shall be tamed.

Joel iii. 11, 12, 13, and 14 .. < Again in Page the 70th, The Literal Exposition of these Words which I give, are out of Danger ; for it is posible enough that at the Resurrection of the Urijust, when all the Infidels and excommunicate < Personis Mall stand up out of the Duft togeether, they will cover the Breadth of the Earth ; the " Wings of that Army of Aliens from the Covenant of

Grace, will reach North and South ; and their Files ! be as deep as from East to Weft; though they fand ' no greater Distance one from another, than an Ar< my in Battalia,


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There will be People enough to fill the whole Face of the Earth (in this Gog and Magog Army) faninig that Part of it that shall be railed in about the buly Mount. And that is an Argument that the far greatest part of that Army must rise out of the

Earth ; (he does suppose that some of the Wicked will be found living at this time, who will immediately be changed, upon the rising of the rest of the Dead : And so 'will both together make up Gog and Magog.) . For from whence else can so many be e gathered, as to cover the wbole Superficies of the Earth ? For so inany living together in a morial

State, would put the World into such a Crowd, as 10 * be utterly imposible of living in such a Condition. ! And for that other Expresion (As the Sand of the ? Sea for Multitude) he that thinks it an Hyperbole,

may think it fefill for me ; all that I need afirm is it this, that the Gogick and Magogick Army sball for ! . Multitude come as near the Sard on the Sea-flore, as ic an Army can do that is pitched on the Earth, &c.

Thus far the Doctor. And therefore the Number of all the Wicked when raised, must be understood for the making up of this great Multitude.

Thus I have been endeavouring to shew who it is I and from whence this Gog and Magog Army is to árise at the End of the thousand Years. And tho' the Doctor and I do not agree in other Points, yet it his Description of Gog and Magog, you may fee how he writes (in Substance) the very same thing. 1 And now I have done in offering my. Thoughts,

and have given fome Reasons that to me it seems as if it would be fo. Yet as I said (before) I dare not i positively assert that it will be thus ; because of The Difficulty and Mysteriousness which lies in

this knotty Text of Scripture, how such à vaft Army should arise, and be deluded by the Devil

(after the Time of such a glorious Reign of the saints · with Christ) at the End of the thousand Years.

But however, one of these two I think it muft be, either some of the Ungodly will be left living in a mortal State, on the Outside Parts and Borders of the Earth, to increase and multiply into a numerous Off-spring, which the Devil will detain, and out of which the Gog and Magog is to arife, when the thousand Years are finished : Or else the whole Number of the Wicked, when raised out of their Graves, and muftered all together by the Devil from the four Quarters of the Earth.

And seeing we cannot be certain in this difficult Point, our Duty is to wait with Patience until Time (which is the best Expositor of such Prophetical Texts) shall make it manifest. Yet is it our Duty to be like the noble Bereans in searching of the Scrip tures. And therefore in giving of my Thoughts, this latter Interpretation seems not to have so much Difficulty in it as the former. But as long as I do not make it an Article of Faith, only have modeftly spoke my Apprehensions about it, I desire that the candid Rea:ler would pardon my Mistake, if he thinks I have missed it. "

But to return to a further Consideration of this Verse; And Mall go out to deceive the Nations (that is the Devil, when let loose out of his Prison, with the rest of the Dead raised, at the End of the thousand Years) which, are in the four Quarters of the Earth (where the Wicked will be at that Time, fuch a Number as will fill all Parts and Places of the World) Gog and Magog, to gather them together to


out of the Land by thesapt, viz. The

Battel, the Number of whom is as the Sand of the Sea. This Gog and Magog, which is to appear at the End of the thousand Years, I do not look upon to be the same with Ezekiel's Gog; but different from it, both with respect to the Manner and Time of their Coming, as may be easily discerned, if we consider the 38th and 39th Chapters of Ezekiel : First as to the Number; though this Gog will be a great Company, and gathered out of many Nati, ons, yet not as the Sand of the Sea, nor gathered out of the four Quarters of the World.

zly, In this War there is to be some Execution done more than a mere Attempt, viz, The Overcoming of Gog and Magog by theSaints; the Smiting of the Bowe out of the Left Hand, and causing the Arrows to fall out of the Right Hard. The 39th, ver, iii. In the other there is only an Attempt made, by taking of a Compass upon the Breadth of the Earth, and are immediately destroyed by Fire from Heaven.

Thirdly, Here are some to escape and turn back again, as in Verse 2. And I will turn thee back, and leave but the fixth part of thee. But the Gog in Revelations not one shall escape that dreadful Fire of the Wrath of God.

Fourthly, In Ezekiel's Gog there is to be a Burning of the Weapons, both the Shields and the Bucklers, the Bows and the Arrows, and the Handjaves and the Spears, and they shall burn them with Fire seVen Tears. In John's Gog we read of no such thing, neither will there be so much Time allowed as sever Tears for the Burning of Weapons, but the last Judgment immediately to ensue. Verse 9. Besides the Cities of Israel are at this time to go forth, to fet on fire and burn their l'eapons ; the Fire that is to


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