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high, yet hath he respect unto 8 Jf I take the wings of the the lowly ; as far as the proud, morning, and remain in the he beholdeth them afar off. uttermost part of the sea ;

7 Though I walk in the 9 Even there also shall thy midst of trouble, yet shali thou hand lead me, and thy right refresh me; thou shalt stretch hand shall hold me. forth thy hand upon the fu- 10 If I say, Peradventure riousness of mine enemies, and the darkness shall cover me; thy right hand shall save me. then shall my night be turned

8 The Lord shall make good to day. his loving-kindness toward Il Yea, the darkness is no me; yea, thy mercy, O Lord, darkness with thee, but the endureth for ever; despise night is as clear as the day; not then the works of thine the darkness and light to thee own hands.

are both alike.

12 For my reins are thine ; The Twenty-ninth Day. thou hast covered me in my

MORNING PRAYER. mother's womb. Psalm cxxxix. Domine, pro- thee, for I am fearfully and

13 I will give thanks unto basti.

wonderfully made: marvel.


me out, and known me ; my soul knoweth right well. thou knowest my down-sitting, 14 My bones are not hid and mine up-rising; thou un- from thee, though I be made derstandest my thoughts long secretly, and fashioned bebefore.

neath in the earth. 2 Thou art about my path, 15 Thine


did see my and about my bed ; and spiest substance, yet being imperout all my ways.

fect; and in thy book were 3 For lo, there is not a wordfall my members written ; in my tongue, but thou, O 16 Which day by day were Lord, knowest it altogether. fashioned, when as yet there

4 Thou hast fashioned me was none of them. behind and before, and laid 17 How dear are thy counthine hand upon me. sels unto me, O God; how

5 Such knowledge is too great is the sum of them ! wonderful and excellent for 18 If I tell them, they are me; I cannot attain unto it. more in number than the

6 Whither shall I go then sand; when I wake up, I am from thy Spirit, or whither present with thee. shall I go then from thy pre- 19 Wilt thou not slay the sence ?

wicked, O God ? depart from 7 If I climb up into heaven, me, ye blood-thirsty men. thou art there ; if I go down 20 For they speak unrighto hell, thou art there also. teously against thee į and thine enemies take thy Namel 8 Let not the ungodly have in vain.

his desire, O Lord ; let not his 21 Do not I hate them, O mischievous imagination prosLord, that hate thee? and am per, lest they be too proud. not I grieved with those that 9 Let the mischief of their rise up against thee? own lips fall upon the head of

22 Yea, I hate them right them that compass me about. sore; even as though they 10 Let hot burning coals were mine enemies.

fall upon them i let them be 23 Try me, O God, and cast into the fire, and into the seek the ground of my heart ; pit, that they never rise up prove me, and examine my again. thoughts.

11 A man full of words shall 24 Look well if there be not prosper upon the earth : any way of wickedness in me ; evil shall hunt the wicked perand lead me in the way ever-son, to overthrow him. lasting.

12 Sure I am that the Lord

will avenge the poor, and Psalm cxl. Eripe me, Domine.

maintain the cause of the DELIVER me, O Lord, helpless.

man and

13 The righteous also shall preserve me from the wicked give thanks unto thy Name ; man;

and the just shall continue in 2 'Who imagine mischief thy sight. in their hearts, and stir up strise all the day long.

Psalm cxli. Domine, clamavi.

3€ They have sharpened L haste thee unto me, and

their tongues. like a serpent ; adder's poison is under their consider my voice, when I lips.

cry unto thee. 4 Keep me, O Lord, from 2 Let my prayer be set forth the hands of the ungodly; pre. in thy sight as the incense ; serve me from the wicked and let the lifting up of my men, who are purposed to hands be an evening sacrifice. overthrow my goings.

3 Set a watch, O Lord, be5 The proud have laid a fore my mouth, and keep the snare for me, and spread a door of my lips. net abroad with cords ; yea, 4 O let not mine heart be and set traps in my way. inclined to any evil thing; let

6 I said unto the Lord, Thou me not be occupied in ungodly art my God; hear the voice works with the men that work of my prayers, O Lord. wickedness, lest I eat of such

7 O Lord God, thou things as please them. strength of my health; thou 5 Let the righteous rather hast covered my head in the smite me friendly, and re« day of battle.

Iprove me.

6 But let not their precious and said, Thou art my hope, balms break my head; yea, I and my portion in the land of will pray yet against their the living wickedness.

7 Consider my complaint ; 7 Let their judges be over- for I am brought very low. thrown in the stony places, 8 v deliver me from my that they may hear my words ; persecutors, for they are too for they are sweet.

strong for me. 8 Our bones lie scattered 9 Bring my soul out of pribefore the pit, like as when son, that I may give thanks one breaketh and heweth unto thy Name; which thing wood upon the earth. if thou wilt grant me, then

9 But mine eyes look unto shall the righteous resort unthee, O Lord God; in thee is to my company. my trust ; O cast not out my Psalm cxliii. Damine, exaudi. soul 10 Keep me from the spare

HEAR my prayer, O Lords that they have laid for me, and consider my desire ; and from the traps of the hearken unto me for thy truth wicked doers.

and righteousness' sake. 11 Let the ungodly fall inco 2 And enter not into judg. their own nets together, and ment with thy servant; for let me ever escape them. in thy sight shall no man live

ing be justified. EVENING PRAYER. 3 For the enemy hath perPsalm cxlii. Voce mea ad

secuted my soul; he hath Dominum.

smitten my life down to the

ground ; he hath laid me in CRIED unto the Lord the darkness, as the men that

with my voice; yea, even have been long dead. unto the Lord did I make my 4. Therefore is my spirit supplication.

vexed within me, and my 2 I poured out my com- heart within me is desolate. plaints before him, and show

5 Yet do I remember the ed him of my trouble. time past ; I muse upon all

3 When my spirit was in thy works; yea, I exercise heaviness, thou knowest my myself in the works of thy path; in the way wherein 1 hands. walked, have they privily laid 6 I stretch forth my hands a snare for me.

unto thee; my soul gaspeth . 4 I looked also upon my unto thee as a thirsty land. right hand, and saw there was 7 Hear me, () Lood, and no man that would know me. that soon ; for my spirit wax

5 I had no place to flee unto, eth faint: hide not thy face from and no man cared for my soul.me, lest I be like unto them

6 I cried unto thee, O Lord, that go down into the pik.



8 let me hear thy loving-mountains, and they shall kindness betimes in the morn-smoke. ing; for in thee is my trust : 6 Cast forth thy lightning, show thou me the way that I and tear them ; shoot out thine should walk in ; for I lift up arrows, and consume them. my soul unto thee.

7 Send down thine hand 9 Deliver me, O Lord, from from above ; deliver me, and mine enemies ; for I-flee unto take me out of the great wathee to hide me.

ters, from the hand of strange 10 Teach me to do the thing children ; that pleaseth thee ; for thou 8 Whose mouth talketh of art my God : let thy loving vanity, and their right hand Spirit lead me forth into the is a right hand of wickedness. land of righteousness.

9 I will sing a new song 11 Quicken me, O Lord, unto thee, O God; and sing for thy Name's sake ; and for praises unto thee upon a tentby righteousness' sake bring stringed lute. my soul out of trouble.

10 Thou hast given victory 12 And of thy goodness slay unto kings, and hast delivered mine enemics, and destroy all David, thy servant, from the them that vex my soul; for 1 peril of the sword. am thy servant.

11 Save me, and deliver

me from the hand of strange The Thirtieth Day. children, whose mouth talkeih

of vanity, and their right hand MORNING PRAYER,

is a right hand of iniquity; Psalm cxliv. Benedictus 12 That our sons may grow Dominus.

up as the young plants, and LESSED be the Lord, that our daughters may be as

my strength, who teach the polished corners of the eth my hands to war, and my temple ; fingers to fight.

13 That our garners may 2 My hope and my fortress, be full and plenteous with all my castle and deliverer, my manner of store ; that our defender, in whom I trust; sheep may bring forth thouwho subdueth ny people that sands, and ten thousands 'in is under me.

our streets ; 3 Lord, what is man, that

14 That our oxen may be thou bast such respect unto strong to labour ; that there him? or the son of man, that be no decay, no leading into thou so regardest him? captivity, and no complaining

4 Man is like a thing of in our streets. nought; his time passeth away 15 Happy are the people like a shadow.

that are in such a case ; yea, 5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, blessed are the people who and come down ; touch the have the Lord for their God.


Psalm cxlv. Exaltabo te, lasting kingdom, and thy doDeus.

minion endureth throughout

all ages.



WILL magnify thee, O 14 The Lord upholdeth all

God, my King ; and I will such as fall, and liftelh up all praise thy Name for ever and those that are down. ever.

15 The eyes of all wait upon 2 Every day will I give thee, O Lord; and thou give thanks unto thee, and praise est them their meat in due thy Name for ever and ever.

3 Great is the Lord, and 16 Thou openest thine hand, marvellous, worthy to be prais- and fillest all things living with ed; there is no end of his plenteousness. greatness.

17 The Lord is righteous 4 Onegeneration shall praise in all his ways, and holy in all thy works unto another, and his works. declare thy power.

18 The Lord is nigh unto 5 As for me, I will be talk- all them that call upon him; ing of thy worship, thy glory, yea, all such as call upon him thy praise, and wondrous faithfully. works ;

19 He will fulfil the desire 6 So that men shall speak of them that fear him; he of the might of thy marvel- also will hear their cry, andi lous acts; and I will also tell will help them. of thy greatness.

20 The Lord preserveth all 7. The memorial of thine them that love him ; but scatabundant kindness shall be tereth abroad all the ungodly, showed ; and men shall sing 21 My mouth shall speak of thy righteousness. the praise of the Lord ; and

8 The Lord is gracious and let all flesh give thanks unto merciful ; long-suffering, and his holy Name for ever and of great goodness. 9 The Lord is loving unto

Psalm czlyi. every man, and his mercy is

Lauda, anima over all his works.

RAISE my thee, O Lord ; and thy saints soul : , I give thanks unto thee. praise the Lord ; yea, as long

11 They show the glory of as I have any being, I will sing thy kingdom, and talk of thy praises unto my God. power :

20 put not your trust in 12 That thy power, thy princes, nor in any child of glory, and mightiness of thy man; for there is no help in kingdom, might be known them. unto men.

3 For when the breath of 13 Thy kingdom is an ever-man goeth forth, he shall turn




10 All thy works praise P Rout:

while I live, will

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