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Sovereign Popes or Archbishops Ecclesiasti- lo tengah Bishops of Canter-cal. &

Remarkable | Profane Princes. Per of Rome.bury. flogical Wri-real or re

Events, &c. | Authors. ters.

puted. Kings of

Hug. Victo-| NESSES The contest be-Abraham France.

rinus. to the tween the em- AbenPhilip 1.

Eadmerus. | Truth, perors and popes Ezra. 11081

George Ce-/ than that is renewed un- John and Lewis VI.

drenus. l of Here- der Frederic | Isaac surnamed

Peter, the tics. Barbarossa and Tzetzes. the Gross

Venerable. Peter Abe-Adrian IV. The Henry of 1137)

Honorius of lard and insolence of the HuntingLewis VII.

Autun. Gilbert Jpopes excessive. ton. surnamed


de la Por- Becket, arch-Nicetas. the Young


rée differ.bishop of Can-Wernier. 1180

Gratian. ed from terbury, assassi-Moses Philip Aug.

Peter Lom- the no- nated before the Maimo

bard. tions com- altar, while he nides. Kings of

Henry of monly re-was at vespers Anvari, a England.

Huntington. ceived in his cathedral. Persian Henry I.

William, with re- | The scanda-| Astron1135

bishop of spect to llous traffic of in- omer. Stephen

Rheims. the Holy dulgences be- Portius

Constantine Trinity. gun by the bish- Azo. Henry II.

Harmen. The Albi-ops, and soon Nestor, a 1189

Orderic genses, a after monopoli- Russian Richard I.

Vital. branch of zed by the popes. Histori1199

Constantine the Wal. The Scholastic an. John.

| Manass.

denses, Theology,whose FalcanZacharias are bran- jargon occasion-l dus

Chrysop. Kings of

ded with ed such mischief Benjamin

Peter of Scotland.

the deno- in the church, de TuEdgar 1106

Blois. mination had its rise in dela, a

of Mani-this century.

Peter CoAlexander

| Spanish mestor. chæans. | The seeds of Jew, 1124 David 1153

Peter de

the reformation whose Malcolm IV.


sown in this cen- Travels 1165)

Peter of

tury by the Wal- were

| Poitiers. William

denses, and other translaJohn Cinna

eminent men in ted by mus.

England and Baratier. Kings of

John Beleth.


Averroes. Sweden.


Pope Paschal EustathiPhilip 1110


11. orders the us, bishIngo IV.

| bishop of

Lors supper to op of

be administered ThessaRagwald

| London. 1 Stephen

only in one kind, ionica. | Harding

and retrenches Salomon Magnus de

George Xi

the cup.

Jarchi. philin.

The Canon Alhasen, 1148


Law formed into an Ara. Suercher


a body by Gra- bian who 116011 Godfrey of

composEric, the

| Viterbo.

| Academical de-led a large Holy 1161

Theod. Bal

grees introduced work on Charles VII.


in this century. | Optics. .-1168

Richard of

Learning revi- George Canute 1192

St. Victor.

ved and encou-Elinacin, Suercher II.

William of

raged in the author of Auxerre.

University of the HisKings of

Bruno of

Cambridge. tory of Denmark.


The pope the SaraEric II.

Simeon of

declares war cens, | Durham.

lagainst Roger, transla

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Ragwa. 11401

posed in

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Sovereign Bishops Canter.
Princes. lof Rome. bury.

Archbish- Ecclesias- Heretics. 1
Popes orch

Jops of tical and

Profane - real or re-Events-Religious



Theolog. puted.

Emperors of Innocent Hub. Joachim. The Wal. The Mahometan Roger the East. III. 1216 Walter John, bish- denses. religion triumphs Bacon,

A. D. Honorius 1204 op of Ma- Nestorians. over Christianity one of the Alexius III. | III. 1226 Stephen | cedonia. (Jacobites. Jin China and the great redethroned Gregory Langton Demetrius TheBreth- Northern parts of storers of in 1203 IX. 12411 7228] Chomate- ren & Sis-Asia, by flattering learning

Celestine Richard nus. | ters of the the passions of vo- and phiAlexius IV. IV.1243/Wether. Mark, Pa- Free Spi- luptuous princes. losophy. dethroned Innocent (shed 1231| triarch of rit, other-. A papal embassy Saxo

in 1204 IV. 1254 St. Ed. | Alexan wise call. is sent to the Tar-GrammaAlexius Du- Alexan- | mund 1. dria. | ed Beg. stars by Innocentiv. ticus. cas, surnam-l der IV. | 1242|Malachy, | hards anal A fourth Crusade Ralph de ed Murzu- 1 1261 Boniface archbish- Beguttes, is undertaken by Diceto. phle 1204 UrbanIV. 1270) op of Ar-| Beguins the French and Ve-Walteroi

1264 Robert magh. and Tur- netians, who make CovenLatin Em. Clement Kilward- Nicetas / lupins. themselves masters try. perors of IV.1268 by 1278 Choniata. Amalric. of Constantinople Alexanthe East, re- Gregory John Francois Joachim. with a design to der of siding at X. 1276 Peckham d'Assise. Wilhelmi- restore the throne Paris,the Constanti. Innocent 1291 Allan de na. tu Isaac Angelus, | founder nople. V. 1276 Robert l'Isle. The sect of who had been de- of French Balduin I. Adrian V. Winchel- Jacobus del the Apos-throned by his bro- poetry.

1205 1276 sey: | Vitriaco. / tles. ther Ducas. VilleharHenry 1216 John XX.

Peter, the John of The Emperor | douin, a Peter 1221 1277

Monk. | Parma, Isaacis put to death HistoriRobert 1229 Nicholas

Anthony of author of in a sedition, and an. Balduin II. | III. 1280

Padua. the Ever- his son Alexius Accursi of 1261 Martin

Germanus lasting strangled by Alex- Florence. IV.1285

Cæsarius. Gospel. ius Ducas, the ring- Kimchi,a Greek Em. Honorius

William of Flagel- leader of this fac- Spanish perors resi- | IV.1288

Paris. lants, or tion. , | Jew. ding at Nice. Nicholas

Raymon of Whip- The Crusaders Conrad Theodore IV.1292

Pennafort. pers. take Constantino- de LitchLascaris Celestine

Alexander Circuir.cel-ple a second time, | enaw. 1222 V. 1294

de Hales. lions.

Jdethrone Ducas, John HaJohn Ducas


and elect Baldwin lywood, III. 1255


Count of Flanders, called De Theodore


Emperor of the sacro bosLascaris

of Can-

co, author terbury.

The empire of of the John Lasca

Thomas of

Franks in the East, Sphæra ris IV.


which had subsist- Mundi. 1259

John Peck

ed fifty-seven ActuariMichael Pa


years, is overturn-lus, a læologus


ed by Michael Pa- Greek retakes

op of Can

læologus. PhysiConstanti


| A Fifth Crusade cian. nople in the

Roger Ba

which is carried Rod. Xiyear 1261,


on by the confede-menes, and thus

Albert, the

rate arms of Italysarchbishunites in


and Germany. Top of Tohis person


| Damietta taken ledo. the Latin


but soon after Michael and Greek



Coniat, Empires;

Vincent de

The fleet of the bishop of he dies in


Crusaders ruined Athens. 1283

by the Saracens. livel. VOL. IV.



Ecclesias- eretics,
Popes or

Remarkable Profane
Archbishopstical and
Bishops of of Canter-

real or re- Events-Reli- !


Authors. bury,

I gious Rites.
Writers. P



The fifth Cru- Rigord, sade undertaken a Histoby Lewis IX. rian. who retakes Da- Pierre de mietta, is after- Vignes. ward reduced, Matthew with his army, Paris. to the greatest Suffridus. extremities, Sozomedies of the ne, authJplague in a se-or of the cond Crusade, & Universal Jis canonized. Chrono

The Knights of logy, the Teutonic Or- which is der, under com- yet in MS. mand of Herman in the de Saltza, con-possesquer and convertsion of to Christianity the Regthe Prussians, at ular Canthe desire of Tons of Fe. Conrad, duke of soli, near Massovia. Florence,

Christianity is Barthol. propagated Cotton of among the Ara. Norbians in Spain. | wich

The philoso- see phy of Aristotle Whartriumphs overton's An. all the systemsglia Sathat were in cra. vogue before this Engelcentury. bert.

The power of Thomas creating Bishops, Wicke, Abbots, &c. is an Engclaimed by the lish HisRoman pontiffs, torian. whose wealth & Vitellio,a revenues are Polish thereby greatly Matheaugmented. Imatician.

John, king of Albert, England,excom- the Imunicated by Great. Pope Innocent Colonna, III. is guilty of Archbp. the basest com- of Mes. pliances through sina. his slavish fear Michael of that insolent Scot, the pontiff.

translaThe Inquisi- tor of tion established Aristoin Narbonne tle. Gaul, and com-Gregory mitted to the di- Albufarection of Domi-l rius

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Kings of France. Philip Aug.


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