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Emperors of Anastasius Gaudentius, Vigilantius, Foundation of the Anienus. the West.

402 bishop of Pelagius, French monarchy Martianus A. D. Innocent 417) Bresse. Celestius, by Pharamond, or Capella. Honorius 423 Zozimus 418 Sulpitius Se-Julian, rather by Cloris. Claudian. Valentinian Boniface I.

authors of An earthquake Eunapius. 455 423 Palladius. what is call- which swallows up

Macrobius Maximus 455 A schism be. Heraclides. ed the Pela- several cities in Pa. OlympioAvitus 456) tween this Innocentius. gian Heresy. lestine.

dorus. Majoranus 461 pope and Polybius. John Cas A third general Orosius. Severus 465

Eulalius. Pelagius. sian, council beld at Peutinger: Anthemius 472 Celestine I. Cælestius. Faustus, Ephesus, at which Rutilius Olybrius 472

432 Theodore, Gennadius, Nestorius was de Claudius, Glycerius de- Sixtus III. bishop of Vincent of poscd in the year Numantiaposed in 474

440 Mopsues Lerins, 431. Julius Nepos Leo the ta.

Semi-Pela A fourth general Servius Hodeposed in Great 461

gians. council held at noratus. 475 Hilarius 467 Polychro.

Chalcedon, against Sidonius Romulus Au- Simplicius nius. Nestorius, Eutyches, in the Apollina. gustulus, who

453 Nonnus. Theodoret, year 451. reignedetill the Felix III.

Synesius. Theodore of Progress of Chris-Candidus, 23d of August,

492 Isidore of Tarsus, tianity among the the Isauwhen Odoacer Gelasius 496 Pelusium. Theodore of 'Franks and Ger- rian. took the title of Anastasius Cyril of Mopsus, mans.

Zozimus, King of Italy, II. 498) Alexan Nestorians. The conversion the Histo and put an end Symmach. I. dria.

of the Irish to the rian. to the Western A schism be

Eutyches. Christian faith at- Idacius. Empire.

tween him Orosius. Dioscorus. tempted in vain by Quintus, or

and Lau. Marius. Thc Ace Palladius, but ef- Cointus, Kings of Italy, rentius. Mercator. phali. fected by St. Pa- Priscus. Odoacer 493

Maxinus, - Monophy- trick, whose origi- Musæus. Theodoric.

bishop of sites. nal name was Suc-Proclus,

Turin. Jacobites. cathus, who arrived Simplicius, Emperors of

Theodoret. - Arme in Ireland in the the East.

Cassian. nians. Arcadius 408

Peter Chry. TheopasTheodosius II.

sologus. chites.

Terrible perse450

Hilarius. -Predesti cutions carried op Marcianus 457

Pbilostor narians. against the Chris. Leo I. 474

gius. -Colicolæ. tjans in Britain, byl VOL. IV,


year 432.


Popes or Ecclesiasti- | Heretics, Remarkable Events,
Bishops of cal & Theo-real or repu- and Religious Rites Profane
Rome. logical Wri ted. and Institutions. Authors.


Leo II. 474
Zeno Isaur.491

Gothic king3

of Spain. Alaric 411 Ataulphus 415 Sigeric 415 Vallia 420 Theodoric 451 Thorismond

452) Theodoric II.

466 Euric 484 Alaric II.

Kings of

France. Pharamond,

first king 420 Clodion 451 Meroveus 456 Childeric 481 Clovis I.

Vincent of Peter, the the Picts, Scots, and
Lerins. fuller. Anglo-Saxons, in

Xenaias. Spain, Gaul, and Af-

rica, by the Vandals-

in Italy and Pannonia, Leo the

by the Visigoths-in

Africa, by the Dona-

tists and Circumcel-

lians-in Persia, by

Isdegerdes - Besides

the particular perse-

cutions carried on althe Young.

ternately against the

Arians and Athana-


The extinction of
Felix, the

the Western Empire.

The Theodosian

Code drawn up.
supposed by

The city of Venice
some learned

founded by the inhamen to have

bitants of the adjacent been the au

coast, who fled from thor of what

the incursion of the
is commonly

called the

Felix III. bishop of

Rome, (whom Bower
Victor, the

& others looked upon

as the second pope of Gennadius.

that name,) is excom. Zozimus.

municated, and his Prosper.

name struck out of Sidonius

the Diptycs, or sacred Apollinar.

registers, by Acacius, Æneas

bishop of ConstantiGaza.


The kings of the Vandals in Africa, where they settled in the year 429. Genseric 466 Huneric 484 Gontamond

496 Trasamond.

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Kings of Eng.

land. Vortigerą:

Kingdom of Kent founded by Hengist the Saxon, in 457. That of Sussex by Ela, in 419.

Many ridiculous fables invented during this century; such as the story of the Phial of Oil, brought from heaven by a pigeon at the baptism of Clovis-the Vision of Attala, &c.

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Popes or Ecclesiasti-Heretics, Sovereign Bishops of cal & Theo- real or rePrinces. Rome. logical Wri puted.


Learnod Men,

Historians, Remarkable Events. Philosophers,

and Poets.

Kings of

Symmachus Cæsarius, Deuterius. Several nations con- Justinian. Italy, A. D.

514 bishop of Severus, verted to Christianity. Boethius. Theodoric Hormisdas Arles. leader of the

Procopius. 526 523

Acephali, The canon of the Trebonian. Athalaric John I. 526 Fulgentius, Themistus, mass established by Agathias, 534 Felix IV. 529 bishop of chief of the Gregory the Great.

who conAmalasun- Boniface II. Ruspa. Agnoites,

tinued the tha 534


who main The benedictine or history Theodatus A schism Boethius. tained that der founded.

composed 536 between Timothy, of Christ was

by ProcoVitiges 540 Boniface and Constanti-ignorant of Forty benedictinel pius. Ildebald 541 Dioscorus. nople. the day of monks, with Augustin Jornandes. Totila 553 John II. 535

judgment. at their head, are sent Gregory, of Tejas 554 Agapetus 1. Ennodius.

into Britain by Gre Tours. 536 Severus. Barsanians, gory the Great, in the Marius, Bp. Emperors of Sylverius 540 Cassiodorus. or Semi-du- year 596, who cond of Ayran

the East. A schism Procopius. lites, who vert Ethelbert, king ches, an Anastasius between Syl. Peter, the maintained of Kent, to the Chris eminent 518 verius and Deacon. that Christ tian faith.

historian. Justin I. 527 Vigilius 555

had suffered

Menander, Justinian Pelagius I. Maxentius, alonly in ap The kingdom of the the histo565

558 Scythian pearance. Ostrogoths is destroy- rian. Justin 11.578 John III. 572 Monk.

ed by Justinian, who Stephon, of Tiberius II. Benedict I. Dionysius, Jacob Zan- becomes master of Byzan586 587 the Little. zale, the Italy.

tium. Mauritius. Pelagius II. Fulgentius chief of the

Magn. Aure590, Ferrandus. Jacobites, or The Lombards in- lius Cas. Gothic kings Gregory I.

Monophy: vade Italy in the year

siodorus. of Spain. Marcellinus. sites.

569, and erect a new Dionysius, Alaric 507

kingdom at Ticinum. the Little. Gesalric 512

Zachary, the John Philo. Amalaric 531


The Christians are Theuda 548

man chief of the persecuted in several Theudisilla

Tritheites. places. 548

Hesychius. Agila 552

Facundus Damianists. The Orthodox are Athanagilda

Hermian. Origenists. oppressed by the 567

Pope Vigi. Corruptico- emperor Anastasius, Linva 568



Thrasemond, king of
Rusticus, a

the Vandals, Theodo-

Roman Acæmetæ. ric, king of the Ostro. Richared.

deacon. The Arians, goths, &c. These

Junilius. Nestorians, princes were

Victor of Eutychians, Female convents are masters also

Capua. & Pelagians, greatly multiplied in of Narbonne

Primasius. continued to this century. & Aquitain.

Jornandes. raise trou

Liberatus. bles in the Litanies introduced Kings of

Victor, the church.

into the church of England.


The third

The Arians are dri.
Saxon king


ven out of Spain. dom is round

tus. ed in EngAnastasius,

Superstition of the land by Cer

' of Mount

Stylilcs introduced by dic in 514,

Sinai, al

Simeon, the head of and is called


that crazy sect, who

ponus, the

Popes or Ecclesiasti- Heretics,

Learned Men,

Historians, Bishops of cal & Theo-real or repu- Remarkable Events, Philosophers, Rome. logical Wri

ted. ters.


Kings of

France. Clovis I. 511

The kingdom is divided between his four sons, viz. Thierry, Metz 534) Clodomire, Orleans 524 Childebert, Paris 558 Clotaire, Soissons 562|

A second division of the kingdom between the four sons of Clotairc I. viz. Cherebert, Paris

566) Gontran, Orleans 593) Chilperic, Soissons 584


Popes or Ecclesiasti | Heretics,

Learned Men, Bishops of cal & Theo- real or repu- Remarkable Events. Philosophers,

Ilistorians, Kome. logical Writed.

and Poets.



Metz 570

Kings of the
Vandals in

523 Hilderic 530 Gilimec, defeated and taken prisoner by Belisarius, in the year 534

By this event Africal became again subject to the emperors of the East.

Kings of the Lombards, who entered into Italy in the year 568 Alboinus 571 Clepbis 573 Antharis 590 Agilur.

Exarchs of

Ravenna. Longinus583 Smaragdus

588 Romanus598) Callinicus.

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