תמונות בעמוד

For the Grace of God will
never fail to direct such Men
in the right way, and to affift
them with sufficient means,
to attain the Fruition of
true Virtue, both in the
Satisfaction of the present
Practice of it, and in the
fulness of its futare Reward.

7. Blessed are those who 7 Blessed are the are merciful and compaffio- merciful : for they

Thall obtain mercy. nate, ready to relieve the Neceflities of those that want, and to forgive the Faults of those who have offended them: For to such Men God will be proportionably compassionate, in the more ready forgiveness of their Sins, and in bestowing on them the greater abundance of his Mercy.

8. Blessed are those who 8 Blessed are the are truly pure and holy, pure in heart: for free from Hypocrisie, and they shall see Gods Uncleanness; from all Filthiness both of Flesh and Spirit: For to such Men, God will make greater and clearer Manifestations of himself in this Life ; and in that which is to come, they shall have a nearer and

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more immediate access to

his Presence and Glory. 9 Blessed are the 9. Blessed are chose, who peace-makers : for make it their Business to they shall be called the children of God. promote the Peace and Wel

fare of Mankind; to do to all Men all the good they can, at all times; and to indeavour to settle the World in universal Quiet and Love : For these Men, being made like to God in the imitation of his moft Excellent Attributes, his Goodness and Love; shall be owned and received by him as his peculiar Children, and mall be made like him also in the participation of his Happi. ness.

10. Lastly, Blessed are they which are per- those, who undauntedly fecuted for righte fuffer for the sake of Virousness fake : theirs is the king. tue and true Religion : For dom of heaven. these Men, having given

the greatest possible proof of their Sincerity and Conftancy, shall receive an extraordinary Crown, and a particular degree of Re

ward in Heaven. il Blessed are ye

IT. When therefore Men when ' men shall re

Thall revile and reproach vile you, and per

D and

10 Blessed


and persecute you, and say secute you, and shall all manner of evil things of fay all manner of e

vil against you fallly you fallly, and do all man

for my fake. ner of Injuries to you unjustly, only for the sake of Virtue and the profession of the Truth, then esteem your selves doubly happy.

12. Then rejoyce, tri 12 Rejoyce, and umph, and leap for Joy ; be exceeding glad : for exceeding great shall be ward in heaven : før your reward in Heaven. so persecuted they For thus in old Time were the prophets which the Prophets and the best of were before you. Men persecuted; with whom if ye patiently endure Sufferings, ye shall also partake of their extraordinary Reward.

13. | Be couragious 13 ( Ye are the therefore, and constant, and salt of the earth :

but if the falt have patient. Ye are to be Teach

Toft his favour, where ers and Examples to the with shall it be faltWorld. If by your sound ed? it is thenceDoctrine and unblameable forth good for no

thing, but to be caft Lives, ye propagate. true out, and to be troReligion and Virtue, ye shall den under foot of preserve the World' from men. Corruption : But if ye, who are to be the Instruments of reforming Mankind, shall your felves degenerate into Softness and Vice ; where

withal shall ye be corrected and amended ? Ye will become the most useless, and incurable, and contemptible

of Men. 14 Ye are the 14. Ye are to be set

up light of the world. as a Light in the World 3 A city that is set on an hill, cannot be to lead Men by your Dohid.

ctrine from Error to Truth; and to convert them by your Example from Wickedness to Virtue. Ye are to be the Standard of true Religion, set up in the fight of all Men, like a City

built upon a Hill. is Neither do 15. As therefore a City men light a candle, upon a Hill, cannot be hid and pat it tinder a from the light of those that bushel : but on a candleftick, and it pass by: And as a Candle giveth light unto all useth not to be put under that are in the house.

a Bushel, but to be set in a Candlestick to give Light

to the whole House : 16 Let your light 16. Even so ought ye to be so fhine before men, careful to make the Examthat they may

fee your good works,and ple of your good lives bright glorifie your Father and conspicuous before Men; which is in heaven. that they being thereby

convinced of the excellency of your Doctrin,may be converted to the Belief of true Religion, and to the Pra



&tise of true Virtue, and so give glory to God.

57 9 And do not think, 17 ( Think not because I give you these that I am come to

deftroy the law or new Precepts, that therefore the prophets : 1 am I am come to destroy or not come to destroy abrogate the Law and the but to fulfil. Prophets. No: 1 am not come to diffolve any one natural or moral Obligation; but on the contrary, to fulfil what was typified, to explain what was obscure, and to compleat what was imperfect.

18. For assuredly there 18 For verily I shall not be any part of the fay unto you, Till

and earth typical or ceremonial Law, pass, one jot or one but shall truly be fulfilled: tittle shall in no wise Nor any one Precept of the pass from the law, natural or moral Law, but till all be fulfilled. Thall continue in its full force and obligation so long as the World endures.

19. Whosoever therefore shall break any one of the therefore shall break least of these moral Pre- one of these least cepts, not ignorantly or by commandments, and surprise

, but wilfully and thall teach men fo, presumptuously, so as to leart in the kingdom perfift deliberately in the of heaven : but whobreach of it, and to teach soever shall do, and or incourage others to do thall be called great

teach them, the same




he shall be called the

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