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but that which really obstructs the progress of truth. Discipline will then promote, in an eminent degree, that love of our neighbour, which is the mark of discipleship, and without which a profession of love to God, and to his cause, is a vain pretence: “He," said the beloved disciple, 66 that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen ? And this commandment have we from him, that he who loveth God, love his brother also."

11 John iv, 20, 21.


The following Tables have been compiled with much attention and pains from the best authors; and it is therefore hoped that they will be considered as a useful addition to Dr. Mosheim's work; and the more so; as they are not confined to the persons and things contained in it.

The dates, that are placed in the columns which contain the Sovereign Princes and Popes, are designed to mark the year of their decease.

As several of the Ecclesiastical and Theological Writers, mentioned in these tables, deserve a place also among Profane Authors, on account of their Philosophical, Literary, or Historical Productions; so their names will be repeated in the two distinct columns that contain the learned men of each century.

It is further to be observed, that the Romish Church, even long before the time of the Reformation, looked upon many persons as Heretics, whom we, on our principles, cannot consider in the same light, and whose doctrines really tended to promote that Reformation in which we glory. I have, therefore, in many places, added the words real or reputed after Heretics, rather than seem to submit to the decisions of a superstitious Church in this matter.



Popes or EcclesiastiSovereign Bishops of cal & ThcoPrinces. Rome. logical Wri


Heretics. Ticmarkable Events.

Profane Autbors.


Roman Em- The succes. The Evan- Dositbeus.

The tax of Augus- Titus Livius. perors. sion of the gelists & Simon Ma- tus Cæsar.

Germanicus. first BishopsApostles. gus.

Gratius. A. D. of Rome is the three The Gnos- The birth of Ovid. Augustus 14 a matter fullt Apostolic tics. CHRIST.

Julius HygiTiberius 37 of intricac Fathers, Cerinthus, Caligula 41 and

obscu. Clement, Uyrenæus The offerings pre-Labeo. Claudius 54 rity.-- Barnabas,

sented to Jesus Christ Valerius Nero 69 We shallermas. Philetus, by the wise men from Maximus. Galba 69 herein fol- Philo, the who, togethe East.

Phædrus. Otho 69 low the Jew. ther with

Verrius Vitellius 70 learned Bp. rlavius Jo. Demas and

The four passovers

Flaccus. Vespasian Pearson.

sephus. Diotrephes, celebrated by Christ. Strabo. 79 are rather to

Dionysiusof Titus 81 Linus. These are be consider. John the Baptist Alexand. Domitian 96 Anacletus almost all ed as apos. beheaded. Christ's Seneca, the Nerva 98 Clement the genuine lates than as miracles, sufferings, Rhetor.

Evaristus. ecclesiasti. Theretics. death, resurrection, Seneca, the
Alexander. cal writers of The Nico- and ascension.

philosothe first cen- laitans.

pher and The dates tury that are Ebion. The descent of the poet. of the deaths now extant. The Naza- Holy Ghost. Velleius Paof the Roman For the let.

St. Stephen, the terculus, Pontiffs are ter of Jesus

first Martyr. Cremutius not the same. Christ to N.B, The The conversion of Isidore of in the ac\bgarus, Ebionites & St. Paul.

Charax. counts of king of

Nazarenes, Institution of Aga- Celsus, the chronolo- Ldessa --the though ge-pæ, or feasts of chari- Physician. gers. gospels, Acts, nerally pla- ty.

Massurius Pctau, Epistles, and ced by the Baptism is adminis. Sabinus. Fleury, Liturgies, Learned in tered by immersion. Dydimis of Pearson, that have the first con- Several Christian Alexand. Marcel, (besides tury, yet be-churches founded. Cocceius Plaff, Bower, those which long more The first perscu- Nerva. Lenglet, and we esteein properly to tion under Nero.

Pbilo, the others, differr'anonical) the second. The oracles redu- Jew. frequently been attri.

ced to silence, a du- Pomponius in this res- buted to the

bious, or rather a fa- Mela, pect; and Apostles-

bulous story.

Columella. their differ as also the

The destruction of Remmius ences some- Epistlcs of


Palæmon. times are Mary to lg

The accounts of a Voticuus. considerable. Inatius, and

dispute between St. VOL. IV.



Heretics. Remarkable Events.

Profane Authors.


Peter and Simon the Servilius Magician at Rome, Marcus. and of a Statue, ha- Annæus Corving been erected to nutus.

the latter in that city, Lucian. seem idle fictions. Androma

The second perse-chu3. cution of the Chris. Petronius, tians under Domi- Persius. tian.

Epictetus. St. John throw Dioscorides. into a caldron of boil. Flavius Joing oil, a dubious sto- sephus. ry.

Silius Itali-
The adventures of
Apollonius Tyaneus. Valerius

Pliny, the

Pliny, the


Popes or Ecclesiasti-
Bishops of cal & Theo-

logical Wri



For exam-fotbers-the Iple, the Acts of Pi. death of late-the Pope Anice-Epistles of tus is placed Seneca to St. by Petau and Paul, &c. Lenglei, in must be con

the year 161, sidered as by Pearson apocryphal and Pfaff in & spurious. 162, by The works

that bear the
Walsh, and name of Di-
Bower, in onysius the
168. Areopagite

As it is im- were forged
possible to in the Fifth
reconcile Century
these histo-
rians, and
difficult often
to decide
which calcu-
lates best,
we shall fol-1
low Pearson
and Pfaff as
the surest

Plinius Va-

lerianus. Juvenal. Martial. Statius. Sext. Jul. Frontinus. Quintilian. Dion Chry.

sostome. Tacitus. Phlegon. Apion. Trogus. Pompeius. Athenodo





Popes or EcclesiastiSovereign Bishops of cal & TheoPrinces. Roine. logical Wri


Remarkable Events,
and Religious Rites

and Institutions.






Roman Xvstus or Ignatius of Nazarenes. Third persecution Arrian. Emperors. Sixtus 127 Antioch. Gnostics. under Trajan mitiga

A. D. Telesphorus Polycarp. Cainites. ted by the interces- Aulus GelliTrajan 117

138 Justin Mar. Elxai. sion of Pliny the Adrian 138 Hyginus 150

Saturninus. Younger.

Plutarch. Anton. Pius Pius I. 153 Hegesippus.

Fourth persecution Florus. 161 Anicetus 162 Thcophilus Millenari- under Adrian. Celsus, the M. Antonius Soter 172 uf Antioch,

Lawyer. 180 Eleutherius the first who Basilides. Fifth persecution Lucius Ve185 made use of

under Antoninus Pi-Oenomaus rus Commo. Victor 196 the word Isiilore, the nus, continued under Philo of dus

Trinity to Son. Marcus Aurelius, and Phænicia. Pertinax 193

express the Carpocrates Lucius Verus. Did.Julianus distinction ofiand his fol

Ptolemy, the 193


very little

what divines lowers. Conversion of the AstronoNiger 1941

call, persons Marcellina Germans and Gauls, mer and Albinus Se

in the God- and Epi- and (if we may give Geograverus 199 'head. The planes.

credit to Bede) of the pher.
Prodicus, Britons.

Salvius Julichurch is Ithe chief oft

the Adam- The thundering Suetonius. obliged to lites. Legion--a dubious Apollonius, bim for his Valentine event.

the Philoinvention. and his fol

sopher. The use of lowers.

Insurrections of the Appian. this & other

Jews against the Ro- Fronto. unscriptural * Tatian, mans.

Maximus, terms, to supposed to

Tyrius. i which men

be the chief Sedition & slaughattach either of the En- ter of that people un- Taurus Calno ideas, or cratites. der the standards of visius.

Hydropara- Barcocheba, the false Apuleius. has wounded states, and Messialı.

Artemidocharity and Apoctact

rus. peace, with-ites.

The Jews are dri. Lucian. ont promo. Ptolomæus ven from Jerusalem. Numenes. ting truth & Secundus.

Pausanias. knowledge.

Horrible calumnies Poliænus. It has produ-Cerdo. thrown out agaiust ced heresies Marcion. the Christians by Lu- Sextus Emof the worst Florinus. cian, Crescens, Celsus, piricus. kind.

and the Pagans in ge-Athenæus. Melito. Docetæ, or neral. Tartian.* Phantasi.

Julius PolPapias.


The perusal of the lux.
Apollinaris. The Meli- Sibylline Oracles pro- Diogenes

Hermias. tonians. hibited by an impe- Laertius.
Athenago. The Sac- rial edict. Christian Gallienus.

ras. cophori. assemblies are held on
Clemens Severians. Sundays, and other Ammonius
Alexandri- Ophites. stated days in private Saccas.

Artotyrites. houses, and in the bu- Priscos. Tertullian. Theodotus, rying places of Mar- Cephalion. Aquila. the Taoner, tyrs.

Aristides. Theodotion. the chief of Infant baptism and HermogeSymmachus the Alogi. sponsors used in this nes, who, Hermes. Montanus. century.

at the age

false ones,


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