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1. That greap and known lias muß have a particular : pentance, appeareth, 1. in, phat it is ugleplyzingonhdenc. with The fincerity of babisud Repuxtance, not to belowate hea bns are known,

and come into our deliberate,remembrangor 26 Av all thofc texts which

Topcotanse, confefliog 404 torfiking. 1 7cbn 2. 1, 2, Jobe 1, 9Prom 18. 38. Pfal.32 &'51.2 Cor. 7. 11. Kev, 2.50:16, Lxk613.725 Jam: 5-15 ; Duke 6:37.& 11. 4. Repearance contilteeb chiefly.in fors kking tin, and if reen forsake not fuch known wilfurfias, chey ate wicked mèn , and thertore are non perdonado bron bis 9162? "Thiat unavoidable (railrics, and meet intirmitics, and unknown (aules, are pardoned immediately to them thatarctruli gödly, and have a general and implicit Ropemanccis plein becaule elle no man in the world could be rayed becaulaces til madi hath fuck infirmities

and unknownalias y 4 foko * Ye fat macer

David himself is net :pun by his fin inso, a mer gracelets Rate, and as a person chac-bach to former Joftifica? sión foi hc prayech God not to take hia Spirit from birty and he was not deprived of the true love to God, whicho asi ho charact of Gods childoen: Bur he had incurred


; and put himself in the pay tarmrds atceradamdation and taufcd a nccellity of a more particular de:t Repentance before he could be fully pax dened, han ellehe needed.as the 2018 E' IL *

Before the world had a Swyjoyi, we were all.fo for unpardored, that a satisfying Sacrifice was nog laxy to our fuftitia tion: But afterward, all men ass so fu pardoned, tabiat only the Acceptance of what is purchafcd and freely (though.com ditionally given, is neccflary, ca-i$.2, Bylore many inc.com vérted, they are yet so far unpardoned, that gehough no more Sacrifice be necessay, ycc), a total conversion and tonovation, boy turning from a life of fin to God by Fair in Cbrift, , is nedeffery torbeir a&ual juftification and forgiveness

. When a mis júrned from a life of lin to God, and liveth in the Ohto of tracsall his following lins, which confifty with the loving of God, and holiness above the wogld and linful pleafarcs, and fo for forgiven inmediately upon the committing a hat they nccd neither another Sacrifice, nor, amortece Regenerations et FxAification (que arribar un) but only and actings of that Fairte

and ali


and Repentance, which habirually he hath al-cady. But the unknown errours and faults of such godly persons are pardoned even without that adual repentance : and infirmitics, wishour forsaking of the fin overcomingly in practice. And focvery onc liveth and dych, in some degree of linful defediveness and omission, of his love to God, and trul, and hope, and zcal, and defire, and love to men, and care of his duty, and watchfulness, and fervency in prayer, meditation,&. And in some degree of tinful disorder in our ill governed thoughes, and words, and afte&tions, or passions, and adions: we are never link is will we dic.

Dirca. 13. Remember tbat you wwft neither tbink that every Sin which is a cause of Repentance, is a / ficient reason for you to doubt of your present state of I wAtification; nor yet that no fix can be so great as to be a nece dary cause of doubring.

If every fin should make us doube of our Jultification, then all men iuft alwaics doubt : And then it must be because no Sin is confiftent with fincerity, and the knowledge of lincerity; which is apparently false.

If no lin Thould cause our doubting, then there is no fin which is not confiftent both with fincerity, and with the knowledge of ie; which is as false, and much more dangerous to hold. t. There are many fins that are utterly inconfittant with cruc godljccís; otherwise the godly were ungodly, and as bad as others : And if you say that ro godly man commiccth chise, it is true; and therefore it is true that he thar cnonmictech them, is not a god'y man, or juftified. And how shall a man know his godlincss, but by his life as the product of his inward graces? It is argoing fri m an uncertainty agonift o certainty, roliy, I am juftified and godly, and therefore my wilful fins of drunkenness, fornicarion, oppression, lying, mahel, &c. are consistent with Juftification : and it is arguing from a certain cruth, againn a d ubed fallhood, to say, I live in ordinary, wilful, heinous fini therefore I am not juftifice or finccre, Efbef. 5. 5, 6. For this ye know, but no wboreWongir, nor unclean perf n, nor Covetoks man, wbo is an Id later, batbony inberir ance in the Kingdom of Christ, and of God. Les no man deceive you witb vain words ; for because of ib: se sbings semest sbe wrath of God upon the cbildren of disobedience,


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1 Cor. 6 9, 10. Knowo ye not ibat she unrigbreeus Mall not inberit sbe Kingdom of God? Be nor deceivid; neit ber fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, wor offeminate, nor abusers of them. Silves witb mankind, nor i bieves, nor Coverous, sin drunkards, xor revilers, Hor extortioners, shall inherit the Kingdom of God. And fuck were fome of you ; but ye are willed, but ye ate fundified, but je are justified, &c.

Rom. 8. 1, 13. There is no condemnation to them that are in Cbrift Jefus, wbo walk Hot after tbe fill, but after i be Spirit. If ye live after the fish, ye shal di , &c. Gal. 5. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

2. And th:re are miny sins which consist with truc grace, which will not confift with the affurance of its fincerity. And chat 1. From the nature of the things; because the lealt degree of grace conjun&t with, and clouded by the greatest degree of rin 'which may confift with it, is not disccrnable to ro him that hath it: Hc that is so very near a Itatc of death, and so very like to an unjustified person, can never be fure, in that case, that he is just fied. 2. And also God in Wisdom and Jultice will have it to; that fin may not be encouraged, nor picsumption cherished, nor the comfor's which are the reward of an obedient child, be cast away on an uncapable child in his stubborn disobedience, Pfal.5.1.& 32. 77.

Therefore for a man that liveth in gros fin,ro say that he is furc that he is jullified, and thercfore no fin Thall make hima queftion it ; is but to believe the Antinomian Deyil transforming himself into an Angel of Light, and his M.niftirs when they call themselves the Ministers of Righteousness; and to deny be lief to the Spirit of Holiocls and Truth. And it a truc Bcliever should come very near fuch a Atste of death, common season, and the due care of his own soul, obligoh him to be suspicious of himself, and to fear the worl, till he have made furc of better, Heb.6.& 3.10. Heb.4.1.& 12,13,14. I Cor.1o. Jobr. 15. 2,7,8, &c.

Direct. 14. Let not be perfwafion that you are justified, make you more secure and bold in finning, but more to bete it, as. contrary to the ends of Justification, and to the love which freely juftifi:d you. It is a great mark of difference between the affrance, and


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blind propali postom dat itic one inakech ich hac ly more, and more caurully to avoid is's " and the other cialech men to fin" with 127l gelua ency, and rẽmore becaals with les Die Www We always be parivo o ስ by Fotokoneand toby Words, dit porvirë yjur mind and lines, remember that all cimfel, 164.9: Lill

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15 ની I need not recite all cholc Scriptures to you, wa thall bjudged, and th ill Beceive according to what

we havs, done in the 6sdy, Wether it be good or evil And this is a!! that we delite

you to believe, and live accardingly. means to raise us to tbe Love of God, and brit but Diced To Kemember a fairb in Chrifto put

perle big her end more excellent tan ibe paid in online desire faite, and are key for the

and person to endear you to God, and bat you may do to ne morate and that nit fin, i bit you may bave the more to be pardonid: The end of the Commandment is Charity, but pl apere bert

0 Pou...4 and a good sonsorines, and

faitb 6., skal me continue ja fin, pb el grats God forbid? Mow flo all ebey tbt are dead to hea, live my longer beres in ? '

Scc Titu, 3. 5, 6, 7, Rom. 5. 14, 5, 6. Kom 3. 1,4%, Gal. 4. 6. & 5.14, 16. So much for those predical Dire&tions, which are needfuli for them that love not con trovcrfic.

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Tbe pernicions or dangerous Errours deteaed, which binder the

work of Faith about our Juftification ; and the contrary Trutbs aflerted.

Here is so much duft and controverfie raised here to blind

the eyes of the weak, and to hinder the life of Faith ; and fo much poison served up under the name of Justificacion and Free Grace, thar I should be unlaithful if I should not difcover it, cicher through fear of offerding the guilty, or of wcurying them that had rather venture upon deceit, chan upon controverfie. And we are now fo fortificd againft the Popify and Sccinian cxtrcams, and those who ml am now dirccting to live by Faith, are fo Coutled againft them, that I chink it morc neceffary (having not leisure for both, and having donc it herccofore in my Confeffion) to open at this cime che method of fallc do&rins on the other extrcam, which for the mof part is it which conßituteth Antinomianisme though fome of them are maintained by others.

And I will first name cach crrour ; and then with it, the contrary truth.

Errour s. Cbrifts foffering was caused by the fous of xone, as she afumed meritori. W cause, or ás tbey wsually say, as imputer so bim, or lying on bime, save only of tbc Eled that shell be

Contr. Ibe fins of falon wankind in general, except thefe ro. jeditions of Grace, wbose pardon is not offered in tbe conditional Covenant, did lye on Christ as tbe affumed cause of his fefero, ings.

Scc Jobon 1.29. 2 Cor. s. 18, 19, 20. John 3. 16, 17, 18,19. Heb. 2. 9. 1 Tim. 2.4,5,6. 1 Jober 2.2. 1 Tim. 4. 10. 2 Pet.2.9. Scc Params in his Irenicon; I wille vind. de alibi paflam, laying ag moch; ind Amyrald, Davenant, Dallow, Teftar die Viher, &c. proving it.

Errour 2. Cbrist did bosb perfeâly obey, and also make fatisfadition for fin by fafering, in zbe person of all tbe Ele& in the senso of Ibo Law, or Gods account ;. so that bis Rigbsconfonefs of obes




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