תמונות בעמוד
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... The Divines have long desired to have these and such important Words construed from the Hebrew, and have attempted to conftrue them, as you may see in Mr. · Hutchinson's Hebrew Writing's perfect,

p. 311, Bc. And he hath construed them from the Hebrew, in a manner that cannot be altered, and shewed in his New Account of the Confusion of Tongues ; that the Hebrew can have nothing to do with the Arabick ; though you pretend you will not look at it, nor own it...

You tempt us with the Bait of Selffufficiency, of saving ourselves, by Morality, or, &c. or of all being saved by one of ourselves alone, who you make Mediator, as the Turks make Mahomet. Mr. Hutchinfon has in the Beginning of The Use of Reafon recovered by the Data in Christianity, shewed what a created Saviour could not do, and though your Advertiser gives him the Epithet of Selffufficient *, he is the furthest from that I! :.?? sisu of : * Several Passages of this fort were inserted by one of the Editors, through whose Hands thiş Piecé passed to the Press; which is observed, because Mr. Hutchinson has been charged with Vanity on this Account, as with Want of Temper for some other Expressions, which some are apt to lament as a Fault in him, which they think they should not be guilty of, without reflecting that when Self is concerned we see Things in another Light, and that we neither are

of any Man alive, he has shewed sufficiently there, that neither he himself, nor any other created Being, could have saved or can save him. Nay, even that yehovah could not in Honour or Justice have saved him, without perfect Obedience and full Satisfaction performed for him, by a Per-. son of the Essence in Man. Mr. Hutchinson has cleared the Text of all the false Descriptions of visible Things, of all the falle Accounts, Contradictions and Nonsense, about Actions 'or Things we could not see, which stand in the Translations, and given us in vast Numbers of Places, the true Meaning of the Text, inserted Truth and Sense. Has shewed us the Genigs of the Hebrew Language, proved every thing by Examples and Authorities, has fhewed all the Methods of exhibiting the Terms of Grace; and brought all the System of Nature to prove that he conftrues right, thewed us how by Ideas taken from Objects of Sense and their · A&tions, to obtain Ideas of invisible and otherwise incomprehensible Objects and their Actions. Has made our Senses Judges of the Veracity of our Creed, has


nor think it reasonable we should be so patient, when at: tacked with personal Scurilities ourselves, as he was by the Observator.

made Philosophy. subservient to Christia anity, has from the Scriptures shewed us the Existence and distinct Operations of Fire, Light, and Spirit, in the one Substance of this Machine, and the Application of the Names and their Actions, for the Names and Adions of Jehovah Aleim. Given us more Knowledge than the most extravagant Man could have expected, even from the Scriptures, and Hopes, nay Certainty, that if he lives, buci he will give us more. He has drawn us by the Cords of a Man, and nothing but • Force, nor even that, will hinder Men from following him.

Shift the Scale, and make the Descriptions in the Text, you pretend to allow to be Scripture, to be Common Sense according to the Translations, or any your Party could, or would ever give them, or allow these, or at once renounce the Scriptures.

Mr. Hutchinson has shewed all the Hieroglyphicks, all the Emblems, all the Religious Actions of the antient and later Heathens, were the same as those revealed to, and taken from the Believers, and applied to the Names, the Heavens ; and so has made them all, and all the Opinions of the Philosophers, all the Write

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ings of the later Heathens, the Classicks, dc. Evidence for the Text and for his Writings.

When you were in Poffefsion of the Pen, you have stiled every one who stood in your Way, Ignorant, Madmen, of Fools : And 'tis your utmost Inducement to all, to leave a certain Gentleman, because in your Opinion he is mad. If he were not so, or, buc. in your Opinion, we would not follow him. You have given us your Opinion in many other Cases, and we have strong Evidence ; and now 'tis our Turn to prove that not only you, but all your Adherents are not only fo, but far worse. Therefore, we desire to be excused, from taking your Opinion without undeniable Evidence, for that or any other Thing you say. "As the Observator has observed no Order, but put here a Scrap and there a Scrap of the same Subject, so endeavoured to confound every thing, I am forced to follow him backward and forward, to bring what he says upon each Subject together, and answer it in its proper Place. i To begin with the radical Letters, the Root, the Verb, the Noun Sin

אלוה and the Root of אלהים gular of


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the Participle Paffive. P. 7. the ob' fervator says. The Word (Aleim) is writ above six hundred Times in the old Testament, with an 0 and This Awthor himself owns, p. 9, line 3. That the Word in the Singular Number is Eloah ; and draws. Inferences. Mr. Catcott says nothing there of the Word Singular; but 1998 a Participle Pasive. The

in fome Bibles אלהים and אלה Words

have the forged Points of the Apoftates, for, or to insert the Vau's and confound the Words; but if the Obfervator had writ the Words in Hebrew Letters, ic would have appeared that they have no Letter Vau, either in the Singular or Plural; and to avoid that Confusion, was the Mystery why Mr. Catcott writ, or founded thefe Words with an a, Elah and Elahim *. And the Observator


* The Editors have chose fince to write the Word as it . stands in the Hebrew, making Aleph our a, Lamed our 1, the Hebrew He our e, yod our i, and Mem our m, 1728 Aleim ; which inserts no Letters not in the Original, and which gives a diftin&t Sound to each Letter, following the learned and ingenious Dr. Robinson, in his late 'Treatise on the Sound of the Hebrew Letters, or antient Method of pronouncing Hebrew; and if the Reader and learned Gentleman would excuse it, it might be observed here, that the Author seems not to argue with the fame Conviction on the Sound of g and consequently of D as on the other Letters ; for by Jud. xii. 6. it is paft Difpute that w was the


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