תמונות בעמוד

tongues the wonderful works | into blood, before that great of God.

and notable day of the Lord 12 And they were all amazed, come: and were in doubt, saying one 21 And it shall come to pass, to another, What meaneth that whosoever shall call on this?

the name of the Lord shall be 13 Others mocking said, saved. These men are full of new 22 Ye men of Israel, hear wine.

these words; Jesus of Naz149 But Peter, standing up areth, a man approved of God with the eleven, lifted up his among you by miracles and voice, and said unto them, wonders and signs, which Ye men of Judea, and all ye God did by him in the midst that dwell at Jerusalem, be of you, as ye yourselves also this known unto you, and know: hearken to my words : 23 Him, being delivered by

15 For these are not drunk the determinate counsel and en, as ye suppose, seeing it is foreknowledge of God, ye but the third hour of the day. have taken, and by wicked

16 But this is that which hands have crucified and was spoken by the prophet slain: Joel ;

24 Whom God hath raised 17 And it shall come to pass up, having loosed the pains in the last days, saith God, I of death: because it was not will pour out of my Spirit possible that he should be upon all flesh : and your sons holden of it. and your daughters shall 25 For David speaketh conprophesy, and your young cerning him, I foresaw the men shall see visions, and Lord always before my face; your old men shall dream for he is on my right hand, dreams:

that I should not be mov18 And on my servants and ed: on my handmaidens I will 26 Therefore did my heart pour out in those days of my rejoice, and my tongue was Spirit; and they shall proph- glad; moreover also my flesh esy:

shall rest in hope: 19 And I will shew wonders 27 Because thou wilt not in heaven above, and signs in leave my soul in hell, neither the earth beneath; blood, and wilt thou suffer thine Holy fire, and vapour of smoke: One to see corruption.

20 The sun shall be turned 28 Thou hast made known into darkness, and the moon to me the ways of life; thou

shalt make me full of joy with 37 | Now when they heard thy countenance.

this, they were pricked_in 29 Men and brethren, let me their heart, and said unto Pefreely speak unto you of the ter and to the rest of the patriarch David, that he is apostles, Men and brethren, both dead and buried, and what shall we do? his sepulchre is with us unto 38 Then Peter said unto this day.

them, Repent, and be baptiz30 Therefore being a proph- ed every one of you in the et, and knowing that God name of Jesus Christ for the had sworn with an oath to remission of sins, and ye shall him, that of the fruit of his receive the gift of the Holy loins, according to the flesh, Ghost. he would raise up Christ to 39 For the promise is unto sit on his throne;

you, and to your children, 31 He, seeing this before, and to all that are afar off, spake of the resurrection of even as many as the Lord our Christ, that his soul was not God shall call. left in hell, neither his flesh 40 And with many other did see corruption.

words did he testify and ex32 This Jesus hath God hort, saying, Save yourselves raised up, whereof we all are from this untoward genera, witnesses.

tion. 33 Therefore being by the 41 | Then they that gladly right hand of God exalted, received his word were bapand having received of the tized: and the same day there Father the promise of the were added unto them about Holy Ghost, he hath shed three thousand souls. forth this, which ye now see 42 And they continued and hear.

steadfastly in the apostles' 34 For David is not ascend- doctrine and fellowship, and ed into the heavens: but he in breaking of bread, and in saith himself, The LORD said prayers. unto my Lord, Sit thou on 43 And fear came upon my right hand,

every soul: and many won35 Until I make thy foes thy ders and signs were done by footstool.

the apostles. 36 Therefore let all the house 44 And all that believed of Israel know assuredly, that were together, and had all God hath made that same things common; Jesus, whom ye have cruci 45 And sold their possesfied, both Lord and Christ. sions and goods, and parted

them to all men, as every man 5 And he gave heed unto had need.

them, expecting to receive 46 And they, continuing something of them. daily with one accord in the 6 Then Peter_said, Silver temple, and breaking bread and gold have I none; but from house to house, did eat such as I have give I thee: their meat with gladness and in the name of Jesus Christ singleness of heart,

of Nazareth rise up and walk. 47 Praising God, and havingAnd he took him by the favour with all the people. right hand, and listed him And the Lord added to the up: and immediately his feet church daily such as should and ankle bones received be saved.


8 And he leaping up stood, CHAPTER III.

and walked, and entered with 1 Peter preaching to the people that came to see a lame man restored to them into the temple, walkhis feet, 12 professeth the cure not to ing, and leaping, and praisown power, or holiness, but by God, ing God. and his Son Jesus, and through faith 9 And all the people saw in his name : 13 withal

reprehending them for crucifying Jesus. 17 Which him walking and praising because they did it through igno- God: rance, and that thereby were fulfilled God's determinate counsel, and the 10 And they knew that it Scriptures: 19 he exhorteth them by was he which sat for alms at repentance and faith to seek remission of their sins, and salvation in the Beautiful gate of the temthe same Jesus.

ple: and they were filled with TOW

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N went Pepertogether into that which had happened

the temple at the hour of unto him. prayer, being the ninth hour. 11 And as the lame man 2 And a certain man lame which was healed held Peter from his mother's womb was and John, all the people ran carried, whom they laid daily together unto them in the at the gate of the temple porch that is called Solowhich is called Beautiful, to mon's, greatly wondering. ask alms of them that entered 12 | And when Peter saw into the temple;

it, he answered unto the peo3. Who, seeing Peter and ple, Ye men of Israel, why John about to go into the marvel ye at this? or why temple, asked an alms. look ye so earnestly on us, as

4 And Peter, fastening his though by our own power or eyes upon him with John, holiness we had made this said, Look on us.

man to walk ?

to you;

13 The God of Abraham, receive until the times of resand of Isaac, and of Jacob, titution of all things, which the God of our fathers, hath God hath spoken by the glorified his Son Jesus; mouth of all his holy, prophwhom ye delivered up, and ets since the world began. denied him in the presence 22 For Moses truly said unto of Pilate, when he was de- the fathers, A Prophet shall termined to let him go. the Lord your God raise up 14 But ye denied the Holy unto you of your brethren, One and the Just, and desired like unto me; him shall ye a murderer to be granted un hear in all things whatsoever

he shall say unto you. 15 And killed the Prince of 23 And it shall come to pass, life, whom God hath raised that every soul, which will from the dead; whereof we not hear that Prophet, shall are witnesses.

be destroyed from among the 16 And his name, through people. faith in his name, hath made 24 Yea, and all the prophets this man strong, whom ye from Samuel and those that see and know: yea, the faith follow after, as many as have which is by him hath given spoken, have likewise forehim this perfect soundness told of these days. in the presence of you all. 25 Ye are the children of the

17 And now, brethren, I prophets, and of the covewot that through ignorance nant which God made with ye did it, as did also your our fathers, saying unto Abrarulers.

ham, And in thy seed shall 18 But those things, which all the kindreds of the earth God before had shewed by be blessed. the mouth of all his proph-.26 Unto you first God, hayets, that Christ should suffer, ing raised up his Son Jesus, he hath so fulfilled.

sent him to bless you, in turn. 19 | Repent ye therefore, ing away, every one of you and be converted, that your from his iniquities. sins may be blotted out, CHAPTER IV. when the times of refreshing 1 The rulers the Jews offended with shall come from the presence

Peter's sermon, 4 (though thousands of the Lord;

of the people were converted that

heard the word,) imprison him and 20 And he shall send Jesus John. 5 After, upon examination Christ, which before was

Peter boldly avouching the lame

man to he healed hy the name of Jepreached unto you :

sus, and that by the same Jesus only 21 Whom the heaven must

we must be eternally saved, 13 they

cominand him and John to preach

no more in that name, adding al 9 If we this day be exam80 threatening, 23 whereupon the church fleeth to prayer:

31 And ined of the good deed done God, by moving the place where to the impotent man, by what he heard their prayer : confirming means he is made whole; the church with the gift of the Holy 10 Be it known unto you Ghost, and with mutual love and charity.

all, and to all the people of ND as they spake unto Israel, that by the name of


and the captain of the tem- whom ye crucified, whom ple, and the Sadducees, came God raised from the dead, upon them,

even by him doth this man 2 Being grieved that they stand here before you whole. taught the people, and 11 This is the stone which preached through Jesus the was set at nought of you resurrection from the dead. builders, which is become 3 And they laid hands on the head of the corner. them, and put them in hold 12 Neither is there salvation unto the next day: for it was in any other : for there is now eventide.

none other name under heav4 Howbeit many of them en given among men, wherewhich heard the word be- by we must be saved. lieved ; and the number of 13 Now when they saw the the men was about five thou- boldness of Peter and John, sand.

and perceived that they were 57 And it came to pass on unlearned and ignorant men, the morrow, that their rulers, they marvelled ; and they and elders, and scribes, took knowledge of them, that 6 And Annas the high they had been with Jesus. priest, and Caiaphas, and 14 And beholding the man John, and Alexander, and as which was healed standmany as were of the kindred ing with them, they could say of the high priest, were gath nothing against it. ered together at Jerusalem. 15 But when they had com7 And when they had set manded them to go aside out them in the midst, they ask- of the council, they conferred ed, By what power, or by among themselves, what name, lave ye done 16 Saying, What shall we do this?

to these men ? for that indeed 8 Then Peter, filled with the a notable miracle hath been Holy Ghost, said unto them, done by them is manifest to Ye rulers of the people, and all them that dwell in Jerusaelders of Israel,

and we cannot deny it.


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