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particular Church, be it Roman or what other you please. But how shall he accuse a whole Catholick Church composed of so many National Churches, to whose Judgment, next to the Scriptures, he says, p. 233. he appeals against the Oppugners of our Lord's Divinity at this Day. And therefore he will at any time stand against the Doctrines professed by the Church of Rome : But when these are offer'd him, as being no otherwise the Doctrines of the Roman Church, bat as they are of the Church Catholick, he cannot understand what is meant by Church Catholick, unless it be that of Rome; and that the Roman Church and Catholick Church are understood by Roman Catholicks to be convertible Terms. · Indeed Dr. Bull needs a hard Fore-head to stand his Ground against Truth. In like manner he thinks his learned Book that does so much service to the Church Catholick, flies not in his Face whilst he rejects Communion with the Roman Church: But when you ask him, why he is not in Communion with the present Catholick Univerfal? He knows not what you mean by the Church, unless it be the Church of Rome.

The grand Secret therefore made use of to put Men out of Conceit with these Doctrines, is never to Name them but under the Title of Romish, that so they may hate them, as from their Cradles they have been inured to hate the Church of Rome for stigmatizing other Christians with the Brand of Heresy, for not receiving her peculiar Doctrines, as of Faith. And when Men of Learning say this, it palles with the Credulous for a Truth, tho’in Fact it is very untrue, that these Do&rines are otherwise Romißh than as they are Catholick, and equally profess’d by every other National Church, composing the body of the one holy Catholick Universal Church: Wherefore to obviate this prejudice, the Expedient is, never to discourse of them but as they are Catholick, without naming the Church of


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Rome. And then I would know whether the prefent holy Catholick Church, fignified by the 9th Article of the Creed be corrupted with unholy enormous Doctrines? And if that Catholick Universal Church, which teaches all these Doctrines, be lapfed into a Contradictory, of being holy according to the Article of the Creed, and yet unholy according to Protestants,' by reason of her Doctrines ; where shall we find another holy Catholick Universal Church of all Nations, which teaches them not? Or shall we say, that now the Article of our Faith professiog a holy Catholick Church without interruption, is grown false ; and not only confess, that omnis homo Mendax, but even that the Basis of Christian Faith, to wit, the Creed and Divine Revelation is fo too; which being granted, nothing remains but Atheism to fill Men's Minds.


December 6. 17072 W

HEN your Ladyship deliver'd me the

Paper [of the Faith once deliver'd to the Saints] I told you I had much Business upon me, but would look over it as soon as I could. In truth I have at this time no lefs than three Books to look after in the Press, one Latin and two English. But yesterday at Twelve a Clock I sat down to read it, and was interrupted before I had finished the fecond Page : But this Morning I read it twice over, and whereas you desire my thoughts of it, in the first place I must tell your Ladyship I am much disappointed in it: For you gave it me as an Answer to the 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193 and 194 Pages of my Book, intituled, Several Letters, 86 and so in the Title it is said to be an Answer to fome Pafsages in Dr. Hickes's Book.

Madam, In such a Paper pretended to be an Anfwer to the Passages in those Pages, I had reason to expect a proof of the Antiquity, Univerfality and



Succellion of the Trent-Doctrines; and that the Aus thor of it would have shewn me from Age to Age, out of the Fathers and Councils, that in all Times before the Council of Trent they were received as Articles of Faith, at least as true Doctrines in the Church. But there is no such Proof. He faith indeed, that the Trent Doctrines were in the Mouth and Pra&tice of the visible Apostolick Catholick Church in all Ages, and that the Writers in every Age testify, fome mentioning this Trent-Doctrine and others another. The World (he faith) is fill'd with the Quotations of such Writers, and in practice Altars were every where erected for a Christian Sacrifice, People in all Nations adored Jesus Christ in the Sacrament, Anointed the Sick; pray'd for the Dead, asked the Prayers of glorified Saints, just as they did at Trent: So he faith in another place, And did not the Father's of that very Catholick Church erett Altars, offer Sacrifice, pray for the Dead, call upon the Saints to pray for them, and made Appeals to the supreme Pastoral Anthority of the Bishop of Rome?

But, Madam, this is saying, but not proving: And whereas he faith the World is fill'd with the Quotations of such Writers, I must tell your Ladyfhip in his Phrase, that the World is filld with Answers to those Writers, which shew the Falseness, or Vanity, or Impertinence of those Quotations. And if this Author would answer the foremention’d Passages and Pages of my Book, as a Scholar and Divine, he ought to send me an orderly and plain Proof of the Twelve 'additional Articles in Pope Pius the Fourth's Creed, from the [very] Time of the Apostles downwards, out of the Scriptures and Writings of the Fathers and Councils; to Thew, that they were always taught in the Church as Doctrines necessary to Salvation. When he can do this, Madam, I say here, as I faid in my Book to my other Adverfary, that I will be bis Profelyte, and I hope you will not be his ProseLyte before.

I must

1 must also tell your Ladyship, First, That throughout his whole Paper he supposes the Church of Rome and the Churches join'd in Communion with it, to be the whole Catholick Church; which he ought to prove, because we deny it; and in

particular in my Book [of the Letters which pass'd beIween me and the Romish Priests] I have Thew'd it is neither the Catholick nor a Catholick Church.

Secondly, That he supposes the Council of Trent to be a Free and General Council, which is contrary to Fact; as your Ladyship may fee in Two of their own learned Authors, who have given an account of it. Father Paul, in his History of the Council of Trent, and Monsieur Rancin in his Review of the Council of Trent. And we expect farther Proof of the evil Practices of that Council from Mr. Aymon, Chaplain to the late famous Cardinal Camus Bishop of Grenoble.

Thirdly, He supposes that the Council of Trent, as a General Council, could not err, which is not true; General Councils having actually err'd.

In the Fourth place, Madam, I must observe to your Ladyship, that in the Passages I have cited out of the Paper, the Expressions are fallacious and equivocal, and contriv'd to insnare and deceive ; as I am willing to shew your Ladyship when you please. And to tell you my Opinion plainly of the whole Paper, it is a very weak, tho' artificial Performance, drawn up cunningly to mislead weak and willing People with Fallacies, and for that reason I must beg your Ladyship to let me keep it, till I can take a Copy of it; for I intend, God willing, to publish it with an Answer wnen I have leisure. In the mean time I rest

Your Ladyship's most
bumble Servant

Geo. Hickes, Pray, good Madam, let Mr. B. see this Letter and give him my humble Service.


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Five Days after, with the Paper of the Faith once deliver'd to the Saints, I sent her Ladyship the following Letter.



December 11. 1707. Herewith send your Ladyship the Paper, of

which I have taken a Copy. I find an utter want of Truth, and Ingenuity in it, and am willing to make good this Charge in any Conference with your Ladyship, wherein you will give me leave to read it over to you with Reiñarks. If your Ladyship have a mind to have it examin'd in such a Conference I desire it may be at your Ladyship's Lodgings or at my House, and that Mr. B. may be present.

If your Ladyship be not yet determind I fall be always ready to assist you; but if you be, all Endeavours to save you will, I fear, be to little purpose, particularly all that can be done to keep you from such an unhappy change in Religion, by

Your Ladyship's
most faithful Servant

Geo. Hickes.

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Not long after I had sent her Ladyship the Paper and my Letter with it, I receiv'd this Answer from her.



December 11. 1707 HE Author of the Paper return’d me is not in

Town, when he is I believe he will be ready to vindicate it, or if he cannot, I shall in a great measure quit my good Opinion of the Antiquity and Universality of their Doctrine ; and am so much a Daughter and Friend of the Church of England, 9;


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