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went into 3 apartments, ye pavement is also continued with ye larger Tessalae all ye way between ye apartments.

December 12. — The Secretary presented a large shell of the mother of pearl kind, found by the workmen under the rock about 20 feet deep, in the ground, as they were digging the well in the market-place of this City, at the expence of Mr. Wortley. The colours of the different laminæ appeared bright and shining, though it be near to a state of petrifaction.

1739-40, January 30.—Mr. Neve communicated to the Society the original confirmation of Pope Paul to David Pool, the second Bishop of this Diocese, beginning thus: “Paulus Ep's servus Servor dei Dilecto filio Davidi Poole Elector Petriburgeñs, Saft, etc.”

“Anno Incarnationis dominica Millesimo quingentesimo quinquagesimo sexto Nono Kl. Aprilis Pontificata Suæ anno Secundo.

“ Penes Decanum et Capitulum Petriburg." 1740, June 18.–At which meeting it was agreed, nem. con., to draw up an Ordinance or Statute of Declaration, in order to prevent any misapplication or selfish designs of any future members. That whereas the present regular members have at their own great expence and pains, as well as by the benefactions of many Honourary members, got together a considerable number of books, prints, medals, and ther curiosities to a considerable value, we therein declare it our original Intention that none of those things shall ever become the private property of any or all the members thereof; that none may hereafter be tempted to break us only for the hopes of Sharing the plunder. But that in case of a Dissolution of this Society (which we cannot suppose will ever happen, so long as Learning and Friendship shall flourish at Peterborough), then these things to be reposited in the library of this Cathedral Church, and in the meantime a fair catalogue to be delivered into the hands of the Register of the Dean and Chapter to be supplyd once every year at . . . with the additions of the past year.

September 3.- The Secretary communicated to the Society the original subscription for building of a Public Cross or Town House, 1669, with the names of the several benefactors, and how much each person contributed towards the building.

September 17.--The Secretary communicated an original Petition, with the hands of above an hundred subscribers of the principal inhabitants of this City to the Right Honourable Oliver St. John, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Bench at Westminster, wherein, in the first place, they acknowledg his Lordship's many and great favours towards them, particularly for preserving the Minster and assigning it as a place of Publick Worship for them, and for procuring his Highnesses Letters Pattents for the relief of the late sufferers by a fire here, etc:

1. The first article of this petition is that the flagg Fenn should


be stinted or rated in proportion to the quality and quantity thereof, and the number of estates of the respective Commoners in the


2. That upon regulating the said common Fenn, a certain yearly rate or payment of money be set upon the said Tennants not exceeding £200 per Annum towards the maintainance of two preaching Ministers to officiate in the Minster and Parish Church, and for reparation of the said Churches.

3. That the Reversion of the Impropriation and the lease of the great Tythes and other oblations be granted by the State for the uses above.

4. That his Lordship would use his Interest for procuring an Act of Parliament for the same use, etc.

1740, October 29.-Mr. Neve, V.P., communicated an ancient deed on parchment, with the seal appended, of Acharius, one of the Abbots of this Monastery, 1200. Willõ fil Robti de Dodestrop, the legend round the seal:

Signum Burgense Cruce, Clave, refulget et Urbe.

November 19,1740.—Secretary communicated several very ancient deeds and charters with ye seals appendent some of 4 and some above 500 years old, also ye charter of Edward ye Confessor and his Queen Edgith for ye manner of Fiskerton to ye Abbot Leofricus of Burgh, 1060, signed.

Ego Edwardus rex constitui Ego Haroldus dux favi
Ego Edgith Regina concessi Ego Tostinus dux testitui
Ego Stigandus Archiepũs col. Signum Raulphi regis dapiferi

Signum Asgari regis dapiferi Ego Aldredus Archiepūs con- Signum Godrici filius Edgyce probavi

Signum Ulph de Lincoln Ego Pulchrius Lincoln antis- Signum Askil Johe's Sunac tes corroberavi

Signum Lanulph Makesunæ

1741, October 21.--The Secretary communicated a fair Index of all remarkable things contained in the Ancient and Valuable MS. belonging to the Dean and Chapter of this Church, called Swapham.

October 28.-The Secretary communicated out of the Cottonian Library a catalogue of all MS. and paper relating to the history of this Monastery, with references to each class where to be found, being about forty in number.

November 4, 1741.-V. P. communicated with John Josceline reports of ye Peterborough Saxon Chronicle. Chronica Saxonica ait Petroburgensis Monasteriæ ab anno Christi primo ad annum Christi 1148. Est in manibus Domini Willimi Ciciel Militis et ait est exemplar Laurentius Newill.

1742, June 2.-Dr. Balguy, V.P., and five other members: The Secretary gave an account to the Society of a curious paper MS., in the custody of Mrs. Mitchell, in Spalding, of the Book of Psalms in French, written in all the hands in use in Europe, by one Mrs. Esther Anglois, a French Lady at Listebourg in Escose, 1599, dedicated to Prince Maurice, of Nassau, with a complimentary copy of Latin verses to him, by B. K., her husband, and several other complimentary copies of Verses, in the Ladies most elegant writing, by Andrew Melvin, Robert Rollas, John Johnson, etc.; and on her person and abilities, under a picture finely drawn by her with a pen, as also the arms of the Prince and the headpieces and tailpieces to each psalm.

This curious Book is bound in Velvet, embroidered with gold, the leaves finely gilt and painted, with a running foliage stamped thereon. The Princes Cognizance, or device, is embroidered on the covers, and drawn at the end of the psalm within a laurel wreath ; a branch of palm with this word on a scroll,“ virescat," and his coronet over it.

September 8, 1742.—Presented to the Society from ye Rev. Mr. G. Fern, Croylands Chronicle collected by John Harrington, Esq., in ye time of K. Henry 7 and Henry 8, Englished by ye Right worshippfull Sir Thomas Lambert Knight June xxviii., An.D. 1607, in MS., an imperfect copy.

Gent's Soci'ty Meeting Aug’t 1743.—The Secretary communicated the following notice from the original in his custody in ye time of 0. Cromwell's usurpation, by which it appears yt ye Church Bayliff was then returning officer.

By Virtue of a brieff of ye Keepers of ye Libertie of England by authority of Parliament directed to ye high Sheriffe of ye County of Northton and by him to ye Baliff of ye cittye of Peterborough for ye elections of two Cittizens for this Citty to serve in Parliament. Theis are therefor to give Notice &c

Austin Baliffe.

Sep’r 28, 1743.—Ye Secretary communicated the following Inscription in a very ancient hand written upon Vellom.

Orate pro aña Witti Spencer qui hos Sermones annua in Septima Pentecostis predicandos suis propriis Compt.

Necnon pro animabus Johanna, Alicia & Aliciæ uxoris ac etiam

Spencer Alicie q; parentam ejusdem Witti
Ac Witti' Hovingham & Alicia uxoris ejus.
Etiam Dñ Witti Caningis Johanne uxoris ejus
Et Di Johis Waynvfferd, Margareta Marthe & Agnetis me.
& Oñ bñfactorum predict Willi Spencer &c.

May 30, 1744.-(MS. of John de Achurch). The Secretary showed ye Society ye MS. Chartulary of John de Achurch about ye year 1342. A Quarto Book inscribed thus by Dean Kennett in ye first page. Iste liber ab Ecclesia nostra St. Petri de Burgo olim abbatus inqz in manibus cheius detenth mihi deonune redditur a juvene antiquitatem studioso Fr. Pech. e Coll. D. Joħs Cantab'r st medico pretio se demfetus inter archiva nostra reponendus est die viij Jul 1714. White Kennett Decanus below in Mr. Sparke ye Register's hand.

Desunt Folia duodecimo fol. 192 ad fol. 205. Colleg it præterize hic Johannes de Achurch alios hujus modi Libros viz Librum nigram et Librum album in 2to ambo penes consitem Exoniæ. To fol. xvi is stich'd ye original charter or grant of King Edward ye Confessor in a fair and legible hand of yt date, Of the Town of Fiskerton to this abbey. Oportet nos quos D'L prefecit temporaliter toris populo suo &c. At ye end, Anno ab incarnatione Dñi Millesimo LX° confirmatum est hoc testamentum cui testes conspicui subscribendo annotantur.

Ego Edwardis rex constitui
++ Ego Edgyd Regina concessi

Ego Stigandus Archieps collandavi
Ego Aldredus Archieps compbavi
Ego Pulchrius Lincoln antistes coroberavi
Ego Haroldus Dux favi
Ego Tostinus Dux testis fui
Signum Ranulphi Regis dapiferi
Signum Cesgari regis dapileri
Siguum Godrici filius Adgyth
Signum Ulph de Lincoln

Signum Ashil Tokessunze
* Signum Lanulph Matressuna.

Dec'r 5, 1744.—The Secretary communicated and read to ye Society an humerous old song relating to this City made about ye year 1644, when there was a scheme on foot for making it a Corporation. Called Peterborough’s' resolution against ye Phanaticks.

Feb’y 6, 1744/5.—The Secretary showed ye Society ye original subscription for Building ye Cross or Town Hall, A.D. 1669, w'ch amounted to no more yn 80 : 12 : 2.

In March 1744-1745 the dissatisfaction with the Rev. Mr. Marshall's conduct as treasurer reached a climax, owing to his refusal to allow the property of the Society to be removed to another building, and is thus entered on the Minutes :

He (Mr. Marshall) came in an outrageous manner and laid violent hands upon one of ye workmen, endeavouring by threats and force to terrifie them from obeying their orders,” upon which complaint was made to the Society, and at the next meeting very severe votes of censure were passed upon him; his accounts were examined, and it was resolved that “ he had broken into the Fundamental Rules and articles, and yt for these reasons he be expelled the meeting.”

At the following meeting on April 3, the Minutes read :-

“The Rev. Mr. Marshall appearing, and as usual very contentious, for which he was called to order from ye chair and was expelled the Society."

It resulted in legal proceedings being taken by him against the Society, but the result is, unfortunately, omitted.

The following curious incident is entered :

April 10, 1745.—The Secretary communicated an opinion of Dr. Pauls on ye case of ye Ch. Wardens of Peterborough, who by their vath of office had presented a woman for publick fame of adultery, w'ch was in Court proved upon her, but she pleaded ye King's pardon or act of Grace, whereupon ye cause was dismist and ye Proctor brought ye Ch’wardens a long bill of Costs. Answer to these three Qu.

1. Who must pay and bear ye expenses of the Ch. Wardens justifying their Presentment.

2. If that Burthen lies upon ye Ch. Wardens, how must they raise ye money? and if ye Parishioners refuse to pay, w't Remedy.

3. Whether ye Bill of Costs must not be taxed by ye judge coram quo, before ye Proctor can make any legal demands.

To Qu. 1. Church wardens are by their office to observe and have an Inspection into ye Behaviour lives and conversation of their Parishioners concerning such faults and disorders as are within ye cognizance and censure of ye Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. And w't they do in ye execution of this office, is done as ye Representatives of ye parish, and ye expenses of all presentments is charged to ye Inhabitants. But when a Church warden has made his presentment he has done all yt is incumbent on his office. He is by no Law oblig'd to become a necessary promoter or to justifie ye Presentment. If ye Ecclesiastical Judge wants a promoter he must assign some of his Proctors yt office. If ye Church wardens will take upon themselves to justifie a presentment they do yt as private persons and not as publick officers,

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