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ing, and Slander against Those who never did any Injury, or gave any Provocation to the Authors of those Calumnies, unless by refusing to be of the same unjuftifiable Principles with Themselves. As to the other Expression of the Text, it will be as difficult to conceive, how great Numbers of Men among us can be said to be a part of the Faithful City, unless it be so far as the faithful City is become an Harlot. To consider a little particularly; this Word Faithful is us’d in feveral diftinét Significations.

In the first place it implies Loyalty; Faithfulness to our Governours, and being true to the Constitution, both in the Church and State under which we live. And can Those be said to be so, who are ungratefully insensible of the Happiness they enjoy from fo Excellent a Constitution ? By a most unjustifiable Schism feparate from Church, or are for introducing New Schemes and Alterations into the State? Who, if they do Communicate with the Church, yet endeavour to enervate its Discipline, dilute its Doctrines, undermine its Authority, betray its Interest, and in opposition to it upon all Occasions, defend the Cause of the most unreasonable Set of Schismaticks, that ever yet appear'd in the World. Has not the Power of the Church been laugh'd at, its Ministers insulted and abus'd with the utmost Spight and Malice, and with a pretended, tho' not real Contempt? Has not its Divine Institution been exploded, and its very Ordination flatly deny’d? Then with regard to the State ; can Those be call’d Faithful in this Sense, who tho’they may allow of a Goyeroment for some time, as long as they think it a convenient thing, and are pleas'd to say, It conduces to the Good of the Publick; yet have no Notion of what is callid Dury to Governors, or of Subjection for Conscience sake ; who set up the Power of the People above that of the Prince, explode Divine Right both in Church and State, as a Thing absurd and ridiculous in its own Nature; as if God had either no Right inherent in Him, or were incapable of delegating

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it to another. All which Tenets can proceed from no thing but from their want of Religion and Reason, and from their not having a due Respect even for the adorable Majesty of that High and Lofty One that inhabiterh Eternity! Can those be imagin'd heartily to rejoyce, and give God Thanks for the Miraculous Deliverance of this Day, who by their Words and Actions make it vifible to all the World, that they are heartily sorry it ever happen'd? Or can Those be thought to do fo, whose Day of solemn Thankfgiving is the Thirtieth of January, not the Nine and Twentieth of May? Who jue stifie and inculcate the very fame Principles, which produc'd the Great Rebellion, and all those disinal Confusions from which we were this Day deliver'd ?' Who with unparallelld Confidence and Presumption (not to give it a worse Expression)openly deny and ridicule Those Maxims which are fundamental to the Constitution of our Government; and which no body, in any Age; except that which we are nom remembring, and that in which We now Live, ever dar'd so much as to queftion. And all this out of a Pretended Zeal for another late Deo liverance, and for the present happy Settlement which is most shamefully affronted and dishonour'd by fo vile à Supposition; and which We have often demonstrated to be intirely consistent with those Fundamental Maxiins, and with the strictest Doctrines of the Holy Scriptures : According to which, we have prov'd it not only lawful, but our Duty to submit to, and rejoyce in the present happy Settlement, sincerely, heartily, affectionately, without any Prevarication or Reserve, and to defend and maintain it against all Opposers or Pretenders whatsoever. · This unavoidably puts us in mind, of their denying and ridiculing an express Doctrine of the Holy Scrip. tures, which, upon these Occasions, we are particuJarly oblig'd to take notice of; I mean the Doctrine,

That the Powers that be, are ordain'd of God; It'ho. i never therefore refifteth the Power, refifteth the Ordinance

of God, and They that result shall receive to themselves Damnation. A Do&rine, which after all the Cavils that have been urg'd, and the Rage that has been express’d against it, is certainly True, if the Scriptures be so. It may perhaps have been fallly stated, and fally prov'd, and wrong Consequences may have been drawn from it; but if That shews it to be false, scarce any Proposition in the World can be True. It does not indeed settle, or determine the particular Laws, Forms, or Constitutions of particular Governments; por declare in whom each of them lodges the Supreme Power: But, in the General, Refiftance to Governours from the Governed, is (without any Exception) as clearly and exprelly forbidden, as Murder in the Sixth Commandment, or Adultery in the Seventh. It seems very strange therefore, that Men should so loudly and positively declaim against it, especially, fince it is likewise the Doctrine of the Primitive Cristians, of the most eminent Writers in all Ages, both Divines and Lawyers, of all Churches, and all Religions, that can properly be call?d so; particularly of our own Church, and even of the Laws of the Land. It has also been sufficiently proy'd from Reason, and all the Arguments against it, both from Reason and Scripture, have been abundantly. Confuted : We have prov'd, that it is not only True in it self, but advantageous in its Consequences, and that to the Subjects, as well as the Governours ; tending to seeure the Liberties of the former, as well as the Authority of the latter : That is is entirely consistent and reconcilable with the present bappy Settlement ; nay, that it is the great Support and Security of it; and that the contrary Principle, direAly tends to overturn and destroy it. However, as I said, it is plainly the Doctrine of the Scriptures; and if it be, ought it to be made che Object of a senseless, dull Jeft ought it to be bianden? To be called a Slas with, a Damnable, a Blasphemous Do&rine? Or father, is it not the Height of Blasphemy to Fix fuch black and odious Epithets upon iç? Certainly Men had need be vety sure they are in the Right, before shey

prei presume to utter fuch Expressions; which, even if the Matter be but barely doubtful, no true Christia a can er or read wichout Horror. But as fuch Perfons are certainly in the Wrong; may God of his infinite Mercy give them a light of their Guilt and Ralness; left, while they express so much Scorn or Rage against the Doctrine of the Holy Ghost, as well as of our most excellent Church, those Words of the Prophet, the Author of my Text, should be apply'd to the Controversy between the Church of England and Them, which were first spoken of; That between the People of Judah and Senacherib King of Allyria, The Virgin, the

Daughter of Zion hath despised thee, and laughd" thee to · Scorn; the Daughter of Jerusalem hath maken her Head ai

Thee, whom bast thou reproach'd and blafphem'd, and against whom haft thou exalted thy Voice, and lifted up thine Eyes on High? Even against the! HOLT ONE OF ISRAÉL..

Men are said to be Faithful in a second Sense; when they are True and Sincere in their mutual Intercourse with one another. And was there ever so much Deceit, Faldhood, and Treachery as pow? When there are so many, who to serve the little Interests of this foolish World, or even to gratify the very Appetite of Tricking and Deceiving, are continually circumventing, or undermining their Neigbours ; make all Wit conlist in Cunning, and endeavour to laugh Truth and Probity out of Countenance. But let them endeavour it as long as they will, most certainly, they will never be able to effect it. A Man of Vertue will always thew his Face with Honour, while others are forc'd to hide Theirs with Shame and Confusion. And how much so ever crafty Men may value themselves upon their hol'low Hearts, double Tongues, and Nippery Dealings;

wa manus theme is uporn! 100 it will appear to all considering Persons, and at last be made manifest to all the World, that Cunning does not argue a Depth of Understanding, but only a Bafeness and Littleness of Soul; and that an open Generosity of Temper (which at the fame time is very consistent


with true Prudence) is the Character of a Wife as well as of a Brave and Honest Man.

Lastly, To be Faithful, implies being a true · Believer with regard to those Points of Faith, which are propos’d to us in the Holy Scriptures. And have we not pumbers of Men among us, who deny, and argue against the Articles of our Faith, the Divine Authori. ty of the Scriptures, the Immortality of the Soul, if not the very Being of a God? If God has not been deny'd, He has been, and continually is, plentifully Blasphem'd, and that in the most open and impudent manner, in Publick Conversation, in Print, in a great variety of wicked Books and Pamphlets; and the Ungodly Tenets have been propagated and dispers’d with unncommon Care and Industry, by Men who seem to have declar'd War against Heaven, and to stand at perfect Defiance with the Almighty, * These Three, which I have mention'd, are the different Significations in which this important Word Faithful is used : And it is very hard to say, how the Persons I have been describing, can be Members of the Faithful City; unless Men can be said to be Faithful by being Disoyal; Faithful, by being Perfidious ; Faithful, by being Infidels.

If these Things are in their own Nature extremely Shocking, We cannot help it; and tho' we be never so cautious in the choice of our Words, they will, and indeed they ought to appear fo. And therefore, we are most unreasonably accus'd: of Heat and Passion, when we only set them in a true Light, and display them in their proper Colours; which is absolutely Necessary, and our indispensable Duty to do, that well-meaning Persons may be undeceived, and abhor the Tendency of such pernicious Principles and Pradices. All Personal Reflections we entirely set aside; We purposely avoid all provoking, and (as far as the Nature of the Thing will permit) even severe Exprellions. And if after all this, we must be charg'd with Violence and want of Temper, by those who of all



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