תמונות בעמוד

Illustrating the International Improved Uniform Sunday School Lessons for 1920.

Sixty pictures enclosed in portfolio, 75 cents, postpaid.
First Quarter.

Third Quarter.
Lesson 1.

Lesson 1 758 The Apostles preaching in Jerusalem.

685 David and Goliath. W. L. Dodge. 394 The Day of Pentecost. Adrian Van der Werff.

Lesson 2.
Lesson 2.

790 Friendship of David and Jonathan. 599 Healing of the Lame Man by Peter. Nicolas

Lesson 3.
Lesson 3.

480 David showing Saul he had spared his life.

Doré. 788 Hall of the Sanhedrin in session.

Lesson 4. 763 St. John and St. Peter.

Lesson 4.

753 Rejoicing of the people on the accession of

David to the throne of Israel. 283 Death of Ananias. Raphael.

Lesson 5.
Lesson 5.

482 King David and the Ark of the Covenant. 789 Simon Magus comes to Peter and John.

Lesson 6.
Lesson 6.

791 David's kindness to Jonathan's son. 603 Almsdeeds of Dorcas. W. C. T. Dobson.

Lesson 7. 604 Raising of Tabitha by Peter. Carl Schonherr. Lesson 7.

741 Absalom hanged in an oak.

486 David mourning for Absalom. Doré. 302 Joppa-House of Simon the Tanner.

Lesson 8. 393

Peter in the house of Cornelius. Berhard Fabritius.

784 David the Psalmist. From an old print. Lesson 8.

Lesson 9. 601 The Deliverance of St. Peter from Prison.

755 Solomon offering burnt offerings in the temple. Henry Warren.

Lesson 10.
Lesson 9.

384 Solomon's temple. Photographed from 453 St. Peter. Fra Bartolomeo.

Scbick's model.
Lesson 10.

Lesson II. 466 The Good Samaritan. B. Plock hörst.

488 Queen of Sheba at the court of Solomon. H. T. 595 St. John the Evangelist. Domenichino.


Lesson 12. Lesson 11. 279 The Vision of St. John on the Island of Patmos.

792 Training for Olympic games.

Lesson 13
Lesson 12.

276 Christ in Glory. Annibale Carracci.
Lesson 13.

Fourth Quarter.

Lesson 1.
Second Quarter.

20 Worship of the Magi. Hofmann.
Lesson 1.

Lesson 2. 743 Carried into Captivity.

206 164 The Walk to Emmaus. B. Plockhörst.

Fords of the Jordan.

547 Christ tempted by Satan. Cornicelius. Lesson 2.

Lesson 3. 744 Sisera slain by Jael. Doré.

Deborah's Song of Triumph. 745

47 Christ and the fishermen. Zimmermann.

Lesson 4.
Lesson 3.
Gideon chooses his soldiers.

65 The Sermon on the Mount.

Lesson 5. Lesson 4. 414 Ruth and Naomi. Philip H. Calderon.

670 Temperance Pledge.

Lesson 6.
Lesson 5.

67 “Consider the Lilies." Henry Le Jeune. 417

Samuel. Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Child Samuel presented to Eli.

Lesson 7.
Lesson 6.

68 The Centurion's Servant. Veronese. 748 The Death of Eli.

Lesson 8.
Lesson 7.

693 Jesus appoints the twelve. 749 Defeat of the Philistines by the Israelites.

Lesson 0.
Lesson 8.


“Come unto Me, all ye that labor." Carl

Bloch. 472 Samuel anointing Saul.

Lesson 10. Lesson 0. 751 Jonathan and his armorbearer.

694 Parable of the Wheat and the Tares.

Lesson II.
Lesson 10.


Parable of the Sower. Roberts. 474 Saul rejected as King.

705 Parable of the Pearl of Great Price. Lesson II.

Lesson 12. 463 Samuel anointing David. Julius von Schnorr.

702 Miracle of the Loaves. Bida. Lesson 12.

14 The Angels and the Shepherds. Plockhörst. 116 The Good Shepherd. B. Plockhörst.

Lesson 13
Lesson 13.



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GOLDEN TEXT. Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved - ACTS 2:21.

Devotional Reading : Psalm 16.
Additional Material for Teachers : Joel 2 : 28–32 ; John 16:7-15 ; Acts 1 : 1-26.

Lesson Material : Acts 2:1-8, 14, 22–24, 36-40.
Memory Verse : Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to the whole

creation. Mark 16 : 15.

Lesson Material : Acts 2:1-41.

Memory Verse : Acts 1 : 8.
Intermediate and Senior Topic : THREE THOUSAND WON IN A DAY.

Additional Material : Acts 4 :4 ; 6: 7.
Topic for Young People and Adults : THE PERMANENT MEANING OF PENTECOST.

Additional Material : Luke 24 : 49; Acts 1 :8, 12-14 ; 4:31 ; 1 Cor. 12 :


THE TEACHER AND HIS CLASS. the story of Pentecost, which is one of

the most vivid in the Bible. Let them All grades in the Sunday School should see that Peter was beginning to carry become familiar with the story of the be- out his Lord's last command. Speaking ginnings of the early Church, as it unfolds of the Holy Spirit as the Helper, even in this Quarter's lessons. The story it- the very youngest can learn to recognize self is of vivid interest, and its applica- His whispering in their hearts. tions important to all.

The Intermediate and Senior classes The younger classes will necessarily will find it both interesting and instructive spend the greater part of the time on to study in addition some of the most

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famous revivals in history and in our own The transformation of the Apostles: how proved. times, noting the characteristics which are The gift of speaking with tongues.

Joel and his prophecy.. and must be common to them all.

Pentecosts in modern times. The older classes can discuss the The work of the Holy Spirit to-day. working of the Holy Spirit in the minds of men ; what were the permanent re- PLAN OF THE LESSON. sults of this first conscious gift of the Holy Spirit in the new dispensation ; SUBJECT : The Transforming Power of and our duty in view of the presence of

Pentecost. the Spirit in the world.

I. THE POWERS WHICH PRODUCED THE Since this is the first Sunday in the

CHRISTIAN CHURCH. new year, it is well for all to make some

II. THE COMING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, New Year's Resolutions, which they will

Acts 2 :1-13. keep throughout the year.

The lesson III.

THE TRANSFORMATION to-day is especially adapted to explain

APOSTLES. and enforce such resolutions.


TRANSFor Teachers : We will endeavor to bring

FORMATION. every one of our scholars to Jesus. 1. Peter's Sermon, Acts 2: 14-40.

2. Three Thousand Won in a Day, Acts 2: 41, 42. For Parents : We will make our homes so

3. The Church Be

Acts 2:43-47. filled with religious life that every

V. MODERN EXPERIENCES OF PENTEone of our children will be attracted to Jesus.

VI. PERMANENT LESSONS FROM PENTEFor the Young : We will decide to-day to

give our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ, and take Him as our Saviour and King.


The Commentaries on the Acts. ProTHE BOOK OF THE ACTS.

fessor Ramsay's Pictures of the Apostolic

Church. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, The Author : Luke. It is the second by Torrey. The Holy Spirit in the New volume of Luke's narrative of the found Testament, by Prof. H. B. Swete (Macing of Christianity. “ It is one unbroken millan, $2.75). The Tongue of Fire, by story from beginning to end.”

William Arthur (Harpers, 75€). The Title is really Acts,"

A History of American Revivals, by “ Deeds" ; not “ The Acts" as if it Frank G. Beardsley, S.T.D. (Am. Tract recorded all the acts of all the apostles ; Soc., 50¢). Stories of the great revivals for it contains only a few such acts, of various times and lands, as under selected most probably from an immense Savonarola, Luther, and the Huguenots ; mass of material.

and in modern times in Wales, India,
The Date of Writing was about A.D. 63. China, etc. Edwards, on Revivals.
The Place of Writing probably Rome.
The Language was Greek, then the

THE LESSON IN ART. speech of common life.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit, by

Fra Angelico,* Van der Werff,* Giotto,

and an unknown artist. * FOR RESEARCH AND DISCUSSION. St. Peter, by Bartolommeo,* Ribera, The Book of the Acts.

Sarto, Thorvaldsen, and from Da Vinci's The Jewish Festival of Pentecost.

| Last Supper. The two Powers which made possible the Christian

St. Peter Preaching, by Fra Angelico
The ten days of preparation.

and Doré. The symbols of the Spirit, and their significance.

* In Wilde's Bible Pictures.



I. THE POWERS WHICH PRODUCED THE TRANSFORMATION. There was a period of a little more than three years, January, A.D. 27, to May 28, A.D. 30, in which were gathered the great divine forces which were the source of the Christian Church.

1. Jesus during a little more than three years did his Father's business here on the earth: he gathered disciples and trained them ; he healed all manner of sickness and infirmities; he taught the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the conditions for entering therein ; he lived a life of prayer ; and set his disciples the task of winning the world to the Kingdom which he had come to this earth to found. These things we read in the Four Gospels. It is for us to keep Jesus and his

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