תמונות בעמוד


rence. Thus shall God the Holy Spirit re- not duly estimate. The veil which so long had dimmed new that man whom the Father hath par. lifted, and, for a season at least, they must have ac

their mental vision, for a time must have been updoned, and the Son atoned for; thus shall knowledged that no man whose mission was not divine He cleanse those from the pollutions of sin could have spoken as he spake. whom the Father's mercy and the Son's death It was after our Saviour had ended his sermon, and have delivered from the guilt and condemna

had come down from the mountain, that he was pleased tion of it.

to perform the miraculous cure of the poor leper,

whose wretched condition rendered him an outcast of Dear brethren, to know these two things society, and had driven him from his home and his kinaright is life eternal. We have destroyed dred. “And, behold, he came and worshipped Jesus ourselves, but in God is our help. Nay - approached him in full assurance of the divine God Almighty shew you what you are, and power with which he was invested. It may be, he him

self had either heard or been told of the wonderful make you what you ought to be. You are

display which had just been made in the ears of all (whether you know it or not) guilty; may the people ; or he may have observed the conscienceHe make you feel your guilt. You are pol smitien Jews as they departed, and have heard the ruInted and defiled; may He make you feel it.

mour, which must have gained a rapid circulation, that You are weak and helpless; may He make

he taught as one who had authority of God, and not of

We may picture to our minds the miserable you feel it. But there is in Him free pardon leper, writhing under the tortures of his grievous disof your guilt; may He lead you to seek for temper, listening, if he possessed the privilege, with it. There is in Him deliverance from the

intense eagerness to every word as it proceeded from

his mouth; catching, as it were, every drop of the power of sin; may He lead you to seek for

heaven-sent shower, wherewith to cool his aching it. There is in Him strength to keep you in brow and quench his burning thirst. In the anguish every difficulty, and grace to help in every of his soul he feels the truth of every maxim, and is time of need; may He lead you so to ask convinced that he who thus could shed such a stream

of heavenly light upon the two tables of the law was that you may receive, &c. O Israel, return

no other than the Son of God. At once he might unto the Lord thy God, “ for thou hast fallen have felt an irresistible impulse to rush through the by thine own iniquity.” Take with you astonished crowd, and fall at Jesus' feet, and suppliwords, and turn into the Lord ; say unto

cate his pity and implore his omnipotent aid-did he

not know and feel that his very presence amongst his him—“Take away all iniquity, and receive

fellow-creatures was defilement. But when they had us graciously; so will we render the calves dispersed, and the opportunity of engaging attention of our lips (the sacrifice of praise and thanks- presented itself, immediately he bastened to pay his giving); for in Thee the fatherless findeth homage, and shew his faith in Jesus as the "Lamb of

God, ihat taketh away the sin of the world.” He wormercy.

shipped him. Short, but energetic, was his prayer; few were his words; but enough did they contain to prove

(had such been necessary to one who knows the very THOUGHTS ON HISTORICAL PASSAGES OF

secrets of the heart) his contiding truse in the power of THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT.

him before whom he stood, to cure him of his leprosy.

“Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean." The No. XIV.-The Leper cleansed."

meek and placid eye of the Redeemer rested for one By tue Rev. R. B. KINSMAN, M.A.

instant upon the piteous object ; he beheld his misery, Rector of Nawnan, Cornwall.

he knew his faith; and Jesus put forth his hand and

touched him, saying, “ I will; be thou clean;" and imJ.

mediately his leprosy left him. Though stripped in The remark of the evangelist, that our blessed Lord outward guise of all his heavenly majesty, though he "taught as one having authority, and not as the scribes," breathed this air and trod this earth, yet was he still will be confirmed by every one who carefully reads the the Sovereign of the universe-still equal to his father records which his Gospel contains of the converse he as touching his Godhead-still the mighty Disposer of deigned to hold with those whom he came from hea- events, as before he had been the Creator of all worlds ven to rcdecm. The multitude who had listened to -and now, as then, he did but speak, and it was done, the words of heavenly teaching that fell from his lips he commanded, and it stood fast

. Therefore it was on the sacred mount, might well be astonished at that he spake with anthority, and said, without referbis doctrine ; so different from that which proceeded ence to any other power than his own, “I will; be from those blind leaders who then sat in Moses' seat, thou clean." The words were spoken, and the leper Never before had they heard such an exposition of was cleansed; in one moment the most loathsome disthat law, which is indeed holy, just, and good ; never ease that clings to humanity is mastered and dispelled ; before had they understood its obligations, or felt the the current of blood is changed and purified, it flows personal character of its precepts. They indeed had in health and vigour through every vein. Be thou learned the letter; some of them even on their very clean; or rather, as the original more fully implies, be garments had inscribed its commands; but none had thou thoroughly and completely cleansed. A single imbibed its spirit. By their traditions they had made word is enough; the arm of onnipotence was outthe commandment of God of none effect; they had

stretched to save the word of almighty mercy was debased its excellence, and alloyed its purity.' The uttered—the most miserable became the happiest upon wonder and astonishment of the surrounding multi- carth. What a moment of enviable, of almost hea. tude, as they listened to the holy and sinless Jesus, venly bliss was this, in which the Galilean leper heard whilst he unfolded to them the true nature and spi- the words, and felt himself again restored from living ritual tendency of the moral law, we, at this day, can- death to health and strength and joy-from the misery

of the roaming outcast to the arms of bereaved kindred, • ",3nd, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, a widowed mother, or a sorrowing wife! Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched hiin, saying, I will; be thou clean."

Had the wondering multitude, under the impres---Matt. viii, 2, 3.

sions produced by his awakening sermon, witnessed

immediately afterwards this interposition of divine shall bring about in any way such a result. Unlike mercy, we should with reason be led to expect a par- their forefathers, they would willingly see popery tial gathering together of some of Israel's sons; but at itself taught under state-patronage, to secure their this early period of our Lord's ministry it pleased him favourite object. They appear, indeed, blind to the to veil his glory, it comported not with his present nature and consequences of the contest in which they purpose to manifest his miraculous power openly be- are engaged. Who are the great enemies of Christian fore all the people; in this respect his hour was not truth in the land ? Popery and infidelity. Who are yet come. He charged the man, and said unto him, among the foremost of the assailants of the Church, "See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself and at the same time favour and support the disto the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, senters? Popery and infidelity. Is this, or is it not, for a testimony unto them.” Before the time in a practical proof that the Church is, as some candid which he was to lay down his life a ransom for the dissenters have themselves allowed, the great bulwark world, it was necessary that he should give full proof against popery and infidelity; the destruction of which of his divine mission, and instruct his disciples in his would be followed by the tyranny of one or the other doctrine. It was therefore from motives purely pru- of those great enemies of God and man? And yet dential that he commanded silence and secrecy, con- there are those infatuated enough to reason, " Because cerning the mighty deed which he had wrought. the churchman enjoys more state-patronage in his

"Go, shew thyself to the priest.” It was an ordi- religion than I do, though I cannut and would not nance of the Levirical law, that he wlio was cured of take his place, I am determined that, come what may, leprosy should present himself before the priest, that there shall be no longer this inequality; and there. he might be pronounced by him to be clean. Thus, fore I will join with popery and infidelity to pull the Jesus was above the law, yet he transgressed it not. Church down." From those who are in such a state of How justly might he have dispensed with this require- mind, it would be vain to expect satisfaction with any ment! yet does he not. Though the law binds not the plan such as the Church or the majority of the nation Maker, yet does he willingly bind himself. This was could conscientiously accept or acquiesce in. but a branch of the ceremonial law, yet would he not But there are others not prepared to raise them. slight it." How carefully, therefore," observes Bishop selves at the expense of truth, and upon the ruins of Hall, "should we submit ourselves to the royal laws the national faith. There are those who, though of our Creator, to the wholesome laws of our superiors, conscientiously dissenting from the Church, have no while the Son of God would not but be so punctual in wish to set the country on fire to reduce all to the à ceremony!" Though the priest was corrupt, yet his same level. I would say then to such, as I would say function was sacred; though they denied him his to churchmen in similar circumstances : Bide your rightful authority, yet

did he acknowledge that of the time. If you are right, and your opponents wrong, priest. He was to offer the gift prescribed in such God will bless your legitimate exertions in the cause cases for a testimony unto them, either as a proof and of truth. But do not interrupt the peace and tranwitness that he did not destroy the law of Moses, or quillity of the country, in order to force those who else as a testimony that he was the Christ. They believe you to be involved in serioux error to aid in themselves allowed that one of the characteristics of the propagation of your views against their own conthe Alessiah would be his power to heal that very dis

victions When you have obtained the majority in ease ; therefore their obstinacy in rejecting his ottice the country and the legislature, then by all means let was without excuse. This, therefore, was their con- the minority in their turn quietly acquiesce. demnation, that they preferred darkness to light, be- But there scems to prevail just now in some minds cause their deeds were evil.

a notion that what is taken for religious purposes from the contributions of the nation, must in fairness be divided proportionably to the demands of all the

different religious sects that exist in it. That is, POSITION OF DISSENT.*

because of the infatuation under which many labour, It has been, indeed, the fashion of late, with some poison and good food are to be distributed to them among us, to talk as if the exclusive patronage of one with scrupulous impartiality. The physician and the Church by the legislature inflicted disgrace and degra- quack are to be equally encouraged, because there are dation upon the dissenters. It was even said, chat some who prefer the latter to the former. Surely the toleration is "the abhorrence of the dissenter,” and absurdity of such reasoning is transparent. that they would be satisfied with nothing less than It is urged, again, that such plans must be adopted absolute equality as a religious body with the Church out of respect to the consciences of dissenters. But -an equality which was to be obtained, not as is now is a legislator to aid in the propagation of important proposed, by the endowment of dissent (a notion which or vital error and falsehood, out of respect to the conwas then spurned at), but by the withdrawal from the sciences of those who embrace it? For instance, supChurch of all staie-patronage. It seems, however, pose the fanatic who lately disturbed the peace of the that so far from gaining friends to the voluntary sys- county of Kent, had collected a body of followers tem by the controversy they thus excited, they lost without offending against the public peace.

Is a ground considerably by it; and therefore, equality legislator to vote for aiding the spread of such a being the great, the all-engrossing object in view, delusion, out of respect to the consciences of those they seem quite ready to fall in with any plan that who embrace it? if not, the line must be drawn

somewhere. The question therefore is, where is it to • From “ Church-Rates, Colonial Church, and National Edu- be drawn; and by what rule are we to draw it? And cation. A Reply to the Answer of the Edinburgh Review, &c.

no man who recognises the fact of his responsibility Ju 'Two Letters to the Editor." By the Rev. William Goode, MA., of Trinity College, Cambridge, Rector of St. Antholin,

to God in his capacity of legislator for the promotion London. Letier II., pp. 37. London, Hatchard and Son, 1839. of the true religion, can doubt how such a question is The two letters of Mr. Goode are written in a spirit sa tho- to be answered. Let me add, also, that the steady roughly Christian, that we conceive no really conscientious religious 110n-conformist can find a look whereou he may liang

recognition of this fact will alone lead to any thing a railing accusation. His arguments carry with thein the force like consistent legislation on this subject. If the of demonstration, and he deserves the thanks of every meinber matter be viewed as one of ediency, if it be looked of our Church for the bold, decided, and, at the same time,

at in a political light, the conduct of men will vary mild and Christian manner, in which he has treated the subject. The letters merit serious perusal; a perusal which we

with all the varying events and circumstances of the would recommend to all who view churchmanship as bigotry, times. It is only when it is viewed as a religious and an uncompromising attachment to establishments as a

duty,-a duty for the performance of which each proof of imbecility- for as such they have lately been generally represented.

individual legislator is, ás an individual, responsible to God-a duty, therefore, equally to be performed commit adultery with her into great tribulation, exwhen circumstances seem adverse as when they are cept they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her favourable,-that there will be any thing like a con- children with death, and all the churches shall know sistent and permanent support given to the cause of that I am He which searcheth the reins and the truth.

hearts," &c. (Rev. ii. 20, &c.) I do not quote this as And here is the great trial of the Christian legis- speaking of the duties of the secular power, nor do I lator; whether, when immersed in the vortex of poli- make any application of it to any party in the country. tical life, and accustomed in other matters to shape But I ask you this question, Suppose the legislature hi course by the circumstances and events of the Thyatira to have been similar to our own, and the day, he can here make one fixed principle of action question in discussion to be, How shall we fulfil our his alone guide, and, undeterred by circumstances, duty to God, as a legislature, in providing for the keep one object steadily in view; whether, in a word, religious instruction of the community ? low ought he will act with a single eye (whoever and whatever those who belonged to the orthodox Church to have may be his opponents) to the performance of his duty acted? Why, according to you, the orthodox Church, to God, as one charged with the defence and support the followers of Jezebel, and the various other parties of God's truth.

to be found there, such, perhaps, as the Nicolaitans of Is there any thing unintelligible, any thing unrea- Pergamos, whose doctrine our Lord tells us he hates sonable, in the supposition that the legislator should (Rev. ii. 15), are “ the religious denominations of reason thus? My duty towards God requires me to the country," and it would have been most illiberal promote the instruction of the people in what I believe for the members of the Church-sect, not to have voted to be the true religion, the faith that will bring salva- that all those various errors should be taught in the tion. Can I then vote for their instruction in what I national schools, at the expense and under the sancbelieve to be fatal, or at least most dangerous error ? tion of the state. Nay more, can I, in the fulfilment of this duty, aid I defy you to shew, that this is any exaggeration of even those who, though they may not be involved in the state of things to which your principles would such errors, are, for the sake of non-essential points, lead. And think not to avoid the difficulty by accusrending that Church, which God intended to be one, ing me of comparing this party with an apostolical into numberless fragments, all at variance with each Church, and the other with the followers of Jezebel, other? What may be the opinion of the majority of and so on. I do nothing of the kind. But I quote the legislature, is a question which in this case ought the case as an illustration of the true nature of your to have no influence in determining the vote of the principle. If it is a duty which the state owes to God individual, though in that opinion when expressed, to provide for the religious instruction of the comsupposing it to be consistent with the principles of munity, it is its duty to give its aid only in the pro. religious freedom, all are bound to acquiesce.

motion of that which it believes to be the truth; and Such is the plain, straightforward, honest reasoning, this duty is fulfilled by individual legislators in their to the justice of which one might suppose that all acting according to their professed belief. And I will parties would accede. But no; the notion seems. to only add, God grant that we may not, as a nation, so have possessed the minds of many, that all the various “commit adultery" with error, as to be cast by the “ religious denominations" in the country have an just judgment of God into "great tribulation." equal claim upon the legislature for support. Men are not satisfied with allowing what they believe to be schism and error to be propagated by the voluntary exertions of its adherents, but it must be supported,

Che Cabinet. taught, and endowed out of the national purse. Mark Losers op Souls.-All they who wrong others to what is implied in this! It is implied, that the God enrich themselves; all that rob upon the highway, pick of peace and order is satisfied that his Church should pockets, or break open houses; all that forge deeds, consist of a number of unconnected units, a complete forswear themselves, or suborn others to do so in lawBabel of rival sects and parties, having neither govern

suits; all that willingly cheat, defraud, or over-reach ment nor discipline in common, but all independent their neighbours, in buying or selling their goods; all of each other, and all entitled to set up a form of that pilfer and steal, or so much as withhold and conceal doctrine and discipline to their own taste, and at the that which they know belongs to another; all that are same time be recognised by the others as the “religious able, and yet will not pay what they owe, but lie in denominations" of the world. For if this division is prison, or hide themselves, or at least pretend they not agreeable to the will of God, then are some of cannot do it; all that smuggle the king's customs, or those parties'acting contrary to his will. While, then, corrupt his officers, and by that means keep to themit is true that each party may blame the others, and selves what the law hath made due to him; all that none can justly claim infallibility, is it not an anomaly refuse or neglect to relieve those of their relations or perfectly unaccountable, that members of our Church others which are really in need, and so withhold from should act as if they believed that those who have them the maintenance which God hath appointed for separated from us are blameless? And the truth is, them; all that oppress and gripe poor workmen in that in many cases it arises from the latitudinarian their prices or servants in the wages which are due to notion, that inen are not responsible for their belief. them; all that work upon people's necessities, and

Now, I am not about to discuss the question here, extort from them more than the laws of the land allow what form of doctrine and government was left by the of ; all that follow such unlawful trades as tend to the apostles in the Church. But I ask you, whether there corrupting of youth, and to the nourishing of vice and was not some such form left, and in what light the wickedness in the world; all that by false weights or apostolical writings teach us to regard those who from measures, by lying or over-reckoning, or by any trick, heresy or disorderly walking were cut off, or separated impose upon those they deal with ; and all that are themselves, from churches formed after the apostolical conscious to themselves, that by these, and such like pattern ? Nay, what think you of our Lord's own unlawful ways, they have got other men's money, goods, address to the church in Thyatira,—"I have a few or estates in their hands, and yet will not restore them things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman again to their right owners as far as they are able ;-Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach these all as plainly lose their souls for this world, as if and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and they should make a solemn contract or bargain with to eat things sacrificed-unto idols. And I gave her the devil, that upon condition they inay have such and space to repent of her fornication, and she repented such things at present, he shall have their souls for pot. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that ever; for so he will, and leave them in the lurch too :


he will serve them in their own kind; as they cheated tions inseparable from our bodies may bring us back others, he will cheat them, and put them off with to humility.--St. Gregory Nazianzen. nothing but dreams and fancies, instead of the great

A NEGATIVE RIGHTEOUSNESS INSUFFICIENT. -Gloprofit and advantage they expected.-- Bp. Beveridge.

rify thyself no longer, that thou doest harm to no man; SELF-DECEIVERS.-Thither are to be reduced as he robs bis neighbour that relieves him not'; he spoils deceitful workers, those that promise to God, but mean his friend, that in some cases doth not supply him. not to pay what they once intended ; people that are And though it is well (a good decree), if we can say confident in the day of ease, and fail in the danger; with St. Paul, “I have wronged no man;" yet he only is they that pray passionately for a grace, and if it be perfectly blameless in this kind, who doth not this not obtained at that price, go no further, and never evil to his neighbour, that he omits to do him all the contend in action for what they seem to contend in good he can. Thou didst not burn thy neighbour's prayer ; such as delight in forms and outsides, and house (a strange piece of uncouth righteousness !); but regard not the substance and design of every institu- dost thou receive him into thy own, now he is harbourtion ; that think it a great sin to taste bread before the less ? Thou hast not oppressed or impoverished thy receiving the holy sacrament, and yet come to com- brother; it is well; but is thy abundance the supply municate with an ambitious and revengeful soul ; that of his want in this present exigence, thy superfluity make a conscience of eating flesh, but not of drunken- the ransom and redemption of his extreme necessities? ness; that keep old customs and old sins together ; If not, remember that Dives is in torments, not for that pretend one duty to excuse another; religion robbing Lazarus, but for not relieving him; and the against charity, or piety to parents against duty to dreadful decretory sentence proceeds, at the last day, God; private promises against public duty; the keep- not for oppressing the poor, but for not feeding, not ing of an oath against breaking of a commandment; clothing, not visiting them.--Archbishop Sancroft. honour against modesty; reputation against piety ; the love of the world in civil instances to countenance epmity against God : these are the deceitful workers of God's word ; they make a schism in the duties of

Poetry. religion, and a war in heaven worse than that between

HYMN. Michael and the dragon ; for they divide the Spirit of God, and distinguish his commandments into parties and factions; by seeking an excuse, sometimes they destroy the integrity and perfect constitution of duty,

(For the Church of England Magazine.) or they do something whereby the effect and usefulness

Sweet is the feast of Jesus' love, of the duty is hindered; concerning all which this only can be said, they who serve God with a lame sacrifice

And bright the banquet shines and an imperfect duty, a duty defective in its consti- Of things below and things above, tuent parts, can never enjoy God; because he can

From Truth's exhaustless mines. never be divided ; and though it be better to enter into heaven with one foot, and one eye, than that both

Pardon, and peace, and life, and light, should be cast into hell, because heaven can make re

In holy paths abound; compense for this loss; yet nothing can repair his And grace shall guide their footsteps right, loss, who, for being lame in his duty, shall enter into

Who in those paths are found. hell, where nothing is perfect, but the measures and duration of torment, and they both are next to infinite. The lowly seek the living way, -Bishop Taylor.


Fast to the world of endless day, Scarcely can I conceive, even to myself, this union be- And from the world of sin. tween my body and my soul-how it is that I bear upon me the stamp of divinity, and that at the same time I O, for the eagle's rapid wings, grovel in the dust! is my body in health, it wars To bear our spirits o'er against me; is it sick, I languish with it in sympathy.

To the fair land of priests and kings, It is at once a companion that I love, and an enemy that I dread-it is a prison that frightens me, a partner

To be enslaved no more ! with whom I dwell. If I weaken it by excess, I be- How sweet to walk the courts above, come incapable of any thing noble; if I indulge it, or treat it with too much consideration, it revolts, and

And full salvation see ; my slave escapes me. It fastens me to the earth by

The purchase of Immanuel's love, ties I cannot break, and prevents me from taking my For thee, vain man, for thee! upward flight to God, for which end alone I was

Huttoft. created. It is an enemy that I love-a treacherous friend whom it is my duty to mistrust. To fear, and yet to love !-at once what union and what discord!

TO ON HER BIRTH-DAY, For what end, with what secret motive, is it that man has been thus organised ? Is it not that God has seen

BY THE REV. W. P. HUTTON, M.A., it fit by this means to humble our pride, which might

St. Thomas', Kendal. otherwise have carried us to the height of disdaining

(Por the Church of England Magazine.) even our Creator, in the thought that, being derived from ihe same fount of being, we might be permitted ANOTHER year of grief and joy, to regard ourselves as on terms of equality with him ? And scenes that mingle light and shade; It is then to recall us incessantly to the sense of our

Of hopes that time shall ne'er destroy, entire dependence on him, that God has reduced our bodies to this state of frailty, which exposes us to per.

And hopes that only shine to fade; petual combats; balancing our nobleness by our base- of youthful bliss and early fear, ness; holding us in suspense between death and im- 'Tis fled, dear girl,--another year! mortality, according to the affection which inclines us to the body or the soul; so that, if the excellences of 0! days have swiftly glided on, our souls should inspire us with pride, the imperfec- The days since childhood's sunny dream ;

And swifter still, now those are gone,

Merdeen, in Mesopotamia, in the convent of Deyr Will life's advancing journey seem ;

Safran; but they have, beside him, four patriarchs upon Nor long shall greet thy gladdened ear,

Mount Tor. Bar Thom, their patriarch, was 130 The welcome voice-another year!

years of age when I saw him in the year 1824 at MerAnd be it so; and speed the flight

pray for the dead; but deny the existence of purgatory,

and so also do the Greeks, Armenians, Chaldeans, and Of years that bear thy soul away,

Abyssinians. They are great venerators of Ephrem Beyond the gloom of sorrow's night,

Syrus, Dioscoros, and Jacob of Nisibin. They conTo realms of everlasting day;

demn Nestorios and Eutyches, whilst they are in. Por who that is a pilgrim here,

fected with the heresy of the latter. A great number Will mourn to see another year!

of them have been converted to Romanism ; these con.

verts are called by the rest Maghlobeen, the conAnd yet, to years, to moments, give

quered, or beaten, or schismatics. The Syrians have Thine anxious thought, thy watchful care ;

converted a great many of the devil-worshippers, and

of the Shamsea, worshippers of the sun, to their 'Tis life for God alone to live,

creed.-Wolf's Journal. The foe to meet, the cross to bear;

EASTERNANECDOTE-An Arab came into the mosque * And who can trace, without a tear

of the propbet, while the holy commander of the faithOf shame, the past-another year.

ful, Ali, was there. The Arab performed his devo

tions hurriedly and hastily, not going through the To thee may future birth-days bring

ceremonies as the institutions of religion command, Increasing faith and riper grace,

nor reading duly prescribed portions of the Koran. Till, borne above on angel wing,

As he rose up and was going out, his excellency the Thy ransomed spirit, face to face,

khalif cried out to him, and flourishing his slippers

over his head, said, "Stay, and perform thy prayer Behold its God, and scenes appear

fully, for this thy performance will not be taken into That yield not to another year!

account." The Arab, froin fear of the slippers of the khalif, stood and went through his devotions a second time, in such a manner as is right and proper, finished

them with humility and abasedness. When they'were Miscellaneous.

finished, the khalif said, “ Is not this last prayer better ASTRONOMY.-The discoveries of astronomy, instead

than the first?" The Arab replied, “No, O comof having an opposite effect, warm my heart. I think of mander of the faithful; for the first prayer was from eighty millions of stars in one nebula, and of two thou

the fear of God, and the second from the fear of thy sand nebula, and I feel elevated and thankful to bear slippers."- Asiatic Journal. part in this magnificent creation, to be the child of

ABON HANNIFAH, chief of a Turkish sect, once reHim who is the Governor of these boundless dominions.

ceived a blow in the face from a ruftian, and rebuked I find unspeakable pleasure in the declarations so often

him in these terms, not unworthy of Christian imitareiterated in the word of God, the unvarying truth of tion : “ If I were vindictive, I should return you the supreme Being. To me there is something inex.

outrage for outrage; if I were an informer, I should pressibly sublime in the assurance, that throughout the

accuse you before the caliph: but I prefer putting up whole jinmeasurable extent of the all but infinite em

a prayer to God, that in the day of judgment he will pire of God, truth always extends, and, like a master

cause me to enter heaven with you." key, unlocks and opens all the mysteries of wisdom, and goodness, and mercy of the Divine dispensations. THE VILLAGE Church.—The villagers have a feel--Wilberforce's Life.

ing of property in their own parish-church. Generally JACOBITES, OR SYRIAN CHRISTIANS.-Before I pro- around it, it stands as a part of their native land, and

venerable for extreme antiquity, and firm as the hills ceed to give an account of our journey, let me mention another people, of whom only a few reside at Jerusa

to endure, with the country, to all ages. It appeals, lem ; they are called the Jacobites, or Syrian Christians.

moreover, to all the affections, by motives which pene

trate the inmost heart; bringing before the worshipper They call themselves also the Bnee Israel, the children

his birth, his domestic happiness and duty, the memory of Israel, whose ancestors were converted by the apostle St. James; but they count their apostolic succession

of departed friends, and his own death. Within, he from Peter the apostle, as bishop of Antioch ; and in

sees the font at which he was baptised, and the altar the appendix you will find the names of their bishops templates the graves of his friends, and the spot which

where he knelt at bis marriage. Around it he confrom the time of St. Peter to the present time uninter.

one day will probably be his own. These are charms ruptedly, for there is no church in the East who has not most faithfully preserved her apostolic succession.

which speak to every bosom. Every one alse feels There cannot be the least doubt that their claim to

that a picture of Englislı scenery is incomplete without being descendants of the Jewish Christians of old is

the old grey tower, or the village spire, upon which just. Their physiognomy, their mode of worship, their

the eye rests, as the loveliest picture of the landscape:

and who can hear the distant bells, in the cheerfulness attachment to the Mosaical law, their liturgy, their tradition, so similar to the Jewish tradition, the tech

of a summer's morning, or the stillness of a summer's nical terms in their theology, all prove that they are

evening, without feeling their soothing power enter bis the real descendants of Abraham. They are, how.

very soul !--Ostler on the Church, ever, monophysites ; and they explain the oneness of the human and divine nature of Christ in the following manner:--Glass is made of sand, but the whole is only London: Published by JAMES BURNS, 17 Portinan Street, glass, no longer sand; thus the divine nature of Christ Portman Square ; W. EDWARDS, 12 Ave-Maria Lane, St.

Paul's; and to be procured, by order, of all Booksellers in Town has absorbed the human nature in such a manner that

and Country, both are become one. They believe the real presence of the body and blood of Christ, without knowing transubstantiation. They pray seven times a day, according to the words of the Psalmist, “Seven times

PRINTED BY a day do I praise thee.” Their patriarch resides at ROBSON, LEVEY, AND YRANKLYN, 46'st. NARTIN'S LA NE.

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