An Asylum for Fugitive Pieces, in Prose and Verse, Not in Any Other Collection: with Several Pieces Never Before Published. A New Ed., Including Pieces Not in the Former Edition, and Several Never Before Printed, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
J. Debrett, 1785

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עמוד 179 - Eeiiy l attending alfo as firft and feI 3 eond cond clerks, the following.liftof candidates was made out forthwith, and duly entered on .the roll, as a preliminary record to the fubfequent proceedings. The Right Rev. Dr. William Markham, Lord Archbifliop of York.
עמוד 66 - In law, as in life, I know well 'tis a rule, That a knave will be ever too hard for a fool : To which rule one exception your client implores, That a fool may for once turn the knave out of doors.
עמוד 81 - Chang'd his hand, and check'd his pride. He chofe a mournful Mufe Soft pity to infufe: ,• He fung Darius great and good, By too fevere a fate, Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen, Fallen from his high eftate, And weltring in his blood; .Deferted, Deferted, at his utmoft need, .By thofe his former bounty fed : .. '* On the bare earth expos'd he lies, .With not a friend to clofe his eyes.
עמוד 297 - Coufin of a Peer ; Scholar of various learning, good or evil, Alike what God infpired, or what the Devil...
עמוד 16 - RONDEAU. BY two black eyes my heart was won, Sure never wretch was more undone...
עמוד 230 - I swore, while George shall reign, The Seals, in spite of changes, to retain. Nor quit the woolsack till he quits the Throne! And now, the bays for life to wear, Once more, with mightier oaths, by I swear! Bend my black brows that keep the Peers in awe, Shake my full-bottom wig, and give the nod of law.
עמוד 71 - Rival of Greece, in arms, in arts, Tho' deem'd in her declining days, Britain yet boafts unnumber'd hearts, Who keenly pant for public praife : Her battles yet are firmly fought By Chiefs with Spartan courage fraught: Her Painters with Athenian zeal unite To trace the glories of the profp'rous fight, And gild th' embatttTd fcene with art's immortal light.
עמוד 311 - He afterwards ;vith great force defcribes the lamentable ftate of humiliation into which he may fall from his prefent pinnacle of greatnefs, by too great a fubferviency to thofe from whom he has derived it, and appeals, to his pride in the following beautiful exclamation -, Shall CHATHAM'S offspring bafely beg fupport, Now from the India, now St.
עמוד 109 - Array'd in matchless beauty, Devon's fair In Fox's favour takes a zealous part ; But oh ! where'er the pilferer comes beware, She supplicates a vote, and steals a heart.
עמוד 304 - Who does not perceive, in this defcription, as if before their eyes, the thin figure of emaciated divinity, divided between religion and decorum; anxious to produce fome truths, and conceal others ; at once concerned for fundamental points of various kinds j ever at the bottom of things...

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