An Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, from the Birth of Christ, to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century: In Six Volumes, in which the Rise, Progress, and Variations of Church Power are Considered in Their Connexion with the State of Learning and Philosophy, and the Political History of Europe During that Period, כרך 4

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עמוד 129 - ... and council, but the doctor, who assured them he had a commission, but knew not how it was gone ; then the lord deputy made answer, " Let us have another commission, and we will shuffle the cards in the mean while.
עמוד 129 - ... who causing it to be opened, that the secretary might read the commission, there was nothing save a pack of cards with the knave of clubs uppermost ; which not only startled the...
עמוד 288 - This constitution of the Lutheran hierarchy will not seem surprising, when the sentiments of that people, with respect to ecclesiastical polity, are duly considered. On the one hand, they are persuaded that there is no law, of divine authority, which points out a distinction between the ministers of the gospel with respect to rank, dignity, or prerogatives ; and therefore they recede from episcopacy. But, on the other hand, they are of opinion, that a certain subordination, a diversity in point of...
עמוד 21 - The draught threw the poor wretch into a sort of lethargy, during which the monks imprinted on his body the other four wounds of Christ in such a manner that he felt no pain.
עמוד 124 - Rigid and uncomplying himself, he showed no indulgence to the infirmities of others. Regardless of the distinctions of rank and character, he uttered his admonitions with an acrimony and vehemence, more apt to irritate than to reclaim.
עמוד 442 - This uncertainty will not appear surprising when it is considered that this sect started up, all of a sudden, in several countries, at the same point of time, under leaders of different talents and different intentions, and at the very period when the first contests of the reformers with the Roman pontiffs drew the attention of the world...
עמוד 528 - Socinians, and consequently asserted, that Christ had been engendered, or produced out of nothing, by the Supreme Being, before the creation of this terrestrial globe. It is not so easy to say, what his sentiments were concerning the Holy Ghost; all we know of that matter is, that he warned his disciples against paying the tribute ' of religious worship to that divine Spirit.
עמוד 146 - ... Now these were all men of learning, who came forth into the field of controversy (in which the fate of future ages, with respect to liberty, was to be decided) with a kind of arms that did not at all give them the aspect of persons agitated by the impulse, or seduced by the delusions of fanaticisrn.
עמוד 28 - Christianity almost despaired of seeing that reformation, on which their ardent desires and expectations were bent : an obscure and inconsiderable person arose, on a sudden, in the year 1517, and laid the foundation of this longexpected change, by opposing with undaunted resolution his single force to the torrent of Papal ambition and despotism. This...
עמוד 128 - Ireland (calling the protestants by that title). The good-woman of the house being well affected to the protestant religion, and also having a brother, named John Edmonds, of the same, then a ' citizen in Dublin, was much troubled at the doctor's words ; but watching her convenient time...

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