The Original and Institution of Civil Government, Discuss'd: Viz. I. An Examination of the Patriarchal Scheme of Government. II. A Defense of Mr. Hooker's Judgment, &c. Against the Objections of Several Late Writers. To which is Added, A Large Answer to Dr. F. Atterbury's Charge of Rebellion: in which the Substance of His Late Latin Sermon is Produced, and Fully Examined

כריכה קדמית
J. Knapton, 1710 - 415 עמודים

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עמוד 160 - For i am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man. Go, and he goeth; and to another. Come, and he cometh; and to my servant. Do this, and he doeth it.
עמוד 131 - To take away all such mutual grievances, injuries, and wrongs, there was no way but only by growing unto composition and agreement amongst themselves, by ordaining some kind of government public, and by themselves subject thereunto; that unto whom they granted authority to rule and govern, by them the peace, tranquillity, and happy estate of the rest might be procured.
עמוד 132 - The case of man's nature standing therefore as it doth, some kind of regiment the Law of Nature doth require; yet the kinds thereof being many, Nature tieth not to any one, but leaveth the choice as a thing arbitrary.
עמוד 132 - At the first when some certain kind of regiment was once approved, it may be that nothing was then further thought upon for the manner of governing, but all permitted unto their wisdom and discretion which were to rule" ; till by experience they found this for all parts very inconvenient, so as the thing which they had devised for a remedy did indeed but increase the sore which it should have cured. They saw that to live by one man's will became the cause of all men's misery.
עמוד 133 - ... commiffion immediately and perfonally received from God, or elfe by authority derived at the firft from their confent, upon whofe perfons they impofe laws ; it is no better than mere tyranny. Laws they are not therefore which public approbation hath not made fo.
עמוד 40 - overcome of evil, but to overcome evil with good.
עמוד 18 - • be fubject: unto the higher powers, for there is no «« power but of God : the powers that be are ordained " of God. Whofoever therefore refifteth the power, " refifteth the ordinance of God : and they that refift " fhall receive to themfelves damnation.
עמוד 80 - ... and that there is no power but of God, and that the powers which be are ordained of God.
עמוד 133 - Of this point therefore we are to note, that sith men naturally have no full and perfect power to command whole politic multitudes of men, therefore utterly without our consent we could in such sort be at no man's commandment living. And to be commanded we do consent, when that society whereof we are part hath at any time before consented, without revoking the same after by the like universal agreement.
עמוד 133 - The public power of all societies is above every soul contained in the same societies. And the principal use of that power is to give laws unto all that are under it ; which laws in such case we must obey, unless there be reason shewed which may necessarily enforce that the Law of Reason or of God doth enjoin the contrary.

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