From Complexity to Life: On The Emergence of Life and Meaning

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Niels Henrik Gregersen
Oxford University Press, 28 בנוב׳ 2002 - 256 עמודים
This book brings together an impressive group of leading scholars in the sciences of complexity, and a few workers on the interface of science and religion, to explore the wider implications of complexity studies. It includes an introduction to complexity studies and explores the concept of information in physics and biology and various philosophical and religious perspectives. Chapter authors include Paul Davies, Greg Chaitin, Charles Bennett, Werner Loewenstein, Paul Dembski, Ian Stewart, Stuart Kauffman, Harold Morowitz, Arthur Peacocke, and Niels H. Gregersen.

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Randomness and Mathematical Proof
How to Define Complexity in Physics and
The Emergence of Autonomous Agents
Complexity and the Arrow of Time
Can Evolutionary Algorithms Generate Specified Complexity?
The Second Law of Gravitics and the Fourth Law
Two Arrows from a Mighty
Emergence of Transcendence
Complexity Emergence and Divine Creativity
From Anthropic Design to SelfOrganizedComplexity
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