תמונות בעמוד

XXIV. The Renewing of the Heart.

Since all new things please, lay down thy old heart, O spouse, and take the new one which

I place in its stead.
XXV. The Enlightening of the Heart.

O God, thou light of light, thou only light of :

a blind world, dispel, by thy light, the thick darkness that obscures my heart.


The Law-Table of the Heart. I now write a new law on the smooth, soft table of thy heart; whereas the old one, which was wrote on hard tables of stone, is for me (i. e.) to fulfil.



The Tilling of the Heart. Come then, O spouse, let the plough of thy cross break

the field of my heart, that into it thou mayest scatter the seeds of thy word. XXVIII. The Seeding of the Heart,

O divine Husbandman, commit thou the seed to the earth, lest the field of our hearts prove

unfruitful to thee. XXIX.

The Watering of the Heart. Closed towards the earth ; open towards heaven ; let thy dew descend ; that so the soil of my heart may flourish, and produce a variety of flowers.

The Flowers of the Heart. These lilies, O Spouse, which sprang from the seed thou sowedst, I consecrate to thee; to which also I add the soil in which they grew.

XXXI. The Keeping of the Heart.

How well does that watchman keep the inclosed garden of his heart, whom the fear of

God arms with a glittering sword ! XXXII. The Watching of the Heart.

Whilst sleep possesses my limbs, my watchful heart searches after thee; nor can I bear to be

without thee, by night or by day. XXXIII. The Wounding of the Heart.

O my Light, pierce through this heart with a thousand of thy most potent shafts; for the

wounds given by thy right hand are medicines. XXXIV. The Inhabiting of the Heart.

O my Light ! may thy Spirit dwell in the temple of mine heart, that, loving thee with thine own love, O Spouse, thou may'st return it again to me.


XXXV. The Enlarging of the Heart.

How pleasant a thing it is to love that which heretofore the heart accounted bitter ; even to

run in a narrow way with an enlarged heart ! XXXVI.

The Inflaming of the Heart. Proceed, my Love, and inflame the inmost recesses of my heart, that, like a salamander, it may dwell in its native burning pile !


The Ladder of the Heart. Would you, my beloved, ascend by a ladder to the heavenly seats ? here first construct the steps in your own heart.


XXXVIII. The Flying of the Heart.

Who will give me the two wings of a dove, by which my heart, which is tired of the earth, may fly to heaven?


The Union of the Heart. Live ye united minds and agreeing hearts, to whom one love gives but one will.


The Rest of the Heart. My restless heart cannot dwell at ease in any (earthly) situation ; for God alone is its centre,

and only resting-place. XLI. The Bathing of the Heart with the bloody Sweat.

The bath, which was filled with the bloody sweat of thy bleeding Spouse: come bither, sick heart, here is for you, what was appointed

in paradise. - This is very obscure; but his meaning seems to be,

“ that as it was apparently appointed in Paradise for man'to live by the sweat of his brow,

so by this bloody sweat the soul shall live." XLII. The Binding of the Heart with the Cords of

Christ's Love). My crimes, I confess, have bound thee with a cruel cord : may that sweeter cord of love bind

my heart to thee. XLIII. Christ's Pillar, the Prop of the Heart.

My weak heart requires nor flowers nor apples to support it: this pillar of thine, O my Christ, is support enougl.


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XLIV. The Heart is the Cup to a thirsting Christ.

Refuse the cup of gall, which the Jewish people offered: but drink, O Spouse, the new

wine of a wounded heart. XLV. The Hedging of the Heart with a Crown of

That your thorns may not want roses, let your
Heart furnish itself with that colour : this thorny
diadem will keep all infernal wild beasts out of

the garden. XLVI. The Heart pierced with the Nails of God's fear.

Pierce through this heart of mine, with the nail of holy fear, I thou who was nailed to the Cross for me.

XLVII. The New Wine of the Heart ont of the Press

of the Cross. Behold the Cyprian cluster of grapes is prest: accept, О heart, the rich-flavoured wine which flows from the wine-press of the cross.

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