Annual Register, כרך 15

כריכה קדמית
Edmund Burke

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עמוד 190 - ... the governor and company of the Bank of England, or by the governor and company of merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas and other parts of America...
עמוד 200 - Require the borrow'd gloss of art ? Speak not of fate : ah ! change the theme, And talk of odours, talk of wine, Talk of the flowers that round us bloom : 'Tis all a cloud, 'tis all a dream ; To love and joy thy thoughts confine, Nor hope to pierce the sacred gloom.
עמוד 201 - May invites, pursue! Will not these notes your timorous minds persuade? Be gay: too soon the flowers of Spring will fade. The sparkling dewdrops o'er the lilies play, Like orient pearls, or like the beams of day. If love and mirth your wanton thoughts engage, Attend, ye nymphs!
עמוד 202 - Soliman arose, and all was fair. Soft in his reign, the notes of love resound, And pleasure's rosy cup goes freely round. Here on the bank, which mantling vines o'ershade, Be gay : too soon the flowers of spring will fade.
עמוד 145 - THE value and rank of every art is in proportion to the mental labour employed in it, or the mental pleasure produced by it. As this principle is observed or neglected, our profession becomes either a liberal art, or a mechanical trade.
עמוד 168 - Goose-Herd, attends the flock, and twice a day drives the whole to water ; then brings them back to their habitations, helping those that live in the upper stories to their nests, without ever misplacing a single bird.
עמוד 202 - Be gay: too soon the flowers of spring will fade. May this rude lay from age to age remain, A true memorial of this lovely train. Come, charming maid! and hear thy poet sing...
עמוד 211 - Towards the buildings, rebuildings, and repairs, of fhips of war in his majefty's yards, and other extra works, over and above what are propofed to be done upon the.
עמוד 149 - His majefty went to the Houfe of Peers, and gave the royal aflent to the following bills : The bill for granting an aid to his majefty by a land-tax, for the fervice of the enfuing year.

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