Shakespeare on Management: Leadership Lessons for Today's Managers

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Kogan Page Publishers, 2000 - 244 עמודים
""In Shakespeare on Management"" Paul Corrigan takes a fascinating look at the psychology of leadership using classic Shakespearean characters. He shows how, through his plays, Shakespeare demonstrates the different roles a leader can take and the different skills needed. He analyses the decision-making and actions of certain characters to see what can be learnt by today s managers, such as: * How Richard II s belief that having the title of King was enough became fatal; * Why Richard III s manipulative approach finally isolated him; * What made Henry V a great leader? * How Shakespeare s development of subplots directs our attention to the vital role of support staff; * What can we learn from Lear s fool about how to advise for leaders. Play after play taught 16th-century audiences lessons about how leaders organized their rise to power and how their failures precipitated their decline. In the 21st century we need to learn a great deal about how to lead and there is much that still can be learnt about leadership, power and responsibility from Shakespeare s magnificent works. The lessons are all in this unique book.

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Shakespeare on management: leadership lessons for today's managers

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Both of these books present palatable lessons on leadership, change, risk management, crisis management, power, and emotion, though Corrigan's book has a unique chapter, "Listening to Fools and Knaves ... קרא סקירה מלאה


Authority is not enough
Is being king enough?
Whose power did he wield Romes
His own man with ambition
Leading from the front
Learning to be a heroic leader
Paying attention to the subplot
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מידע על המחבר (2000)

Paul Corrigan is a management consultant and independent journalist who has written a number of books. Shakespeare on Management is a result of his passion for Shakespeare's plays and their influence on his day-to-day work, which involves advising leaders of large organizations on how to implement complex change management programmes.

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