Who Gets the Glory?: An Examination of Our Assumptions and Motivations

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Tate Publishing, 2007 - 230 עמודים
Do you ever wonder why God doesn't let you win the lottery so that He can be glorified by your giving and generosity? Do you wonder why God can be glorified through someone else's amazing accomplishments, but not yours? Do you wonder why you try to seek God's glory in all you do, and yet you fail? The author fell into these traps as he attempted to become the world's greatest fighter pilot. If you've ever wondered if you can be successful in today's rat race and still be a dedicated Christian, then "'Who Gets the Glory?'" is for you! Soar along with author Brent Breidenthal as he explores these kinds of questions by looking at our unrecognized assumptions and expectations in: "'Who gets the Glory?'"

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Who Gets the Glory in Our Aspirations?
Who Gets the Glory in Our Career Decisions?
Who Gets the Glory in the Use of Our Spiritual
Who Gets the Glory When BadThings Happen?
Who Gets the Glory in Our Relationship
Who Gets the Glory in Our Salvation?
Who Gets the Glory in Our Marriage
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