Renaissance Drama 32: New Series 32

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Jeffrey Masten, Wendy Wall
Northwestern University Press, 9 ביולי 2003 - 264 עמודים
Renaissance Drama, an annual and interdisciplinary publication, is devoted to drama and performance as a central feature of Renaissance culture. The essays in each volume explore traditional canons of drama, the significance of performance (broadly construed) to early modern culture, and the impact of new forms of interpretation on the study of Renaissance plays, theatre, and performance.

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GENEVIEVE LOVE As from the Waste of Sophonisba or Whats Sexy about Stage Directions
Racial CrossDressing on the Early Modern Stage
Vision Violence and Penalty in Shakespeares 2 Henry VI
Sleeping Potions and Poisons in Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra
The Roaring Girl and the Wisdom of Tiresias
MARIO DIGANGI Sexual Slander and Working Women in The Roaring Girl
Margaret Cavendish and the Drama of Property
Maternal Agency in 3 Henry VI and King John
Notes on Contributors
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מידע על המחבר (2003)

Jeffrey Masten is an associate professor in the English department at Northwestern University.
Wendy Wall is a professor in the English department at Northwestern University.

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