Fables ancient and modern, tr. into verse: with original poems, כרך 2

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עמוד 63 - At last divine Cecilia came, Inventress of the vocal frame ; The sweet enthusiast, from her sacred store, Enlarged the former narrow bounds, And added length to solemn sounds, With nature's mother-wit, and arts unknown before. Let old Timotheus yield the prize, Or both divide the crown ; He raised a mortal to the skies ; She drew an angel down.
עמוד 151 - Smear'd over with an Oil of wond'rous Might, That adds new Pinions to their airy Flight But this by fure Experiment we know, That living Creatures from Corruption grow: Hide in a hollow Pit a flaughter'd Steer, Bees from his putrid Bowels will appear ; Who like their Parents haunt the Fields, and bring Their Hony-Harveft home, and hope another Spring.
עמוד 59 - Flushed with a purple grace He shows his honest face: Now give the hautboys breath; he comes, he comes! Bacchus , ever fair and young , Drinking joys did first ordain : Bacchus...
עמוד 58 - Joys inspire. The Song began from Jove ; Who left his blissful Seats above, (Such is the Pow'r of mighty Love.) A Dragon's fiery Form bely'd the God : Sublime on Radiant Spires He rode, When He to fair Olympia...
עמוד 4 - ... ground-ivy add a leaf or two, All which within our yard or garden grow. Eat these, and be, my lord, of better cheer; Your father's son was never born to fear.' 'Madam,
עמוד 165 - Her limbs were form'd with such harmonious grace : So faultless was the frame, as if the whole Had been an emanation of the soul...
עמוד 30 - He cheer'd the dogs to follow her who fled, And vow'd revenge on her devoted head. As Theodore was born of noble kind, The brutal...
עמוד 39 - And two Ghosts join their Packs to hunt her o'er the Plain. This dreadful Image so possess'd her Mind, That desp'rate any Succour else to find, She ceas'd all farther hope; and now began To make reflection on th...
עמוד 60 - And welt'ring in his blood ; Deserted, at his utmost need, By those his former bounty fed : On the bare earth expos'd he lies, With not a friend to close his eyes.

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