תמונות בעמוד

Mankindare most guilty of it Themselves; we are forry for it, I mean for their Sakes, not for our own; heartily sorry, that Men will suffer Themselves to be so unaca countably infatuated by the sound of three or four milapply'd Words. I only desire it may be consider'd, that the very Laws which command the Observation of This, aod some other Days, nay, the Prayers which we have this Morning been offering up to AB mighty God (and sure we did not mock Him, when we address'd our felves to Him) are compos'd in full as severe Fxpressions, as any I have made use of.

In those Prayers we bless God for having deliver'd us from the unnatural Rebellion, Usurpation, and Tyranny of ungodly and cruel Men; for overthrowing the wicked Designs of those Trayterous, Heady,and High-minded Men,who under pretence of Religion, and his most holy Name, had contriv'd the utter Destruction of this Church and Kingdom. We befeech him to send forth his light and his Truth, for the Discovery of thosé Depths of Satan, this Mystery of iniquity. To infá tuate and defeat all the secret Counsels of the Ungodly, to abate their Pride, affwage their Malice, and confoind their Devices. To strengthen the Hands of our Gracious Sovereign Queen ANNE, and all that are put in Authority under Her, with Judgment and Justice, to cut off all such Workers of Iniquity, as turn Religion into Rebellion, and Faith into faction, that they may never again prevail against us, nor. triumph in the Ruin of the Monarchy, and bis Church among us. 'However, if this foolish Prejudice grounded upon a notorious Slander, and Fallhood in Fait, must still be in force against us, so as to stop People's Ears to the plainest and most important

Truths ; we must speak, notwithstanding, tho' we have : not yet found out any way to do it, without Words to

express our Meaning : I say, we must speak, and if Others will not do Their Duty, we will do Ours. According to that Command of God to his Prophet, in the 2d Chapter of Ezekiel : A Pallage extremely applicable to the Case I am now mentioning ; and to those Persons who are obstinately guilty of the Principles I have been ex


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posing. And he said unto one, Son of Man I send theç to ehe Children of Israel, to a Rebillious Nation, that bath rebelló against mB: Thep and theię fathers have transgress'd against me, even unto this very Day. For they are. impudent Childjen and tiff Hearted. I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, thus Faith the Lord God. And they, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear, (for they are a Rebellious House) yet fall know, that there hath been a Prophet among them. And thou Son of Man, be not afraid of their Words, tho', Briers and Tvorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among Şcorpions, be not afraid of their Words, nor be dismay'd at Looks, tho' they be a Rebellious House. And thou shalt speak my Words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they pill forbear; for They are most Rebellious. • But, perhaps, we shall be told, that we have been all this while proceeding upon a wrong Supposition, upon a mistake in Fact; that there are no such Principles in Being, as Those which I have been complaining of. It is, indeed, hardly credible, that any Body should assert this; and yet it is common with those Men, to defend fuch Principles in one Sentence, and deny that there are any such Principles in another. According to this way of Proceeding, I suppose they will, in a little time, deny that there ever was any Subversion of the Government as we have been all along imagining; and consequently, that there was ever any Re-establishment of it. They already insist upon it, that there was no Rebellion; the next Step is to affert, that there was no Civil War. No; They have not so much as heard whether there were any RESTORATION. These things they may almost as well affirm, as many other amazing Falshoods in Fact, and Paradoxes in Reason. The Truth is, by their huddling and confounding Notions, by their labouring to darken Peoples Understandings, and pervert the Use of Words, They seem to have form'd a Conspiracy against Common Sense; The boldest Enterprize that ever was yet undertaken, and we hope the most unsucçessful.

Tho? Tho' there are too many, who are, in the highest Sense, Obstinately guilty of these Wicked Tenets and Practices; yet their Numbers are so inconsiderable, that They would not dare so much as to thew Themselves, were they not supported by others, who meaning well, are misled by Those whose Principles They would abhor, were they but truly sensible and apprizid of 'em. Tho' we heartily defire and endeavour to reclaim even the former of These ; yet our greatest Hopes are to undeceive, and disabuse the latter. We earnestly beseech them therefore, in the Bompels of our Lord Jesus Chrift, and as they tender both their Temporal, and Eternal Interest, not to be amus’d with Popular Phrases, but feriously to consider these Things. Those who delude them, talk indeed of Peace; but We not only recommend it, but here them the way to it. To what purpose is it for Men to make general Declamations in praise of Love and Unity, while by their Behaviour and Principles, they render such a Reconciliation absolutely impossible? Jorain could ask the Question, is it Peace, Jebu? But he receiv'd a very proper, tho’ sharp Answer, What Peace, so long as the IV boredoms of the Mother Jezebel, and her Witcl.crafts are so many? We, on the other side, direct and shew them how, and in what they must unite: And broto should that be, and in what, but in the true old Principles of the Christian Religion, and of that Church and State, to which We all belong? This, and This only, is the true Way to Peace and Unity. Let the Republican forfake his false Schemes of Government, the Deilt his Infidelity, the Socinian his Heresy, the Sečtary his Schism, and all of us our Sins; and let us return to the Lord, for He will have mercy upon us, and to our God, for. He will abundantly pardon. It is Thus that we may indeed lay aside all our Animosities, heartily reconcile in one, ealie, uniform Scheme, Take sweet Counsel together, and Talk in the House of God as Friends.

And surely such an Union of Principles and Affections among us, was never more necesary than it is now, in this great Conjuncture of Affairs, which is hardly to be paralleld in History.' All the World in Arms!


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Nothing but Wars and Rurnours of War! And tho' (blessed be God) we have reasonable Hopes of a happy, and even a speedy Ilue; yet that Issue is still in the Hands of Providence, and consequently to us still uncertain. One thing we may do well to remember, that notwithstanding the Excellency and Purity of the Con. stitution we enjoy, and of the Religion we profess, we cannot be more the peculiar People of God than the Jews were; and after all the miraculous Deliverances he had afforded them, they were at last, upon their repeated Provocations, finally extirpated without any Hopes of another Restoration. That the like dreadful Judgment may not fall upon us, let us break.off all our Sins by Repentance, and in particular, be heartily Thankful to Almighty God for his extraordinary Mercies' already vouch safed to us; especially for that which we this Day joyfully commemorate. And for our Encouragement, there now seems to be a very promising Prospełt before us. Many who were not long since exo ceedingly déluded, seem now to be in a great Measure undeceivd, to open their Eyes to the Truth, and to be more disposd to a thorough Reconciliation, than they have ever since they were first so deluded. We enjoy the Happiness of a most excellent QUEEN, Now, serv'd and alisted by Wife, Faithful, and Religious Counsellors, and Senators; Which we of the Clergy, surely may be allow'd to say, without the least imputation of Flattery: Since not to mention what they have done to support and enrich the State, there has been that perform’d by Them to strengthen the Church, which cannot be equall’d since its Reformation from Popery. However, if we must not praise them, we may at least be permitted the Liberty of offering our Thanks to Them, and our Prayers for Them. May the God of Heaven and Earth reward their pious Labours, their good will to Sion, with increase of Honour and Happi. ness in this World, and with everlasting Glory in the World to come. In consideration therefore of all there great Things which have been done for us, I cannot, I


a memofaliver'd by the Aes not only, to jumph, upon

think, letter conclude this Discourse, than by reciting a memorable Passage out of another part of the Pro phecy, deliver'd by the Author of my Text: Since it is wonderfully applicable, not only, to the joyful occasion of this Day, it being a Song of Triumph, upon the great Restoration of the Jewish Constitution, which the Prophet foretold, and which I have all along parallel'd with our Restoration; but also to some other, and much later happy Events, with which it has pleas'd Almighty God, to bless these sinful Nations. It is in the 44th Chapter of this Prophecy; and as I repeat it let particular Notice be taken, of God's confounding the deepest Designs laid by the wife and crafty Men of this World; and especially in the last Verse, let it be observed, that CYRUS is in that Respect a Parallel with Our mosc Gracious and Pious SOVEREIGN, Jerusalem with our excellent Conftitution, and One Teinple with FIFTY CHURCHEŞ. The whole Paslage runs thus. Sing 0 je Heavens, for the Lord bath done it ; fhout ye lower parts of the Earth, break forth into Singing ye Mountains, O Foro, rest and every Tree therein: For the Lord batb redeemed Jacob, and glorify'd Himself in Israel.' Thus faith sbe Lord, the Redeemer and He that forin'd thee from the Womb, I am the Lord that makech all things, that stretchetb forth the Heavens alone, and spreadeth abroad the Earsh by my self: Tnat frustrateth the Tokens of the Liars, and maketh Diviners 998d; that turneth wise apent backward, and maketh theic knowledge Fwlith: That confirmeth the Word of his Servant, and performeth the Counsel of his Messengers: That saith to Jerulalem thou shalt be inhabited, and to the Cities of Judah, ye shall be built, ano 3 will raise up the decay'd Places thereof: That saith of CYRUS he is mp Shepheard and shall perform áll my Plean fure. Even saying to Jerusalem thou shalt be built, and to the Temple thy Foundations fhail be laida


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