תמונות בעמוד

disposed to perform spiritual duties; the frown is struck from the brow of death; his mind is strongly fortified against afflictions of every sort; and the edge of all temptations is most effectually blunted. Having obtained a view of that ineffably glorious prize of the high calling of God, he cannot possibly think any pains too great to reach it. For this he can instantly serve God day and night. For this he can both labour and suffer reproach; take joyfully the spoiling of his goods; and sometimes even resign his breath in cruel flames. In vain does this present world spread her blandishments, and arm her face with frowns, to shake his steady purpose who looks not at the things that are seen. What though the advantages of the world are present, and the advantages of religion are, in great measure, future; yet his wise and enlightened soul is at no loss which he should prefer. For an eternal advantage, which will certainly come, is far to be preferred to a present one, that is of short duration. O faith! it is thine to realize and render present the things that are invisible to the corporeal eye; whether by reason of the things themselves, or by reason of their distance from us in time and place. By thee inspired, we can choose the sharpest afflictions before the most gratifying pleasures; and esteem the most grievous reproaches greater riches than the peculiar treasures of the most wealthy kings."*

It is truly glorious to have the soul thus elevated, thus rendered prosperous. Then, though“ weeping may endure for a night,” and that night may be long and dark, “joy cometh in the morning." A joy the world gives not, nor takes away. Wben all other pleasures shall languish and expire, this passes, fresh and vigorouss into the joys of eternity, and triumphs over death and the grave. No more shall the countenance be sad, nor the eye dim with tears, but the ransomed of the Lord shall “ obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away" for ever, as unable to live in such pure and holy regions.

* M“Ewen's Essays.


Thrice happy are they who have peace with God through the peace-speaking blood of the Lamb. They have, likewise, peace of conscience, and enjoy “ God in all things, and all things in God.” To them the sun shines with more pleasing light, and the birds of the grove sing with more melodious notes. They lie down, and “their sleep is sweet, whether they eat little or much." They fear not “ the terror by day, nor the pestilence that walketh in darkness, nor the destruction that wasteth at noonday.” Die when, or where they may, their end is peace, “the Lord is their everlasting light, and their God their glory.”

But is this my case, and will my last end be peace ? Are my thoughts frequently and habitually directed to God, and divine objects? Do I often turn my mind to those blessed pages in which such important discoveries are contained ? Could I as soon forget my daily business, or my necessary food, as my Redeemer, and the concerns of my soul ? Do I feel a spiritual appetite, so that it is “my meat to do the

will of God, and to finish his work ?” Lord, work in me both to will and to do, and form those spiritual and sanctified habits in my moral nature, by which my soul shall be grasped, and bound more closely to thy service, and to thyself, for ever.

The only true enjoyment is in religion. To draw nigh to God and realize his presence, to have the heart affected deeply by a view of divine mercy, and expanded in anticipation of the glory that shall be revealed, while we lie deeply humbled at the footstool of mercy, pressed down with a sense of the Saviour's love, is pure, genuine, substantial, and abiding felicity; and “ this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord.”



In the present world the most holy persons are but like children, who just begin to go alone. It is the first step of our existence, the infancy of our being. We have not long to be here, and it should be well remembered, we can never enter the kingdom of God, unless we be renewed and sanctified by divine

grace. But when any are made meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, they are received into glory and bliss, to be abiding pillars in the temple of God, and go no more out.

How will the immortal soul expand as eternity opens upon it! How will its capacities be enlarged, when it is perfectly arrayed in the Redeemer's likeness! Then we shall know, even no s known When that which is perfect is come, all that is imperfect will be done away. We shall no

as we are

longer “ see through a glass darkly, but face to face.” An ocean of knowledge, peace, and joy, shall stretch before all the glorified children of men, in all directions, without bottom or shore. The mind will eternally expand, and try to fathom this ocean, but not being able to do it, methinks, will frequently pause, and cry, "O the depth of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out."

Flere the soul, confined to clay, is like some royal person in prison, whose grand attendants and attire are not seen, only because he cannot come abroad. In this world wisdom differs but a little from folly. Our understanding is ignorance, and all our powers are feeble. But 0 the glorious enlargement of the soul in heaven! At present the glories of heaven are like a map contracted and folded up from our view, but hereafter that map shall be unfolded, and extended in breadth, and width, and length; and the boundless extent will be presented to the astonished soul, on which it will gaze with ineffable delight for ever and ever. How all-penetrating then, shall be our wisdom! How active and lively all our powers ! How vigorous the flame of love! How enlarged the understanding! How beautiful on the mountains of eternal glory, shall every soul appear! The weakest believer, the babe in Christ, who only sat, as it were, on the threshold of the temple, shall himself be a pillar in the temple above. O transcendent felicity! “ This is my rest,” exclaims the prosperous soul, “ here will I dwell for ever, for I have desired it." “ Those who here were only like stars of the smallest magnitude, shall, in the celestial hemisphere, be ex

tended into a transparent heaven, and be spread into a cloudless sky, in which all the glorious perfections of God shall sparkle as the stars; and, adorned in all the graces of the Holy Spirit, shall, like so many planets, roll round the Sun of righteousness, all eager to approach his vivifying rays: while he, the sum and centre of all felicity, fixed in his love, in the centre of every soul, shall spread his quickening flames to every corner of the heart. This sky, spread out by the fingers of redeeming love, this newcreated heaven, shall remain when yon “sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light." Joy shall heighten, wisdom grow, knowledge ripen, communion be OPEN and Free; and ecstasy and rapture fill every heavenly inhabitant, and flow for evermore."

“O the transcendent glories of the just.”

Arise, then, O christian, and no longer slumber on the verge of heaven. “ Now is your

salvation nearer than when you believed !" The day is at hand. The stream increases as it approaches the sea. So may the stream of your holy desires grow broader and deeper, till it be lost in the ocean of infinite joys !

“ Heaven," says a good man, who conversed much with it while upon earth, “is an everlasting idea.”* All its wonders can never be explored; but the more the soul shall be enlarged, the more there will be to fill it. Knowledge expands the intellect; but we never can know all the wonders of eternity, for “ who by searching can find out God,” or know him

* Watts.


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