The Journal of the Linnean Society: Zoology, כרך 11

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עמוד 91 - ... on the collection of a great number of workmen together, who lived in common with a few women suffering under blennorrhagia.
עמוד lxxviii - Uncles, cousins, &c., in good positions in life — some of them stoops of kirks, by-theby — not one offered, or seemed inclined to give, the smallest assistance. The consequent defying, self-relying spirit in which, at sixteen, I set out as a bookseller with only my own small collection of books as a stock — not worth more than two pounds, I believe — led to my being quickly independent of all aid ; but it has not been all a gain, for I am now sensible that my spirit of self-reliance too often...
עמוד 40 - I do not include in the above list, the sugar-cane, banana, some other vegetables, fruit-trees, and imported grasses. As these islands consist entirely of coral, and at one time probably existed as a mere water-washed reef, all the productions now living here, must have been transported by the waves of the sea.
עמוד 408 - ... possessing a mouth neither distinctly mandibulate nor distinctly suctorial, but constituted on a peculiar type capable of modification in either direction by gradual changes without loss of utility.
עמוד lxxix - Magnolias^ and many others) ; and when at a later period these forests were destroyed by the general refrigeration, the Taxodium already occupied an area extensive enough to include some districts in which it could still live and propagate ; and whatever vicissitudes it may have met with in some parts, or even in the whole, of its original area, it has, by gradual extension and migration, always found some spot where it has gone on and thriven, and continued its race from generation to generation...
עמוד 407 - Selection can doubt the possibility of the three cases above suggested, and the last of which seems to explain the possible origin of species which are mandibulate in one period of life and not in another. The change from the one condition to the other would no doubt take place contemporaneously with a change of skin At such times we know that, even when there is no change of form, the temporary softness of the organs often precludes the insect from feeding for a time, as, for instance, is the case...
עמוד 37 - ... feet; and these deluges of melted stone and aqueous deposits had been five times spread out alternately. The ocean which received such masses must have been deep; but again the subterranean forces exerted their power, and I now beheld the bed of that sea forming a chain of mountains more than seven thousand feet in altitude.
עמוד iii - Bretschneider. — ON THE KNOWLEDGE POSSESSED BY THE ANCIENT CHINESE OF THE ARABS AND ARABIAN COLONIES, and other Western Countries mentioned in Chinese Books.
עמוד 409 - If these views are correct, the genus Campodea must be regarded as a form of remarkable interest, since it is the living representative of a primaeval type, from which not only the COLLEMBOLA and THYSANURA, but the other great orders of insects, have all derived their origin.
עמוד cx - I have done, by his long, laborious, and conscientious investigation of the invertebrate fauna of the Norwegian seas. He was born on the 30th of August 1805, at Bergen, where his father was a shipowner. After finishing his academical studies at Christiania, and evincing at an early age his predilection for natural science, he entered into priest's orders, and in 1830 became pastor at Kinn, in the diocese of Bergen. Ten years afterwards he had charge of the parish of Manger in the same diocese. As...

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