Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

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ABC-CLIO, 2009 - 233 עמודים
Say the words "domestic violence," and images of battered women come to mind. Yet the more accurate picture is different, and it crosses genders. According to surveys and crime statistics, a man is battered every 37.8 seconds in domestic violence incidents across America. Surveys show women strike the first blow in about half of the domestic disputes nationwide, and a National Violence Against Women survey even unexpectedly found that nearly 40 percent of domestic violence victims annually are men. Police in states nationwide are receiving training in how to identify the "primary aggressor" in domestic violence, and police crackdowns on spouse/partner abuse are netting more and more arrests of women as the abusers. It is not a form of violence particular to America, as similar increases in female batterers and arrests are being reported in England, too, and across Europe. Add to that the newly recognized and increasing incidence of male abuse during domestic violence in gay couples, and it's clear why Philip W. Cook's book, Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence (Praeger, 1997) drew attention and praise nationwide from people and media varying from CNN and Fox network's The O'Reilly Factor to scholarly publications like The Journal of Marriage and Family and popular household advice sources including Dear Abby and Ask Amy columns. On the 10th anniversary of that groundbreaking book, Cook began revising and expanding his work, resulting in this 2nd edition of a disturbing look at a trend that has in the last 10 years only increased. Millions of men are victims of abuse, and those spotlighted in this new edition include gay men increasingly the target of violence by their partners.

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Chapter 1 Is It Real? The Evidence for a Significant Social Problem
Men Speak Out
How to Get Help and Find Freedom from Abuse
The Challenge to Understanding
Chapter 5 Exploring New Approaches to Reducing Domestic Violence
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Philip W. Cook is an investigative journalist who has won awards from the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists.

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