The book of martyrs: or, The history of paganism and popery

כריכה קדמית
T. Luckman; London, 1764 - 440 עמודים

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עמוד 262 - Yea ; for the same son of God that was born of the Virgin Mary, is now glorious in heaven, and will come again from thence at the latter day, like as He went up.
עמוד 372 - Dublin took off the common people from the true worship; but the prior and the dean find them so sweet for their gain, that they heed not my words. Therefore send, in your lordship's next to me, an order more full, and a chide to them and their canons, that they might be removed. Let the order be, that the chief governors may assist me in it.
עמוד 374 - His holiness Paul, now Pope, and the council of the Cardinals there, have lately found out a prophecy there remaining of one St. Laserianus, an Irish Bishop of Cashel, wherein he saith, ' that the mother Church of Rome falleth, when in Ireland the Catholic faith is overcome ;' therefore, for the glory of the mother Church, the honour of St.
עמוד 378 - shall spread over the whole world, shall be admitted into the councils of princes, and they never the wiser; charming of them, yea, making your princes reveal their hearts and the secrets therein...
עמוד 370 - Within five years after he enjoyed that see, he caused all superstitious relics and images to be removed out of the two cathedrals in Dublin, and out of...
עמוד 269 - A chauntry was a little church, chapel, or particular altar in some cathedral church, &c. endowed with lands or other...
עמוד 301 - London, hath believed, and doth believe, that in the Sacrament of the Altar, under the forms of bread and wine, there is not the very body and blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ in substance, but only a token or remembrance thereof, the very body and blood of Christ being only in heaven, and no where else.
עמוד 358 - Wishart, which albeit the flame of fire consumed before men, yet cries it for vengeance upon thee, and we from God are sent to revenge it. For here, before my God, I protest, that neither the hatred of thy person, the love of thy riches, nor the fear of any trouble thou...
עמוד 373 - ... relations, friend or acquaintance whatsoever, accursed, that " either do or shall hold, for the time to come, any ecclesiastical or *' civil power above the authority of the mother church, or that do or " shall obey, for the time to come, any of her, the mother of churches...
עמוד 294 - Then rose he up, and put off his clothes unto his shirt, and gave them away. Which done, he said with a loud voice: Good people, I have taught you nothing but God's holy word, and those lessons that I have taken out of God's blessed book, the holy Bible; and I am come hither this day to seal it with my blood.

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