The Town Proprietors of the New England Colonies: A Study of Their Development, Organization, Activities and Controversies, 1620-1770

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Press of the University of Pennsylvania, 1924 - 348 עמודים

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עמוד 7 - Warwick and others, to the number of forty noblemen, knights and gentlemen, by the name 'of the Council established at Plymouth in the county of Devon, for the planting, ruling and governing of New England in America...
עמוד 172 - Pleasure thereupon Expressed, the said Act is hereby Confirmed, finally Enacted and Ratified accordingly — Whereof the Governor Lieutenant, Governor or Commander in Chief of His Majesty's said Colony of New York for the time being, and all others whom it may concern are to take Notice and Govern themselves accordingly.* The case of New York v.
עמוד 140 - You may be pleased to know that the very principle & best of the land; the best for soile; the best for situation; as lying in ye centre & midle of the town: & as to quantity, nere half, belongs unto eight or 9 proprietors each and every of which, are never like to come to a settlement amongst us, which we have formerly found grievous & doe Judge for the future will be found intollerable if not altered.
עמוד 29 - That all lands in this government are holden of the King of Great Britain as the lord of the fee; and that no title to any lands in this Colony can accrue by any purchase made of Indians on pretence of their being native proprietors thereof, without the allowance or approbation of this Assembly.
עמוד 8 - ... the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations...
עמוד 8 - Name of the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Connecticut, in New England, in America...
עמוד 321 - AN ANSWER to the REMARKS of the Plymouth Company, or, as they call themselves, the proprietors of the Kennebeck purchase, from the late colony of New Plymouth, published by virtue of their vote of 31st of January last; on the Plan and extracts of deeds published by the Proprietors of the Township of BRUNSWICK.
עמוד 323 - THE MARK IN EUROPE AND AMERICA. A Review of the Discussion on Early Land Tenure. By ENOCH A. BRYAN, AM, President of Vincennes University, Indiana. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s.
עמוד 301 - Report on the Custody and Condition of the Public Records of Parishes, Towns and Counties.
עמוד 74 - Impowred to order, improve or divide in such way and manner as shall be concluded and agreed upon by the major part of the Interested ; the Voices to be collected and accounted according to the Interests.

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