Every Man in His Humour

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J.M. Dent and Company, 1896 - 143 עמודים

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עמוד 29 - That, in the rearing, would come tottering down, And, in the ruin, bury all our love. Nay, more than this, brother, if I should speak He would be ready from his heat of humour, And overflowing of the vapour, in him, To blow the ears of his familiars, With the false breath, of telling, what disgraces, And low disparagements, I had put upon him.
עמוד 69 - I marvel what pleasure or felicity they have in taking this roguish tobacco! it's good for nothing but to choke a man and fill him full of smoke and embers: there were four died out of one house, last week, with taking of it, and two more the bell went for, yesternight; one of them (they say) will ne'er 'scape it: he voided a bushel of soot yesterday, upward and downward. By the stocks, an...
עמוד 15 - Cob, pray thee advise thyself well; do not wrong the gentleman, and thyself too. I dare be sworn, he scorns thy house; he! he lodge in such a base obscure place as thy house! Tut, I know his disposition so well, he would not lie in thy bed if thou'dst give it him. Cob. I will not give it him though, sir. Mass...
עמוד 28 - But would yourself vouchsafe to travail in it (Though but with plain, and easy circumstance) It would both come much better to his sense, And savour less of stomach, or of passion.
עמוד 20 - I would fain see all the poets of these times pen such another play as that was ! — they'll prate and swagger and keep a stir of art and devices, when (as I am a gentleman), read 'em, they are the most shallow, pitiful, barren fellows, that live upon the face of the earth again. Mat. Indeed ; here are a number of fine speeches in this book. " O eyes, no eyes, but fountains fraught with tears...
עמוד 3 - I'd have you sober, and contain yourself, Not that your sail be bigger than your boat; But moderate your expenses now, at first, As you may keep the same proportion still : Nor stand so much on your gentility, Which is an airy and mere borrow'd thing, From dead men's dust and bones; and none of yours, Except you make, or hold it.
עמוד 5 - BRAINWORM and SERVANT. This letter is directed to my son; Yet I am Edward Knowell, too, and may, With the safe conscience of good manners, use The fellow's error to my satisfaction. Well, I will break it ope— old men are curious— Be it but for the style's sake and the phrase, To see if both do answer my son's praises, Who is almost grown the idolater Of this young Wellbred. What have we here? What's this? Reads. 'Why, Ned, I beseech thee, hast thou forsworn all thy friends i
עמוד 2 - Nor thrust yourself on all societies, Till men's affections, or your own desert, Should worthily invite you to your rank. He that is so respectless in his courses, Oft sells his reputation at cheap market. Nor would I you should melt away yourself In flashing...

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