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the same spirit, on the same foundation, the New Testament, and wore the same name, Christian. We saw no reason why we should not be the same family. The Lord confirmed this union by his presence; for a good number was soon added to the church. We agreed to have a four days meeting on Christmas in Georgetown, and on New Year's at Lexington, for the same length of time. A great many elders, teachers, and brethren of both descriptions, assembled together, and worshipped together in one spot, and with one accord. Never did we witness more love, union, and harmony, than was manifested at these meetings. Since the last meeting we have heard of the good effects. The spirit of union is spreading like fire in dry stubble."

“To increase and consolidate this union, and to convince all of our . sincerity, we, the elders and brethren, have separated two elders,

John Smith and John Rogers, the first known, formerly, by the name of Reformer, the latter by the name Christian. These brethren are to ride together through all the churches, and to be equally supported by the united contributions of the churches of both descriptions: which contributions are to be deposited together with brother John T. Johnson, as treasurer and distributor. We are glad to say that all the churches, as far as we hear, are highly pleased, and are determined to co-operate in the work."

· With these two brethren we are well acquainted. They have both been preaching the ancient institutions for some years, and are very much devoted to the truth. They have both heen very successful preachers. Brother Smith, in the years "27 and '28, immersed many hundreds into the faith. In the short period of eleven weeks, from the first Lord's day in February, 1828, till about the middle of April following, be immersed three hundred and thirty-nine! Brother Rogers has also been instrumental in bringing many into the fold of God. We most cordially bid them God speed in their conjoint labors under the present arrangement.

We do this the more cordially, because these brethren need not be told that to convert persons is not merely to baptize them, to loose them and let them go; nor to give them the name christian, and to induce them to protest against human leaders, against human creeds, and to extol the sufficiency of the inspired writings; but to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance amongst them that are sanctified” to teach them to observe and do all that the Lord has commanded. The one was formerly “a Baptist;" the other, formerJy “a Christian," in the sectarian import of these words, differing from each other only in some speculative opinions; and were employed in building up congregations perfectly alike in their modes of meeting, and in their dependence upon an order of men called preachers, to dispense ordinances, and “perform divine service;" perfectly alike in their modes of preaching, textuary theolognes, friends of monthly meetings, having each his four congregations waiting upon his ministrations. Each of them made a Lord's day in a neighbornood, once-a-month, when they lifted the light of their countenances upon the admiring Baptists and Christians. Each conscientiously preached his own-ism, and the people worshipped by saying, Amen! by singing, praying, and adjourping for a month; behaving themselves, however, decently and morally during the interim. The sublimities of trinitarian calvinism and the sublimities of unitarian arminianism adorned their speeches and animated their strains. But now they have each renounced his own-ism, and have protested against all human isms, (their own amongst the number;) and now they plead the ancient order of things; an item of which, and but an item of which, is the ancient gospel. They are now to make converts to God and the Lamb, and to persuade those called Baptists, those called Christians, and all other sects, christian and infidel, that they must reform and do works worthy of reformation. They now go forth to plead for the

long-lost honors of the Holy Twelve-to bring the disciples to keep · all the commandments of the Lord and Saviour--to keep the ordinances as delivered by the Apostles.

In such an undertaking, who that loves the Saviour, would not bid them God speed? It is not, then, to preach the necessity of union amongst professors, nor to baptize persons and let them fall into the desolating order of things which has so long obtained in the sects to which they formerly belonged: it is to bring the christians indeed to do the things the Lord has commanded. These brethren will say each for himself, “Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, and my right hand torget its art," sooner than either are employed in preaching any thing but the faith once delivered to the saints, in substituting half-way expedients, professions for obedience, or in advocating any other union than a union in truth and with truth.

From numerous letters received from Kentucky, we were pleased to learn that brethren Smith, Stone, Rogers, and others, at a public meeting in Lexington, Ky,on New-Year's day, renounced their former speculations, declaring that they were not conscious of having effected good, but rather evil, in their debates, preachings, writings, &c. about trinity, calvinism, arminianism, unitarianism, &c. and that they now go for the apostolic institutions. I say, then, from the present aspect of things, we have reason to thank God and take courage, and to bid these brethren God speed.

Reign, mighty King, forever reign,

Thy cause throughout the world maintain;
Let Israel's King his triumphs spread.
And crowns of glory wreath his head!"


MISCELLANEA AND NEWS DEPARTMENT. AN attempt in the Virginia Assembly to postpone indefinitely the discussion on the expediency of legislating on the abolition of the slaves, was lost by a vote of 71 to 60. But on the question whether

it were expedient now to legislate upon this subject, it was decided in the negative by a vote of 58 on the affirmative and 72 in the negative. This was achieving more than the most sanguine friends of abolition could possibly have anticipated. The vote on the question of indefinite postponement showed the strength of the two parties more unequivocally than any other vote during the discussion. The matter is now fairly before the peaple, and revolutions of this sort never go


Maryland, by her representatives now in session, is agitating the same subject, and no doubt will follow, if not anticipate, Virginia in putting out of the state this multiform evil. .


SOUTH CAROLINA. FROM a letter received from Samuel Smith, Anderson's District, South Carolina, we learn that the little church which we noticed in a former number as having immersed ten at its first meeting (which was an error, as brother Smith now informs us, the number immersed being three, and the whole number constituting the church ten) has now more than doubled its numbers since it commenced.

These brethren were compelled to commence a separate assembly by he intolerance of Mr. S-V-, who wished them to worship the image he had set up. This is usually the case. Those who would rather obey God than man, are proscribed and then denominated schismatics. The preacher makes a party, and very generally takes care to have matters and things so managed as to have a majority to act with him before he commences his operations; then carries his point, and blames the excluded for schisms, and often tells his friends. and co-workers to mark them which cause divisions and avoid them."

The gentleman who compelled this separation, once a Calvinist fierce and vindictive, is now an Arminian bold and denouncing. Among the charges exhibited on the trial of these brethren against them. The following is quoted from the letter before me:-“They read and encourage Campbell's works-works dangerous and heretical, calculated to poison and corrupt the minds of readers. I take this opportunity to warn this congregation against said works.' "Tis true I read them myself, and must confess that I am indebted to them for a fund of information and would rather pay 5—nay, 20 dollars, than do without them. Yet I read more particularly to enable myself to resute the heretical doctrines advanced in them." Our correspondent in the close of his epistle, says, “In justice it must be observed, that the conduct of this very consistent and zealous propagator of his own-ism towards us, is disapprobated by some of the Baptist brethren."

PENNSYLVANIA. SOMERSET, PA.-Sister Graft (February 7) amongst other good news from Somerset, states, “We have comfortable meetings, and much reason to give honor, and glory, and praises to the God and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for what he has done

for us, and is doing daily. The first persons our brother Forward* immersed were a lawyer and two young ladies. This fall he has immersed another young lawyer, the most promising young man in town. He took a part in our meeting as soon as he was called on. He has the humility of a disciple, and promises to be a useful member of the church. This fall there have been twenty-seven persons baptized into the faith, and another last Lord's day. Brother C. Forward exhibits the humility and zeal of a real follower of him who humbled himself and made himself of no reputation for our sakes." [In answer to the request of the brethren there, I will try and visit them in May or June next.]EDITOR.

NEW YORK, AUBURN, New York.-"Brother Campbell-I can truly say I wish you success in your labors to reform mankind and restore the ancient order of things to the saints. I would inform you that notwithstand. ing the united exertions of all the clergy of all denominations, the light of divine truth is making progress in the different sections of this country. In Butler, Wayne county, there is a church formed of 14 members, intelligent brethren. Brother Dratt has been appointed their Bishop. Brother Wilkinson and myself went out to visit them the 18th of February (instant) and found them travelling in the order of the gospel as we understand it. Several of the brethren and sisters of the old society said they should join them soon. The church which I belong to is progressing in the cause of truth, and our meetings, as to numbers, increase. We have forty-five members belonging to the church. Our opponents defame us; we, however, are desirous to possess the spirit of the gospel, and to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints."


PERTH, SCOTLAND, March 29, 1831. , Dear brother Campbell-IT is with great pleasure that I have read several numbers of the Christian Baptist, and should feel happy to receive the Millennial Harbinger, if an easy and regular plan could be adopted. I think the principles you defend are true, and a restoration of the ancient order of things most desirable, and rejoice at the great success of your efforts, together with those engaged in the same cause. It is now nearly two years since I understood that a church was formed in Edinburg under the simple name of Christian; that no subscription to articles, creeds, confessions, or catechisms would be required; that all who held the fundamentals of religious doctrine should associate together; that the Scriptures should be the only rule of faith and conduct; and that the preachers supported by the churches should constantly devote their whole time in visiting the sick, preaching in the open air, and laboring in the word. The above principle was first adopted by a few persons and one minister, and the cause

* Late member of Congress:

met with great support by the respectable members of various denominations; insomuch that £70 in donations were received in one year to assist the work. Passing through Edinburg I had some conversation with that minister, and, approving heartily of the design, I resigned my charge in London, and immediately united with thcm. The cause has rapidly advanced. There are now six ministers fully employed, viz.--In Edinburgh, Leith, Kulkoldy, Dundee, Perth, and Newburgh; we also expect another daily to itinerate in the neighborhood of Perth.

That you may form a more general notion of us, I have sent you three numbers of our magazines, and one of each of our tracts; and though we do not go quite so far as you may see requisite, vet I conceive you will be pleased to see any advances towards the order of apostolic times.

Pagans, Infidels, and Mahometans have done much to stop the progress of christianity; but Popes, Priests, and Clergymen much more. They have mixed the muddy streams of human inventions with the water of life, and thus have prevented the spread ot' vital godliness. Men have contended for creeds and systems more than for the faith of the gospel. They have held forth from the pulpit and issued from the press long harangues in defence of their peculiar views, instead of initating the Saviour in doing good to the souls and bodies of their fellow-men; and that charity, which is the essence of religion, has merely had a name, without its nature being evidenced or its benevolent influence observed. The Episcopalian has occupied his time and talents in defending the peculiarities of Episcopacy; the Presbyterian, Independent, Methodist, and Baptist, in like manner, in contending for the peculiarities of their own system. This 1 say they have been doing, instead of striving who could display most of the spirit of christianity and who would do most good in diffusing the knowledge of Christ among their fellow-men. I hope the time is near when all that is antichristian in Protestant as well as in the Popish system, will be expelled by the light of truth, as the rising sun disperses the mists of the morning. It is high time for the church to awake from her slumbers. We are near the close of the last dispensation, and yet the world resembles the valley of dry bones exhibited to the vision of the Prophet. Surely every christian ought to pray, “O Lord, revive thy work."

But you, perhaps, would desire to know the, state of religion in Scotland. My opinion is, that there is the most of it amongst the Baptists, Independents, and Methodists. There are, however, many pious souls in the establishment” and amongst the Seceders. But I fear most of the ministers in the last named preach in a style too high for the generality of their hearers to be profited by their labors. They display more of what they have learned in the University, than what they have learned in the volume of truth and the school of the Saviour. There wants a general arousing to duty-a general exertion against the common enemy.

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