תמונות בעמוד


I. BIBLICAL LITERATURE. A New Greek Harmony of the Four Gospels, including an Introduc

tory Treatise, and numerous Tables, Indices, and Diagrams. By

Williain Stroud, M.D. 4to. A Treatise on the Peculiarities of the Bible ; being an Exposition of the

Principles involved in the most Remarkable Facts and Phenomena of

Revelation. By Rev. E. D. Rendell. Authorised Version, New Edition of, with Explanations and Critical

Notes. Fcap. 4to. Translations of Christian Syriac Hymns. With an Introduction. By

Rev. H. Burgess, Ph. D. Post 8vo. Scripture and the Authorised Version of Scripture. By S. Hind,

Bishop of Norwich. Two Sermons. 8vo. Sacred Symbology; or, an Inquiry into the Principles of Interpretation

of the Prophetic Symbols. By John Mills. Pp. 296 Crown 8vo.

II. THEOLOGY. The Evidences of Christianity, as exhibited in the Writings of its Apo

logists down to Augustine. Ilulsean Prize Essay for 1852. By J.

W. Bolton.
Modern Rationalism, and the Inspiration of the Scriptures. Two

Lectures. By Rev. T. Birks, M.A. Fcap. 8vo.
The Doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity, illustrated and proved from

Scripture. By E. Sope, Esq. 8vo.
On some Inconsistencies in the Rationalistic Method of treating the con-

tents of Scripture. By J. A. Frere. 8vo. Infidelity: Its Aspects, Causes, and Agencies. By T. Pearson, Eye

mouth. Demy 8vo. An Exposition and Defence of the Presbyterian Form of Church Go

vernment, in reply to Episcopal and Independent Writers. By the Rev. David King, LL.D. Glasgow.

III. CHURCH HISTORY, ANTIQUITIES, AND STATISTICS. Church History in England; a Sketch of the History of the Church of

England, from the Earliest Times to the Reformation. By the Rev.

Aitken Martineau, M.A. 12mo. Memorials of Early Christianity. By J. G. Miall. With numerous

Illustrations. Fcap. The Life and Martyrdom of Savonarola, the Christian Hero of the

15th Century. 2 vols. Demy 8vo. On the True Site of Calvary, with a restored Plan of the Ancient City

of Jerusalem. From Museum of Classical Antiquities, vol.ii., part iv., as supplement.—April and May 1853. History of the Protestants of France, from the commencement of the

Reformation to the Present Time. By G. De Félice, D.D. Translated from the second revised and corrected edition, by P. E. Barnes,

Esq. Post 8vo. The Fall of Nineveh, and Reign of Sennacherib. Chronologically The Dark Ages. By Rev. R. S. Maitland, F.R.S., and F.S.A. 8vo.

considered, with a view to the Re-adjustment of Sacred and Profane Chronology. By J. W. Bosanquet, Esq

3d Edition. History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century. By Merle D'Au

bigné, D.D., &c. Vol. V.- “ Reformation in England.” Third Letter to the Rev. J. R. Maitland, D.D., on the Genuineness of

the Writings ascribed to Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage. By Edward

John Shepherd, M.A., Rector of Luddesdown. Outlines of Scripture Geography and History. By Edward Hughes,

M.A., F.R.A S., &c. Fcap. 8vo, with 12 Maps, full coloured. Hebrew Politics in the Times of Sargon and Sennacherib. By E.

Strachey. Concise History of the Christian Church. Part I. By Rev. J. C. Ro. bertson. 8vo.

IV, ROMANISM. A History of the Papacy to the Period of the Reformation. Founded

upon the German of Planck. By the Rev. J. E. Riddle. 2 vols. post 8vo. The Bible, the Missal, and the Breviary; or, Ritualism self-illustrated

in the Liturgical Books of Rome: containing the Text of the entire Roman Missal, Rubrics, and Prefaces. Translated from the Latin,

with Dissertations, Notes, &c. By Rev. George Lewis, Ormiston. Rome: its Temper and its Teachings. Religious Tract Society.

Royal 18mo. The Jesuits : an Historical Sketch. By Rev. E. W. Grinfield, M.A.

Fcap. 8vo. The Mass and the Man of Sin. By W. Anderson, LL.D. Fcap. 8vo. V. LECTURES, SERMONS, AND PRACTICAL RELIGIOUS

WORKS. Selections from the Writings of Fénelon, with a Memoir of his Life.

By Mrs Follen. Fcap. 8vo. Work: Plenty to do, and How to do it. By Margaret Main Brewster. Two Lectures on the Doctrine of a Millennium; from Lectures on

the Apocalypse. By Chr. Wordsworth, D.D., Canon of St Paul's.

8vo. Six-Preacher Sermons, including the subject of National Education.

By Rev. Charles Forster, B.D. Religion and Business. By A. J. Morris of Holloway. Hours of Devotion. Translated from the German of Professor Tho.

luck. With an Introductory Preface by Rev. Horatius Bonar. 16mo. A Selection from the Lectures delivered at St Margaret's, Lothbury, in

1850, 51, and 52. By Rev. H. Melvill, B.D. Small 8vo. Seventeen Discourses on Important Subjects. By Rev. R. Ferguson,

LL.D. 8vo. The Lamp and the Lantern; or, Light for the Tent and the Traveller.

By the Rev. James Hamilton, D.D. Foolscap. Footsteps of Immanuel on the Lake. By Rev. G. S. Weidemann.

Fcap. 8vo. Original Hymns for Public, Private, and Social Worship. By James Montgomery. 12mo.

VI. BIOGRAPHY. Autobiography of a Missionary. By the Rev. J. P. Fletcher, Curate

of South Hampstead. 2 vols. Lorenzo Benoni; or, Passages in the Life of an Italian. 8vo. Memorials and Correspondence of Charles James Fox. Edited by the

Right Honourable Lord John Russell, M.P. Vols. I. and II. 8vo.


; or, The Truth shall make you Free. An authentic Narrative. By Mademoiselle R. B. De P * * * With Introduction by Rev.

Joseph Ridgway. Memoir of Richard Williams, Surgeon to the Missionary Expedition

to Patagonia, Terra del Fuego. By Rev. James Hamilton, D.D.

Crown 8vo. Memoirs of a Huguenot Family. An Autobiography. By Rev. J.

Fontaine. The Light of the Forge: or, Counsels Drawn from the Sick-bed of E. M.

By the Rev. William Harrison, M.A., Rector of Bird, &c. A Selection from the Correspondence of the late Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Edited by the Rev. William Hanna, LL.D.
Select Letters and Remains ; from the MSS. of the late Rev. W. H.

Hewitson. Edited by the Rev. John Baillie. Crown 8vo.
The Missionary of Kilmany; a Memoir of Alexander Paterson; with

Notices of Robert Edie. By the Rev. John Baillie, Linlithgow.

VII. MISCELLANEOUS. Memorandums made in Ireland, in the Autumn of 1852. By John

Forbes, M.D. 2 vols. post 8vo, with Illustrations. The Theory and Practice of Caste. By B. A. Irving, Esq. Post 8vo. The Frontier Lands of the Christian and the Turk, comprising Travels

in the Regions of the Lower Danube in 1850-51. By a British Resident of Twenty Years in the East. 2 vols. 8vo, with Map and

Illustrations. The Adventures of a Lady in Tartary, Thibet, China, and Kashmir.

3 vols. post Svo. Mount Lebanon ; a Ten Years' Residence, from 1842 to 1852. By

Colonel Churchill. 3 vols. 8vo. The Islands of the Western Pacific. By Captain Erskine, R.N. 8vo.

Map and Plates. Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South Africa. By Francis

Galton. With Coloured Maps, Plates, and Woodcuts. Post 8vo. Narrative of a Journey round the Dead Sea and in the Bible Lands,

from Dec. 1850 to April 1851. By F. De Saulcy, Member of the

French Institute. 2 vols. 8vo., with Map and Illustrations. The Million-peopled City: or, One-half of the People of London made

known to the other Half. By Rev. J. Garwood, M.A. The Educational Institutes of the United States : their Character and

Organization. Translated from the Swedish of P. A. Siljeström,

M.A. By Frederica Rowan. Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. Clarke, Bre

ton, & Co. Weld's American Slavery as it is—the Testimony of a Thousand Wit

By L. A. Chamaorezov, Secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society. Clarke, Breton, & Co. Count Arensberg, or the days of Martin Luther. By Rev. Jos. Sar

tain, A.B. 2 vols. small 8vo. Diogenes Laertius. Lives and Opinions of the Ancient Philosophers.

Translated, with Notes, by C. D. Yonge, B.A. Bohn's Classical Library. Rambles in an Old City.. By S. Madders. Eighten Years on the Gold Coast of Africa. By Brodie Cruickshaw,

Member of Legislative Council, Cape Coast Castle. 2 vols. post 8vo. Fresh Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, with Travels

in America, Hindostan, and the Desert. By A. H. Layard, Esq., M.P. 300 Maps, Plates, and Woodcuts. 8vo.



Palace of Sennacherib; being a second series of the Monuments of

Nineveh. With 70 Plates. Folio, Elements of Psychology. Part I. By J. D. Morell, A.M. Royal

12mo. Nurrative of Missions to Central Africa, performed in the years 1850– 51, under the orders, and at the expense, of Her Majesty's Govern

By the late James Richardson. 2 vols. post Svo. Abbeokuta ; or, Sunrise within the Tropics. By Miss Tucker. Fcap.

8vo. The Berlin Revolution, in its Relation to the University and the Schoul.

By Rev. B. W. Wright, M.A. A Four Months' Tour in the East. By J. R. Andrews, Esq. Post 8vo. Lectures on Political Atheism. By Lyman Beecher. 12mo. Lectures to Young Men, at Exeter Hall. 1852-53 Series. Fcap. 8vo. Twelve Pictures from Switzerland. By Dr Cæsar Malan. Fcap. 8vo. The Confession of St Patrick. Translated from the original Latin.

With an Introduction and Notes, by Rev. T. Olden, A.B., Curate of

Manual of Buddhism. By R. Spence Hardy, 8vo.
The Sensibility of Separate Souls. By C. Webb.

RECENT AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS. Dr Cox's Interviews, Memorable and Useful. Post 8vo. American Missionary Memoirs. 8vo. Beecher's Works. Vol. III. Views of Theology, as developed in Three

Sermons, and on his Trials before the Presbytery and Synod of Cincinnatti, June 1835. With Remarks on the Princeton Review. By Lyman Beecher, D.D. With portrait. Crown 8vo. Helps to a Life of Holiness and Usefulness. Selected from the Works

of the Rev. James Caughey. Obligation of the Sabbath. A Discussion between Rev. T. Newton

Brown and Wm. B. Taylor. Conflict of Ages ; or, the Great Debate on the Moral Relations of God

and Man. By Edward Beecher, D.D. 12mo, 500 pp.

RECENT GERMAN PUBLICATIONS. [W& regret that owing to the non-arrival of our quarterly parcel of German Publicaneutical Text-books, especially Lib. i. ii. De Interpretatione Scriptur. Sacr. of P. Franc. Xav. Patritius, published at Rome in 1844. By

pp. 211.

tions, we are unable to do more than give the titles of the following works) BIBLICAL LEXICOGRAPHY, CRITICISM, INTERPRETATION,

EXEGESIS, &c. Job metrically translated (into German). By Dr Mor. Spiess. 16mo, Song of Solomon translated and explained. By H. A. Hahn. 8vo, Clavis Librorum Veteris Testamenti Apocryphorum Philologica. Sect.

Prior. By C. A. Wahl. 4to, pp. 320. History of the Revelation of the Bible as an Introduction to the Old

and New Testament. By D. B. Haneberg. 2d edition 8vo, PP.

792. Biblical Hermeneutics, according to Catholic principles, in strictly sys.

tematic connection, and with reference to the latest approved herme

Pp. 98.

C. G. Wilke. 8vo. Würzburg, pp. 660. History of the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament. Second greatly

enlarged edition. Part I. By E Reuss. 8vo, pp. 265. A Critique and Anticritique. Polemic against Henry Ewald, Ord. Prof.

in Univ. Göttingen. Reprinted from the Heidelberg Literary Yearbook for 1853, with an introduction and appended paper on the “ Taxation” mentioned in Luke ü. 1, 5. By J. Von Gumpach. 8vo. Heidelberg (Gumpach, Johs. v., eine Kritik u. Antikritik, als Streitschrift wider

Hrn. Heinr. Ewald, Ord. Prof. an der Univ. Göttingen, aus den.

Heidelb. Jahrb. d. Lit. 1853. gr. 8. Heidelberg. Compend of the History of Doctrines. Third corrected edition. By

Prof. Dr K. R. Hagenbach. 8vo. Leipsic. (Hagenbach, Prof. Dr K. R. Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte.

3 verb. Aufl. gr. 8. Leipsic.) The Christian Public Worship in the Apostolic Age. By Prof. Dr Th.

Harnack. 4to. Dorpat. (Harnack, Prof. Dr Th., Der Christliche Gemeine-Gottesdienst im Apos

tolischen Zeitalter. gr. 4. Dorpat.) Hupfeld. Professor Dr Herm. Quæstionum in Jobeidos locos vexa

tos specimen. Commentatio. 4to. Halis.

II.-THEOLOGY-DOGMATIC, POLEMIC, AND PRACTICAL. For the Religion of the Confession against the Theology of Confessions.

By C. G. Theile. 8vo, pp. 249. [The appendix contains, 1. Outlines of a system of Christian Rationalism, from the stand-point of Religionism. 2. Outlines of a Criticism of the Augsburg Confession. 3. The task of Dogmatism in the present age.]

Discussion of the question in dispute respecting the use of Unleavened

Bread as an element of the Holy Eucharist. A historico-liturgical treatise. By J. Giese (priest). 8vo, pp. 111. The Doctrine of the Appearing of Jesus Christ among the Dead. In

its connection with the doctrine concerning the last things. By E.

Güder. 8vo, pp. 381. The Christology of Luther, and the Christological Task of Evangelical

Theology. By C. H. Weisse. 8vo, pp. 253. Irenæi, Sancti

, Episcopi Lugdunensis, quee Supersunt omnia. Accedit apparatus continens ex iis, quæ ab aliis editoribus aut de Irenæo ipso aut de Scriptis ejus sunt disputata, meliora et iteratione haud indigna. Edidit Prof. Dr Adph. Stieren. Tomi i. pars 2, et tomi ii.

pars II, fasc. 2. 8vo. Lipsiæ. i. 2. Contains :—S. Irenæi detectionis et eversionis falso cognominatæ agnitionis seu contra omnes hæreses libri quinque. Accedunt et Irenæi et ghosticorum fragmenta. ii. II. 2, Apparatus ad opera S. Irenæi quo continentur præfationes et prologomena aliorum editorum tum commentationes ad authentiam operis adv. bær. pertinentes, etc.

Krummacher, Dr. F. W. The Sabbath Bell. Testimonies to the Church.

3 vols. From Whitsuntide to Advent 1852. 8vo. Berlin. (Krummacher, Dr F. W. die Sabbathglocke. Kirchliche Zeugnisse.

3 bd. Von Pfingsten bis Zum Advent 1852. Gr. 8. Berlin.) Peip, Dr Albert. Science and Historical Christianity. Preface to

Elements of Christian Science. 8vo. Berlin. (Peip, Dr Albert, die Wissenschaft und das geschichtliche Christenthum. Vorwort zu e. Grundrisse der Christl. Wissenschaft. 8. Berlin.)

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