Letters and Literary Remains of Edward FitzGerald, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית
Macmillan and Company, 1889

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עמוד 37 - Of thinking too precisely on the event, — A thought which, quarter'd, hath but one part wisdom And ever three parts coward, — I do not know Why yet I live to say, "This thing's to do," Sith I have cause, and will, and strength, and means To do't.
עמוד 482 - Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, and Road, Was but Myself toward Myself; and Your Arrival but Myself at my own Door; Who in your Fraction of Myself behold Myself within the Mirror Myself hold To see Myself in, and each part of Me That sees himself, though drown'd, shall ever see. Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw, And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw: Rays that have wander'd into Darkness wide Return, and back into your Sun subside.
עמוד 481 - Once more they ventured from the Dust to raise Their Eyes —up to the Throne —into the Blaze, And in the Centre of the Glory there Beheld the Figure of — Themselves —as 'twere Transfigured —looking to Themselves, beheld The Figure on the Throne en-miracled, Until their Eyes themselves and That between Did hesitate which Seer was, which Seen; They That, That They: Another, yet the Same; Dividual, yet One: from whom there came...
עמוד 46 - With lokkes crulle, as they were leyd in presse. Of twenty yeer of age he was, I gesse. Of his stature he was of evene lengthe, And wonderly deliver, and greet of strengthe.
עמוד 146 - Some alterations of this play mere made with a view to the English stage, where, spite of the slightness of many parts, I still think it might be tried. Its companion play, the Medico de su Honra, is far more famous; has some more terrible, perhaps some finer, situations; but inferior, I think, in variety of scene, character, and incident. It may add a little to the reader's interest, as it did to mine, to learn from Mr. Ticknor, that Calderon wrote a " Tratado defendiendo la nobleza de la Pintura.
עמוד 364 - I'm in the way ladies like to be who love Rebolledo. [Exeunt, carried off, etc. SCENE IV. — A Room in CRESPO'S House. Enter JUAN pursuing ISABEL with a dagger. Isab. Help, help, help! [Exit. Juan. You must not live ! Enter CRESPO, who arrests him. Cres. Hold ! What is this ? Juan. My father ! To avenge our shame — Cres. Which is to be avenged by other means, and \ not by you. How come you here ? Juan. Sent back by Don Lope last night, to see after some missing soldiers, on approaching the town...
עמוד 480 - Interpreted ; and at a Glance, behold Their own Indenture for their Brother sold ! And so with these poor Thirty : who, abasht In Memory all laid bare and Conscience lasht, By full Confession and Self-loathing flung The Rags of carnal Self that round them clung; And, their old selves self-knowledged and self-loathed, And in the Soul's Integrity re-clothed, Once more they ventured from the Dust to raise Their Eyes — up to the Throne — into the Blaze, And in the Centre of the Glory there Beheld...
עמוד 89 - He who far off beholds another dancing, Even one who dances best, and all the time Hears not the music that he dances to, Thinks him a madman, apprehending not The law which moves his else eccentric action. So he that's in himself insensible Of love's sweet influence, misjudges him Who moves according to love's melody : And knowing not that all these sighs and tears, Ejaculations and impatiences Are necessary changes of a measure Which the divine musician plays, may call The lover crazy, which he...
עמוד 334 - I'll be the first to take an inventory of the pretty daughter. [Exit. Juan. Welcome, sir, to our house ; we count it a great honour to have such a cavalier as yourself for a guest, I assure you. (Aside.) What a fine fellow ! what an air ! I long to try the uniform, somehow. Capt. Thank you, my lad. Juan. You must forgive our poor house, which we devoutly wish was a palace for your sake. My father is gone after your supper, sir ; may I go and see that your chamber is got ready for you ? Capt.
עמוד 466 - One day the Prophet on a River Bank, Dipping his Lips into the Channel, drank A Draught as sweet as Honey. Then there came One who an earthen Pitcher from the same Drew up, and drank : and after some short stay Under the Shadow, rose and went his Way, Leaving his earthen Bowl. In which, anew Thirsting, the Prophet from the River drew, And drank from : but the Water that came up Sweet from the Stream, drank bitter from the Cup. At which the Prophet in a still Surprise For Answer turning up to Heav'n...

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