Travels Through Turkey in Asia, the Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt and Other Parts of the World: Giving a Particular and Faithful Account of what is Most Remarkable in the Manners, Religion, Polity, Antiquities and Natural History of Those Countries : with a Curious Description of Jerusalem as it Now Appears, and Other Places Mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, כרך 2

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עמוד 137 - ... the true meridian of that place. Now, as so exact a situation was in all probability purposely pitched upon by those who piled up this huge mass of stones above three thousand years ago, it follows, that during so long a space of time...
עמוד 55 - ... circumstances of the actions themselves seem to require places of another nature. Thus if you would see the place where St. Anne was delivered of the blessed virgin, you are carried to a grotto : if the place of the annunciation, it is also a grotto: if the place where the blessed Virgin saluted Elizabeth ; if that of the Baptist's, or that of our blessed Saviour's nativity; if that of the agony, or that of St.
עמוד 44 - Armenians have here a very large and delightful space of ground; their convent and gardens taking up all that part of Mount Sion, which is within the walls of the city. Their church is built over the place where, they say, St.
עמוד 48 - ... is not yet agreed. Over against this fountain on the other side of the valley, is a village called Siloe, in which Solomon is said to have kept his strange wives ; and above the village is a hill called the Mountain of Offence, because there Solomon built the high places mentioned 1 Kings, xi.
עמוד 178 - River, they jump out fudH5 denlyr denly and fcize him with their fore Claws, or beat him down with their Tails, in which their Strength chiefly confifts. They feldom go above twenty or thirty Yards from the River, but lie balking' in the Winter upon the low Banks of fandy Iflands, and keep chiefly in the Water by Day in the Heat of Summer. When they are difturbed, they make no great Hafte from their Enemy, but walk gently into the River, and difappear by degrees. It is generally obferved that they...
עמוד 27 - I have seen in the Levant or Barbary. However, I could not compute it to be more than thirty yards broad, though this is in a great measure made up by the depth, which even at the brink I found to be three. If then we take this during the whole year for the mean depth of the stream, which by the way runs about two miles an hour, the Jordan every day discharges into the Dead sea, six millions tuns of water." " The whole of the plain, from the mountains of Judea on the west, to those of Arabia on the...
עמוד 166 - I before observed, by cutting a vast number of canals and trenches, from which the lands are overflowed, and not commonly from the main body of the Nile, where the banks are high : but it is otherwise where they are low, particularly in the Delta. Canals are carried along the higher grounds, that the water may have a fall from them to the lower parts ; and from the great canals it is drawn out into small channels, and conveyed all over the country. As they have dikes to keep the water out of the...
עמוד 179 - His sagacity directs him to apply his strength according to the exigency of the occasion. The camel is a most useful beast of burden in the arid plains of Arabia. The stronger ones carry a load of ten or twelve hundred weight, and the weaker ones transport six or seven hundred ; they walk at the rate of two miles and a half in an hour, and march about thirty miles every day.
עמוד 64 - And as for the inside, whatever carving, gilding, embroidery, rich silks, and fine linen could do, of these there was the greatest profusion. The very floor of the temple was overlaid with beaten gold, the doors were large and proportioned to the height of the walls, twenty cubits broad, and still gold upon gold.
עמוד 124 - Baharites, a Sultan of Egypt, who lived towards the End of the thirteenth Century. The Entrance to the grand Apartment is by a fine old Door, fomething in the Gothic Tafte...

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