Christ Can Make You Fully Human

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Clements Publishing Group, 2003 - 140 עמודים
What does it mean to be human? In Christ Can Make You Fully Human Kenneth C. Kinghorn rejects both the over-optimistic view of human potential that runs rampant in secular humanism, and the over-pessimistic view held by some Christians. With biblical insight he clearly shows how we may discover in Jesus an image of humanity that promises to fulfill the longings and hungers native to every human spirit. Jesus Christ is not merely our example, but he becomes our very life: "When Christ's Spirit comes to dwell within us, we become genuinely human for the first time in our lives . Both the self-exalting demands for human autonomy espoused by secularism and the various mystical attempts to erase the self result not in freedom, but in bondage. True liberty results when the human spirit comes into union with the Holy Spirit." Kenneth C. Kinghorn (Ph.D., Emory University) is professor of church history and historical theology at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. An inspiring speaker on the Holy Spirit and the Christian life, Dr. Kinghorn is in constant demand as a conference speaker and on college and university campuses. He is the author of numerous books including Fresh Wind of the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, The Gospel of Grace, and The Heritage of American Methodism. He is also editor of John Wesley's Standard Sermons in Modern English (3 volumes).

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Our Uniqueness
The New Humanity
The Sanctification of the Spirit
The Dynamics of Creativity
Operation Penetration
Union with Christ
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