Religion in Modern Times: An Interpretive Anthology

כריכה קדמית
Linda Woodhead, Paul Heelas
Wiley, 7 באפר׳ 2000 - 536 עמודים
This book brings together over 300 important readings on religion in modern times, offering a new framework and language for making sense of religion today.

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Linda Woodhead is Lecturer in Christian Studies at LancasterUniversity. Until recently she was Editor of Studies inChristian Ethics, and she is currently Review Editor ofModern Believing and a co-editor of Cultural Values(Blackwell Publishers).

Paul Heelas is Professor of Religion and Modernity atLancaster University. He is the author of The New AgeMovement (Blackwell Publishers, 1996) and editor ofReligion, Modernity and Postmodernity (Blackwell Publishers,1998).

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