Historical Reflections on the Constitution and Representative System of England ...

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J. Hatchard, 1812 - 441 עמודים

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עמוד 371 - It is good also not to try experiments in states, except the necessity be urgent, or the utility evident ; and well to beware that it be the reformation that draweth on the change ; and not the desire of change that pretendeth the reformation.
עמוד 371 - It were good, therefore, that men in their innovations would follow the example of time itself, which indeed innovateth greatly, but quietly and by degrees scarce to be perceived...
עמוד 370 - It is true, that what is settled by custom, though it be not good, yet at least it is fit ; and those things which have long gone together, are as it were confederate within themselves ; whereas new things piece not so well ; but though they help by their utility, yet they trouble by their inconformity. Besides, they are like strangers ; more admired and less favoured. All this is true, if time stood still ; which contrariwise moveth 20 so round, that a froward retention of custom is as turbulent...
עמוד 384 - ... at this juncture, when a restless and popish faction are designing and endeavouring to renew the rebellion within this kingdom and an invasion from abroad, be destructive to the peace and security of the government.
עמוד 81 - And the City of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, as well by land as by water; furthermore we will and grant, that all other cities and boroughs, and towns and ports, shall have all their liberties and free customs.
עמוד 7 - Those who, from a pretended respect to antiquity, appeal at every turn to an original plan of the constitution, only cover their turbulent spirit and their private ambition under the appearance of venerable forms; and whatever period they pitch on for their model, they may still be carried back to a more ancient period, where they will find the...
עמוד 437 - That the freeholders, householders, and others, subject to direct taxation, in support of the poor, the church, and the state, be required to elect members to serve in parliament.
עמוד 116 - ... we will cause to be summoned the Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Earls, and great Barons, individually, by our letters. And besides, we will cause to be summoned in general by our Sheriffs and Bailiffs, all those who hold of us in chief...
עמוד 45 - Book, which was finished in the next year ; and in the latter end of that very year the king was attended by all his nobility at Sarum, where all the principal landholders submitted their lands to the yoke of military tenure, became the king's vassals, and did homage and fealty to his person (i).
עמוד 356 - Your Petitioners complain, that the number of representatives assigned to the different counties is grossly disproportioned to their comparative extent, population, and trade. Your Petitioners complain, that the elective franchise is so partially and unequally distributed, and is in...

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