The Life of Edward John Eyre, Late Governor of Jamaica

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R. Bently, 1867 - 320 עמודים

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עמוד 256 - Thomas-in-the-East, yet that the disorder in fact spread with singular rapidity over an extensive tract of country, and that such was the state of excitement prevailing in other parts of the Island that had more than a momentary success been obtained by the insurgents, their ultimate overthrow would have been attended with a still more fearful loss of life and property. ' IV. — That praise is due to Governor Eyre for the skill, promptitude, and vigour which he manifested during the early stages...
עמוד 257 - That by the continuance of martial law in its full force to the extreme limit of its statutory operation the people were deprived for a longer than the necessary period of the great constitutional privileges by which the security of life and property is provided for.
עמוד 300 - I do at once, and feel that as a British citizen I should and must, make you welcome to my name for your committee, and to whatever good it can do you. With the hope only that many other British men, of far more significance in such a matter, will at once or gradually do the like ; and that, in fine, by wise effort and persistence, a blind and disgraceful act of public injustice may be prevented ; and an egregious folly as well, - not to say for none can say or compute - what a vital detriment throughout...
עמוד 101 - For a moment I stood gazing at the town below me — that goal I had so long looked forward to, had so laboriously toiled to attain, was at last before me. A thousand confused images and reflections crowded through my mind, and the events of the past year were recalled in rapid succession. The contrast between the circumstances under which I had commenced and terminated my labours stood in strong relief before me. The gay and gallant cavalcade that accompanied me on my way at starting, the small...
עמוד 78 - Suffering and distress had well nigh overwhelmed me, and life seemed hardly worth the effort necessary to prolong it. Ages can never efface the horrors of this single night, nor would the wealth of the world ever tempt me to go through similar ones again.
עמוד 144 - ... such produce as they are able to raise for exportation. But those who grow produce for exportation are very few ; and they meet with every kind of discouragement to prosecute the means of support which is as advantageous to the island as to themselves. If their provisions fail, as has been the case, from drought, they must steal or starve. And this is their present condition. The same result follows in this country, when employment ceases or wages fail. The great decrease of coin in circulation...
עמוד 28 - Sturt, from whom there is no appeal) a man eminently kind, generous, and just. No man concealed less than Eyre the vices of the natives, but no man stood more steadfastly in the breach between them and the squatters (the great pastoral aristocracy) at a time when to do so was social ostracism. The almost unexampled valour which 'led him safely through the hideous desert into which we have to follow him, served him well in a fight more wearing and more dangerous to his rules of right and wrong. He...
עמוד 69 - I trust that in our deliverance we recognized and acknowledged with sincerity and thankfulness his guiding and protecting hand. It is in circumstances only such as we had lately been placed in that the utter hopelessness of all human efforts is truly felt, and it is when relieved from such a situation that the hand of a directing and beneficent Being appears most plainly discernible, fulfilling those gracious promises which He has made, to hear them that call upon him in the day of...
עמוד 146 - ... Such an inquiry seems also due to this country, that it may be seen whether the emancipated peasantry have gained those advantages which were sought to be secured to them by their enfranchisement.
עמוד 270 - People of St. Thomas-in-the-East you have been ground down too long already. Shake off your sloth, and speak like honourable and free men at your meeting. Let not a crafty, Jesuitical Priesthood deceive you. Prepare for your duty. Remember the destitution iu, the midst of your families, and your forlorn condition.

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